Deadpool 2 | Touring Now: Deadpool and the Super Duper Band | 20th Century FOX

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yasemin Nurlu özer
yasemin Nurlu özer - Aylar önce
Disney will use the süper duper band
The News Of Marvel And DC
The News Of Marvel And DC - 3 aylar önce
What the f... Hahaha
thisguyanimation - 4 aylar önce
this is the most stupidst crap i ever seen. but still. cool :)
mel - 4 aylar önce
Deadpool is so random

That's why i love it so much
isiah zyrus Siega
isiah zyrus Siega - 6 aylar önce
How did they get Brad Pitt to show up in these? I have no idea.
isiah zyrus Siega
isiah zyrus Siega - 6 aylar önce
What in the drugs am I into now??
5ASLAINNE Mac - 6 aylar önce
If i'm gonna watch this I need a joint or two 😂
Evan Dreemurr
Evan Dreemurr - 6 aylar önce
What the hell did I just watch
HellaZlender - 6 aylar önce
Is that a meme ?
OrangePork 01
OrangePork 01 - 6 aylar önce
Agent M
Agent M - 6 aylar önce
It sounds like "Ease On Down The Road"
Richard Moody
Richard Moody - 6 aylar önce
Rustam Ali
Rustam Ali - 6 aylar önce
snail person
snail person - 7 aylar önce
*S c r e a m*
Star duckkk
Star duckkk - 7 aylar önce
is that a hot toy
Douglas Snyder
Douglas Snyder - 8 aylar önce
Now what the hell was that?!?!
ElijahandPichu - 8 aylar önce
They did It the Rock-afire Explosion is back staring Deadpool
Concepcion Rebolledo
Concepcion Rebolledo - 9 aylar önce
Ezra Wardell
Ezra Wardell - 9 aylar önce
This is Deadpools head after crack
João Vitor
João Vitor - 9 aylar önce
mas que porra
Omara Barker
Omara Barker - 9 aylar önce
Lol 😆 honestly why is this a thing?!?!
Lemon Tigers
Lemon Tigers - 9 aylar önce
r o ck a fi r e
IamWumbo - 9 aylar önce
The rockafire said they had no idea this was a thing
Marco Aguirre
Marco Aguirre - 9 aylar önce
Solo diré esto que pedo japon
Sayko Gamer
Sayko Gamer - 9 aylar önce
Five Nights4ever
Five Nights4ever - 9 aylar önce
Soo this is what happened to ShowBiz Pizza... money well spent, isn’t it?
NAVI FAN - 9 aylar önce
Daniil I grinshev
Daniil I grinshev - 9 aylar önce
Egemen Arslan
Egemen Arslan - 9 aylar önce
Nombre Apellido
Nombre Apellido - 9 aylar önce
-suena let to sunshine-
RobertoDI - 9 aylar önce
DULCE RATIX :v - 9 aylar önce
v nom
v nom - 9 aylar önce
Peter Maximoff
Peter Maximoff - 9 aylar önce
Melhor filme de Anti-Herói
Mister Nicepool
Mister Nicepool - 10 aylar önce
Is like the studio couldn't afford a deadpool
DOMINIK Vyleta - 10 aylar önce
Nombre Apellido
Nombre Apellido - 10 aylar önce
Si en un futuro tuviera hijos y les mostrara este video tendrian pesadillas incluso cuando sean ancianos :v:
wade w wilson deadpool
wade w wilson deadpool - 10 aylar önce
deadgamer 319
deadgamer 319 - 10 aylar önce
Alonsoxd C.R.
