Jim Jordan on joining Trump's defense team: All the facts support the president

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Braincreatives It
Braincreatives It - 2 gün önce
Evils surround itself with Evils
Dre-Day 1127
Dre-Day 1127 - 5 gün önce
Seems to me Gym Jordan had better worry about the Ohio State Sexual Abuse issue. He was there, and knew it happened. With that type of thing going on, you have to say what is going on or do something about it. If not, you're just as guilty as the perpetrator.
What a creep...
Michelle Michelle
Michelle Michelle - 6 gün önce
When will the demoncrat traitors reimburse precious American money + interest that was wasted on the wasteful devious impeachment?
Wonder Mama
Wonder Mama - 8 gün önce
What better person is there to defend a low down dirty rotten scoundrel than another low down dirty rotten scoundrel.
Euan Reid
Euan Reid - 9 gün önce
Now after Adam DiSabato testimony has come out we know why GYM Jordan is a vehement Trump taint tickler... i bet the coward if not in jail will find a home on Faux Spews the sexual predator network with the likes of that coward Chaffetz the first rat that jumped ship cowering behind his family.
Kim Lowe
Kim Lowe - 27 gün önce
Didn’t read the Mueller Report. Didn’t read the transcripts. Hasn’t seen the Bolton facts. BUT he knows. Jordan is the least credible man in the room. No facts actually support Trump. He has been impeached for very good reason. No witnesses = a coverup.
Jeanne Sullivan
Jeanne Sullivan - 27 gün önce
Didn’t Adam pencil neck do 18 depositions, but only released 17. He is still hiding the I.G.’s deposition because it does not back the lefties narrative , also known as lies!!
Dale Wyatt
Dale Wyatt - 28 gün önce
Seen any students get sexually abused lately Jim? No? Still got the same blinkers on then.
Julie Chaffins
Julie Chaffins - 28 gün önce
Martha! what is wrong with you?
fibsernum30 - 28 gün önce
You did not finish the quote; it should have read: "All the facts support the president's guilt!" You left off some at the end. I am sure that was what Jordan said; only an idiot would think that Trump was innocent of impeachable wrongdoing. Hmm... Okay, I guess the quote probably was probably accurate. The belief sure as hell isn't!
Aurora Rivas
Aurora Rivas - 28 gün önce
This is his attack dog. Defense lawyers cant even defend him.
Patti Wise
Patti Wise - 28 gün önce
The Dems know that they will receive public spanking on November 4th. They know the humiliation is coming, so they are desperately trying to get Donald Trump off the ballot.
Personally, I am planning a party. Can’t wait until November. It will be fun.
Jeremiah Halpin
Jeremiah Halpin - 28 gün önce
Jim Jordan would never ignore evidence of a crime. Throughout his career he had handle every accusation of wrongdoings as perfect as Trump's Ukraine call.
FilCanJay - 29 gün önce
He didn’t say “witch-hunt” once. Surprising. Wow. Jim Jordan is one of those spineless Republicans who are brainwashed to repeat the same rhetorical nonsense in support of Donald Trump’s case. Doesn’t this guy have a f@@king mind of his own. Why doesn’t he go on CNN or CNBC to continue pleading his case. Why? Because they would counter his comments with facts which he couldn’t answer back. This guy is nothing but a “yes” man. The whole lot of them from Pompeo down to Barr. Weak.
Gloria Rider
Gloria Rider - 29 gün önce
"TOTAL Unfair due Process- in the "Schiff/Sham/Nadler's Show"- just as "Congressman Jim Jordan stated!"
Dekan Elad
Dekan Elad - 29 gün önce
Jim's "Epstein tapes" involve ten year old boys
Prof Phil Bell
Prof Phil Bell - 29 gün önce
Anyone with half a brain can see the neither of the Fox News team buy the garbage from Jordan. How would Jordan spin the lie that trump told about not knowing Parnas now that the video is public?
Prof Phil Bell
Prof Phil Bell - 29 gün önce
JIM JORDAN. Did trump know Parnas or not?
