[EPISODE] BTS (방탄소년단) '작은 것들을 위한 시 (Boy With Luv) feat. Halsey' MV Shooting Sketch

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i lov you Rm and Jimin
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Bts cute,funny,and handsome
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a-day khalil - Gün önce
When your name is bts so you can't use 'behind the scenes' in your bts videos because you are called bts so instead you use 'shooting sketch'
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한국인 손!
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Alguém do Brasil?
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J hope, i hope, very hope
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센스와 몬스터 극장의 왕
[그림그리는] 레블tv
3:01 내 심장 폭행❤
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BR Production - 4 gün önce
3:03 RM it's so funny
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Suga 💜💜💜
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마지막 민슈가 미쳤나봐 진짜 어떻게 저렇게 귀여워 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅜㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
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I watched this so many times and I never put a comment 😂
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This V 💜 so hot 😍
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Translations from a non-native Korean speaker - apologies for any mistakes :)
[words in square brackets are not actually said but makes the meaning easier to understand]
V: Hello! We are at the set of the music video shoot of our title song "A Poem for Small Things"*. At least I'm here!
*Boy With Luv is called "A Poem for Small Things" in Korean
RM: It's a fun MV shoot.
J-Hope (JH): And our dance is cute too.
Jimin (JM): I've heard that if BTS' Jimin does the intro to the song, it will be come a success.
RM: This is cool! (claps excitedly)
(monitoring shots + shooting mv scenes)
Suga (S): This dance is unlike any style you've seen [from us] before.
JH: (to remind JK during the dance) Get out [of the way]!
(JK moves while acting)
Jungkook (JK): (satisfied) That was natural!
JK: We've come to the second set of the shoot. As you can see, we've changed our outfits
JK (to JH): How do you say "fluorescent" in English?
JH: ~Green light~ (laughs)
Jin (J): ~Brother light~* 
*the word for fluorescent in Korean is 'hyunggwang' (형광) so Jin was making a pun (of course): 'hyung' (형) = brother, 'gwang' (광) = light
(J + JK + JH laugh at the ridiculousness lol)
(shoot continues)
(normal BTS antics)
V (confidently): Everyone, I am a flower
(more dancing)
Staff: Hold the lamp post and swing around like this.
JH (zoned out): Who? Oh, me?
(more scenes: JH shoots his, then Suga starts his bit while being cute, group jumping on the couch)
S (crouching behind the couch): Should I stay like this?  
JK: That would be really helpful!
S: I was staying behind you because I thought you'd be uncomfortable jumping [over me].
(Suga stays crouched there comfortably ... and looks like he could fall asleep lol)
(more MV filming)
JK: You know what this is, right? Oh! Oh!
(more filming)
JM (taking a group selfie): [One] two three! Once more, one, two three! [It was in] video mode! (proud smile)
(everyone grumbles)
(more MV shooting and BTS antics)
(dance where they go down one by one like a staircase)
V (monitoring afterwards): Wait, wait, wait, what're the three at the back (RM, JK, S) doing??
RM (in satoori): Try putting yourself in my shoes!
JK: If you look at the floor here, you can see the ARMY logo! Isn't this the "big picture"? (very pleased with himself)
(more MV shooting)
J: Is that Switzerland?? (talking about the mountains in the background in the scene they're filming)
(music suddenly cuts while RM is really into his part ... the others start losing it lol)
RM: I prayed I would get my part. (playing on the lyrics that got cut off: "I prayed I could run away")
(continues shoot, RM does his solo scene)
RM: There's a very famous musical movie called "Singin' in the Rain". We're paying homage to that movie, and conveying the feeling that now the unhappiness is finally over.
RM (after a scene where loads of people are applauding and cheering him): Getting attention is the most difficult part. (lol)
V (to all the staff and dancers/extras): Thank you!!
(more MV filming)
J: Look at this rose! V stepped on it and it became flat!! (disappointed boy puts the rose in V's shirt)
V: ARMY, look forward (to the MV). (gives the rose to the camera)
JH: Finally, it's the first shoot with Halsey.
(everyone having fun dancing)
V (to Halsey, being adorable): Happy good news! Last one!
Halsey: Ayy!!
(more dancing scenes)
Everyone: Boy with luv!!! Wooo!
RM: A round of applause, everyone!
(everyone claps)
J: The three-day music video shoot is finally over guys!
S: I think it will be a historical* MV [for us].
*literally I think it means "the start of the new generation of"
JH: It seems like in the last three days there were a lot of group dance scenes.
J: This time, it was almost only dancing.
RM: Actually I have no idea how it will turn out this time.
JM: Once again we have a completely new music video.
JH: And our shoot with Halsey, how was that?
S: Ah ... Halsey is a really nice person.
RM: She's really nice and really cool ... yeah really cool.
J: She speaks English really well! (LOL)
RM: Ah, of course she speaks English well, she's from New Jersey.
J: Ah, really?
JH (to Jin): Hyung, you speak Korean well.
J: Yeah thanks ...
JM: Despite coming from so far away, thank you for working so hard and having fun. We also had a really fun time filming, and I think the MV will come out really well.
JH: ARMY will definitely like it too.
RM: Yes, I'm sure you will like it.
S: A Poem for Small Things *
*Boy With Luv is called "A Poem for Small Things" in Korean
RM: Boy With Luv
J: Boy With Luv
JH: Please give it a lot of love!
