Kellyanne Conway warns Democrats: Be careful what you wish for

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Bobsunfire - 3 gün önce
Dems are the greatest!
Pesky Vrmt
Pesky Vrmt - 9 gün önce
I can't WAIT until George divorces her and takes the kids.
Jerry McClure
Jerry McClure - 10 gün önce
How could anyone have any respect, much less care about what this wanna be bafoon lawyer babbles about. She should take a lead from her husband.
Paul Liccardo
Paul Liccardo - 11 gün önce
Promises made promises kept and appliances will get the water they really should have.
Elizabeth Santos
Elizabeth Santos - 14 gün önce
Bolton is finished and kaboom 🤯 gone. He can write his book.
Debbie Mccain
Debbie Mccain - 14 gün önce
The crime was TREASON! She is a babbling idiot!
Denis Vincelette
Denis Vincelette - 15 gün önce
Now that Trump has been Cleared of wrong doing extend his current term by 3 years and get the border wall finished.
Denis Vincelette
Denis Vincelette - 15 gün önce
Get Trump to bring the Tesla electric car industry back to the Americas . Shut down the China plant and share his industry to Canada and Mexico.
Edward Perl jr.
Edward Perl jr. - 20 gün önce
Damm Let Kellyanne speak un…interupted!
Ed Bolam
Ed Bolam - 23 gün önce
Kelly ann should run after trumps next term !!! She is awesome 😚
Blue In red
Blue In red - 24 gün önce
Conway the wicked witch of the East—shove that orange corrupt lying racist bastard cadet bone spurs Trumpfuck up your ancient glory hole!!!
R. Renovatus
R. Renovatus - 26 gün önce
All these socialist scums should be arrested and executed for treason, starting with their leaders Pelosi, Schumer, aoc, and all the Islamic parasites in Congress
Andrea Cota
Andrea Cota - 26 gün önce
SinusPrimus - 27 gün önce
This woman loves to blow 🍄. Lock 🍊up. Greetz from Switzerland Second 🇨🇭
Sophia Grey
Sophia Grey - 27 gün önce
If you think Fox is conservative you're being fooled.
Stewart Salazar
Stewart Salazar - 27 gün önce
Does the White House want witnesses? No😂
Live In Person
Live In Person - 28 gün önce
It's Understandable if Hunter Biden was the CEO or something but in the Energy plant out everyone Hunters Profile sounded like a little kid , compared to everyone else on the website
Paulie Harrow
Paulie Harrow - 28 gün önce
Got it Fox reporter.....
Paulie Harrow
Paulie Harrow - 28 gün önce
Is that reporter from Fox truly serious in the words that she is saying?? ... let's put it to you this way, in the constitutional regulations there is something called" Due process " very simple. Each side gets to make their case this is the way our judicial system is structured , everyone has a chance to plead their case and have proper defense. even the worst criminals who have killed people blatantly outside in the streets, they are still afforded the same constitutional rights....Hot it Fox reporter...This is 9th grade history....were you curling your hair during class????
Jay Morgan
Jay Morgan - 28 gün önce
You're doing a great job you cannot please everyone but you're pleasing most Lovett President Trump
Timothy Clarke
Timothy Clarke - 28 gün önce
This impeachment was only intended to mar the President for the upcoming election because the desperate democraps have absolutely nothing LEFT, they're going for broke. Their can't-idates are terrible as well as their voters who are either too young to know the difference or one of the many exploited minorities told how racist, homophobic or whatever phobia they can label the rest of America. They need to stop playing with fire, we're coming for you corrupt D.C and globalist elite trash.
Bobby Smokey Signals
Bobby Smokey Signals - 28 gün önce
Not impressed with this fool interviewing KellyAnne. What kind of questions are these?
Eva Stapaard
Eva Stapaard - 28 gün önce
republicans, you are scary people...why do you listen to liars?
Carlos Rodriguez
Carlos Rodriguez - 29 gün önce
Our President Mr.Trump needs to open a can of whoopass on the dems and the bidens!!
Carlos Rodriguez
Carlos Rodriguez - 29 gün önce
Carlos Rodriguez
Carlos Rodriguez - 29 gün önce
When this over they need to open that can of worms on the bidens.
Jay Marlow
Jay Marlow - 29 gün önce
Jay Marlow
Jay Marlow - 29 gün önce
Tell them good Kellyanne, AMERICA loves you.
Art Ferguson
Art Ferguson - 29 gün önce
All fricking LIES.
It's like the right isn't watching
The same proceedings as i am.
Lets drain the RIGHT SWAMP.
