Christina Aguilera - Fall In Line (Lyric Video) ft. Demi Lovato

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Fernando Max
Fernando Max - Saatler önce
Carayyy, bem original ❤❤❤
Braian Maciel
Braian Maciel - 2 saatler önce
This is THE SONG!!💗
Aidé - 5 saatler önce
CeltAssassin15 - 9 saatler önce
SOLO is better
Celestia Ludenberg Hope
Celestia Ludenberg Hope - 9 saatler önce
I've never paid attention to Christina but she got me with this song.
Zippyser - 9 saatler önce
Honestly I like this gender swapped too.
The Dark Musicians
The Dark Musicians - 10 saatler önce
mike hoey
mike hoey - 11 saatler önce
you had me at Genie in Bottle
Divya Sushma
Divya Sushma - 11 saatler önce
Superb song 💕what's the meaning of this? 😅
lozzy PoP
lozzy PoP - 12 saatler önce
Wowwwwwww 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Mickey4ever2 - 13 saatler önce
Christina should sing the soundtrack of the next James Bond movie... and win an Oscar for it! She deserves it
Emma Alone
Emma Alone - 17 saatler önce
Turn the speed up to 1.25. Don't ask why, you'll thank me later
Giáp Nguyễn
Giáp Nguyễn - 18 saatler önce
that's good
Coreen Schiele
Coreen Schiele - 18 saatler önce
💞Be yourselves ladies and shake what your mama gave you!💓 if falling in line is going against your grain then its time to strut it strong and shock them with confidence! or just keep on walkin until you find your tribe😊❤
Autumn Sharp
Autumn Sharp - 20 saatler önce
Is this song in 3/4 or 3/3?
Maria Probert
Maria Probert - 21 saatler önce
Sco2b - 22 saatler önce
Never knew how much I need them to be together. As soon as I heard this song I wonder why I didn’t crave it more before it was given to me. My favorite two singers!
Andrea Montero
Andrea Montero - 22 saatler önce
My Godd this song is SOOOO POWERFULLLLLL i'm really proud of them 💜
Alyssa Shippey
Alyssa Shippey - 22 saatler önce
The ad that I got was the fall in line music video 😂
Wild Heart
Wild Heart - 23 saatler önce
Good song. Hollywood women all seem to stick their ass out and dress like whores because its what they're told to do. But at least it's being talked about. Nothing seems to change though. Makes me laugh Hollywood thinks they should tell us how to run our country and judge us when they abuse the hell out of women and have zero morals.
La La
La La - Gün önce
I'm obsessed 😍😍
Graham Bingham
Graham Bingham - Gün önce
That key change at 2:57 KILLS me! I love this song.
Viih Stocker
Viih Stocker - Gün önce
-claudio elf
-claudio elf - Gün önce
Porque reproducen este video?
Roxanne IamAwAkE
Roxanne IamAwAkE - Gün önce
Caroline Fake
Caroline Fake - Gün önce
Joana Pereira
Joana Pereira - Gün önce
this part is so sad and it really makes me cry bc of some personal issues, girls, never let guys tell you what to do, or think “right two three, yea shut your mouth, stick out your ass for me”
Tzia Zed
Tzia Zed - Gün önce
''Stronger'' helped me fight depression and now this masterpiece....Christina you should be very happy if you knew how many lives you have already saved with your words! I needed this and Demi is such an ispiration! We need songs like that in our society.
Eylül Andrews
Eylül Andrews - Gün önce
they are perfect together my 2 idol made a duo I'll cry see ya
Annetta Gunn
Annetta Gunn - Gün önce
Their vocals give me goosebumps. It’s so beautiful
Enn Young
Enn Young - Gün önce
I thought I saw Pink in this video.
Dont know why.
