THE EQUALIZER 2 Trailer (2018)

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Jack O Neal
Jack O Neal - 6 gün önce
Dont forget to tip the black Uber driver... otherwise... Denzel might visit you at night... lol
Peter Jongsma
Peter Jongsma - 18 gün önce
What's with the stop watch?
Budii Portgas
Budii Portgas - Aylar önce
Denzel, Liam Neeson, Benecio del Toro, and Keanu Reeves .. let them played together,, for the enemy i just think, Josh Brolin and Sean Bean, maybe a great movies
Steve Wertz
Steve Wertz - Aylar önce
Of course it's best movie I ever seen with Denzel. I hope they will make another good movies with he. I watch it using Boxxy Software on my tv box. recommend - it's free.
Luke Deveraux
Luke Deveraux - Aylar önce
Too bad that last clip was cut from the movie....
Loved the humor in it... 😔
Luke Deveraux
Luke Deveraux - Aylar önce
Denzel might be saying at times,
"This is how we will shoot the next scene... You read me?"
... and Director goes...
"uh... Okay..."
Denzel : We cool?
Director : uh... Of course... Yeah... Fuck yeah I'm cool (thinking : _I_ _don't_ _wana_ _die_ )
living in a desert
living in a desert - Aylar önce
Denzel is a great actor..should be in a film every year..
The One Above All
The One Above All - Aylar önce
The movie wasn't very good. Worth one watch for me. Not enough action sequences. The time mechanic was discarded after one use. I realized how much better Equalizer 1 was very quickly. Just endless talking till a plodding final action scene.
Coskun Semerci
Coskun Semerci - 2 aylar önce
Türkiye'de Arap yaşamıyor neden her seferinde aynı vurgu yapılıyor ilk 5 dakikadan sonra kapattım ve diyorum ki NE MUTLU TÜRKÜM DİYENE....🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷
MoviesClips HD
MoviesClips HD - 2 aylar önce
Mohamed AL mahfood
Mohamed AL mahfood - 3 aylar önce
The Equalizer 2 is much better than the Equalizer 1
Mohamed AL mahfood
Mohamed AL mahfood - 3 aylar önce
I do'not know why when the fighting time comes, I laugh involuntarily
Crepe Maister
Crepe Maister - 3 aylar önce
Denzel always saving white girls in distress in badass fashion.
FBI - 3 aylar önce
Denzel Vs John Wick... who would win
CaptnButtonSmash - 3 aylar önce
What a turkey, and I'm talking about the bird. All the bots in here can't change that this movie sucks big time.
automaticchic - 3 aylar önce
Beautiful Pain is still my anthem!!
Μανωλης Φιολακης
My sort of film but not real these days as most things!
Abdellatif Benbakir
Abdellatif Benbakir - 3 aylar önce
Bad film ....what's that ? Kilking killing killing ...stop this perverse hollywood of adoration of crime and murder ....
1K994 KingS
1K994 KingS - 3 aylar önce
This trailer want me to watch JOHN WICK 3 soo bad
Oh wait, it didn't come out
Muhammed Irshad 2088
Muhammed Irshad 2088 - 3 aylar önce
One of the best actor i ever seen
Salute you denzel
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne - 4 aylar önce
MF Badass Denzel... 🤤😲😍
James Madison
James Madison - 4 aylar önce
Denzel, go after Banksters! Would be great movie.
Ethel Sylvester
Ethel Sylvester - 4 aylar önce
My Super 🌟 I do Admires you 🎤🔔☺️
Louise Bradley
Louise Bradley - 4 aylar önce
Looks good, can't wait till I get a good link.
funny stuff
funny stuff - 4 aylar önce
soon this movie on my channel
킴써니 - 4 aylar önce
moon jae in kill please...
Turar Jumagaliyev
Turar Jumagaliyev - 5 aylar önce
Ufc fighter Orlovskiy casting
Anthony Lewis
Anthony Lewis - 5 aylar önce
Messrs Fuqua and Washington are real BOSSMEN!.
Supreme Nexus 2
Supreme Nexus 2 - 5 aylar önce
My favourite movie 😎
andod007 - 6 aylar önce
Looks like a typical shitty B-grade action movie with no character development.