Alonsoxd C.R. - 10 aylar önce
Five nights at deadpool's 7w7
Orion Hurbina
Orion Hurbina - 10 aylar önce
a deadpool amintronic that's something you dont every day
tech hacker
tech hacker - 10 aylar önce
cool video
Scattered Collector
Scattered Collector - 10 aylar önce
I love how Deadpool is playing with the Rock-afire Explosion (Showbiz Pizza) band
vinyl - 10 aylar önce
My new favorite thing on life
Yoshua Rejas
Yoshua Rejas - 10 aylar önce
Luc ky
Luc ky - 10 aylar önce
Echo Rain
Echo Rain - 10 aylar önce
Lizrdspheerx - 10 aylar önce
Am I high
Dylan Julian
Dylan Julian - 10 aylar önce
I have seen enough Five Nights at Freddie's to know where this is going...
DeadmanInc336 - 10 aylar önce
They were at Comic-Con this year. There was always a crowd around the Deadpool 2 booth when they started jamming.
Nullnerd - 10 aylar önce
the art dragon
the art dragon - 10 aylar önce
Gravity falls anyone?
Jure Herman
Jure Herman - 10 aylar önce
What if I told u I didnt like the 2nd movie
Chris Atherton
Chris Atherton - 10 aylar önce
Classic Deadpool
Hector Manuel
Hector Manuel - 10 aylar önce
Best ad ever....
Girls Force U12
Girls Force U12 - 10 aylar önce
I’m gonna have nightmares tonight
Jacob Sunderland
Jacob Sunderland - 10 aylar önce
top 10 anime intros
Milosz Medrek
Milosz Medrek - 10 aylar önce
I'm on the weird side of YouTube again
Bappo Jujubes
Bappo Jujubes - 10 aylar önce
The mouse looks like the one from the cursed image memes.
Jhabari Owens
Jhabari Owens - 10 aylar önce
Flamer Free
Flamer Free - 10 aylar önce
Comic con San Diego 2018?
Corey Wright
Corey Wright - 10 aylar önce
Who else gets the Rock-afire Explosion references?~
Bear: Billy Bob
Gorilla: Fatz Geronimo
Mouse: Mitzi Mozzarella
Carmen Herrera
Carmen Herrera - 10 aylar önce
Bear's name is Billy Bob. Gorilla's name is Fatz Geronimo. The Mouse's name is Mitzi Mozzarella. These characters are from the Rock-afire Explosion from Showbiz Pizza Place. Rock-afire Explosion is a very amazing animatronic band. Why does 20th Century Fox only calls them Bear, Gorilla, and Mouse?
Carmen Herrera
Carmen Herrera - 7 aylar önce
@therockafire OMG! :) Aaron, thank you so much for responding my comment :) I'm a huge fan of your animatronic shows like the Rock afire Explosion, Wolf Pack 5, Hard Luck Bears etc. I've never thought you respond to my comment :) I've always love your work Aaron. Even to this day, I wish the Rock afire Explosion make a huge comeback. Thank you and the rest of the people behind Creative Engineering so much for making these amazing animatronic shows. I wish you the best for future contents and success. Really? So 20th Century Fox had no idea who these characters are? And this whole time, I thought they brought the Rock Afire into this because they might be fans of it. More I think about this, it all makes sense now. No wonder they don't know the character's names. That is pretty disrespectful. So this whole time, they use the characters without you knowing? How they did they obtain Billy, Mitzi, and Fatz? I honestly can't believe they did that.
therockafire - 10 aylar önce
My question exactly. I see it as a show of disrespect for who the Rock-afire is which means they didn't even know what they had by getting the Rock-afire in this.
Erick Nonato
Erick Nonato - 10 aylar önce
One of the animitronic is from gravity falls
Carmen Herrera
Carmen Herrera - 10 aylar önce
This is the Rock-afire Explosion from Showbiz Pizza. The animatronics from Gravity falls are inspired by characters from the Rock-afire Explosion and Chuck E. Cheese. The creator of Gravity Falls confirm that.
