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sid assassin
sid assassin - 9 aylar önce
Johns next mission *WEDDING*
Avengers Assemble
Avengers Assemble - Aylar önce
sid assassin *yeah.....John Wick chapter 3 is Here’s!!*
Zoro Tokyo
Zoro Tokyo - 2 aylar önce
+Fuego This is how he met his wife before she died in John wick 1
Fuego - 2 aylar önce
Clyde Tayabas
Clyde Tayabas - 4 aylar önce
maybe john constantine :)
Makta972 - 20 saatler önce
Shitty movie
Virtuitous Vampire
Virtuitous Vampire - 2 gün önce
Was not a good movie sadly.
Franky Dave
Franky Dave - 3 gün önce
John, what are you doing?
Gaamangwe Bagorogi
Gaamangwe Bagorogi - 5 gün önce
The most stupid movie I have ever watched, Universal Pictures can do better than this...
Two people talking to each other from the first minute until the last minute, mxm!
Prajna Hurday
Prajna Hurday - 8 gün önce
Watched it! I Laughed so much lol 😂😂 The movie was centered on The both of them and i was not bored 😂
Kentaryan - 15 gün önce
Neo Plasma
Neo Plasma - 16 gün önce
When John met his wife
Bonnie Gail
Bonnie Gail - 16 gün önce
the best imitation of Rod Sterling, ever lol lucky I like Rod Sterling and Keanu lol- Ryder is drunk or mildly drugged throughout the whole movie
VBC 1989
VBC 1989 - 17 gün önce
Don`t waste time! it`s such a poor production.
0OIl - 17 gün önce
They seem like two old people in this.
remynisce33 - 22 gün önce
This was John's Wick before the first movie.
Andrade Anita
Andrade Anita - 23 gün önce
If you want to get depressed, then watch that movie. Totally rubbish, couldn't watch it.
Sonja Delbello
Sonja Delbello - 23 gün önce
🤣 I loved this film!!! 👏👍
Charles D' Gomes
Charles D' Gomes - 23 gün önce
this movie is horrible to watch 1st time i saw Keanu Reeves talk a lot and its irritating
KB42 - 24 gün önce
I think this is John Wick prequel where his real name (or civilian name) is revealed as Frank
Naomi - 25 gün önce
...I was waiting for him to kill someone
B. Stone
B. Stone - 28 gün önce
This movie was pure garbage
Nesro Mj
Nesro Mj - 28 gün önce
I don't like it ! Bad film
Magnificent Me
Magnificent Me - 29 gün önce
So this is how John Wick met his wife
chrissleeping65 - 29 gün önce
How John Wick met his second wife
Diabolical Dee
Diabolical Dee - Aylar önce
I must admit I loved this film.
Corinna Wolf
Corinna Wolf - Aylar önce
Maria Fe Gadaza
Maria Fe Gadaza - Aylar önce
I tried to watch but I stopped. Too old to see both of them in a romcom. Does not fit their age. I do not see them fit to be together. I mean Winona looks older than Keanu. I love her but this is not cute at all.
Sumit Rawal
Sumit Rawal - Aylar önce
prequel to John he found his wife.....
Laura story
Laura story - Aylar önce
This movie = fail
Laughing Wizzy
Laughing Wizzy - Aylar önce
This was after he quit over that woman, that evil dude was talking about lol before she died before he went back to killing /:
TheSRBgamer63 - Aylar önce
When she told him how she not wear nothing under pajama ,what did he told her ?.
Aurora K
Aurora K - Aylar önce
The most boring movie i’ve ever seeeeen 😩😩
Brendan Murphy
Brendan Murphy - Aylar önce
Ah, the adventures of Every Lesbian Ever and The Immortal Saint fron the 12th Century
nula1998 - Aylar önce
What's with the John Wick people? Are there any Jack Traven people?
Erin Pierides
Erin Pierides - Aylar önce
Typically being awkward being very stubborn Mr reeves does that all right
Teslim Olanın Bakış Açısı
a borderline personality disorder and narsist personelity disorder movie
Цванцих Центиметар
John Wick's vacation 10/10
Free World
Free World - Aylar önce
This movie sucked and was a complete waste of time.
A Lestari
A Lestari - Aylar önce
Another side of johnwick
PuppyLuvU2 - Aylar önce
John Whick...they ran over his flowers so now hes crashing their wedding...I just see him in ANYTHING and think hes still playing John Whick...that's who people will remember him as for years.
Denis Fidersek
Denis Fidersek - Aylar önce
Watching this crap at the moment in the cinema, wondering where the exit is...
CrO- GossipGavran
CrO- GossipGavran - Aylar önce
Only thing I see is John Wick in good mood.
AntiTuber - Aylar önce
His guy needs a gun and he will totally look like the john wick guy
RJV-Leader - Aylar önce
John Wick: The Prequel
Kendi 9
Kendi 9 - Aylar önce
Victor Levin is the.... he should never write for another movie ever again.
Kendi 9
Kendi 9 - Aylar önce
Gawd, this is like.... Victor Levin torturing Keanu and Winona. "Let's get it over with." "Fine!"
Moses working
Moses working - Aylar önce
What a shitty depressing movie.
Sleya Raze
Sleya Raze - Aylar önce
Needs more Sandra Bullock
Zehra aa
Zehra aa - Aylar önce
This is a charming enough trailer but the movie itself is a crushing bore. The two main characters just talk and talk...
Luana Castorina
Luana Castorina - Aylar önce
this movie was delightful
rapturedpassage - Aylar önce
Wynonna is still beautiful
ocharni - Aylar önce
John Wick Prequel ?
