I Don't Really Like My Parents Because They Don't Accept Me For Who I Am

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Parents and friends can be really complicated sometimes. 🤨 Not everyone see's eye to eye. 😕
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fallmeme out
fallmeme out - Saatler önce
Fuck this shit nigga
Qusy Yzbk
Qusy Yzbk - 2 saatler önce
Subscribe to my channel I make daily vlogs and skits
Rose - 2 saatler önce
Deena Wolfe cringe
Rose - 2 saatler önce
Sam amv the Muslims are the only ones leaving hate comments
HTS - Saatler önce
How is this 1 ON TRENDING? YT STOP FAVORING GAY, TRANS, LESBIAN, AND BLACK PEOPLE. It’s unfair and you’re killing your website.
Scorpen1999 - Saatler önce
I wouldn’t accept him either, atheist, gay and a liberal worst things u can be
L1GHTG30 GD - Saatler önce
Well parents are only human just like the rest of us
Emily Williams
Emily Williams - Saatler önce
Tostilocos - Saatler önce
Fuck this was a waste of time
Go Go Juice
Go Go Juice - Saatler önce
They are not homophobic they are Muslims and in Islam it is a sin to be gay so they are just trying to protect you.I know this because i am Muslim
Artistic Beaver
Artistic Beaver - Saatler önce
nothing - Saatler önce
What a waste of fucking time...
Guard _153
Guard _153 - Saatler önce
Meh being gay is alright but liberal naa I’m good
michael fowler
michael fowler - Saatler önce
Yep, religion sucks. I'm talking about yours too
Clybort Misled
Clybort Misled - Saatler önce
Man fake storys these days are popping.
"Parent have rights" - by god.
Lemon swindling nymphomaniac
Imagine getting triggered over this vid
Baby Dabbs
Baby Dabbs - Saatler önce
Just take the damn advice from your parents and be gay. Who cares, everyone goes through this
iceberg - Saatler önce
Keep in mind that not all conservatives are like this...... just the few strict religious people
krati balecha
krati balecha - Saatler önce
Who ever subs to me gets a sub back valid till next 30 mins also let me know by replying
Afro Maus
Afro Maus - Saatler önce
You are makeing videos so fast how are you doing it!?!?
Lumberjack king the great
Lumberjack king the great - Saatler önce
They are old fashioned forget them
Encoun2er - Saatler önce
No one cares that you like to take it in the ass.
Lyra Avatar
Lyra Avatar - Saatler önce
Yeesh, I disagree with EVERYONE in this video.
One Ace Nomad
One Ace Nomad - Saatler önce
Ben Shapiro has entered the chat.
Unknown - Saatler önce
He said gay i quit the video.
ღThe Shining Sapphireღ
ღThe Shining Sapphireღ - Saatler önce
I understand his point of view. He tries to come out to his parents and he just wants to be himself, and his parents putting him down effects him. But to the parents, they might see it as they just want their son to grow up and be successful. They may think that being gay and having a different religion is going to affect that. They do care about him I'm sure, but they might have to change the way they teach him how to grow. And he might have to talk to his parents about the way he is feeling.
Šømbrāš Wolf
Šømbrāš Wolf - Saatler önce
I can't even describe how much I hate when parents try to force their kids to be mini copies of them self...
Peace Forever
Peace Forever - Saatler önce
Well done for getting #2 on trending
Matt Hernandez
Matt Hernandez - Saatler önce
I wouldnt accept a liberal either. Stop bein a whiny bitch and grow some balls.
David Winslow
David Winslow - Saatler önce
So... they "don't accept you for who are" don't they?... Well... who are you, child?.. Who told you that, or did you just figure it out in a burst of adult insight interrupting your adolescence?..... You're a child... you have no idea who you are, and your schooling by low intellect women only INTENSIFIES that dissatisfaction. Sit quietly for 30 or 40 more years and watch your resentment fade away.. it's called: adulthood. And you're not one.
