The Haunted Town Of Tombstone

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Chris The Moth
Chris The Moth - 48 dakika önce
Trending, this is trending
Jack Walde
Jack Walde - 50 dakika önce
At 13:30 right after Ryan says please move the glass I can clearly hear a nice that COULD resemble a glass moving p.s this is from a shaniac so we may have something here boys
TheSwengland - 50 dakika önce
Someone sitting behind them at @16:05
stacey - 50 dakika önce
Can you please cover the madeleine mc cann case
dj vlad
dj vlad - 51 dakika önce
LITTLE MAYUUN - 52 dakika önce
Anyone live in Arizona?! 🙋🏼‍♀️
Destinie Sandoval
Destinie Sandoval - 52 dakika önce
You never went to the Birdcage or the morgue!
Chromium - 53 dakika önce
@14:43 -pretty big orb.-theres definitely somebody in there,they just don't want to engage with these two idiots.
Queen Bee dogs_Savage
Queen Bee dogs_Savage - 54 dakika önce
omggg it’s almost my birthday can i please get at least at 50 subs once i hit 50 subs imma do like ouiji board and scary stuff cuz i got a vid coming out soon pleae💔
John Hernandez
John Hernandez - 55 dakika önce
Lol if that thing in the left corner at 16:07 isn’t a crew member then it’s definitely a ghost or atleast a mannequin that was moved by a ghost because it moves and is in a completely different position at 16:31
can we hit 90000 subs with no videos
Veronica Sawyer
Veronica Sawyer - 56 dakika önce
Ghost: (grabs bull horns off of wall) YEET.
Bailey Dodson
Bailey Dodson - 57 dakika önce
For Postmortem: With all the taunting of ghosts you do in your videos, do you ever think they'll get angry at you and seek their ghoulish revenge? #shaniac #horseshoes
japrogramer - 58 dakika önce
Saw the whole thing no ghosts
Catharticnonsense X
Catharticnonsense X - 59 dakika önce
Shane should have grown the mustache back for this
Jacob brennan
Jacob brennan - 59 dakika önce
Why is this on trending?
sanduni sandeepani
sanduni sandeepani - Saatler önce
jule c:
jule c: - Saatler önce
you should've said "Hey Ghouls, it's me ya cowboy" I'm so disappointed
Dulce Muñoz
Dulce Muñoz - Saatler önce
I very much enjoyed the wwe reference
Victoria Adams
Victoria Adams - Saatler önce
luz mojica
luz mojica - Saatler önce
Ghosts aren't real, but demon's are. Every time someone says seen a ghost actually is a demon. There are just two place's hell and heaven. No one escape from them. Only demon's make people believe that they are a person that have died. Forgive my English is not to good.
liz osborne
liz osborne - Saatler önce
Live yalls cowboy get up !!
Grant James
Grant James - Saatler önce
Why didnt you go into the Swampers room? Also why not enter the saloon quietly go behind the bar and poor a whiskey.Sit at the bar in silence..and wait.
LBSCS Productions
LBSCS Productions - Saatler önce
20:00 this is why shane needs to star in movies
I DO STUFF - Saatler önce
Congrats #1 trending
poly r
poly r - Saatler önce
Shane looking into the camera like he's on The Office while saying "he's a goner" and shaking his head 😂
Passion_Parker - Saatler önce
Mikej100 200
Mikej100 200 - Saatler önce
# postmortem have you guys seen the tombstone movie with Kurt Rusall
Gaming Witch Tarot
Gaming Witch Tarot - Saatler önce
"I'll Venmo you"
*I. AM. DYING* 🤣
Disturbance! At The Dancing Place
Its weird thinking these people were real.
Beccy - Saatler önce
Not gonna lie, feel like it's pretty weird to refer to yourself as someone's "one and only wife"
stephi love
stephi love - Saatler önce
Congrats on #1 trending!!!
Royal Mitchell
Royal Mitchell - Saatler önce
For the post mortem: do you guys like the song "lost in japan" by shawn mendes?