Patricia Brown
Patricia Brown - 29 gün önce
Gloria Rider
Gloria Rider - 29 gün önce
"Mr. Jim Jordan""You MUST be saying this in your sleep-"4 key FACTS have NEVER EVER changed!!"
valerie jewell
valerie jewell - 29 gün önce
Yang needs to go home to his own country, and make things better there... China? Korea?! Thailand? Dirty sperm makes sons sick... Go home, you don't stand a chance... Landslide Trump 2020......Sweetheart......
Libtards got Trumped
Libtards got Trumped - 29 gün önce
Bret must have just hit puberty
God has saved me!
God has saved me! - 29 gün önce
Like it or not! Every year America is more diverse and is getting blue! Soon america will be like a big California!
God has saved me!
God has saved me! - 29 gün önce
Lol what facts alternative facts? 😂😂😂😂😂 america is not stupid like the Trumpers and the fake evangelicals!
Free Bird
Free Bird - Aylar önce
Congressman Jordan, YOU ARE TOP NOTCH!!
David Bruce
David Bruce - Aylar önce
Great story and true facts, thanks
Listen Well
Listen Well - Aylar önce
Great tie Jim 😀
ARC.Selom Hotor
ARC.Selom Hotor - Aylar önce
Amazing... where is coverage of the impeachment trial on the democratic side please link me to a fox News coverage of it
65wiseman - Aylar önce
JJ, the smiling cobra
Pam S
Pam S - Aylar önce
I know who the whistleblower is. It's Shity Shiff. When they had their little meeting down in the bunker they decided they will make it all up. I am praying for president tonight. God Bless America 🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷
Sandra Koehler
Sandra Koehler - Aylar önce
Only one person needs to say anything President Z. He said nothing happened,!! That should be enough!!! All the other is SSDD thanks to the demo's 🇺🇸🇺🇸
🇺🇸🙏 TRUMP2020🇺🇸

🇺🇸America First 🇺🇸 🇺🇸🙏🇺🇸👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🇺🇸🙏🇺🇸
Ken McElroy
Ken McElroy - Aylar önce
Martha must be looking for a at MSNBC, or CNN.
Gayle Pulak
Gayle Pulak - Aylar önce
Be careful, when u talk on your cell around demoncraps~, God knows what will they say against you,,, or how they will perceive your conversation,, their little minds never cease to amaze me~
Rich Sandness
Rich Sandness - Aylar önce
Re: "Jim Jordan on joining Trump's defense team" - (?)
I did not see that in this, and I picked this, because of that caption.
Evidently my time management and interests are taken lightly, and I was manipulated.
WY Chinsg
WY Chinsg - Aylar önce
do we have confidence in justice john roberts.
#TEAM TRUMP - Aylar önce
I love Jim O H I O
robert tilley
robert tilley - Aylar önce
4 things that wont add up. 1. If Trump was a corruption crusader,why didnt he publicly call the Bidens out at the time? 2. Why has the DOJ never announced an investigation into the Bidens? 3. Why has more people went to jail associated with him than ANY other President? 4. Why watch obvious dear leader propaganda and pretend people who make millions to act like the President is perfect would ever be a source of truth?
Freedom is FREE Thinking
Freedom is FREE Thinking - Aylar önce
Those who believe the Delusional Democrats, due so at their own peril.
Freedom is FREE Thinking
Freedom is FREE Thinking - Aylar önce
“Unless you have new facts, people’s opinions won’t change” - Trey Gowdy
Cheryl Lawlor
Cheryl Lawlor - Aylar önce
Pres Trump was not going to give millions to Ukraine when a few million of that might go into the BIDENS pocket. As President his job was to ensure this wasn’t happening.
Windy City Intellect
Windy City Intellect - Aylar önce
Gym Jordan is a liar
Richard Laurent
Richard Laurent - Aylar önce
Don’t watch the five Juan lies!
Richard Laurent
Richard Laurent - Aylar önce
OUR PRESIDENT TRUMP THE AMERICAN HERO is alway right. Conservatives have FACTS to prove their case! The democrats have assumptions from their Star witnesses
jon john
jon john - Aylar önce
When will you'll play the video tape of Joe Biden admitting to holding money from Ukrane?