Exit Wound
Exit Wound - Saatler önce
whiny bitch
Drake xD
Drake xD - Saatler önce
sorry but being gay or lesbian should completely be out of this world lmao
Manal Rim
Manal Rim - Saatler önce
Those parents they didn't understand their religion
newLEGACYFLEKZ - Saatler önce
My biggest fear is having a gay child. How embarrassing and shameful
Game cat2006
Game cat2006 - Saatler önce
What would happen if your child WAS in fact gay
True Magwood
True Magwood - Saatler önce
Was I the only one waiting for there to be a good resolution to this story
Amra Cerkezi
Amra Cerkezi - Saatler önce
Maybe some muslims are like this but trust me most of US won’t judge people they believe what they want. Assalamu aleykum (peace be upon you) to everyone who’s reading this comment✨
Purposely Stupid
Purposely Stupid - Saatler önce
I don’t like my dad because he beats me up.
- V
fight indigo
fight indigo - Saatler önce
Manal Rim
Manal Rim - Saatler önce
It's a lack of understanding
Bubby Cthulhu
Bubby Cthulhu - Saatler önce
California is only accepting towards ppl who follow their beliefs. Conservatives are not accepted, straight white christian males are the oppressors, and it's mandatory to hate Donald trump. If you are or do any of the following then I would not recommend moving there. You are an even bigger target if you are lgbt or black and do not follow their beliefs. heres an amazing (and funny) compilation of the media attacking kanye for his beliefs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zm_Geo16szg throwing racial slurs at him constantly and even making a comment on his dead mother.
차환승 - Saatler önce
His parents were emotional abusers and yet people call him ungrateful. If you think financial support is the only thing parents should give their child I then I hope you never have kids.
saimah hussain
saimah hussain - Saatler önce
#2 trending ❤️❤️
Bishwadeep Kumar
Bishwadeep Kumar - Saatler önce
Spoiling others too..
An Chan The Anime Girl
An Chan The Anime Girl - Saatler önce
Your pearents took their religion too far
Jim Von Schmittou
Jim Von Schmittou - Saatler önce
This is Carrie👩🏼‍💼one like = her age
Wamino - Saatler önce
Your gay thats why buddy
retron phil5
retron phil5 - Saatler önce
How are gender roles bad?
According to studies, 95% of women who stay home are happier then women who chose to work. They are using their natural special gift of childbirth and nurturing a human life and taking care of a home. This is somehow bad? It being thought of as “subservient” is from feminists, not the role itself.
Also, funny how only women and feminine men complain about gender roles. Men were unwillingly drafted into wars and sent to be killed and they just went along with it. Men are 97% of workplace deaths because they chose to work harder jobs which women have the choice to do but just don’t, and they didn’t protest or march for men to have the right to stay at home and not work if they wanted to. Why did only women care about working but men didn’t care about them having that role? I’m sure a lot of men would have rather been home cleaning then working in the coal mines.
차환승 - Saatler önce
Women who choose to be a housewife is not a bad thing, but stating every woman should be like that while waving around studies without giving sources is a dick move.
Music Criminal
Music Criminal - Saatler önce
Wow your Parents loved you, fed you, and bought you shit. What absolute assholes, they can go die in a fucking hole.
Game cat2006
Game cat2006 - Saatler önce
And they want there daughters into a marriage where they act like objects and they want there son to be *fixed* for something he can't control
silver man
silver man - Saatler önce
Shut up libtard
Alessia 899
Alessia 899 - Saatler önce
the best one yet.
FusionSeal X
FusionSeal X - Saatler önce
I hate gays, This is just making me feel broken down
Game cat2006
Game cat2006 - Saatler önce
Why do you hate LGBT (I AM NOT CALLING it LGBTQ+)
Yumi Frank
Yumi Frank - Saatler önce
It seems like you could also reverse the title of this video and say “My parents don’t really like me because I don’t accept them for who they are”. Right?