Kassandra Morgan
Kassandra Morgan - Saatler önce
I grew up not far from there.if you are ever given the chance you should visit tombstone
Samantha Bennett
Samantha Bennett - Saatler önce
Number one on trending...
Good job guys.
Alex - Saatler önce
Who else wants them to bring Zak Bagels onto an episode
The FireBlaster L0L
The FireBlaster L0L - Saatler önce
60% percent of us are here because this is on the trending page on YouTube
Cowboy & Beardog
Cowboy & Beardog - Saatler önce
if you would like see real Ghost hit me up i live in flagstaff
Lauren Jaye
Lauren Jaye - Saatler önce
#postmortem what do you think of this part of the video????!!!! Pls pick this this is important
Mavis Queen
Mavis Queen - Saatler önce
can you do videos on jinn for ur muslim subscribers tyty
LolMilo - Saatler önce
Who else from Tucson arizona😛UOFA❗️UOFA❗️UOFA❗️
DA\/ID 0MAN - Saatler önce
Tbh I thought ghosts are real but from watching Ryan and Shane go to really haunted places it just shows they are not real
EJERCITO mi cuerpo
EJERCITO mi cuerpo - Saatler önce
MagxPrinxess - Saatler önce
#1 on trending 🤗
TheMemeKing - Saatler önce
1 like = 1 person who didn't understand a lot of words in this video
Maria Eugenia Hernandez
Maria Eugenia Hernandez - Saatler önce
For #Postmortem: a few days ago, I had a dream where i was interviewing Ryan for the show, I remember he was very happy bc he was working in some agricultural place and also he was waiting since my mother was taking his son (which is my cousin irl) a bath. I was freaking excited bc Shane was next and in that moment, i accidentally dropped a bottle of onions, which woke me up from my dream.
My question for the postmortem would be: have you ever had any weird dream after investigating one of your cases?
or dreamt with someone famous? Love the show. #Boogaraalltheway
Jay Audiss
Jay Audiss - Saatler önce
Kado Fx
Kado Fx - Saatler önce
xX wEirDo Xx
xX wEirDo Xx - Saatler önce
When all you can think about is, Wynonna Earp
screenag3r - Saatler önce
For Postmortem: loved the ep guys but when are you going to go to loch ness!!!!
Meredith Williamson
Meredith Williamson - Saatler önce
#postmortem What happened to Shane's history vids? Believe it or not the one about the British burning down the White-house got me an A on a test in school and I just miss them over all.
ragequit - Saatler önce
i'm your huckleberry
pink tape supremacist
pink tape supremacist - Saatler önce
havent watched yet but 6 on trending and 1.4k dislikes... what did you guys do omg
A door knob
A door knob - Saatler önce
Obviously the cowboys lost because they didn't have deadeye...
Shona - Saatler önce
The Wynonna Earp stan within me intesifies
Røse Twins
Røse Twins - Saatler önce
Shane's backkkk
Laura Vlad
Laura Vlad - Saatler önce
this season is the least scary
Over The Rainbow
Over The Rainbow - Saatler önce
I was just freaking there a few weeks ago!
TS Vidz
TS Vidz - Saatler önce
RIP Arthur Morgan
Yolanda Reyes
Yolanda Reyes - Saatler önce
I don’t see anything at 16:03??? Someone point it out pls
Papanuumealani Kaio
Papanuumealani Kaio - Saatler önce
9:39 , behind shane
MieAss - Saatler önce
Jayden York
Jayden York - Saatler önce
#1 on trending boys and girls
MieAss - Saatler önce
Neal Daniel
Neal Daniel - Saatler önce
MieAss - Saatler önce
StickyStatue796 - Saatler önce
Trending btw
MieAss - Saatler önce
Steel Curtin
Steel Curtin - Saatler önce
B u z Z F e E d
Just.An.Average.Virgil2 - Saatler önce
Woooo Arizona the land of the ovens And my totally non-bias opinion that it is one of the BEST STATES EVER. Fight me.