Francisco javier Aparicio martin
Que lindo
Gyeeswhizus Christ
Gyeeswhizus Christ - Gün önce
i love iiittt! btw if you want a white on black and a little more understandable lyric video you can check it out in my channel :)
Emilie Faucher
Emilie Faucher - Gün önce
This is a masterpiece 😍
Rose Ophelie
Rose Ophelie - Gün önce
Loren Redding
Loren Redding - Gün önce
Song hasn’t started yet... I’m scared. Idk if my ears can handle these two voices on one song
Loren Redding
Loren Redding - 22 saatler önce
When they started singing the chorus together i literally had to sit down and take it all in #beautiful
》Tessa 《
》Tessa 《 - Gün önce
Loren Redding so, how did your ears handle it?
Ashley Anella Lim
Ashley Anella Lim - Gün önce
Love this
Michael Anthony
Michael Anthony - Gün önce
Two powerhouses colab it doesn't get any better than that!
Rocio Reyes
Rocio Reyes - Gün önce
Sweetgirl Sweetgirl
Sweetgirl Sweetgirl - Gün önce
One words is enough (Legendary)
Maria Fernanda
Maria Fernanda - Gün önce
Electric Lizzie & Lucy
Electric Lizzie & Lucy - Gün önce
yucky. this is borrowed.
Shellastine Williams
Shellastine Williams - Gün önce
Two powerful voices from these two women. Love it!!
Eva 01
Eva 01 - Gün önce
irene bolitaki
irene bolitaki - Gün önce
This my feminist anthem 💪💪💪
Saffron Worthington
Saffron Worthington - Gün önce
been waiting for this collab forever
love this
Henry Strausbaugh
Henry Strausbaugh - Gün önce
Who TF disliked this video 🙄
roberta clark
roberta clark - Gün önce
This song is definitely for the masses.,Girls,boys, women and men! Thanks ladies! Love yaw!!!!
Day C
Day C - Gün önce
Someone needs to make some kind of a remix with that uh-oh-uh in the beginning only :D it always gets me super excited and it's so different from the rest of the song
Brenna Alholm
Brenna Alholm - Gün önce
This gave me goosebumps...
Vatcenvaile - Gün önce
This song I think is all about how woman should be treated right. Not treated like a toy, and the part "shut your mouth stick your a** out for me" really caught my eye, because it sounded like a man was demanding her to have s** which is rape. This song, just really shows that YOU CAN'T be controlled by other people. if you choose to do what THEY say, it's your responsibility. But some woman, are forced to. It's either rape or se*. Men are thirsty in this world, please be careful with online dating.
A'Mya Coates
A'Mya Coates - Gün önce
The lyrics are POWERFUL😍😍
RoyaleHighVEVO - Gün önce
instrumental sounds like dangerous woman
Mrs. Love
Mrs. Love - Gün önce
This song makes me want to walk up to my shi!!y boss , and tell him go to hell. I'm not his hun or baby! #BeautifulDayToQuit.
Luna Irene
Luna Irene - Gün önce
_this will be a timeless work of art_
XxMyLameUserNamexX - Gün önce
Garconlina - Gün önce
I keep putting the repeat button!!
TCubillas - Gün önce
Two incredible Hispanic-American voices! WOO HOO!!!! This collab is absolutely lit and crazy!
Asante Lomax
Asante Lomax - 2 gün önce
OMG this the first time I've heard some one over power Demi lovatos voice Christina voice is so fucking strong damn girl you better sing 🔥🔥🔥🔥
LauraPT - 2 gün önce
2 power houses 😍
emcnary - 2 gün önce
Ooooo..Ive been sleeping on Demi. U rocked that baby! And as always, Chris ia a BEAST!
materialkid - 2 gün önce
female empowerment!
Trinity Maine
Trinity Maine - 2 gün önce
Does this message go out for the women who voted for trump aswell? Cause ALL women deserve to speak out for what THEY believe is right.
CcakeAsh - Gün önce
Trinity Maine not if you are speaking to get rid of others rights.
ejm 0828
ejm 0828 - 2 gün önce
angel4u2 - 2 gün önce
👸👸❤❤❤❤ yes! Love it!
Americo Nuñez
Americo Nuñez - 2 gün önce Me encantó esta version! La recomiendo!!
Adriana Espinoza
Adriana Espinoza - 2 gün önce
Amo esta canción!