Rehan Anwar
Rehan Anwar - 6 aylar önce
He has not changed his kiddy watch still
Musa Shinwari
Musa Shinwari - 6 aylar önce
Just watched it now and i ‘m extremely disappointed with this crap only few action scenes no story nothing in the movie man
Didn’t expect this from Denzel 💔
Campbell Krawitz
Campbell Krawitz - 6 aylar önce
Spoiler: These movies are prequels to Man on Fire
tecnocato - 6 aylar önce
It's good to see Sally finally out of the Tet and back down on Earth. They​ do make an #EffectiveTeam. #Oblivion
Vive Malasia
Vive Malasia - 6 aylar önce
Mohamed Denzel
Muhammad Rian Ardianto
Muhammad Rian Ardianto - 6 aylar önce
Why are the receptions gone bad and so naive??? This movie is clearly badass
Francisco vives carpio
Francisco vives carpio - 6 aylar önce
L C - 6 aylar önce
McCall vs wick
Chheng Vit
Chheng Vit - 6 aylar önce
Any plan for the equalizer 3? It would be nice if this wonderful movie can be shot for a new part
Samin Sikong
Samin Sikong - 6 aylar önce
i can't wait for this one. Denzel so badass!...
irene meijer
irene meijer - 6 aylar önce
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figen figen
figen figen - 6 aylar önce
Turkish people do not have that accent when spoken ENGLISH
captian V
captian V - 6 aylar önce
Fck this movie looks Lit 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥⚡⚡⚡🔥
ChocoD - 6 aylar önce
I've just picked up my ticket for an (Odeon Limitless Only) secret screening tonight which starts in an hour. I have a few friends who work there and they said its either - Equalizer 2 or Ant Man And The Wasp - can't wait let you all know tomorrow.
Raju Gohel
Raju Gohel - 6 aylar önce
S. rose khan
S. rose khan - 6 aylar önce
Johannes Ritters
Johannes Ritters - 7 aylar önce
Jerome Steib
Jerome Steib - 7 aylar önce
Equalizer VS The Babba Yaga
Mohamed Elmasry
Mohamed Elmasry - 7 aylar önce
denzel is always special
i saw the first part 2014 and looking forward to see that movie
Fair Audacity
Fair Audacity - 7 aylar önce
Can someone tell me the title of the soundtrack of this trailer the one with the lyrics "unleash the beast mode"..?
billy fatbowe
billy fatbowe - 7 aylar önce
1thinkdifferent - 7 aylar önce
Andrei Arlovski ?
Lima Lima
Lima Lima - 7 aylar önce
Nor Priest
Nor Priest - 7 aylar önce
Denzel > Jason Bourne + Ethan Hunt
Nelson Simson
Nelson Simson - 7 aylar önce
Anyone knows what phone he's using at 1:13..😆 just wanna know...haha
It's Okay To Be Weird
It's Okay To Be Weird - 7 aylar önce
Watched it yesterday, great film.
GammaSouljah - 7 aylar önce
why did they make him grow his hair he was perfect before with the low hair cut................
Crucible Media tv
Crucible Media tv - 7 aylar önce
Robert McCall and John Wick need to exist in the same universe!
alxk78 - 7 aylar önce
Sicario 2 and Equalizer 2 , this makes me happy.
Da BUTCHER - 7 aylar önce
I love brother Denzel Washington, and these Equalizer movies are pretty cool. However, they came about 20 years too late his career.
PickleStar - 7 aylar önce
What you heard: "First time to Turkey?"
What I heard: "First time do Pookie???"
Listen to it again 0:08 LOL
Rayn plariza
Rayn plariza - 7 aylar önce
(Dispatch 56) Miami Florida Police Patrol Agent!!!!!!!!!!
silversurfer - 7 aylar önce
This man is a national treasure. Just introduced my gf to Man on Fire last night. Can't wait for this!
Victortrotska - 7 aylar önce
Imagine if there was just 10 people per thousand people standing up to evil people like this. And I don't mean super ninja jason bourne shit like in the movie, but just standing up to them.
The world would be a much better place...
Jefferson santana
Jefferson santana - 7 aylar önce
PORT JERVIS - 7 aylar önce
Just by looking at the trailer, does anyone have any idea who might have killed Susan?