Lord frezia
Lord frezia - Saatler önce
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Shelby Cass
Shelby Cass - Saatler önce
Vespasiaan Gaming
Vespasiaan Gaming - Saatler önce
For the #Postmortem I guarantee Ryan that Shane actually did see him and deleted the footage. Good ol' swamper. Greetings from Kentucky, ghoul boys. #Boogara
Non_SpawnPeeker 96
Non_SpawnPeeker 96 - Saatler önce
Ryan you should of said. ''Your a daisy if you do"
Them ghost Cowboys PTSD would of intensified lol
Jean erick
Jean erick - Saatler önce ok
Litoxjenny11 - Saatler önce
9:39 ??? yall see that shadow thing that goes by behind Shane's back?? idk if other people were there but
Person 2.0
Person 2.0 - Saatler önce
Oh wow. I didn't even realize that this was number 1 on trending. It's not surprising though. Ol Shane Madaj and Ryan Bregara. The creators of the amazing Hotdaga
ghfjdkslaghfjdksla - Saatler önce
Shane, I just want to say I watch these only for your skepticism. Ghosts aren't real and I love how you make fun of this nonsense.
Martha Stivender
Martha Stivender - Saatler önce
Shane is like an atheist priest
JFame .
JFame . - Saatler önce
Gabbyxo - Saatler önce
ive been there before when i was little and then only clear memory i have there is that i ran into a pole looking at the horses they have there walking around, so id say its a pretty excited place
em - Saatler önce
Charlotte Hansen
Charlotte Hansen - Saatler önce
For post Morten: Ryan are you aware even Jesus is a Shaniac? Looks like we’ve got a real team player on our side. #shaniac #hotodoga #itokthoryan
Sax & Art
Sax & Art - Saatler önce
So Shane did you end up finding the swamper but just deleted the footage..?
Georgia Peorgia
Georgia Peorgia - Saatler önce
Shane! No ghosts, just a manicin butt!
Edgar Navejar
Edgar Navejar - Saatler önce
They should have brought a silver and/or gold coin with them
Joe Diaz
Joe Diaz - Saatler önce
The crew of Worth It are the cheap and wack versions of you guys.
Sandip Gaming
Sandip Gaming - Saatler önce
Come to India 🇮🇳 many haunted place available here
shiba - Saatler önce
16:03 - something in the back moves and idk if it's crew or not?
Gamer Samir
Gamer Samir - Saatler önce
Expectation vs reality

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By the way skip ad is the way youtubers make money if you didn’t know
Jess Stack
Jess Stack - Saatler önce
I’m from Tombstone! My grandma is the city accountant! Represent!!!!!!
Tom Flynn
Tom Flynn - Saatler önce
Wait... So if this show is called unsolved, but then they solve the mystery... does that mean they can't put out the episode since it won't be unsolved anymore?
DA\/ID 0MAN - Saatler önce
I love that everytime Ryan says if ghosts are real, Shane always nods his head like "they are not real"
Kalin Greene
Kalin Greene - Saatler önce
Odd flex

My channel
Hilda Bosques
Hilda Bosques - Saatler önce
Arizona where odd1sout lives
Lockdown The bounty hunter
Lockdown The bounty hunter - Saatler önce
what would you say if you enter a saloon door in 1800,i would say: "alright boy, dirty lockdown is here, give me a drink and lets have this part started" *tip my hat*. what would you say guys if you enter saloon doors if you were a cowboy?
ObeyTheRobot - Saatler önce
DA\/ID 0MAN - Saatler önce
I wish o had friend like Shane and Ryan, they are just hilarious
Ayaz Mehmood
Ayaz Mehmood - Saatler önce
“Ghosts aren’t real, but cowboys are cool as hell.” ~ Jesus Christ.
The King of dimes
The King of dimes - Saatler önce
Ok you can haw haw pice of west history get a Carson City Morgan dollar they are $100+
ThePoeticPast - Saatler önce
Congrats on being number one on trending!!!
Laura Rose
Laura Rose - Saatler önce
that mannequin almost made me pee myself
Rebekah M
Rebekah M - Saatler önce
Postmortem: why didn’t you guys go to the Birdcage theatre?!?! Please do an investigation there.
mia cross
mia cross - Saatler önce
#1 on 🅱️rending
mia cross
mia cross - Saatler önce
i hate myself for this