Mariah Carey - My All (Saturday Night Live, 1997)

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Warren Cadavis
Warren Cadavis - Gün önce
felipe picanço desouza
felipe picanço desouza - 2 gün önce
Ela é excepcional!!! Amo ela de mais...
Claudemir Rodrigues
Claudemir Rodrigues - 4 gün önce
Perfection at it's best
Fabio Marinho
Fabio Marinho - 6 gün önce
Essa voz de anjo! Como eu amo essa mulher 😍
Sandra Jovic
Sandra Jovic - 6 gün önce
Love Mariah always have always will, what a perfect performance here💘
charlie jeson
charlie jeson - 7 gün önce
I love u mimi
Sevigne Philip
Sevigne Philip - 7 gün önce
what an outstanding vocalist. one of the best!!!
Ancok brancok
Ancok brancok - 8 gün önce
only morissette amon from philipine can sing mariah song perfectly
Dalibor Antic
Dalibor Antic - 8 gün önce
I salute infront of the Queen! Nailed it honey!👌
Tiago Blasius
Tiago Blasius - 8 gün önce
Marcelo Ribeiro
Marcelo Ribeiro - 8 gün önce
Angelic Voice!Daydream tone
LeonLions11 - 8 gün önce
86 people don’t have their all. 😞
LeonLions11 - 8 gün önce
One of my favorite songs- best live performance. ❤️
Music Lover
Music Lover - 8 gün önce
Haters say that Mariah Carey lost her voice since 1997 . Lol
Paulo Tavares
Paulo Tavares - 9 gün önce
*Uma mulher dessa tranzava noite e dia* 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Aa Imer
Aa Imer - 9 gün önce
Otmane Morocco
Otmane Morocco - 10 gün önce
Mimilamb4life The hot guy
Mimilamb4life The hot guy - 12 gün önce
Mariah Carey the Voice Supreme
Marc Lizarondo
Marc Lizarondo - 12 gün önce
This performance should be uploaded in MC YT Channel too.
Chuck Guilherme
Chuck Guilherme - 13 gün önce
Casa comigo!?
Kmomila Sil
Kmomila Sil - 13 gün önce
Perfeição ❤
Bart Simpson
Bart Simpson - 14 gün önce
This is just totally *BEAUTIFUL*
Her hair, her face, her body, her style and off course her voice is beautiful
She deserves to be a Diva
Kaki Kwon
Kaki Kwon - 15 gün önce
She has a very wide range of notes. Rather, I prefer a lower note than her higher one.
emci - 15 gün önce
Damn I was just 18 and now I am turning 40 in couple of months 😭
Rudolph Mcneill
Rudolph Mcneill - 17 gün önce
OMG!!! How did anyone give her thumbs down? I really don't like this term for people, but some of ya'll are really haters. Saw her last night and she was FANTASTIC!!!
fahd uchiha
fahd uchiha - 17 gün önce
Yess finally original version...the best my all performance from her..
Ina Crab
Ina Crab - 18 gün önce
My fav song 😘
Trisha Madrigal
Trisha Madrigal - 18 gün önce
I missed the young Maria!!😢😢
Francesco CT46
Francesco CT46 - 18 gün önce
Jesse Saenz
Jesse Saenz - 20 gün önce
I can’t go on living in the memory of our song.. 💔😢
Cleber Candido Da Silva
Cleber Candido Da Silva - 20 gün önce
I love you Mariah
Jenaina Neves Lima
Jenaina Neves Lima - 22 gün önce
Filipe Dom
Filipe Dom - 23 gün önce
Me enche de orgulho ❤
black bird
black bird - 22 gün önce
Chloe Flourence
Chloe Flourence - 24 gün önce
When you realise this song's about Tommy Matola...
Aeon D
Aeon D - 25 gün önce
No one else can replicate this performance.....
MrTheLionKing1986 - 26 gün önce
She sang the living heaven out of this song! WOOOO
Vic Tories
Vic Tories - 27 gün önce
Impossibley possible vocals 🔥 🔟 🔟 🔟 🔟 🔟 across the board
None None
None None - 27 gün önce
This is one of her most mediocre performances from her prime years.
