Avengers Infinity War DELETED & FAKE Scenes Explained

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Flicks And The City
Flicks And The City - Yıl önce
What was your favourite deleted moment from the movie? 😀
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Khalid Salek
Khalid Salek - 9 aylar önce
Angel Rodriguez
Angel Rodriguez - Yıl önce
the hulk tranformation and busting out of hulkbuster
TheTibbyShark - Yıl önce
Thanos’s funny one liner
Depression Is Great
Depression Is Great - Yıl önce
When half the life of the universe was deleted (erased)
GhostCayde - Yıl önce
varsas - Aylar önce

Thanos sort of says that missing line in the Endgame.
Abhi 07
Abhi 07 - Aylar önce
After Endgame?
Andrew Coleman
Andrew Coleman - 5 aylar önce
Regarding the theory that Loki transformed into the Hulk to avoid death and trick Thanos....Thor said that Loki transformed into a snake and fooled Thor. 😳 Hint?
IT_IS_JR ! - 5 aylar önce
Also there’s a lot more fake deleted scenes on the leak sdcc infinity war trailer
Julio Tabamo
Julio Tabamo - 7 aylar önce
Thanos looks like john cena lol
vicky martinez
vicky martinez - 8 aylar önce
Who else thinks that Black Widow and Captain America had chemistry going on when they had to go underground?And that's probably why Bucky said that so it could mean Black Widow is pregnant with Captain America's kid?
Joel Plamondon
Joel Plamondon - 8 aylar önce
I'm leaning more towards what one of the actors said in an interview "I've just gotten back from filming Avengers 3 and 4". We will see this footage because it will be the Tony Stark repaired timeline/Dr. Strange winning scenario.
Kathleen McHugh
Kathleen McHugh - 8 aylar önce
Oh man I wished they kept the bucky scenes!
Blacka Đøn
Blacka Đøn - 9 aylar önce
They shouldn't have cuts so many clips they should have kept all them deleted scenes in there
Bonnie The gamer
Bonnie The gamer - 9 aylar önce
I saw all the deleted scenes in movie
Will Ercan Derebag
Will Ercan Derebag - 9 aylar önce
can I have the thanos one please
SnowieRigg G
SnowieRigg G - 10 aylar önce
I saw the movie early so I got to see the deleted scenes Wich I'm happy about, but since they made a few changes I kinda want to see it again.
Thor Johal
Thor Johal - 10 aylar önce
Henric PlayzHD
Henric PlayzHD - 10 aylar önce
some of the trailers that is cut will be in avengers 4 like bruce banner standing next to the hulkbuster arm and talking to black widow this mite mean banner is making a new arm for the broken arm of the hulkbuster that he used to kill cull obsidian i subscribe to you subscribe to me too
singh Pankaj
singh Pankaj - 10 aylar önce
That does put a smile on my face....
Lawasoft - 10 aylar önce
Are they going to do a Directors Cut of this one.. that has all the intended scens before they cut most of the fun scens out?
Pandaiskey - 10 aylar önce
People like hulk more than bruce but bruce wants time!
Rick Rost
Rick Rost - 10 aylar önce
This is a spoiler!

Top right Haweye...
Mari F.
Mari F. - 10 aylar önce
There's also an extended scene from the bloopers that didn't make the final cut, which is when T'Challa asks Bucky to join the battle, despite everything Bucky went through and given he had just found some peace... I think it would've added quite a lot to their characters in the movie, given there are some shots where it looks like T'Challa is looking at Bucky
nkgBeauty - 10 aylar önce
I saw hole video
nkgBeauty - 10 aylar önce
This is my first time seeing you and you’re my favorite YouTuber I subscribe turn on the notifications and I liked the video
nkgBeauty - 10 aylar önce
nkgBeauty - 10 aylar önce
nkgBeauty - 10 aylar önce
This is my first time watching your channel and I already like your channel a lot I subscribed and turned on don’t notifications thank you
Prince Kyle
Prince Kyle - 10 aylar önce
I think this is a spoiler? Question:If Captain Marvel Gone Because of the snap of thano's finger
Saiyera Rehmina Neha
Saiyera Rehmina Neha - 10 aylar önce
I would probably volunteer to watch a 6 hr Avengers film, if they assure they are gonna keep the mystery intact throughout. That way they can include everything they want to in a logical manner, and even explain plot holes. Cuz watching things like, what actually drove Thanos to be "Thanos" would have been interesting.