Hamana Sohail
Hamana Sohail - Saatler önce
Well....How do I say this you're supposed to follow the muslim ways of islam and well.... your parents arent following them making you guys believe that girls have to do kitchen work and boys supposed to do garden work
SkyWalker - Saatler önce
This is why we are better off without religion. They teach you not to do this, don't wear that, don't eat this this is your role. Religion has done more harm than good
BTS and NCT Trash [Yuta's Smile]
Wtf. Your family is toxic as hell. Im glad you got out of that situation. My family is muslim but we aren't even that conservative. My mother wants me to not marry until after I get an education and a job. My aunt doesn't even want me to consider marriage until my mother 30's just as she did. My mother made me research and then choose if I wanted to wear hijab. If I didn't they said they would still love and support me. They that even to this day. I have a phone , laptop, I'm demi but haven't been attractive TRD to girls. I'm respectful and supportive of the LGBTQ community mainly because of my beliefs. I don't judge anyone because I know we are all human. Though I disagree with my parents on many things. I haven't told them I'm demi or that I support the lgbt community and many other things. They give me freedom and trust me. I can go anywhere as long as they know (im in hs btw). They are buying me a car after I proved to be trustworthy. I feel privileged cause I hear a lot of stories of girls or guys forced into these roles in the community around me. My parents are more overprotective (mother really. Father not so much. He let's me do my own thing as long as I don't do anything illegal or haram). So it took her a while to get used to my american friends but eventually she started to love them as her own children . My grandma (mother's mother) despite being religous is very liberal and if it wasn't for her I wouldn't be either. I'm happy you now can live and breathe the way you want now.
Navjeet Sharma
Navjeet Sharma - Saatler önce
make one thing clear parents always want our wellbeing.
all wrongdoings are unintended
Lil Shake
Lil Shake - Saatler önce
seiyuu zuki
seiyuu zuki - Saatler önce
What the..
Idk, why should your parents know that you're gay (or why should everyone) .. I understand the atheist part because that's also happened to me, like when i stop doing prayer and stuff, it's hard to keep it as secret . But being gay, you could've just pretend having a very close best friend, you don't have to show any kind of romantic action while they're present. You could french kiss your dude in a private room. It's not like you're in a marriage age either so you're not in hurry or anything.

Ethan Silva
Ethan Silva - Saatler önce
“I hate my parents but I’ll use their money, house and let them pay for my college”
What’s with this kid? Lmao
Manoela Vieira
Manoela Vieira - Saatler önce
I am sorry , but I do not agree with that , his parents was being too hard with him , but It's normal , they just want your damn good , don't need to screem at your parents , you should try take a fucking conversation , they are just scared about what could happend with you being gay , even if have people that agree with your sexuality , have people that don't and maybe do worse , they are just trying to protect you
SwaT _Vision
SwaT _Vision - Saatler önce
Atheist and gay in a Muslim home? Boy you must be looking for a whipping
Gavin Burnes
Gavin Burnes - Saatler önce
When his parents watch this tho
jae Rossi
jae Rossi - Saatler önce
‘I found out im gay and muslim’ lmao Do not let the rot destroy you. Choose culture and life. The other way produces nothing..
Jane Doe
Jane Doe - Saatler önce
Maybe you didn’t take the right Approach because if your parents are that involved they definitely wouldn’t want u to be in the wrong .. they’ve lived a life and they lived twice as much.. so listen more. Keep an open mindset. Don’t belittle their love and care .. specially if they’re willing to take a trip across the globe to support u.
Gavin Burnes
Gavin Burnes - Saatler önce
This is on trending ?
Maki Nishikino
Maki Nishikino - Saatler önce
Wow, it’s on trending!
Haifa Lucyna
Haifa Lucyna - Saatler önce
Ya know ure selfish boii. Ur mother n father know bestt. I think ur parent just like my parent. They think im too young n dont know anything n im soo angry. . Now i understand why thy dont let me do wat i want bcs I'mm soo shit n young that time and i thanks them to show me the right way. Ya know man nothing wrong to be gay but just dont be gay dont. Just keep ur feeling away. Just like i do. Bcs i m bisex but .. I just like damn why i need to love someone that will make my family. sad.
JİMNASTİK TV - Saatler önce
I invite you to the channel 😊
BTS Lovers Gacha Look’s
BTS Lovers Gacha Look’s - Saatler önce
I was gay when i was little....
Gabriel Vault
Gabriel Vault - Saatler önce
Aminath Mohamed
Aminath Mohamed - Saatler önce
Being gay is a lifestyle choice.A sin will always be a sin even if majority people support it.
btw why is this trending?
