The Most Iconic Opening & Interval Acts of the Eurovision Song Contest

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julia Robert
julia Robert - 2 gün önce
I think the best opening was when lena won for hermany and they did that little comedy singing opening
[JG] Jason Glassoe Fan
[JG] Jason Glassoe Fan - 6 gün önce
2020 there will be 8 winners preforming
Millie Sunshinie
Millie Sunshinie - 15 gün önce
João Botelho
João Botelho - 19 gün önce
Eleni foureira needs to do an interval act this year!!!
Golden funtime Toy Mangle
Golden funtime Toy Mangle - 23 gün önce
blue sky
blue sky - Aylar önce
It is very difficult to much "RIVER DANCE" and "LOVE, LOVE, PEACE, PEACE"
So I prefer the unexpected😉
Nhật Lam Nguyễn
Nhật Lam Nguyễn - Aylar önce
though I don't much like Mans winning song but always prefer his albums and performances as host / guest afterwards
Nadine Irgendwie
Nadine Irgendwie - Aylar önce
I wish Bilal Hassani is 2020 an interval act😍♥️
1:09 💞❣
2019 december?
👇 👇 👇 👇💗
lucy boynton
lucy boynton - 2 aylar önce
No interval act will every be more successful than riverdance🇨🇮
Julian Wade
Julian Wade - 2 aylar önce
Vengaboys for 2020?
Mark cvelinovic
Mark cvelinovic - 2 aylar önce
Could they ask the winner of the 2019 junior eurovision song contest?
Aysel Efqan
Aysel Efqan - 2 aylar önce
My favorite 2012 Baku, 🇦🇿
moonlight _
moonlight _ - 3 aylar önce
Omg. I can’t wait to see Mahmood in the interval act next year.
Jonathan Kristoffersen
Jonathan Kristoffersen - 3 aylar önce
In some alternative universe. Lena won twice in a row
My Piano Music
My Piano Music - 3 aylar önce
7:04 is that epic sax guy lol?
My Piano Music
My Piano Music - 3 aylar önce
liked the switch song from this year :D
Bizcocho De tu mama
Bizcocho De tu mama - 3 aylar önce
WE NEED MAHMOUD AND/OR FRED (the norwegian bald guy)
Draco Malfoy
Draco Malfoy - 4 aylar önce
In general, 2016 defiantly had the best interval and opening acts. Love Love Peace Peace, What is Eurovision?, the Flag parade fashion show, the grey people, Justin timberland. Everything was just great
Gent Belgium
Gent Belgium - 4 aylar önce
Eins, zwei, drei. . . I'm not your toy.
ankra12 - 4 aylar önce
Flashmob Oslo 🥰
makyotoo - 4 aylar önce
All I hear when Dima Bilan sings is his HORRIBLE accent. It's like the guy never heard how English supposed to sound like.
Tom _
Tom _ - 4 aylar önce
Ukraine, Armenia, Austria and Russia next to each other 😍
Holy Namjoon give jimin some jams
I don’t need to be reminded of Madonna thanks
Amy Mifsud
Amy Mifsud - 4 aylar önce
I will love to see Duncan Lawrence Winner of this year perform in 2020
Sanja Štajdohar
Sanja Štajdohar - 4 aylar önce
Please include Switch songs and definitely some local artists in 2020, we need to hear more authentic Dutch music and see more local artists.
Fehér Marcell
Fehér Marcell - 4 aylar önce
The flag parade in 2016 and of course the flashmob in 2010.
Jan Neisius
Jan Neisius - 4 aylar önce
I want Lena to do something in 2020 because she won 10 years ago.
Bukhara - 4 aylar önce
Is that Verka's "mom" dancing on stage between 9:05 - 9:16 ?
RB4K - 3 aylar önce
florian calina
florian calina - 5 aylar önce
Cesar - 5 aylar önce
2014 interval act will always be my favorite.
Self Medicated on Mozzarella
2014 is my all time favourite with Jessica Mauboy
edgehaedjr - 5 aylar önce
Interval acts in R'dam? Bring back The Common Linnets since they almost got us the win in 2014, or Anouk since she gave us not only a top 10 finisher but our first final in 9 years...? They would be done with judging on The Voice by then, so possible. They'll probably get some DJs (Tiësto, Martin Garixx, W&W, Hardwell, etc) though, because what more Dutch than house/trance. xD

ONUKA's megamix was probably my favourite interval act of the 2010s, followed by Petra and Måns, and Madcon and the flashmob.
nina - 5 aylar önce
Duncan, måns and lenaaaa
Justin Angelo Alvarez
Justin Angelo Alvarez - 5 aylar önce
Rainmaker is my favorite interval song...
Art Boy
Art Boy - 5 aylar önce
6:51 Is that correct?
He LEARNED or should it be teached??!
Christopher Menon
Christopher Menon - 5 aylar önce
I saw Måns and Petra in the thumbnail, so I knew I had to watch.
Hikmet Seferov
Hikmet Seferov - 5 aylar önce
Act of 2012 is perfect 🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿
Kira - 5 aylar önce
Nothing will ever beat Måns and Petras iconic performance
Sean Keeney
Sean Keeney - 6 aylar önce
Tiësto needs to be at Eurovision 2020
Well Dann
Well Dann - 6 aylar önce
We NEED Mans, Netta, Eleni and MAHMOOD!!!!!
Anne van Mierlo
Anne van Mierlo - 6 aylar önce
SO for all the Dutch people, how awsome would it be if Snollebollekes was an interval act!?
VanAllesEnNynke - 6 aylar önce
Nothing beats love, love, peace peace for me hahaha. Switch song close second
Александра Шарипова
My top-1 Interval acts :
1. Apocalyptica(2007)❤
Elimov Zaur
Elimov Zaur - 6 aylar önce
Felicia Ho
Felicia Ho - 6 aylar önce
Can we just have Måns every year? He makes everything better.
Melodi E
Melodi E - 6 aylar önce
Austiras openin was the best in 2015
Wojtek Toporowski
Wojtek Toporowski - 6 aylar önce
Ja chemmmm żeby w końcu wygrała polskaaaaaa
Kern - 6 aylar önce
P!nk for interval act! :D
Cenk Frank
Cenk Frank - 6 aylar önce
Where is the İstanbul 2004 ? Fire of anatolia ????😡😡😡😡😡
Андрей Христов
Андрей Христов - 6 aylar önce
Maybe an iconic performance from every country that have ever been in Eurovision?
0belisque - 6 aylar önce
No Loreen ? Lol
Rußen - 6 aylar önce
Madcon’s Glow European flashmob was the best ever.
Blazing Scorpiez
Blazing Scorpiez - 6 aylar önce
Eric Quiñones
Eric Quiñones - 6 aylar önce
I wish that The intervectual audience Wil be Ariana grande with 3 song
OFFICIAL ESC - 6 aylar önce
Lena should come back to the Eurovision as performer ♥
Greek fan of Eurovision Song Contest Netherlands
Eurovision 2020 🇳🇱
Cameron Clark98
Cameron Clark98 - 6 aylar önce
2010 flash mob was the best
Lingham Fried
Lingham Fried - 6 aylar önce
I want to see Lady Gaga's performance
Sahar Levy
Sahar Levy - 6 aylar önce
Israel was DELIVERING IT this year !
2019 was a BLAST!