News media calls me out for lying.. (confession) 📰 PEW NEWS📰

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hattarizadi - 9 saatler önce
LOL i hate you pewdiepie wierd content ever i seen
Alphys The Royal Scientist
Petition for the Pew News crew to change Pew News to Oopsie Review.
Manic Tangent
Manic Tangent - 4 gün önce
Unidentified Mysterious Animal
Wtf volvo? Lol
Justin hatch
Justin hatch - 5 gün önce
If thats poppy Harlow, then why is she talking about Pewdiepies childhood in first person... 🤔
R Fy
R Fy - 6 gün önce
Imagine calling your child NOBLE
Dani Theuerkauf
Dani Theuerkauf - 6 gün önce
Every video should be sponsored by someone. Keep them in business.
Mahmood Shuvo
Mahmood Shuvo - 6 gün önce
Izzy - 6 gün önce
me: life
Pewds: ItS A jOkE
Izzy - 6 gün önce
My dream non sports car is a Volvo...... i read too much twilight.
Izzy - 6 gün önce
I HATE fortnite! I HATE everyone at my school who plays fortnite! They are all rich snobs!
Why would people pay someone to teach their children to play games... I mean just play the fuckin game
The Wolf
The Wolf - 12 gün önce
If the crooked, biased Media is behind you... you must be doing something right! Go PewDiePie! Greetings from Mexico !
MaoItsMe - 13 gün önce
For the one that wrote the english subtitles: r/woooosh
Buddha - 16 gün önce
Guilhem McDonald
Guilhem McDonald - 13 gün önce
Keynzah ow
Keynzah ow - 18 gün önce
jag sitter här i venten och spelar lite Dota?
Lunatic Hacker
Lunatic Hacker - 18 gün önce
They Used you to be Famous
425Druid - 18 gün önce
this is so sad, alexa can we sponsor pewdiepie
En-Is - 16 gün önce
Sorry but this joke sucks
Daniel Contreras
Daniel Contreras - 19 gün önce
Doomgel - 19 gün önce
Should have changed the title to "sponsored by digiday" or "sponsored by (author's name)" IT'S A JOKE YOU F****!
Atoool K
Atoool K - 20 gün önce
But can Volo and Saab do this? *recline*
KiWi Cat
KiWi Cat - 20 gün önce
Faisal Rafique
Faisal Rafique - 22 gün önce
2:21 my parents when I pass my exams
Daniya Parvez
Daniya Parvez - 22 gün önce
0:32 *bUt*
BrokenAndroid - 23 gün önce
Pewdi Pants, the media is attacking because some YouTubers are making main stream media irrelevant. For example, CNN is known now as fake news and losing viewership. 👌
Ausar0 - 24 gün önce
I disagree. I think the media really is that stupid.
DespicableContent - 28 gün önce
hey Pew these people have no humor and they can't take a joke.....i don't think they are human after-all
DespicableContent - 28 gün önce
hey Pew these people have no humor and they can't take a joke.....i don't think they are human after-all
Ana Woon
Ana Woon - Aylar önce
the logo on his hat is seethrough
zachary mueller
zachary mueller - Aylar önce
Poppy, of course, the media sees you as there enemy you are the most trusted news source in the whole world
Abhisek Chettri
Abhisek Chettri - Aylar önce
why is pewds wearing sunglasses?
Alastair Capell
Alastair Capell - Aylar önce
Why not?
F1RM_H4ND5H4K3 - Aylar önce
YOU should just keep changing the title to different manufacturers lol
MyChelle84 - Aylar önce
I’m not 9... can I still enjoy this channel?😂
Guy Guy
Guy Guy - Aylar önce
Anyone who enjoys watching this channel is a 9 years old
zachary mueller
zachary mueller - Aylar önce
Krešimir Karlović
Krešimir Karlović - Aylar önce
I think you should be sponsored by both Volvo and Saab!
We are here, what now?
We are here, what now? - Aylar önce
Sometimes i have a hard time discerning what is real news and what is opinion... you need an alert before giving opinions...
AlfTER - the roblox simulator pro
sponsored by pew news
MARYA SOFIA - Aylar önce
YouTube top
Liam Jackson
Liam Jackson - Aylar önce
Ego very very big you know what fuuuuccckkk yyyooouuu
Nine Five
Nine Five - Aylar önce
They are jealous of your driving skills in pubg
Aayush Kumar
Aayush Kumar - Aylar önce
It's funny how news write more about Youtubers than actual news's like let them be..
Vortex Gaming
Vortex Gaming - Aylar önce
Wait papi is a boi
Russian Bot
Russian Bot - Aylar önce
When will u sell those hats with the logo that let's you see through your head?
Aas - Aylar önce
"The most news news site of all time....
First, merch"
Domino52o - Aylar önce
Spectacularly great video. The entirety of it.
Ivik Daorana
Ivik Daorana - Aylar önce
"Sponsored by New York Times"
BoS92 chief92# nether Corporation
Just changed it to sponsored by gfuel
Jake Gostevsky
Jake Gostevsky - Aylar önce

Sponsored by Old Spice
Mark Ukrainetz
Mark Ukrainetz - Aylar önce
I'm going to buy a clutch chair. Edgar says it's I will get one of them.
Brittney Lewey
Brittney Lewey - Aylar önce
every time he said brand I heard brad😂😂
TKnight01 - Aylar önce
Gloria Borger?
kenj1 - Aylar önce
Monica Petras
Monica Petras - Aylar önce
Will PewDiePie ever actually say petty instead of pity??? 🤔
The Conducer
The Conducer - Aylar önce
I was clickbaited... Expectedly
DoesNotInhale - Aylar önce
clickbait makes that bread and journalism is dying a loud, unceremonious death. just grab some popcorn and watch it all burn down
Kyle Green
Kyle Green - Aylar önce
Super Gamer
Super Gamer - Aylar önce
Lol i have been playing fortnite since late season 3 and guess what i still play like shit(0 solo wins)
Sh! Sch?