William Koo
William Koo - 29 gün önce
Trump 20/20 IN THE BAG
Jim Hall
Jim Hall - 29 gün önce
Where are the witnesses?
silver wizard
silver wizard - 29 gün önce
How does she sit & Talk out of it! LittlePieHole(0)
She needs a few water boarding sessions!💬🔱🚽
Dwight Powell
Dwight Powell - 29 gün önce
What a wench
Gaetan President
Gaetan President - 29 gün önce
Why are we paying Ivanka? Same reasoning behind putting joe on a stand is the same vehemence that should be used to question the behavior of the president and his team!
bryan curtis
bryan curtis - 29 gün önce
Beauty and brains. Sassy and classy. A PATRIOT! ❤️
Trump 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Ed Bolam
Ed Bolam - 23 gün önce
Kelly ann for president after trump 2020 ❤❤❤❤❤👍
Cadillac Crump
Cadillac Crump - Aylar önce
Every body forgets that her job is to SPIN the truth for her boss! Nobody is better at their job then kelly Ann! She is a complete liar! She laughs at what’s she is saying. Her own conservative Husband calls her out!
Ohh And everybody mad at the FOX Host interviewing her. She will NOT quit talking if you don’t jump in! She is not trying to be rude. 😂🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Ray Williams
Ray Williams - Aylar önce
Kelly Anne You Are The Best!!!
agent x channel
agent x channel - Aylar önce
If dotard's toadies 'did nothing wrong', they should show up to the impeachment UNDER OATH. hunter biden is small potatoes compared to our dotard-in-chief..
gregory Lewis
gregory Lewis - Aylar önce
Trash! Dems are failing from the getgo
M - Aylar önce
Oohh she dares them... I love it 💋
P Vo Soccer
P Vo Soccer - Aylar önce
Yes, we were warned: As you watch the "Impeachment of Donald J. Trump" on TV, then you would understand the indecent character of this republican president, watch your back and probably have to fled or resign if you are the employees of the WH(?)
Mike Hurley
Mike Hurley - Aylar önce
Dont warn them. We want them to keep showing us what they really are; stone faced liars! Keep it up ! Love it
Phillip Odell
Phillip Odell - Aylar önce
I wish you would quite showing this ad for this Dumbass that will never be the POTUS.TRUMP 2020
Christine Peterson
Christine Peterson - Aylar önce
Interesting how he made so much money and is a "dead-beat" dad - does not pay child support!
Anna Varga
Anna Varga - Aylar önce
Sprint yellow plane
Anna Varga
Anna Varga - Aylar önce
Sorry Kellyanne
Richard Rodriguez
Richard Rodriguez - Aylar önce
Bravo the Bidens are corrupt and not only Hunter but other family members! Lets testify trick Joe if you are not afraid of your disclousre! Lets get it on!
Mark Sherman
Mark Sherman - Aylar önce
Dump your idiot husband, ma'am. You can do so much better....
B E E Z Y M U R D E R Z - Aylar önce
Aww Look At All These Criminals In This Video!!! LTFOL Bunch Of Criminals!!!
Edward Metzger
Edward Metzger - Aylar önce
The deep state Revolution is being televised, and the deep state is going down big time!
ThE cUrtAin remOVed!!!
ThE cUrtAin remOVed!!! - 27 gün önce
,all by design.[They] took the bait, now PEOPLE can WATCH what happens.
Jozef Luptak
Jozef Luptak - Aylar önce
After impeachment Adam Schiff and Nadler should go to prison and after to Eternal Hell for preventing president Donald Trump to do his Job caring for economy and life of American inhabitants.
Carneil Hall
Carneil Hall - Aylar önce
I hate Kellyanne the '' con" Conway, she always talks in circles the only person I hate, but don't take our gun rights bcuz alot of us need them for protection, and that's gon be the moment when the Democrats steps in office.
Liliana Jankovic
Liliana Jankovic - Aylar önce
.. Kellyanne you are creat from 🇦🇺. You have my deep respect ❤️
Timmyjimmy Pingpong
Timmyjimmy Pingpong - Aylar önce
OMG she’s the walking dead
Connie Cowan
Connie Cowan - Aylar önce
Love kellyanne!!!!!!
Joe Schlotthauer
Joe Schlotthauer - Aylar önce
Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, the Clinton's, the Obama's, Comey, Lisa Paige, just to name a few...
The president can bring anyone in for questioning to defend himself...
Rob Lord
Rob Lord - Aylar önce
Everyone Is Sick And Tired Of Shiff,Trump,And Pelosi.🖕🏻🤟😎
Daniel John
Daniel John - Aylar önce
they just keep doing the same old tricks in there bag of tricks since the civil war
Daniel John
Daniel John - Aylar önce
THE HUNT... FOR HUNTER... I think there is a pattern with the democrats..
Charles Stocksen
Charles Stocksen - Aylar önce
Do you have any grey poupon?