Hamburgerishere 122
Hamburgerishere 122 - 10 aylar önce
There should be a Thanos movie about his story
supersquidcat 2
supersquidcat 2 - 11 aylar önce
Some may be for part two
Kat Valentine
Kat Valentine - 11 aylar önce
it was hurtful
THEBEATLES03 - 11 aylar önce
I was pretty disappointed hulk didn't bust out of the armor
Nazir Allen
Nazir Allen - 11 aylar önce
Every one may know but CAPTAIN MARVEL will be in Avenger s 4 but there are 3 parts to infinity war
K Jones
K Jones - 11 aylar önce
the way she says Wakanda is hurting my soul
K Jones
K Jones - 11 aylar önce
2:19 why does Thor have brown hair, tf
Itz_GarlThebeast vloger and gamer
How did spider Man on the ship when he got his iron suit
Erllchristian Infante
Erllchristian Infante - Yıl önce
Spiderman pls
dragon fire
dragon fire - Yıl önce
You are right about avengers infenity war cut outs that we saw in the trailer but where's Hawke, the only character that didn't get to play in the third movie of the avengers probably because they where 75 people playing as the characters.
Aalish Hashmi
Aalish Hashmi - Yıl önce
What about Nick Fury speech in first trailer
Fabien Charles
Fabien Charles - Yıl önce
Baloney Sandwich! That's hilarious.
optimotion animation
optimotion animation - Yıl önce
good video
i never knew that the trailer was different than the movie even i watched both trailer and movie
. before watching tbis video
DJ VITO - Yıl önce
That's curious, I watched most of those scenes in the movie on my country...
amir jarrah
amir jarrah - Yıl önce
i was begging my father to take me to the cinema and watch infinity war but he wont let me
geboinzki .Iman28
geboinzki .Iman28 - Yıl önce
Ten ten ten tenen ten ten ten teeen ten.ten
thelolgamer lol
thelolgamer lol - Yıl önce
Im the first how seen infinity war in philipines
Matt Osborn
Matt Osborn - Yıl önce
I subscribed to your channel and liked to you video ( amazing video well done 👍 xxxx)
Rahaf 2017
Rahaf 2017 - Yıl önce
I wouldn't have mind a 5 hours long marvel movie tbh ✋💜
Mr Geek
Mr Geek - Yıl önce
My favorite mcu movie and love your videos
Dark VoyagerX- Games, and more
Wait did they fade and die or transported
Sebastian Lemus
Sebastian Lemus - Yıl önce
I subscribed
clarlos Albuquerque
clarlos Albuquerque - Yıl önce
😡😡😡😡😠😠😠😏out🚫Avengers Bad Finished
Andrew Sikhrangkur
Andrew Sikhrangkur - Yıl önce
Fake scenes being shot just for the trailers is brilliant. They can give you awesome scenes that make you feeling you know what's gonna happen, but then still surprise you when you see the actual movie
JoyStick Plays
JoyStick Plays - Yıl önce
Your the best YouTuber ever keep doing what ur doing also can I get the black panther pop?
Blue Diceboy
Blue Diceboy - Yıl önce
if i get a funko pop im getting spider man
Anklesh Arora
Anklesh Arora - Yıl önce
If they didnt the movie would be about 3hours and about 45 moments or more and more suspense and a little boring but awesome and they would have to make 3 movies
Core_STEALTH - Yıl önce
Hello please may I have a spider man I have a Freind he has cancer and he would love his own spider man
hawyee - Yıl önce
bucky deserved more
Austin Elkins
Austin Elkins - Yıl önce
I watched it .........MADE ME SO MAD HULK WASNT COMING OUT- he was scared of Thanos from the beginning of the movie when he got beat up
Mr Trendy
Mr Trendy - Yıl önce
Pinkie pie = Thanos
Nobody - Yıl önce
I wanna know what the fake endings are and hopefully we will see the fake scenes when the film gets released.