Brooks - 7 aylar önce
My Hostel Chakhum
My Hostel Chakhum - 7 aylar önce
Wowww 👍👍👍
Richard H
Richard H - 7 aylar önce
I pre purchased my tickets in advance. Woohoo...
Edsta 101
Edsta 101 - 7 aylar önce
John Wick & The Equalizer. Just saying!
Jon Alarcon
Jon Alarcon - 7 aylar önce
I used to work with people that did this type of work they were some scary workers they didn't talk alot
Dj ONO - 7 aylar önce
Ronny Elias
Ronny Elias - 7 aylar önce
Looks better than the rock building movie
radolf p
radolf p - 7 aylar önce
No style. No swag..just raw revenge favorite badass guy..danzel..seems restless incessantly playing the same guy over and over..still badass and rockkk..contemplating for this great movie already..
Azmen - 7 aylar önce
Better run Thanos
Sreng Lim
Sreng Lim - 7 aylar önce
I can't wait to watch this
Bali Jatt
Bali Jatt - 7 aylar önce
he look like zakir naik in start :p
Scott Fuller
Scott Fuller - 7 aylar önce
They are already writing the new script for Equalizer 3.......!
Y media
Y media - 7 aylar önce
*The EQUALIZER 2 Movie **#Now** Available : ***
Unglaublicher film! Sehr zu empfehlen, es auszuprobieren!
Christian joy Villar
Christian joy Villar - 7 aylar önce
John wick and the equalizer are badass
Chu McCurry
Chu McCurry - 7 aylar önce
Denzel , badass!
Kyroon Tequillo
Kyroon Tequillo - 7 aylar önce
Denzel "Mr.Cool Killer"
mohd joehari
mohd joehari - 7 aylar önce
One fine day Robert McCall will find out that the person behind all this is John Wick.
Rahiem Hardy
Rahiem Hardy - 7 aylar önce
Denzel is ready to save the day again!!! Cause he's the best action hero in the 2nd Equalizer movie!!!
Dangercore - 7 aylar önce
i like Denzel but he gotta stop doing these Steven Seagal type movies
Johnny Mata
Johnny Mata - 7 aylar önce
Why Put That Lame Rap Crap As A Soundtrack?!
joji king
joji king - 7 aylar önce
What the hell kind of a trailer is this? They showed us the whole story.
Imtiaz Mohammad
Imtiaz Mohammad - 7 aylar önce
New Age Norris \m/
Some random Templar guy
Some random Templar guy - 7 aylar önce
Looks like it's personal this time.
Doris Deacon
Doris Deacon - 7 aylar önce
"Mile 22" looks intense! 2 see what happen's after it all takes place!
Scott Dawg
Scott Dawg - 7 aylar önce
Densely back to saving white kids again😝😝 just like Man on fire
Bobby Garrison
Bobby Garrison - 7 aylar önce
Denzel, my man, I vote finest actor period.
سلطان المطيري
سلطان المطيري - 7 aylar önce
متى موعد إصداره؟
Jack Beans
Jack Beans - 7 aylar önce
Black John wick
Tony Jones
Tony Jones - 7 aylar önce
Another John Wick AND another Equalizer? Action movie-wise, can it get any better than this....?
Donna Jacksin
Donna Jacksin - 7 aylar önce
Denzel is not playing no games in this movie
Juan Paulo Linzagan
Juan Paulo Linzagan - 7 aylar önce
Waited so long, I'm excited. I just hope this will not be another disappointing sequel like "Hades" sort of thing. Remember how great is Escape Plan ?
RUan Idiot
RUan Idiot - 7 aylar önce
The first movie was good. Can't wait to see this one.
Nine O Feet Records
Nine O Feet Records - 7 aylar önce
goose fuckin bumps!! Damnn
davidjong75 - 7 aylar önce
Holy cow. Is it possible? A Hollywood movie without liberal, political drivel? Thank you! Just good old action, killing the bad guys.
For this, yes, I'd spend money.
grantorino2009 - 7 aylar önce
I love Taken.
Thandulwazi Mdluli
Thandulwazi Mdluli - 7 aylar önce
the first one is still my favorite. I am super glad this one was made too.