Donny Sather
Donny Sather - Saatler önce
TreXZen - Saatler önce
lol someone keeps deleting my comments, wonder why
Raza Slevin
Raza Slevin - Saatler önce
ONE AND ONLY - Saatler önce
Who else lowers the volume when that annoying tic tok ad comes on with the fat girl
SS Kookie
SS Kookie - Saatler önce
Emerson Silveira
Emerson Silveira - Saatler önce
how can something so Stupid be trending #1!!! Now we are going against families? Do whatever you want, your problem... but destroy your parents and families, in general, is just fucked up!!! Stupid youtubers... If I was UCLA I would kick you out. There are so many different ways of explaining your sexual option, without talking down your parents. IDIOT.
XGalaxyCupcake Offical
XGalaxyCupcake Offical - Saatler önce
Trend 1???!!!
Farida Hussein
Farida Hussein - Saatler önce
None of what he is saying is true Muslim girls don't do all that ...his parents are just too strict about it and nothing in the Quran or our profit's speeches says all that ...I'm sorry if I offended anyone
UNKNOWN GIRL - Saatler önce
The Dark Truth 😕
Fiza Moeen
Fiza Moeen - Saatler önce
I am a Muslim
Wet Dream
Wet Dream - Saatler önce
All Muslims aren't assholes and you can't change my mind
RoiAnimates - Saatler önce
Im a republican, support lbgt but i dont think that there is mlre than two genders
the INSANE Teletubbie
the INSANE Teletubbie - Saatler önce
:0 #1 on trending ?! Great job Guys, keep up the great work
Farida Hussein
Farida Hussein - Saatler önce
None of what he is saying is true Muslim girls don't do all that ...his parents are just too strict about it and nothing in the Quran or our profit's speeches says all that
No One
No One - Saatler önce
This is so gay. Hiding from your parents to have a roof over our head, f-ing pussycat. You call yourself a liberal yet you submit to the teaching of your parents. Straight or gay if you going to opposed your parents, than don't lie to them. And here comes the rain of hate, lol.
Tyler M
Tyler M - Saatler önce
One day the gay disease will spread to everyone and then no one will want to reproduce and will lead to the extinction of all humans MUWAHAHAHAHA
Sarah Beeson
Sarah Beeson - Saatler önce
Hate speech
Lolbit The Savage
Lolbit The Savage - Saatler önce
Do not go jou wil burn
David Deacon
David Deacon - Saatler önce
The last minute of this video is very disturbing.
MLG MCG - Saatler önce
I’m so glad I don’t have parents like these. I wouldn’t want to live if I had to live with these parents
Sis-sis vs Bro-bro
Sis-sis vs Bro-bro - Saatler önce
Lucas TX
Lucas TX - Saatler önce
Alguém saber o caminho para o em alta do Brasil? ?????
Sis-sis vs Bro-bro
Sis-sis vs Bro-bro - Saatler önce
I dont like this story
Licking Guy
Licking Guy - Saatler önce
What matters is...Be Yourself!
Winston McBride
Winston McBride - Saatler önce
I wish the dislike button worked
GameBoy - Saatler önce
Big fan
Mighty2490 - Saatler önce
The Hate Nazi
The Hate Nazi - Saatler önce
Why the fuck would you put this up on YouTube ????? It's people like you that make me sick and make this world overly sensitive your poor parents putting them on blast like this after the hell they've gone through raising your dumb ass you're like those fucks who post on here about them breaking up or something so asinine like that it's pathetic quit crying out for attention and GET THE FUCK OVER IT
Alberto Beato
Alberto Beato - Saatler önce
YOU-5-IVER - Saatler önce
Tbh u don’t sound like a muslim family, u sound like atheists anyway
Mrs top 10
Mrs top 10 - Saatler önce
Fuck this guy
Andrea Azille
Andrea Azille - Saatler önce
Gays are shit
AkyMcC - Saatler önce
This guys doesn’t like his parents when they made him alive, Spoiled...
PokeDude011 - Saatler önce
"Boy if I hear any more of that gay atheist crap so help me I'll *ALLAH ACKBAR* this whole family to kingdom come!"