Tungsten Thor's Hammer (World's HEAVIEST)

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the Hacksmith
the Hacksmith - 2 aylar önce
- Why didn't you melt tungsten?
Because it's got the highest melting point of any metal - no mold could hold it!
- How Ridiculous has a heavier one!
Yes... But it's also like twice the size. We have the heaviest 1:1 scale replica
- Use Osmium, it's denser than tungsten!
It would cost $3.2M if you could even find enough.
Other questions can likely be answered by watching our original video on the lead filled version, don't forget to check out all seven of our different thor hammers!
Thanks for watching!
Orome - 8 saatler önce
Why didn't you just use neutronium?
Ethan Wallace
Ethan Wallace - Gün önce
How hard could it be to raise 3.2 mil smh
Xtreme Gunner88
Xtreme Gunner88 - Gün önce
The hacksmith your beard is always glorious
Xtreme Gunner88
Xtreme Gunner88 - Gün önce
the Hacksmith your beard is always glorious
Big Boy
Big Boy - 2 gün önce
End erof
End erof - 3 saatler önce
Real thor hammer = 20 kg
Tuân Chu
Tuân Chu - 7 saatler önce
HardTuner - 12 saatler önce
couldn't you have made the "mold" out of a heavier steel that's somewhat affordable?
Padil 1933
Padil 1933 - 13 saatler önce
darknessblade - 15 saatler önce
almost 3 months later and they still did not go to iceland
Partha Sarathy
Partha Sarathy - 15 saatler önce
Imagine it slipping to your toe
Unknownn - 15 saatler önce
My favorite part 0:17
Bjorn Cordero
Bjorn Cordero - 17 saatler önce
Can you make me a wonderfull bow pls✨✨
Дмитрий Киселёв
Дмитрий Киселёв - 18 saatler önce
>tungsten comes in a package
"Better set it on fire and drop from the ceiling"
>need to melt lead
"Let's cut the piece off with a lightsaber and set it on fire with a flamethrower"
>doesn't work
"OK, a Craigslist stove will do"
FPS Entertainment
FPS Entertainment - 19 saatler önce
4:48 play at 0.25x speed, he sounds like a whale
shack crow
shack crow - Gün önce
Alv esa cosa pesa casi lo mismo que yo :v
ozzie boy123
ozzie boy123 - Gün önce
It might be completely unrelated but tung sten means heavy rock in swedish
Hamza K
Hamza K - Gün önce
Buttermations - Gün önce
Where’s the harm in using Uru metal?
Kubala450 - Gün önce
no better choice than to use aluminium or other light metals?
James Portelli
James Portelli - Gün önce
Instant meth lab quality when they busted out the stove
Kada DaMonkey
Kada DaMonkey - Gün önce
What was he snorting😂
David Shon
David Shon - Gün önce
I’m 50 kg lol
911RescueDiver - Gün önce
I laughed out loud when you turned green!
Xipo - Gün önce
Can strongest man alive Mr. Björnsson lift this hammer ?
EDS-Xmen Official
EDS-Xmen Official - Gün önce
Tungsten is a heavy metal but lets think what will happen if you made a thor's hammer with neutron star cubes
Scott W Pilgrim
Scott W Pilgrim - 20 saatler önce
If we don't die from the radiation, we would die from ONE neutron star cube collapsing into several black holes.
Caleb H.Motha
Caleb H.Motha - Gün önce
Make thanos glove
Paul Konnerth
Paul Konnerth - Gün önce
He's actually playing tetris
Swayze ninja song
Swayze ninja song - 2 gün önce
Is that cocaine
Green Claw
Green Claw - 2 gün önce
That hamer is havyer than my 8yo brother sory for gramar
Elise Hannan
Elise Hannan - 2 gün önce
A good
shadow unknown the glitch
shadow unknown the glitch - 2 gün önce
I'm Icelandic...
Eifel Claude
Eifel Claude - 2 gün önce
So know it's up to someone with insane monetary strength to fill a mjöllnir with osmium and create the ultimate heaviest one 😅😂
lokeshbabu.R loki
lokeshbabu.R loki - 2 gün önce
how much cost Amazon update 3700 how much kg
Enderkid5915 - 2 gün önce
Melt it into the hammer
SamFurious - 2 gün önce
That's way heavier than me
Marcela Moreno
Marcela Moreno - 2 gün önce
I love Thor,s hammer
Chakat Nightsparkle
Chakat Nightsparkle - 2 gün önce
When you going to ICELAND. its already been 2 months now. GO TO ICELAND already.
Ash - 3 gün önce
I would love to see you going through airport security with that thing. First trying to lift the bag onto the conveyor belt, then as it goes through the X-ray machine, tsa just looks at it like “what the hell.....?”
Fortnite God
Fortnite God - 3 gün önce
In the part 11:38 u need a viking like Mr. beast
Karlo Mirkovic-Knaus
Karlo Mirkovic-Knaus - 3 gün önce
14:15 Spyderco Paramilitary :D
Lim Kee Chee
Lim Kee Chee - 3 gün önce
MJÖLNIR build awesome its amazing and i would make 1 if i could
neowww Boom!
neowww Boom! - 3 gün önce
hes just the american colin furze
Arryng Rambaradellangga
Arryng Rambaradellangga - 3 gün önce
Bro, can u make the heaviest hammer but inside the hammer have a gyroscop spinner, i think it will be possible to be lift with easy
Ceedayonmobile Royal
Ceedayonmobile Royal - 3 gün önce
Himanshu Sharma
Himanshu Sharma - 3 gün önce
Himanshu Sharma
Himanshu Sharma - 3 gün önce
Please make an video on goku heavy clothes
Fedefalb-Luc - 3 gün önce
MR. Macaroni
MR. Macaroni - 3 gün önce
This man stayed cool when his GUN was on FIRE!! That’s an act of bravery
Raging Bolt
Raging Bolt - 3 gün önce
The tungsten hammer weighs more than me.
Ashmin_ AR10
Ashmin_ AR10 - 4 gün önce
Imagine that shit falling from a building and you just chilling laying down looking up and that shit hit you straight in the balls😔😔
Epic Gamer
Epic Gamer - 4 gün önce
I want that shiny heavy hammer
Jailton da silva De almeida
Vcs sao muito boms.
Christopher Lay
Christopher Lay - 4 gün önce
What the hell did he just snort
Noob Guest13
Noob Guest13 - 4 gün önce
I’m starting to wonder if the hack Smith is styropryo in disguise
The Pheonix
The Pheonix - 4 gün önce
Still your hammer is not the heaviest there is one bigger that you
真的好想操梁欣婷 - 4 gün önce
Xd huh Thor hammer is not heavy u just have to be worthy.
11Xenom11 - 4 gün önce
Mr. Bjornsson: *becomes worlds strongest man*
One Punch man: Am I a joke to you?
Lim Kee Chee
Lim Kee Chee - 3 gün önce
One punch man actually is a joke charecter
Audy Ryan
Audy Ryan - 4 gün önce
He farted in 18:38
Luke Antrobus
Luke Antrobus - 4 gün önce
Well I got taken for a ride
Abhijeet Raghuvanshi
Abhijeet Raghuvanshi - 4 gün önce
People: *"I lifted the hammer and i am THOR"*
Mountain: *"Everyone know who real thor! ME"*

