Saudi Crown Prince on how the Middle East will become the next Europe

__ - 7 gün önce
Israel is behind the scene. Actually Saudi Arabia and Israel are no more enemies now. KSA and UAE and others arab leadership is sold out by the Jewish. Peace award 2019 given by the UAE Govt to Indian prime minister Modi who killed many muslim in Gujarat & now shooting and brutally killing in Kashmir. Saudi Arabia MBS forgot the people of Palestine, those women who the are raped by Israelis army. Those children who they are brutally killed by Jewish. You can attacke on Yeman. But you couldn't asked TO Israel about our innocent muslim Palestinian. You should be ashamed.
arabi sau
arabi sau - 5 gün önce
@__ show me when god said that,I know this religion better than you.
__ - 5 gün önce
@arabi sau Yes indeed Muhammad liked forgiveness and we have to follow. But ALLAH says in Qur'an ( yahood and nasara couldn't be friends to Muslim)
arabi sau
arabi sau - 5 gün önce
The only thing we can do to make the middle east better place is peace with other races,Israel after 2 or 3 years will be a good friend for Arabs and we will make peace between them and between palestinians. Didnt muhammed told us to forgive everyone and we muslims should always think about peace.
Baibonn Dilangalen Sangid
Baibonn Dilangalen Sangid - 17 gün önce
Stupid clown Prince your dream is too small!!!
Europe is barbarians, oh well extremist like you. Do you also intend to kill more people in the name of democrazy?
Your ISLAM is way ahead of Europe obviously you didnt know your history. Poor boy
ROSE OF SHARON - 26 gün önce
Once King always King! Long live to you King MBS.
Raheel Rehman
Raheel Rehman - Aylar önce
Abu Shetaaan
Bdot96 - Aylar önce
free_WiFi he's innocent
free_WiFi he's innocent - Aylar önce
Al Saud clan with their radical Wahhabi ideology is the biggest threat to Muslims' unity. They are killing Yemeni people, bombing schools and blockaded their ports so no food, water, medicines and other supplies won't reach people.
Bdot96 - Aylar önce
@free_WiFi he's innocent from my perspective the whole khashoggi saga was a an intelligence fuck up on our part! I disagree with the governments policy of contacting Dissidents and asking them to comeback home and stop what their doing... but they did anyways and one of those 15 who killed he went outta line and did what he did because of a personal Grudge he had against jamal, after that the statements reported by our intelligence reported to the government that he came for some legal paperwork then he left, which was a cover up to cover the fuck up which made the country and the government and especially the crown prince look bad when they didn't have anything to do with it, and I believe that Erdogan planted some recordings inside the Consulate and when that shit happened he tried to get some economical benefits outta of it and didn't even think that saudi would flat out say and admit it! Keep in mind Turkey is at the time and more so now! Are fucked economically and look where they're currency at right now.... so when Saudi admitted it! He tried his best after failing to get some money outta of it to ruin the image of saudi & the crown prince. And look where it got him now! he's now trying to suck up to us by calling the king for Eid and when his brother passed... even the people here boycotted Turkish products and stopped investing or visiting Turkey. I think The crown prince himself and the government handle it as best as they could but our media outlets as always were shitty and made us look even worse. Peace ✌🏽
free_WiFi he's innocent
free_WiFi he's innocent - Aylar önce
@Bdot96 exactly maybe if your media had better PR I wouldn't have been much subjective...they made a mess on kashojji killing lost credibility then.. would rather them admit to it and move on as traitor...But you gave erdogan to play cards on international stage.
Bdot96 - Aylar önce
@free_WiFi he's innocent yeah it's cool hearing from you, sadly your mind is diluted with al jazeera & western media which they all Oppose the kingdom of saudi I ain't asking you to love us or nothing just be subjective when it comes to saudi because Qatar now is investing heavily on all media outlets to create this Perception that saudi arabia is a traitor and everything is wrong with them & sadly our media isn't strong enough to combat such claims. One✌🏽
Bdot96 - Aylar önce
@free_WiFi he's innocent That bitch doesn't represent us or the government, his some troll who's looking for attention and I believe that he has a foreign passport. Us Saudis are not allowed to go to the occupied lands.