JK: Please support it!
JM: Please look forward to it!!
(V walks off, Suga holds his stomach laughing lol)
RM: Please look forwarrrrrddd ...
J + JM + JK + JH: ... to it!!!
(V clapping for Yeontan's attention and Yeontan is walking over)
S (grabbing Yeontan): I'm taking Tannie away heh heh heh (so relatable lol)
RM: He's a villain!
Hope this helps!
Urvashi Sharma
Urvashi Sharma - 8 gün önce
At this point ik yeontan knws more korean than i do😂😂😂
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Suga’s laugh when he stole the dog away 😍
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This video was just pure / wholesome laughs along with awwws and I'm here for it ;_____; ♡
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حبيبي تاي و جنغوكوك بحبكم
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FITRI WAHYUNI - 10 gün önce
안녕 내 이름은 Fitri입니다 나는 Jimin fangirl입니다.
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Maryna Jesus - 11 gün önce
Me desculpe BTS eu não gostava de vcs prq eu não sabia quem era e então eu comecei a ver vcs nas redes sociais as suas músicas e agora eu sou muito fã de vocês não tem como não ser fã de vocês
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i want Ariana Grande with BTS!!!
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Any video that starts off with Tae is fine by me.
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Jimin is style !
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5:25 뭔뎈ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
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5:29 OMG.. suga so cuteeeeeeeeeeeee
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One of amazing BTS 💓💗💜🥰💕 MV
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할시 언니....좋겠다....
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I love BTS ♥️
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우리아가들 하고싶은거 다 해 😍
채고다진짜 ㅠㅜ 수고많았어 ❤️
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The MVP is different tho Well STILL LUV IT
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방탄 존잘이다!!내 남친 해라!!!
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what happened at 3:08 💀
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I love bts 😇😇😇
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Hey global army!
ㅋㅋㅋis lol (😆)in koera!
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Jimin y jungkook tiene el mismo anillo por que y eso que jungkook no usa anillo coisidensia cuando jimin se toco el labio se nota 2 anillos pero muestra uno de diamanes, jungkook cuando mostraba el piso tenia el mismo anillo de diamantes que el de jimin seran anillos de compromiso o de novios algo asi.
JIKOOK ES REAL like si vos crees que jikook es real y estuvieron en una relasion o la estan teniendo
Leandro Melgarejo
Leandro Melgarejo - 17 gün önce
Que paso ahy cuando jin dijo 1 2 jk se tropeso junto con jm y lo cortaron que estaran ocultando,jajajajja pero yo queria ver el jikook. like si vos crees si el jikook es real
티나쌤tinaᅳsam - 17 gün önce
대한민국의 멋진 아들들~♡
ines alonso
ines alonso - 17 gün önce
Oh Jimin, you are so cute and funny, it's just that sometimes you are maybe a little too pretentious trying too hard to steal the show. We know you are almost perfect.. Please stop being so vain, I will love you even more !!!!!
MariaGabrielaSilvadeSouza Souza
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Jimin voice very sexy
Well done team work
نصفي الثاني جونغكوك
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3:07 Suga😂
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Amooo muito vcs
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0:10 Vmin 💞😍
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Yoongioppa ran off with the puppy😍💕😂💯cuute
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윤기,,,,윤기씨 그만 귀여워져주세요,,,심장에 무리와요,,,,, 지민,,,,,,당신은,,,,,,,어디까지 잘생겨지려고 해,,,,,,, ㅜㅠㅠㅜㅜㅜ귀요미들
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Amo demais esses meninos💜Hello BTS só uma B-army💜I Love you
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BTS v is cute
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So handsomeeeeeeee❤❤
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5:31초에 남준오빠가 아악다앙이다!
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They have to do Boy with luv on stage with halsey
I wanna see their bonding
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omg i got a bts ad while watching this
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5:28 jsjsjsj hay este Suga
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naneun dangsin-eul salanghanda gong-won Jimin
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Oof nv
Super games gacha Galaxy
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Whers halsey
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Army forever
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No sé han preguntado de que religión son o si tienen una
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마지막에 "악당이다..!" 뭐임ㄱㅋㅋㅋㅋ
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no English subtitles ? :( I can't understand anything and couldn't find an Eng sub version
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Tae tae you are so handsome
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V is my baby!Bts 4-ever!
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Cute jungkook i love Yo u
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Beautiful Taehyung !!!!!!! So gorgeous !!!!!!!!!! We love you forever !!!!!!!!!
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0:10 2:07 2:20
Tell me, how can you ship Vkook or Jikook, when you clearly see that in this world exists something like Vmin and it's real
chocolate milk
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Wdym the real ones are taejin and jinkook
DHIKA DHIKA - 27 gün önce
0:21 shadow?
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I love bts for ever I am army for ever i love jungkook for ever boy with love are the best
J hope:😍😎😉
Jin :🙈🙊🙉
V :😐🤗🤩
Bts are the best for ever
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i know how to read and write korea but i didn't understand it LOL
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Why do people dislike BTS like those who dislike BTS 😠 I will kill them.
BTS ❤️ is life man don't dislike em like em so they make more songs for armys
100 likes =100 armys
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Bangtan changed halsey in a good way😁😁😁
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Making mv
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Namjoon's Goddess of Destruction Mrs Kim
When yoongis part came on i started to cry because he was rlly cute and disrespectful at the same time eye-kskzksksk 1:43