Thor: *"I am donald Trump"*
Moist Towels
Moist Towels - 5 gün önce
Tuft Vlogs
Tuft Vlogs - 5 gün önce
Click to skip the last pass

Edit k dis yo mean 3:53
Here is the true skippppp
Andrew Vasey
Andrew Vasey - 5 gün önce
When are you taking it to Iceland, and can you bring stormbreaker for Thor to try as well?
Fashoo - 5 gün önce
Please get Larry wheels
Fiifi Oppong
Fiifi Oppong - 5 gün önce
Wow nice 😉
Crazyboy 03
Crazyboy 03 - 5 gün önce
Make this hammer out of Osmium !
Howard Vlogs
Howard Vlogs - 5 gün önce
Lol 51 kg is my weight
DEATH SAW - 5 gün önce
For some reason the hacksmith looks like iron man
Naimuddin Multani
Naimuddin Multani - 5 gün önce
Hela - broke the hammer
Hacksmith - WOW! we made a new hammer
Thor - bring me hammer
Roland Dambile
Roland Dambile - 5 gün önce
Ok. How much to get it off your hands?
T_ jumpman23
T_ jumpman23 - 5 gün önce
You should give a hammer to rdcworld1 for black avengers 4
Ozzyjbainer 4313
Ozzyjbainer 4313 - 6 gün önce
New Fbi wepon Mijilor
Perpose Breaking Shirt like doors, windows,bones and every thing else.
Louloua Hussein
Louloua Hussein - 6 gün önce
I would 💯 pay 4 that if you sell it I would pay max. $550,000
Divisor Creations D creations
You guys are damn committed..... hats off..
From india with love.
Gabe Lyle
Gabe Lyle - 6 gün önce
I know it would be very expensive but can you please please make a Thor Hammer and fill it with Osmium, the densest element known to man. Please make one
Rodcedrich Climacosa
Rodcedrich Climacosa - 6 gün önce
You should give it to Thor which is the real actor
YT Pro
YT Pro - 6 gün önce
Why do you don’t do the hammer of tonstong
Anonymous gaming
Anonymous gaming - 6 gün önce
11:29 you are not worthy
chetola jenkins
chetola jenkins - 6 gün önce
If you had filled the empty spaces with iron filings before putting in the lead would it have made it heavier?
Scotland matrix
Scotland matrix - 6 gün önce
Amazing 👍✌
LyN Goofy
LyN Goofy - 6 gün önce
Today’s my birthday
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Front Linez
Front Linez - 7 gün önce
They were better then eitri and his brother in my opinion