Bdot96 - Aylar önce
@free_WiFi he's innocent Nonsense, we told the PA that we agree and accept what ever they agree on, and we didn't sell them out.
outspokenish - Aylar önce
We Iranians support you Ben 👍👍👍
arabi sau
arabi sau - 5 gün önce
We love Iran too,we want peace🇸🇦🇮🇷💚
outspokenish - Aylar önce
Mr. Ben Salman, as an Iranian, I believe if you want to achieve that goal, first you have to destroy Iranian regime, and destroy their bonding with Hezbollah and hamas, you have to control bashar asad and felestin , you have to kick iran from those regions first
Amber Syed
Amber Syed - Aylar önce
And that's never gonna happen...Saudis can't defend themselves against yemeni Bedouins and they are dreaming of destroying Iranian regime...I mean what have you smoked dude😂
RAHUL KUMAR - Aylar önce
I like saudi crown prince
Sel Ko
Sel Ko - Aylar önce
But in europe people people not missing suddenly inside embassies :)
Shams Elahi
Shams Elahi - Aylar önce
Way hone wrong with saudis...
God help them.
Bdot96 - Aylar önce
Budok Klate
Budok Klate - Aylar önce
What about PEACE NO WAR PROJECT at Palestin and Syria. No one cares?
Bdot96 - Aylar önce
Azah Zuddin
Azah Zuddin - Aylar önce
You can imagine what it means when the Middle east becomes like Europe.Nothing whatsoever mentioned about returning the glory of Islam to middle east.Pity the Arab leaders of today.
Zimi Den
Zimi Den - Aylar önce
Azah Zuddin well said.
Maowrt Maorty
Maowrt Maorty - Aylar önce
Great leader
The Ripped Reaper
The Ripped Reaper - Aylar önce
So this what happens when you are born shitting in golden diapers 😂
Shahrioyor Ahmed
Shahrioyor Ahmed - 2 aylar önce
YOU are liar and soitan

faisal moon
faisal moon - 2 aylar önce
Crown Prience what you want you do by Islamic point of view. Don't try to adopt western culture apply in Saudi Arabia. Otherwise we know what are you.
Alvin Leong
Alvin Leong - 2 aylar önce
Do they have top Arab movie stars and top entrepreneurs ? Not to mention inventors?
Little dovee_
Little dovee_ - 2 aylar önce
We 100% hate you Mohammed bin salman, choice your clown car wisely 🚙 🚗 🚘
Nedim Jasarevic
Nedim Jasarevic - 2 aylar önce
Russia is getting stronger economically also
Nedim Jasarevic
Nedim Jasarevic - 2 aylar önce
The global dominance is shifting from the USA towards China
Nedim Jasarevic
Nedim Jasarevic - 2 aylar önce
You are running out of oil
Bdot96 - Aylar önce
We are not! But we gotta Diversify our economy from now and don't wait till The oil prices go even lower.
نايف الحارثي
نايف الحارثي - 2 aylar önce
ياحظكم بمعزبا حاش المراجل كلها ..😘💚🇸🇦
zak123 - 2 aylar önce
Allah says in the Quran Know that the life of this world is only play and amusement, pomp and mutual boasting among you, and rivalry in respect of wealth and children, as the likeness of vegetation after rain, thereof the growth is pleasing to the tiller; afterwards it dries up and you see it turning yellow; then it becomes straw. But in the Hereafter (there is) a severe torment (for the disbelievers, evil-doers), and (there is) Forgiveness from Allah and (His) Good Pleasure (for the believers, good-doers), whereas the life of this world is only a deceiving enjoyment“. [57:20]
Hafsath mUYAYHSYWHZععثغيغيقثغيعبغيعربع
Why does Saudi need to become like europe in their country they have the holy places Makka and Madinah which more than enough every people in GCC should be happy because the holy places are in their neighbouring countries.
Bdot96 - Aylar önce
Why can't we diversify our economy just like you guys did it! But on our terms and our own way!
