Samsung Galaxy Fold Unboxing

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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy - 3 gün önce
Galaxy Fold or Mate X?
chan chan
chan chan - Gün önce
mate x
떡볶이 - Gün önce
100% Fold
Magic XCarmeloPro
Magic XCarmeloPro - Gün önce
Jimmy Jimmy
Jimmy Jimmy - Gün önce
Mate x
彼得鹿PeterLuu - Gün önce
Unbox Therapy mate x!!
kevon shaw
kevon shaw - Saatler önce
Welcome to the future
Phos Bonn
Phos Bonn - Saatler önce
How many folds back and forth do you get until it eventually wears out on whatever mechanism that is holding it together?
Agrin Rafiei
Agrin Rafiei - Saatler önce
Samantha Middleton
Samantha Middleton - Saatler önce
I don't get it. Bulky and ugly.
Dave Smith
Dave Smith - Saatler önce
What about the notch...
MasterStranger1 ❷⓿❶❾
I would get it if it was a little bit wider and shorter cuz when I want it in phone mode I want a bigger screen then that
Edinaldo FIGUEREDO BLASIUS - Saatler önce
Amazing but still looks like an unfinished product
Guildev Montski
Guildev Montski - Saatler önce
Just had a seizure with this box
MasterStranger1 ❷⓿❶❾
That one rich kid be like 11:17
Andrea Carias
Andrea Carias - Saatler önce
So ummm....what kind of case?? LMAO
Thisaie - Saatler önce
get into the idea of a samsung galaxy fold ... hears the price ... hell no, thats 2 months of rent.
K_Lord_D - Saatler önce
Ya'll remember the mission in Black Ops where you had that foldable mat where you controlled a spider robot?
Scott_Rairigh.4105 - Saatler önce
I thought they already came out with flip phones...
Marcos Campos
Marcos Campos - Saatler önce
Man that shits a tablet Samsung just fooled you stupid fucks
Lion Plays
Lion Plays - Saatler önce
Community: How much does it cost??
Samsung: Yes
Tαzyツ - Saatler önce
It seems like a foldable tablet not a foldable phone because the phone mode looks squished and ugly and uncomfortable
Sarsfe Afronzi
Sarsfe Afronzi - Saatler önce
Hey how does this phone work with cases?
Scuffed Streamers
Scuffed Streamers - Saatler önce
Why doesn't he wear glasses anymore
mursi kamaal
mursi kamaal - Saatler önce
If anyone afford this phone so buy now its very good phone and great engeeniaring behined that
Scuffed Streamers
Scuffed Streamers - Saatler önce
This nigga gets ten million views wow
Zarah Rosé
Zarah Rosé - Saatler önce
You sound like Joe Rogan a little bit 🤭
Alina S.
Alina S. - Saatler önce
I'm happy with my s8
Karolis - Saatler önce
It looks like upgraded 3310
Kenzo Ken
Kenzo Ken - Saatler önce
They just made the phone mix to tablet and fold it . Boom!!! sell u 1900 $.
TheDarkCloudNC - Saatler önce
They're overpriced pieces of garbage that cannot stand the test of time.
Chatham ontario Nocturnal fear
lol now they are falling apart lol junk
欧扬 - Saatler önce
Why can't the first article comment?
Kartik Nimbalkar 🈲
Kartik Nimbalkar 🈲 - Saatler önce
Samsung just upped it's game
Muh Rohim
Muh Rohim - Saatler önce
Kao Yang
Kao Yang - Saatler önce
I'm just waiting for a idiot youtuber to drop another expensive phone.
Cláudio Banjai
Cláudio Banjai - Saatler önce
Not really interested
Robot Warrior
Robot Warrior - Saatler önce
The box hurts my eyes
UM -
UM - - Saatler önce
Yeah no, iPhone 6 did the folding thing first
Frankie Knights
Frankie Knights - Saatler önce
So we’re just gonna ignore the ugly border when the tablet is a phone 😴 ok
PhoenixAshes 19
PhoenixAshes 19 - Saatler önce
This video is trending ...
Rayizo AMV's
Rayizo AMV's - Saatler önce
Looks like a late April fools
Bing Liu
Bing Liu - Saatler önce
Sumsung fold is a big joke, all kinds of damage now!
_주영 - Saatler önce
접으면 좁고 두껍고, 펼치면 길고 넓적해서 스마트폰보다는 접히는 태블릿패드같은 사용감일것같아요
물론 눈으로만 봤을때 개인적인 생각이지만ㅎ
삼성 기술은 정말 개쩌는거같습니다 호우!
가운데 접히는 부분 연결성도 개쩔구 접었다가 펼쳤을때 화면이 바로 인식해서 펼쳐지는게 환상이네요 와
blabla bla
blabla bla - Saatler önce
I see it I like I want I check the price and put it back😢😂
Damn i lost track
Happy Times
Happy Times - Saatler önce
What’s a phone case protector for this going to look like ? 😂
Dominique Monreal
Dominique Monreal - Saatler önce
should i get a tablet or a phone?
Eggy Lancelot
Eggy Lancelot - Saatler önce
Samsung is the Best Ever!
its_ Jovanalise
its_ Jovanalise - Saatler önce
When is apple making one🤔?
Ulster Man
Ulster Man - Saatler önce
It's flipping too dear
Zain B
Zain B - Saatler önce
Yeah it’s expensive but considering the price people pay for a phone and a tablet.... just buy 1 device rather than both
Philip Baumeier
Philip Baumeier - Saatler önce
Woow i prefer apple but this sweet tec magic smartphone I would give a chance
TopFiveMobile - Saatler önce
Out of 38,000 you found mine