Sara molina
Sara molina - 10 aylar önce
Ramón Machado
Ramón Machado - 10 aylar önce
Bacon Squad
Bacon Squad - 10 aylar önce
Um the bear is from showbiz pizza place
Carmen Herrera
Carmen Herrera - 10 aylar önce
Yep[, the Rock-afire Explosion. The bear's name is Billy Bob :)
David Enderman minecraft y diverción ツ
What? O-o
Carpentrez - 10 aylar önce
Five nights at Wades
TT Assasin
TT Assasin - 10 aylar önce
Matt Gunnell
Matt Gunnell - 10 aylar önce
So glad that the guys from Showbiz pizza have stayed busy. Still sound great (unlike other 80's bands... looking at you, Axel Rose.) 😎👍💩🌈🎉💝💵🍶🍢🍡🍌🍆🌽
Samuel Kuhle
Samuel Kuhle - 10 aylar önce
What the hell is going on?
Fredbear Fazbear
Fredbear Fazbear - 10 aylar önce
Andy Faull
Andy Faull - 10 aylar önce
Deadpool becoming more than just a comic book character
seth smith
seth smith - 10 aylar önce
Where the f did they get a rockifier explosion?
therockafire - 10 aylar önce
Tell them that. They called me a "collector" in an article written about this.
Showbiz Midwest
Showbiz Midwest - 10 aylar önce
From the creator of them.
Merkat TV
Merkat TV - 10 aylar önce
Robert Aponte Godén
Robert Aponte Godén - 10 aylar önce
Yes woooooooo
AK Price
AK Price - 10 aylar önce
The heck did I just watch?!
Damon Grimes
Damon Grimes - 10 aylar önce
Eat your heart out Chuck E. Cheese!
Micb 123
Micb 123 - 10 aylar önce
Too bad this more than likely wont happen again.....
0 0
0 0 - 10 aylar önce
Five Night's At Deadpool
Ben Ruckus
Ben Ruckus - 10 aylar önce
20th Century - Home Video Division, you should be ashamed of yourself and the treatment of Rob Liefeld. You think anybody tells Stan Lee not to be involved with promoting Marvel movies. I hope when Disney acquires you the entire Home Vid division gets sacked.
Micb 123
Micb 123 - 10 aylar önce
Hey hes not the only one that got shafted either
Hei Man Chan
Hei Man Chan - 10 aylar önce
Nikola Vujović
Nikola Vujović - 10 aylar önce
Not Rayan
Drunken Hedgeie
Drunken Hedgeie - 10 aylar önce
Comic con anyone
DAVIS JDMV - 10 aylar önce
Robbie Brewer
Robbie Brewer - 10 aylar önce
Ima Salmaa
Ima Salmaa - 10 aylar önce
Deadpool loves animals!
Mr Videogamer
Mr Videogamer - 10 aylar önce
Rock afire explision!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE DEADPOOL
Peter Neal
Peter Neal - 10 aylar önce
Oh Deadpool advertising,
You always surprise me, but never disappoint
Nenox - 10 aylar önce
He must be a very happy Jolly for have weed legalized in Canada :)
RAMANAYAKE Bro - 10 aylar önce
Will wolverine come back?
RAMANAYAKE Bro - 10 aylar önce
Please new X men movies
D'nice Swag
D'nice Swag - 10 aylar önce
So this is what Deadpool sees everyday......
Otaking Mikohani
Otaking Mikohani - 10 aylar önce
I'll take 20
Adam Bestler
Adam Bestler - 10 aylar önce
Circus Pizza still exists?
Showbiz Midwest
Showbiz Midwest - 10 aylar önce
Nope. But the robotic animals still exist.
Deadpool Musical
Deadpool Musical - 10 aylar önce
Hell yeah! Love us some Deadpool musicals!
Glowstone Lion
Glowstone Lion - 10 aylar önce
Guilherme Araujo Azevedo
Guilherme Araujo Azevedo - 10 aylar önce
Eu assistiria uma serie animada tipo thunderbirds com o Deadpool facil, facil!! Contratem o
Patrick Boivin!!!!!
Satya The Third Eye
Satya The Third Eye - 10 aylar önce
Very nice