Hafsath mUYAYHSYWHZععثغيغيقثغيعبغيعربع
I am Qatar this person blocked the borders an now he is saying Qatar has a strong economy but he dint mean to say that by mistake he told
Bdot96 - Aylar önce
Its not a blockade... we just cut ties with you that's all. Qatar isn't Palestine dumbass!
Abu-Isaac Abu-mohamed
Abu-Isaac Abu-mohamed - 2 aylar önce
Crown Prince MBS is the most Charismatic, intelligent Prince on the face of the planet and soon to be my king inshalah
Sarina Estk
Sarina Estk - 26 gün önce
Omar Khattab girl things happen to take iT under your attention and fix iT where iT can. And this “clown” make steps.
Sarina Estk
Sarina Estk - 26 gün önce
Omar Khattab i think the same🤓
Omar Khattab
Omar Khattab - 26 gün önce
If this clown is your "most charismatic, intelligent prince .. " then what are the rest of your.
Sarina Estk
Sarina Estk - 27 gün önce
Abu-Isaac Abu-mohamed hè make steps
k celeste
k celeste - 2 aylar önce
The language is glorious 😲😇
Màriah MSP
Màriah MSP - 12 gün önce
k celeste Thank you🥰
Bdot96 - Aylar önce
Uzair Rumane
Uzair Rumane - 2 aylar önce
I am an Indian but this guy has some unique thing.. Let me tell you all the people criticizing him are fake Muslims... Pakistan yemen iraq iran.. Most of the islamic countries produce terrorism and because of them people think that islam is not good.. But have you ever seen a terrorist attack in UAE or Saudi arab.. They are the real muslims... These fake muslims do jihad and kill innocent people on the name of religion.. Recently uae is building a hindu temple in abu dhabi because outside saudi arab the first mosque to be built was in Hind that is India.. Respecting each others religion and following secularism is the path to success.. I am a hindu but may Allah bless you MBS 💓
Bdot96 - Aylar önce
Tihi Tihic
Tihi Tihic - 2 aylar önce
This man ordered the murder of Jamal Kashoggi..He should be in The Hague
Bdot96 - Aylar önce
Americans are the last people on earth that talk about murder... remember 911 it was an in side job... bombing the shit outta Afghanistan, invading iraq , fucking up Libya, what about Vietnam and what about Japan? I can go on and on about the horrible shit your FBI AND CIA have committed over the years.
nishanth steve
nishanth steve - 2 aylar önce
Why the devil is not speaking of Yemen, Libya, Iraq,Iran, Palestine, they are also gulf countries
Bdot96 - Aylar önce
Yeman is battling to kicki out the puppet Iranian militias in their country, Libya you gotta thank nato for fucking it up, Iraq is a Neighboring country and but sadly its runned by agents of the iran, Iran's regime is the biggest exporter of terrorism and revolutions , Palestine is struggling but we're with them along the way and we will be on their said on what ever stands they take, and he mentioned the other gulf countries. & lastly labeling someone by calling a devil that's weak and last I heard the real devil were the white man. We arabs aren't devil's you ignorant peice of shit.
Saladin Eagle
Saladin Eagle - 2 aylar önce
nishanth steve He said iraq
SaaNeh N
SaaNeh N - 2 aylar önce
Totally disagree with the crown prince but I love his tone of Arabic super bold and sweet
Amber Syed
Amber Syed - 3 aylar önce
*Remember* *Khasshogi* *sir??* 😏
Bdot96 - Aylar önce
Remember Kashmir?
Arab Prince
Arab Prince - 3 aylar önce
nchalla you stay strong big boss
Tanvir Ahsan Tanvir Ahsan
Tanvir Ahsan Tanvir Ahsan - 3 aylar önce
The prince of terrorists spy of Israel
Bdot96 - Aylar önce
Mohammad Asad
Mohammad Asad - 3 aylar önce
You only person ....who are destroying our Muslim brotherhood all around the world .you are doing work for America ....Israeli and for European are pet dog of Donald Trump's. You are killing our Yemeni peoples and helping Israelis to kill Palestiniani innocent Muslim brothers and sisters.what's happening in Syria ...killing them and making them's happening only for you idiot .change your name .it's our Holly prophet's name .who full life dedicated for our Islam and for our Muslim .