Here’s a cookie 🍪
Longbeach Griffy
Longbeach Griffy - Saatler önce
This is the future!
Unfeasible - Saatler önce
that dead pixel...
Anonymous - Saatler önce
Is it me or does the Galaxy looks kinda similar to Sanyo Incognito when it’s folded ?🧐
Jeff Thompson
Jeff Thompson - Saatler önce
But does it run Minecraft? 🤔
wilson ndebay
wilson ndebay - Saatler önce
And then it will be recall very soon as they are already breaking apart
Chambvrs - Saatler önce
ill wait a few years but as a graphic designer IM A FAN! Only thing Im worried about is how do you text on the go with this thing? I will miss IOS tho
TheTempestGaming —
TheTempestGaming — - Saatler önce
Does anyone want to help a homie out? I’m trying to start YouTube and I wanna hit my goal of 10 subscribers. If that could happen it would mean the world to me :) it’s ok if you don’t want to I’m not gonna force you
Alvin Ma
Alvin Ma - Saatler önce
this innovative and fantastic phone is now being discussed and then forgotten. people tend to be impatient and not to keep enthusiastic about a thing that failed.
Primitivo Pardo
Primitivo Pardo - Saatler önce
for that price how much pain would you feel if it falls?
Itz Rookie808
Itz Rookie808 - Saatler önce
Why... Is the screen so small compared to the phone when you fold it... Then when you open it up the display is basically the whole phone. That is really annoying
StuPid - Saatler önce
That box is hard to look at.
cheese crumbs
cheese crumbs - Saatler önce
Phone with sreen cleavage? Not my type of phone. 😂
lmao - Saatler önce
Well I'd just buy a 2000 dollar laptop, it has bigger screen, it's foldable and much more powerful and basically supports everything
thiagod7 - Saatler önce
What is the name of the song with Clint Eastwood on the background? 9:33
Neffee - Saatler önce
Not a big fan of Samsung, but this is REALLY cool
Autumn Talay
Autumn Talay - Saatler önce
Color blind people left the chat 0:10
Bradley Roopchand
Bradley Roopchand - Saatler önce
Phone cases ?????
AyyMD Chan
AyyMD Chan - Saatler önce
Bradley Roopchand
Bradley Roopchand - Saatler önce
Can you fold that price
Pink Pixie
Pink Pixie - Saatler önce
_Gonna be a few years until I get my hands on this beauty_ :'(
manystar - Saatler önce
For 2000 bucks i expect it to say how much it loves me back & give me life coaching tips also
Mia Duckett
Mia Duckett - Saatler önce
I am blown away😓
Porsche993 - Saatler önce
No thank you
dong walangawa
dong walangawa - Saatler önce
Give me 1 Galaxy Fold please...
lamakicker69 - Saatler önce
It’s a $2000 prototype, the technology is cool and this is a great proof on concept but the technology needs to be mastered before I’d ever get a foldable phone. This things are already breaking days into its launch
boko - Saatler önce
Version 2 in another 2-3 years is going to be insane
ryan mills
ryan mills - Saatler önce
Good luck putting a screen protector and case on that
Stokaboter - Saatler önce
Honestly I would pay 2000 dollars just because of the box.
ahmad fauzan
ahmad fauzan - Saatler önce
Where is team Mate X
Trio LOL Gamers
Trio LOL Gamers - Saatler önce
Imagine: foldable 10" 2 in 1... That would be amazing...
ChamAlien - Saatler önce
i swear to Big mac that apple will call their fold product "Iflip
Kalea Hall
Kalea Hall - Saatler önce
It is like a DSi
Crifstar - Saatler önce
It’s a piece of shit I saw on the news it’s already breaking
Shawn - Saatler önce
Lol the screen is GArBAGE
chiara panini
chiara panini - Saatler önce
Everything aside. The camera is sick!!!
Lissy London
Lissy London - Saatler önce
I am so happy with Samsung bc I like that it looks slim enough for me to use with one hand but big enough to turn into a tablet. I wish the price was more around $1500 but I am willing to think about it as a bigger 2 for 1 investment.
PJ Alina
PJ Alina - Saatler önce
definitely not for kids. lol
Gavin Neuman
Gavin Neuman - Saatler önce
Rip pop socket users
Lake Russell
Lake Russell - Saatler önce
It looks like a kids toy
Timlouix - Saatler önce
iPhone X is King
logische_pics - Saatler önce
why is the front so small?!?!?!
Silverz0 - Saatler önce
11:38 14k sitting on that table
NihilTimendumEst - Saatler önce
Samsung for the win! Bye 👋 Apple
MoMo Luo
MoMo Luo - Saatler önce
Mate X toujours huawei❤️
Fili ph
Fili ph - Saatler önce
Getting an iPhone 7 and an iPad mini (which both seem to be better quality, no plastic screen...) are still a thousand dollars cheaper... how is this better, 1000$ better🤔
Olivia Kitson
Olivia Kitson - Saatler önce
I have one question.....

Hotel? Trivago
Miriam S. Corduroy
Miriam S. Corduroy - Saatler önce
i bet, if they added pressure sensitivity some day you could have a drawing tablet, tablet/computer and a smart phone all in one
Reo Taylor
Reo Taylor - Saatler önce
500 bucks just for the box.
Ridhwan Ta-rer
Ridhwan Ta-rer - Saatler önce
It's like carrying 2 phones ... it's very bulky
Kalea Hall
Kalea Hall - Saatler önce
How much boxes were there
Ridhwan Ta-rer
Ridhwan Ta-rer - Saatler önce
It's like carrying 2 phones ...