Señor Loco
Señor Loco - 26 gün önce
None None her voice is really tired here but she did really well!
W. Love
W. Love - 27 gün önce
She had voice but man, her stage presence is TERRIBLE!! 😷
#don't_read_my_name - 24 gün önce
unless the song is easy to sing
Matthew Pilling
Matthew Pilling - 28 gün önce
I wonder if she chose to sing this song live. This sounds like the hardest songs to sing live, ever
Ken Karapetian
Ken Karapetian - 28 gün önce
I join the chore and ask you to please keep this amazing video on YouTube. Amazing. Thank you so much for publishing this.
Rebecca Alonso
Rebecca Alonso - 28 gün önce
I love Mariah Carey she is one of my favorite singers of all time she has a beautiful voice
Proud Independent
Proud Independent - 29 gün önce
Love you Mariah forever
Magda  Sokołowska
Magda Sokołowska - 29 gün önce
Wow !! oh my god, it's beatiful, she is amazing, it's the best live Mariah on her the way to great fame !! :)
DJ Top 22
DJ Top 22 - Aylar önce
Gooooooose pumps Galore
Check Garrovillas
Check Garrovillas - Aylar önce
Perfection. 💚
Automan Lastman
Automan Lastman - Aylar önce
Her best performance is @THE TOKYO DOME "96 or 97" 200 000k people flawless @ a cellular LEVEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
Aa Imer
Aa Imer - 9 gün önce
Automan Lastman 1998 Tokyo Dome* but Sydney was better as she hit an F5 there and sounded amazing.
Automan Lastman
Automan Lastman - Aylar önce
And that was LIVE!!!.
Automan Lastman
Automan Lastman - Aylar önce
I'm gonna play the guitar and learn to sing this song 20th march Wednesday 2019 12:21am.
priscilla darling
priscilla darling - Aylar önce
pete swink
pete swink - Aylar önce
Mariah Mc
Mariah Mc - Aylar önce
My all💞
syfamn dick
syfamn dick - Aylar önce
people who disliked this should see a therapist
Echo bonx
Echo bonx - Aylar önce
How is it the sound frequency still the same even she's in and out from the microphone? Mhmmm 🙄🤔🤔
Sally Vee
Sally Vee - 21 gün önce
Andre Deco
Andre Deco - Aylar önce
MDS 😍😍
mohd syazuan
mohd syazuan - Aylar önce
17 mac 2019
Андрей Чугаев
Песня достойна лучшего исполнения
Sniper Raiders 400
Sniper Raiders 400 - Aylar önce
Like this
Анатолий Стрелков
Зачем ты покрасилась..... Ну ты ВААЩЕ. ГЛУПАЯ! ОДуМАЙСЯ! Я все прощу!
msz msz
msz msz - Aylar önce
2019 thx for like
Mohamad Khairul
Mohamad Khairul - Aylar önce
Abs diva!
Michael Anthony
Michael Anthony - Aylar önce
Nothing today is touching this. Nothing.
Pinky Borrero
Pinky Borrero - Aylar önce
2019 💕💕
Datu Rajiev Indal
Datu Rajiev Indal - Aylar önce
this version is really good. But imagine this song in Daydream era. WOW.
__ Fabe__
__ Fabe__ - Aylar önce
A lunar eclipse was reported that night, as MC commanded millions of wigs, sending them hurtling to the sky, covering the moon.
True story.
Sofia Mayandinova
Sofia Mayandinova - Aylar önce
Mark Boron
Mark Boron - Aylar önce
It's performances like these where I can see why people *think* she is lip syncing because it sounds nearly identical to the record. She always has been an extreme perfectionist on her vocals and this is 100% live. Go MC :)
SwampySack - Aylar önce
i just hope that the 2019 mariah will find it in her heart to regurgitate THIS version of mariah.
João Vítor
João Vítor - Aylar önce
This song is so hard
João Vítor
João Vítor - Aylar önce
Her best rendition of the song
Remedios Jose
Remedios Jose - Aylar önce
Love her forever
Michael Page
Michael Page - Aylar önce
She slayed this performance. She's like WHAT? NEXT?