Hind Kaur
Hind Kaur - 3 aylar önce
Shut up killer crown prince, you are evil. Killing innocents
marvellation - 3 aylar önce
If he talking about statics of development with comparison with other gulf countries then this fool man also talk about ISLAM, SAHABA THEIR SACRIFICED AND ALL TYPES OF HISTORY RELATED TO ISLAM
Malfondu - 3 aylar önce
And what's next? Prince Salman will be the next caliph of Muslims to umah?
Sub Ab
Sub Ab - 3 aylar önce
Animals can’t create civilization.
tough nut
tough nut - 3 aylar önce
Prince salman plz no division in our umah especially in Gulf countries bring qatar on board Saudi's leadership in the Muslim world is essential
ويسفولا A-B-D
ويسفولا A-B-D - 3 aylar önce
tough nut 📵🤫🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦
zak123 - 3 aylar önce
You sit their talking like your someone especial in front of Allah you are absolutely nothing, you sit their while your killing our brothers and sisters in Yemen and Muslims are dying for water yet you buy house which costed £350 million not to mention the painting you bought for £450 million.
May Allah tighten your grave salman you are fitnah to this dunya and evil
Musheer Moses
Musheer Moses - 3 aylar önce
what about our yemen?
Imran Jatt
Imran Jatt - 3 aylar önce
💯🌹💯America 🇺🇸 have so much benefit if Iran and Middle East fight each other because America sale her 🔫 weapon to ☫ iran and Middle East countries and make fool all of them if Middle East not buy weapons from America 🇺🇸 and Iran not buy and weapons from America this is safe for all of them if he want weapons for her safety and not want fight with each other only for her safety so they buy weapons any of her brother moslim country which have good products of powerfull weapons in all moslim countries otherwise stop fighting and start dialouge with each other and stop fight and move forward and spent there money for people and for devolpment💯🌹💯
Tes Bolandrina
Tes Bolandrina - 3 aylar önce
Princepe Mohammed bin salman Fe vedio bold selina gomez but not problem ..that why personal Lovelife princepe...yesMafe moskil
Shaiz Khan
Shaiz Khan - 3 aylar önce
Firstly you have to look your community problems issues..
Follow the rule of Islam.Because middle east is a totally Base on see your Muslim brothers and sisters are they happy on their country..Prince means that you are not rulling your Kingdom
Real prince rulling on People's heart
massawa17 - 3 aylar önce
His probably been used to a applause of ovation all of his life. Western leaders are better because at least their ego go in check but this guy will never get that health check
ابو عمر
ابو عمر - 3 aylar önce
عاش العرب والمسلمين
MO SAF - 3 aylar önce
Great 💜💘🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦
Malik Gazic
Malik Gazic - 3 aylar önce
There is no desert in europe so bitch please
Daily Blue
Daily Blue - 4 aylar önce
Khorshed Alam
Khorshed Alam - 4 aylar önce
AVNER ZINO - 4 aylar önce
He should be dead
Maria Del Carmen Acosta
Maria Del Carmen Acosta - 4 aylar önce
Me gusta todo lo árabe saludos al príncipe bin salman
Md Amir Subhan
Md Amir Subhan - 4 aylar önce
World would've been a better place without the Ar*bs and Europ*ans, no slave trade , no world wars... Native Americans and aboriginal Australians still living in their own homes etc
K T - 4 aylar önce
he is on drugs.
Hussain Mousawi
Hussain Mousawi - 4 aylar önce
Giving this genocidal manic stage on a public platform is disgusting. He should be hanged for mass murder
classic monsters
classic monsters - 4 aylar önce
Abd Shikmous
Abd Shikmous - 4 aylar önce
لوطي ابن لوطي شمام يلاط به ليل نهار
Abd Shikmous
Abd Shikmous - 4 aylar önce
lol. funny & idiot prince
Teta _98
Teta _98 - 5 aylar önce
Come on guys he saying the truth middle east gulf spical gulf countries are smart they don't want refugees from iraq, Syria, Pakistan and Afghanistan so they don't want immigrants who don't know if they terrorists or not and look to Europe full of immigrants and look like shit
Uzair Rumane
Uzair Rumane - 2 aylar önce