Sh! Sch? - Aylar önce
SPONSORED by Digiday!
Aaron Hazelton
Aaron Hazelton - Aylar önce
Love the curb your enthusiasm music
Brian Mcnicholl
Brian Mcnicholl - Aylar önce
You should change the name of the video every week just to mess with them.
Gamer 6923
Gamer 6923 - Aylar önce
fortnite sucks
Jcknight7996 - Aylar önce
Ok so stupid question. Who cares that he said that it was sponsored? Can you sue for that
Falling Stars
Falling Stars - Aylar önce
my friend takes fortnite too fing serious
joybuzzarD x
joybuzzarD x - Aylar önce
If the parents want their kids to get better, they should tell them to quit, tell them the game is offensive, make them hide the fact that they're playing it.
KeatonKing - Aylar önce
You DO realize you can sue the MSM for slander, right?
benny perez
benny perez - 2 aylar önce
man you should have change it again and made it say "sponsored by Digiday" to see if they contact themselves lol
Izzy 46
Izzy 46 - 2 aylar önce
Back in my day, if you didn't play tag, you were lame
D Campbell
D Campbell - 2 aylar önce
Change it to sponsored by pewdiepie and they'll reach out to you.
Meridia's Beacon
Meridia's Beacon - 2 aylar önce
Change it to "SPONSORED BY CORVEGA", the fictional car company from the Fallout universe that creates fusion-powered cars. I hope they reach out to those aswell :)
luna kim
luna kim - 2 aylar önce
i like that u still address this issues even though we knew youve always been true to yourself, people around you & us. This is such a petty thing too. Hopefully, more people would understand. love u dad
Hitler 420
Hitler 420 - 2 aylar önce
i approve of this video
FireLite _789
FireLite _789 - 2 aylar önce
Pew news>drama alert
Madison Hudak
Madison Hudak - 2 aylar önce
Sponsored by Digiday
Amar Besirevic
Amar Besirevic - 2 aylar önce
Funky_GaMble 773
Funky_GaMble 773 - 2 aylar önce
You should keep changing the car name and see how many times they reach out to car companies and write about it.
Chinese Chicken
Chinese Chicken - 2 aylar önce
Fake News is an epidemic.
cc661692 - 2 aylar önce
When I was a child my parents left me home alone and they were gone all day it was scary I saw a ghost or a man broke into my house I can't tell it was dark I also had no toys I pretended the TV remote was a spaceship
Frank Maka
Frank Maka - 2 aylar önce
Breaking News: Pewdiepie is trying to get compensated for the work he does
John117master Baket
John117master Baket - 2 aylar önce
Big companies the T
Internets the pew
Se7en - 2 aylar önce
Dan Daniels
Dan Daniels - 2 aylar önce
I bought a Volvo and SAAB based on PewDiePies disgusting lies. The performance of the car in the game was sub par but I purchased them in real life due to the faith I once had in Pew... Absolutely hideous behavior
Anthonie - 2 aylar önce
I think they get the tutor more like joining a sports club. Or learning an instrument.
Ana Maria Velasco Muñoz
Ana Maria Velasco Muñoz - 2 aylar önce
Fortnite is overrated, and that’s an under statement
George Brooks
George Brooks - 2 aylar önce
I got a Jeep commercial on this video. The conspiracy goes deeper than we thought... 😂
ShadowByNine - 2 aylar önce
Should start naming some vids after "insert random shit media outlet"
Edit: Also funny to see how taking in multiple views and giving an (for youtube standards) educated opinion makes you controversial.
ケヴィン 仙 スターク
Change it to Sponsored by T-series
İrem Erşahin
İrem Erşahin - 2 aylar önce
How nice is that we can trust media %100
GlobGlob - 2 aylar önce
Why do you look like a homeless guy in that thumbnail
Squidz - 2 aylar önce
Nah keep making videos on them, it's a good laugh
bahrsoap73 - 2 aylar önce
Sponsored by Digiday
Antoinette Smit
Antoinette Smit - 2 aylar önce
When he was talking about the car sponsorship I got a honda ad 😂
irishwristwatch - 2 aylar önce
I just don't understand what's going on in the world anymore.
Kevin Pereira
Kevin Pereira - 2 aylar önce
The fortnite news ends at 4:20
Topsupernova Gaming
Topsupernova Gaming - 2 aylar önce
Hi pewds from 2018
Bill Nye The science guy
Bill Nye The science guy - 2 aylar önce
Should have titled the video “sponsored by the Wall Street journal”
Daniel Nunez
Daniel Nunez - 2 aylar önce
No Pewds they really are that stupid, they werent even enlightened by the fact that neither Volvo nor Saab did anything other than send them a reply email... now that's dense
akif safi
akif safi - 2 aylar önce
I know it's the most stupid question but can somebody tell me what is the music playing at 6:06 ?
Kristof Varga
Kristof Varga - 2 aylar önce
you should change the brand weekly XD
Cl4ptrap - 2 aylar önce
I'm guessing that the 14k dislikes are people that are also subscribed? xD
Theodosia Tales
Theodosia Tales - 2 aylar önce
*Jimmy is a legend.*
Misses Witch
Misses Witch - 2 aylar önce
how much of a noob can you be.. whyyyy.. just play the game and learn to play~ you can be good at any game you're interested in!