Varune Harbukhan
Varune Harbukhan - Yıl önce
How did they isolate the vocals and sound effect at 1:00 ?
Gerardo Sosa
Gerardo Sosa - Yıl önce
I would have liked to seen the deleted scenes and more of the movie it could have been next send it to three hours and I would have been okay with it
Venom - Yıl önce
In the first trailer you can see hulk running in wakanda but in the movie he can't turn to the oh i see FALSE
Joey Reyes
Joey Reyes - Yıl önce
I what them I am five
NayakaFast Channel
NayakaFast Channel - Yıl önce
francesca - Yıl önce
Horrorfav - Yıl önce
Im my country nothing was deleted scene
Ananya Mathur
Ananya Mathur - Yıl önce
man i hope they would have increased the runtime and would have given more lines to cap,black panther,black widow
yeezy worshipper
yeezy worshipper - Yıl önce
Flicks And The City is fun get to know so much
Elyssa Martinez
Elyssa Martinez - Yıl önce
Guillermo Higueros
Guillermo Higueros - Yıl önce
The think black panther said about fighting for other nations. Wasn't in the movie
Lirrulewon - Yıl önce
So many Chrises 😍😍😍
Meazygrindhard - Yıl önce
No Hulk after Thanos smacked him around on Thor's ship!! Clever editing on the trailer
Masud Ahmed
Masud Ahmed - Yıl önce
Thanos should not be a villian but he could be an ULTRA VILLIAN! 😎
2 girls slime !
2 girls slime ! - Yıl önce
I wish they wouldnt have killed loki off !
2 girls slime !
2 girls slime ! - Yıl önce
Yea the 2 brothers sucks
2 girls slime !
2 girls slime ! - Yıl önce
I dont feel for thanos he killed loki
Snapy Turtle
Snapy Turtle - Yıl önce
Big Boi Mike
Big Boi Mike - Yıl önce
Anyone think thanos look like Bruce Willis
mr memetastic
mr memetastic - Yıl önce
I subscribed
Fernando Quintero
Fernando Quintero - Yıl önce
Cool video ------awesome information .... I want one of the pops pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
BRUNO BaRbAroS - Yıl önce
Adrian Fuentes
Adrian Fuentes - Yıl önce
I like their use. . . . Trailers shoe what the film will have but keep you guessing. . . . Who is with who? When is this scene coming? Is that a flashback of side story?
But I do wish there was more Hulk or more time developing Hulk's issues.
ReapedDead - Yıl önce
The cast members actually mentioned in a Jimmy Kimmel interview that they had multiple fake scripts so I'm not surprised. I'm glad that the writers were able to implement it in a way that the actors themselves could watch the movie in fresh new eyes with only minute amounts of spoilers too.
Firepopcorn 123
Firepopcorn 123 - Yıl önce
I'm agree with not wasting time, because let's say Cap testing the new shield was in the movie, I would be like "cool, but I have already seen that",, and would waste like 1 or 2 minutes.
bander strange
bander strange - Yıl önce
Give me thanos
Sean Ware
Sean Ware - Yıl önce
Here is my issue....Dr. Strange and his band of Strangers can alter time and reality with the use of spells, not infinity stones....(Marvels Dr. Strange movie) We see this in the movie by them creating portals to other locations, Strange rots a apple, then restores its ripeness. Even the emmortal woman who taught Strange his spells knocked his soul out of his body....So what is the importance of the Infinity Stones again? Why can't the good Doctor fold up some buildings around Thanos?