Sonny Dee Dam
Sonny Dee Dam - Aylar önce
Jim Jordan is a great fighter.
jaci D.
jaci D. - Aylar önce
Just what this legalteam needed. Another fast talking crook.
Littlemoon 222
Littlemoon 222 - Aylar önce
Here's a GREAT question.....Can we all SUE the Government for wasting the American People's TAX money all these years???
Littlemoon 222
Littlemoon 222 - Aylar önce
What the heck happened to the talk that these 2 Articles of Impeachment were SO VERY WEAK by the SENATE?? NOW here we go Senator McConnell has been "riding the fence" all of a sudden...NOW it's looking like this farce is going to continue for months. MORE FLIPPING TAX PAYERS MONEY BEING SPENT by all these FLIPPING DEMONRATS!! NOW THE SENATE falls into place with the same SAD SONG!! I am so sick of all these USELESS Politicians in Washington I can't even type straight. What the HECK is going on here?? FOUR, 4 FLIPPING YEARS OF IMPEACHMENT THREATS, INVESTIGATIONS, AND TRIALS. MUELLER BEING PAID FOR 2 YEARS millions, AND ON, AND ON, AND ON!!! When President Trump wins this and WIN HE WILL, he is going to abolish all of these parties and BS that has taken over our Government... if you can even call it a GOVERNMENT ANY LONGER as it certainly is NOT FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!!! As far as I am concerned it's a FLIPPING OVERPRICED ZOO and all the animals look like they should have died years ago so can we PLEASE STOP FEEDING THEM??? FIND SOME REAL JOBS LIKE THE REST OF US HAVE TO and FIND OUT WHAT IT IS TO EARN YOUR OWN FLIPPING MONEY without STEALING IT FROM OTHERS you BUNCH of LOSERS!!!
Janese Johnsen
Janese Johnsen - Aylar önce
Dark of the Night Schiff proves my dissertations quoted. I wrote a city article on SB/HB annexation. Knew sheriff's wanted to keep 3 S sisters, Seal Beach, Surfside, Sunset Beach as county, and it should have been. I gree up in Huntington....47 yrs..now 55.
TJF Denver
TJF Denver - Aylar önce
Go gettem Jim!
Kim F
Kim F - Aylar önce
Jim Jordan 2024!! 💕
ward casey
ward casey - Aylar önce
Lars Eckman
Lars Eckman - Aylar önce
Martha shows her ignorance of the process. House investigates develops a case and presents the case to senate. Senate is jury. Juries do not investigate. Please get educated Martha.
Angela Vardamaskos
Angela Vardamaskos - Aylar önce
Martha go to cnn if you want to talk points for the dems.. they don’t need you they have all the crooked media you want to be one of those ..?
john Sade
john Sade - Aylar önce
Wake, up America Smell the coffee......DUMP THE TRUMP!
Kim Anh Tran
Kim Anh Tran - Aylar önce
Thank you Doug Collin, Jim Jordan & all your team supporting President, you the patriot knock down these Democrats traitors!! God Bless you Collin 🇺🇸👍🇺🇸👍 God Bless President Trump 🇺🇸👍🇺🇸👍 God Bless America. President Donald Trump 2020 🇺🇸👍🇺🇸👍 Pinocchio Adam Schiff, Nasty Nancy Pelosi, Stinky Jerry Nadler , Idiots Chuck Schumer, Garbage Maxine Water these traitors hate good President must vote out!! We the people!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Kurt Diamond
Kurt Diamond - Aylar önce
I cant stand Martha .She is another Megyn Kelly .So condescending .🐸👌
Michael Kaletta
Michael Kaletta - Aylar önce
One has to be simple-minded to believe this nonsense.
Malckiah Shain
Malckiah Shain - Aylar önce
SPOILER: Jim Jordan IS Batman!
Alex Smith
Alex Smith - Aylar önce
A lot of birds started swooping when Trump went near Ukraine. I wonder who's nest egg he got too close to.