Gláucia Maria Torres De Oliveira Coelho
Sofii Godoy
Sofii Godoy - 2 gün önce
La piel se me puso de gallina y se me llenaron los ojos de lágrimas. La mejor canción del mundo.
Lucky Girl
Lucky Girl - 2 gün önce
Demi+Xtina= eargasm
Cyncia Desrosiers
Cyncia Desrosiers - 2 gün önce
Chills all over. This song is an anthem for the youth .😍😍😍
Amber Skye
Amber Skye - 2 gün önce
"Fall In Line" is one of THE most critically acclaimed songs in 2018 with over 20+ positive reviews, 27 #1's on iTunes in over 60+ countries, 9.82M YouTube views and it's ONLY been 1 week.
{7.32M YouTube views for lyric video
2.5M YouTube views for music video}
SOME "flop" 😘
Amber Skye
Amber Skye - 2 gün önce
"Fall In Line"
Lyric video: 2.2M in 1 day 🔥
Music video: 2.4M in 1 day 🔥
Way to go #Fighters and #Lovatics 💝
Femmè82 - 2 gün önce
Mind Blown.
Love this
Winifred Sanderson
Winifred Sanderson - 2 gün önce
The Women's Movement is FAILING this song. Little Girls need to hear this NOW.
Becca - 2 gün önce
YOU both deserve to know:
I really love this song. It can change beauties. Speak your truth and reveal those things you need to feel free/whole. It is sad to hold on to the torment and pain. I recognize the power in you both. Your video reminds me of For a Better Day and that is the most genuine/whole-hearted complement I can give to you both. Yahuah loves you still, even after all of it.
Muskan pink
Muskan pink - 2 gün önce
Demi Lovato💘
Mrs Brightside
Mrs Brightside - 2 gün önce
The intro reminds me Marian Hill
Blanca Fernández
Blanca Fernández - 2 gün önce
I have goosebumps
Grninja Srz
Grninja Srz - 2 gün önce
I'm obssed with this song
Yağmur Şencan
Yağmur Şencan - 2 gün önce
woww! 😱😱
NostalgicNathan - 2 gün önce
I did an acapella cover of this song and would really appreciate it if you checked it out. Thx!
Shadow Elite
Shadow Elite - 2 gün önce
7 MIL and going strong 💪🏼💪🏼
Pariya Kazemi
Pariya Kazemi - 2 gün önce
Christina you gorgeous Queen😭❤️
Б' Ангирмаа
Б' Ангирмаа - 2 gün önce
too much high notes :(
Min Namjoon Yoongi-kim
Min Namjoon Yoongi-kim - 2 gün önce
Siwar Tk
Siwar Tk - 2 gün önce
The music video is out and it's lit🙆🙆🎇🎇
Amal Uddin
Amal Uddin - 2 gün önce
too much powerhouse!!,,,not have calm
fpias5 - 2 gün önce
Cупер!Наконец то я слышу мой любимый голос!
Amber Skye
Amber Skye - 2 gün önce
"Fall In Line"
Lyric video: 1M in 12 hours 🔥
Music video: 1.6M in 12 hours 🔥
Way to go #Fighters and #Lovatics 💝
Amber Skye
Amber Skye - 2 gün önce
7.15M views in 1 week!!! 🔥🔥🔥
Ashok Debnath
Ashok Debnath - 2 gün önce
Hundred - 2 gün önce
hey guys, i made a remix of christina's song accelerate if you wanna check it out, its on my channel
DanielNielsen DN
DanielNielsen DN - 2 gün önce
it sucks
Nat_cnrk - 2 gün önce
Gabu Ubag
Gabu Ubag - 2 gün önce
las amo
Komatöse Neutralisation
Komatöse Neutralisation - 2 gün önce
Did anyone hear Demi's Bb5 ?!
thịnh nguyễn ngọc
thịnh nguyễn ngọc - 2 gün önce
I love this song so much. The lyrics and the beat are so powerful. Thank you for making great music.
anne tlr
anne tlr - 2 gün önce
DAWN Demi’s back and i qasn’t ready for that much..😍😭
(+Solo) 05/16 & 05/18 😍