super corgiii
super corgiii - Yıl önce
Boiii why you doing that to the avengers
Lincy McGabby
Lincy McGabby - Yıl önce
There are *6* infinity stones that shape up the existence of the entire universe. Power stone, Space stone(the tesseract), Reality stone, Time stone, Soul stone and Mind stone. And Thanos used them to achieve his goal of balancing the universe. And when Dr Strange asked Thanos what he'd do next after obliterating half the universe's population and balancing the universe, he said he'd *rest* and watch the sun rise on a bright universe. Similarly, in the Bible, God created the entire universe and all life in the universe in *6* days. During those *6* days of creation, we can see *6* aspects of existence being displayed. Power, Space, Reality, Time, Mind(s) & Soul(s). And after God had finished all of his creation , he *rested* on the seventh day, pleased with what he had created, just like Thanos *rested* as well, watching the sun rise on a bright universe and feeling pleased with rebalancing the universe. I just thought the coincidental similarities are worth mentioning...
Michealblook YT
Michealblook YT - Yıl önce
After nick turned to dust he sent a message so he sent it to captain marvel and that's where when he tries to find the reality stone so captain marvel has to stop Thanos
Michealblook YT
Michealblook YT - Yıl önce
I have a theory about something
Michealblook YT
Michealblook YT - Yıl önce
I saw the Little gamora part
Samurai Abstinence Patrol
Hmmm actually I would’ve loved to see more Loki scenes, but in my opinion it they could’ve cut that first scene he was in hmmmmm just didn’t feel like it was good for the plot or the franchise in any way
Anna Müller
Anna Müller - Yıl önce
Well, you never See a Trailer with Thor having both Eyes. But He has both Eyes Most of the time...
Hamid Gaming
Hamid Gaming - Yıl önce
In the leaked comicon trailer for infinity war, gamora says "death follows him like a shadow" and we didnt get that in the film. I loved that line 😣😣😣I was so upset it wasnt there
Terry D
Terry D - Yıl önce
Fake scenes are false advertising
GR Studios
GR Studios - Yıl önce
A Series of Unfortunate Infinity War Crossovers
Count Olaf: The Baudelaire Fortune is mine! (Snaps Fingers)
Mr.. Poe: I don't feel so good... (Disintegrates)
Aunt Josephine: The Black Plague, is it the Black Plague?! (Disintegrates)
Sunny: Egu. (A word which here means: We're in the End Game now.) (Disintegrates)
Chathumina Muthumala
Chathumina Muthumala - Yıl önce
Fake scenes in the trailers are the worst. Trailer editors should be more creative.
Kevtb87 - Yıl önce
The group hero shot is just blatant false advertising. It's one thing cutting a scene, a line of dialogue or reworking an effect. It's something else entirely adding a scene in which all the characters are together in that way, especially Hulk who never appears in the Wakanda battle. They deliberately faked that knowing he wouldn't be in the scene in the movie. That's false advertising and getting into some very dodgy business practices and I don't think they should be rewarded for it with people saying it's a clever idea. No, it's a dangerous idea. This could start a wave of trailers adding whatever the hell they want to their trailers in order to get bums on seats. 
'Your movie doesn't have that ellusive money shot that makes people gasp in awe and despeartely want to see the movie? No problem. Just fake that shit and throw whatever sort of awesome, visually impressive, epic, kickass moment into the trailer. People will forget it wasn't in the movie and even if they don't they will defend your right to lie to them as customers. People are fucking morons' - some sleazebag PR guy
If they made it clear it was just a marketing shot, fine, but they didn't. It's the epic end to the trailer depicting events in the movie but in a manner which doesn't come to pass in he actual movie. We all know how trailers work. They show snippets of the movie. They advertise the movie. We decide whether the movie is worth our time and money based on those scenes in the trailer. It's false advertising plain and simple and I'm saddened at how many people don't understand the damage it can do to an industry.
The movie as awesome btw and I would have paid ood money to see it no matter what. Still doesn't excuse these sort of tricks.
Angelo Soto
Angelo Soto - Yıl önce
Dont worry i saw the movie
RYAN PAUL - Yıl önce
I’m glad they faked shots for the trailers. It’s very difficult to hype up a movie these days without showing too much, and it’s very, very, very disappointing when all the best action sequences were already seen in a trailer.
LetsPlayWithLogan - Yıl önce
"Mr Stark I don't feel so good"