US military warns people preparing to storm Area 51

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Cuban 7
Cuban 7 - 11 dakika önce
We did it boys! We woooshed the entire US Air force
Tra Ze
Tra Ze - 11 dakika önce
Russian bots have a great sense of humor
Samuel Johnson
Samuel Johnson - 11 dakika önce
What the hell are people thinking that is the most ridiculous idea I've ever heard hey let's shove a road flare up our asses and see if it's hot
Fuck Youtube
Fuck Youtube - 11 dakika önce
Just hack NASA ya tards.
Planet Goddess
Planet Goddess - 12 dakika önce
Trust me Fox, this is the first time the outrageous BS is NOT Russian bots.
Jar Jar Danks
Jar Jar Danks - 12 dakika önce
what if the government created the facebook group as a way to control the population for when they get gunned down at the gates
Paul - 12 dakika önce
That's the one I saw one time 1:18. It has rotating orange lights on the top..3 of them
Donald L.
Donald L. - 12 dakika önce
Storm it boys and girls
RETRXZEE - 12 dakika önce
Should we storm the Pentagon
Ashley Billie
Ashley Billie - 12 dakika önce
They must be hiding something that they don't want us to see.... 👀👽
Space Cowboy
Space Cowboy - 12 dakika önce
They can’t stop all of us
Ian Turner
Ian Turner - 12 dakika önce
I find it hilarious that they think it's Russian Bots, definitely couldn't just be people who think it's hilalrious and liked it
Chia - 12 dakika önce
This comment section is pure gold.
The Disignus
The Disignus - 12 dakika önce
R u s s i a n B o t s
Katie Cipperley
Katie Cipperley - 12 dakika önce
EVeryone go to twitter or Tik Tok to get the best memes for this trend
Sypho MM
Sypho MM - 12 dakika önce
My cousin is in the air force lmao
MisterNearMiss - 12 dakika önce
"russian bots" shaking my head. Do you people still live in the cold war?
Shaun Sweeney
Shaun Sweeney - 12 dakika önce
Just send the illegal aliens to area 51! They can't stop all of them!
Bob Bob
Bob Bob - 12 dakika önce
It’s going to happen
sonic plush and stuff
sonic plush and stuff - 12 dakika önce
that nctzen
that nctzen - 12 dakika önce
may the force be with you
Rayna Benites
Rayna Benites - 12 dakika önce
Robert Simon
Robert Simon - 12 dakika önce
I knew it...
Those idiots are gonna die.
talanoa foketi
talanoa foketi - 12 dakika önce
I heard that there’s been sightings of people from Area 51 , loading up vans, buses filled with things and moving them?! What the heck, what are they hiding? I’m trynna see them aliens🐸☕️
Andrew Nash
Andrew Nash - 12 dakika önce
Did this moron really try to bring Russia into this? She just couldn’t help herself she was having Russia withdrawals. Pathetic.
Flash Man
Flash Man - 13 dakika önce
Big Mistake! 💀
South Carolina Gal
South Carolina Gal - 13 dakika önce
Look in the mirror. 👽
Coco Taveras
Coco Taveras - 13 dakika önce
People: Raid Area 51
Military: Yes, but actually no
Ivan Morales
Ivan Morales - 13 dakika önce
Wow they think if they send a threat out it's going to cancel the storming lmao!!😂😂😂😂
Oh Stride
Oh Stride - 13 dakika önce
They can’t shoot all of us
Walmart iOS
Walmart iOS - 13 dakika önce
This just gives us more of a reason to storm Area 51
Kneight Wolf
Kneight Wolf - 13 dakika önce
For those of you going, please buy a GoPro first and live stream...
Bec Moran
Bec Moran - 13 dakika önce
Can confirm. Am not a Russian bot.
A M - 13 dakika önce
Hmmmm...this is something ufo and conspiracy idiots are willing to die over????
__artzell__ - 13 dakika önce
dont be cowards highlight "if we naruto run"
Z Alverez
Z Alverez - 13 dakika önce
AirForce: "Ok stop. seriously dont do this"
Harris Anne
Harris Anne - 13 dakika önce
Another RED FLAG HOAX! Lol! Reminiscent of Orson Welles infamous "War of the Worlds" radio broadcast Fluke!
No ones being dooped this time around!
Infinite - 13 dakika önce
Area 69 will be ours
Emon Clayton
Emon Clayton - 13 dakika önce
Chariots of The Most High Yah
Spicy Flavor Tide Pods
Spicy Flavor Tide Pods - 13 dakika önce
Interestingly enough, the Russians can fly over the base, under the open skies agreement, and have done so fairly recently. A tax paying American however may get shot on sight.
What's wrong with this picture?
THEONEANDONLY100100 - 13 dakika önce
So the whole point here has been proven! No need to go to area 51 now. Yes indeed. UFOs are real !
Frok - 13 dakika önce
It isnt 1.1 million its going to be 1.1 billion they cant stop us
ShadoWolf - 13 dakika önce
Stand outside of Area 51 and ask if you can get life insurance for all the people there
The basic Idahoan
The basic Idahoan - 13 dakika önce
You can all put your tinfoil hats on😂😂
Oso - 13 dakika önce
2017: area 51 is serious stuff
2019: *OMG Area 51 Memes are so funny*
Ken Ko
Ken Ko - 13 dakika önce
They didn’t say naruto run 😂
Ashley Chippy
Ashley Chippy - 13 dakika önce
So why can't they just... show us what's in there?
Cody Haines
Cody Haines - 14 dakika önce
They think it’s a joke
Sativa Verte
Sativa Verte - 14 dakika önce
Lol Russian bots
Chender Edits
Chender Edits - 14 dakika önce
Hey y'all who wants to find the aether portal with me?