Amine Miadi
Amine Miadi - Aylar önce
the movie is waaaaay better than the trailer shows
yc ho
yc ho - Aylar önce
good to see this two i=in a movie after this long
Corey Hanson
Corey Hanson - Aylar önce
This is my mfkn favorite romantic comedy, ever, I live in Minnesota, and we appreciate ironic sarcasm. Laghed so hard I cried, glad I watched it alone.
AttnJack - Aylar önce
Keanu and Winona were fine. The script however was not a match for these actors. Jewish humor is trite.
Ashley Turner
Ashley Turner - Aylar önce
Love how Keanu doesn’t talk but whisper all his words. Even when he’s yelling
zero boyd
zero boyd - Aylar önce
prequel of john wick movies...worth watching
Lucas RM7
Lucas RM7 - 2 aylar önce
Who wants to see keanu in a supposed matrix 4? like this comment
크라운 - 2 aylar önce
와우~~ 키아누 리브스&위노나 라이더릐 조합이라니!!! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼😂😂
SirLockInBottom - 2 aylar önce
Baba Yaga goes to a wedding.
Mikooljohn - 2 aylar önce
monkaS its like he's gonna kill everyone lol
Orange Sheep
Orange Sheep - 2 aylar önce
it's Jonathan & Mina from Dracula
Ummi Musab
Ummi Musab - 2 aylar önce
This looks so stupid nd boring lol
Tech x
Tech x - 2 aylar önce
John wick meets his new wife.
AGENT 47 - 2 aylar önce
Um..... Back to work again MR. wick?
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What the hen dude ?
john smith
john smith - 2 aylar önce
Nandesh singhal
Nandesh singhal - 2 aylar önce
John wick is such a great actor he plays the role of keanu reeves so perfectly
요트공원 - 2 aylar önce
Minjae Lee
Minjae Lee - 2 aylar önce
John Wick prequel looks good
usssanjacinto1 - 3 aylar önce
John Wick 3:
Destination Wedding
The one wedding guest you should never invite!
Harminater - 3 aylar önce
This is a really boring movie!!
Jordano Diaz
Jordano Diaz - 3 aylar önce
this movie had me rolling bros
johnnyatab - 3 aylar önce
I loved it.
Andrew keynes
Andrew keynes - 3 aylar önce
Mr. wick. Do enjoy your wedding
Janis70 - 3 aylar önce
Winona and Keanu again in one movie? DONE.
Faith Devila
Faith Devila - 3 aylar önce
John wick having a good day off. Or a untold story of john wick?
Val Saludo
Val Saludo - 3 aylar önce
is this a prequal to john wick
Nbella CFO
Nbella CFO - 3 aylar önce
I love these two together! I just saw that Amazon Prime has the movie, so I'm going to watch it tonight.
jojo gerarrdo
jojo gerarrdo - 3 aylar önce
John wick become so sweet
Royce Perez
Royce Perez - 3 aylar önce
so John Wick's funny now?
jakedaniels 881981
jakedaniels 881981 - 3 aylar önce
I might be the only person here who hasn't seen john wick and loves keanu because of point break (loved the lake house, sweet november too).
Mohammed Omer
Mohammed Omer - 3 aylar önce
SCORPION FIRE - 3 aylar önce
Yeah but The Matrix stomps John Wick
David Poulton
David Poulton - 3 aylar önce
It’s free on Amazon Prime. The whole movie is the two of them talking. My wife and I liked the movie. Pretty witty and funny interchange between the two of them.
Anna 880
Anna 880 - 3 aylar önce
Keanu should not play in the romantic comedy's without Sandra Bullock! ;D ;D
marzuqi58 - 4 aylar önce
why am i sweating??
Yina A. Santos
Yina A. Santos - 4 aylar önce
This is a stupid freaking movie don't watch!!!! N wat is up with this ugly beacht her eye twitches...OMG why did they choose her? She's a thief..
Five Books
Five Books - 4 aylar önce
Hopefully Winona makes enough money from this movie that she won’t have to steal any more clothes from the clothing store.
LegendaryLifts - 4 aylar önce
are you here on business mr wick?
Ultimate Garage
Ultimate Garage - 4 aylar önce
This is before his dog died
M B - 4 aylar önce
Deleted scenes from John Wick.
Ngassa Jr
Ngassa Jr - 4 aylar önce
Where is John Wick's Dog? People at the reception have to understand that John Wick's dog is not to be messed with...
nadine salameh
nadine salameh - 4 aylar önce
Aaaah the dialogue is everything
kim andrew
kim andrew - 4 aylar önce
such a shame it looks boring
monsterhigh75 - 4 aylar önce
looks boring..but look like something i would watch.
Riani Agustina
Riani Agustina - 4 aylar önce
Surprisingly I found this movie very interesting. It's kinda typical of European movies with so many long dialogs. The concept is really basic where two people meet in unconventional way and end up being together. The dialogs are too, unconventional. I'm personally expecting for a sequel, why not. 🤷
Adam Soya
Adam Soya - 4 aylar önce
So this is John Wick: The Prequel
Jade Schumacher
Jade Schumacher - 4 aylar önce
every scene they just talk too much just the 2 of them. my phone almost fell 4 times coz i felt so sleepy just watching this
Chauxification Cv
Chauxification Cv - 4 aylar önce
My phone almost fell 4 times bcoz of sleepiness while watching this
RenNov - 4 aylar önce
so boring,very bad movie,keanu is ok,funny but winona looks like she is alkoholic...
Larry Jacobs
Larry Jacobs - 4 aylar önce
This was the slowest, boring movie that I have seen in some times. It had a great cast but they just set and talked and the movie went nowhere.