BIEL FRAN - Aylar önce
Tempo que as divas não precisava mostrar suas bundas para o público ! 😍
Raquel Maceda
Raquel Maceda - Aylar önce
her breathing has a tune.
Daniel Herrera
Daniel Herrera - Aylar önce
Just her in Las Vegas and OMG!!!!! Best concert ever!! Love you Mariah
제리승 - Aylar önce
This video is the best^^
Mogi Broto
Mogi Broto - Aylar önce
No autotune,great👏👏👏
Bag Lady
Bag Lady - Aylar önce
Subtle and beautiful. I want to pillow to sleep with this voice.
Daenerys Targaryen
Daenerys Targaryen - Aylar önce
I don't even care if she's a diva or if she doesn't have her voice anymore. Look her performances, she can.
I was 3-4 and that was my favorite with Aaliyah.. i'm glad i grew up with those artists.
Lord Dennis Joplin Acuña
That smirk at the end. She knew she killed it!
喜感一点都不 - Aylar önce
达成成就 在YouTube上看带土豆网水印的视频
Dontrel Dontrel
Dontrel Dontrel - Aylar önce
im going to the MC Caution tour subscribe for tour reaction and reviews and hopefully likes!!!!
Marita Lopez
Marita Lopez - Aylar önce
Love 💖
La Neofita
La Neofita - Aylar önce
it's 2019 and im still crazy about her...and that song is my most favorite of all her actually in love with it! And my God, i love this woman so much i always tear up evrytime i watch her videos...there will never be another Mariah in this lifetime.... 😐😍💕
Luis Ortiz
Luis Ortiz - Aylar önce
Mariah scary used to be thin, no really pretty but better face looks that she has today!! Her voice is gone as her body
Justin Pate
Justin Pate - Aylar önce
Even if she doesn't have that range anymore, her voice still sounds like a stick of butter melting on a big ol' pile of flapjacks. She needs to do a song with Ariana. That shit would slay.
Nadaa Shaarawy
Nadaa Shaarawy - 2 aylar önce
2019 anyone?! ✌
Diego - 2 aylar önce
Ela foi fabulosa. Cantou a versão mais próxima do estúdio que já ouvi.
Jasmin Gaviola
Jasmin Gaviola - 2 aylar önce
2019! 🙋
D. B. Cortez
D. B. Cortez - 2 aylar önce
So nice
Carl John Paul Almoradie
Carl John Paul Almoradie - 2 aylar önce
What’s good in this performance is that she didn’t lip the first chorus which she usually lips nowadays, and this one’s closest to the studio version
heidelberg - 2 aylar önce
Luís Salustiano
Luís Salustiano - 2 aylar önce
She is perfect
Abducens CN VI
Abducens CN VI - 2 aylar önce
2:13 I bet she was slayed be her own "0.1-second-ago-sung highly resonant" voice
Ibaha Dinn
Ibaha Dinn - 2 aylar önce
if ever have the chance to hold her and whispered I in love with you mariah
D. B. Cortez
D. B. Cortez - 2 aylar önce
We have/ had 4 phänomenal music Artist the can really sing Life 1 . Michael jackson 2 . Freddy Mercury 3. Maria Carey 4. Elvis Presley!!! This is my opinion But alle 4 are fantastic!!!!
Ben López
Ben López - 2 aylar önce
Even though she sounds sexy as hell, this whispery technique of singing is tiring on the voice. I'm glad she can still sing and found a technique that is healthier but still very beautiful.
Señor Loco
Señor Loco - 26 gün önce
Ben López she has vocal nodules so the whispering probably comes easy because they don’t allow full vocal cord closure during these years her voice was really tired and you can see it here
what ever
what ever - 2 aylar önce
angels are singing
Matt D
Matt D - 2 aylar önce
She always pulls through, not that she needs to, she's the supreme but she perseveres because she's a true professional!!!😍😍👏👏👏 🌹 🌹 🌹
Lance Currington
Lance Currington - 2 aylar önce
True greatness. Perfection. 2019 watch this to learn how it's done.
Rodrigo Cúadroz
Rodrigo Cúadroz - 2 aylar önce
Rainha ❤