5 Things No One Ever Does with Ferrofluid

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Phoebe Nygma
Phoebe Nygma - 8 dakika önce
Why does this remind me of the black oil from X files
Behlah Kanorwala
Behlah Kanorwala - 3 saatler önce
Did you get all the ferofluid separated from the magnet and if you did how
Markus Webb
Markus Webb - 4 saatler önce
Callie; "no! What! No! What! Yes. Yay".
Me: "marry me"
DragoFury - 8 saatler önce
Can you bounce ferrofluid on a bass speaker?
Random Haydo
Random Haydo - 8 saatler önce
2:10 makes me think of spiderman 3 venom
Brandon Beck
Brandon Beck - 8 saatler önce
That doughnut looked like a fun mini trampoline when you pushed into the middle. Can it hold things?
koottungal house
koottungal house - 9 saatler önce
Do a battery inbetwean two
Magnets then in fareoflooid
bob the llama
bob the llama - 9 saatler önce
What if you put Ferro fluid in a vacuum chamber?
Shorty_ slayyys
Shorty_ slayyys - 16 saatler önce
can you use an electromagnet to pull the ferrofluid of another magnet?
Kris Messenger
Kris Messenger - 18 saatler önce
I wonder what would happen if you used acetone to break down the oil in the fluid to try and clean the magnet...
Silent Gamer
Silent Gamer - Gün önce
What would happen if you put Ferrofluid inside a vacuum chamber
Attraction Spot
Attraction Spot - Gün önce
Doesn't know the toxicity levels and its getting on there skin.
Zoey Cardinal
Zoey Cardinal - Gün önce
You should have tried to paint with it
Li Ying
Li Ying - Gün önce
kitchen knife?
Eryn Sullivan
Eryn Sullivan - Gün önce
Are they a couple ? I can never figure that out!
pSupersonic101 roblox
pSupersonic101 roblox - Gün önce
If u heat it so much the magnet will lose all its magnetism
pSupersonic101 roblox
pSupersonic101 roblox - Gün önce
Heat the magnet
dragonlvr069 - 2 gün önce
How does Ferrofluid react while on a magnet in a vacuum & is it flammable?
Keegan Hollister
Keegan Hollister - 2 gün önce
Cali:*holds a very powerful magnet closeto a phone*
Keegan Hollister
Keegan Hollister - 14 saatler önce
@DanielTheMillion cool
DanielTheMillion - 14 saatler önce
Magnets are only dangerous to spinning hard drives, not a phone because there are no moving storage media inside the phone.
Cool GamezXx 23
Cool GamezXx 23 - 2 gün önce
Bend the knee 😂😂😂
If you don't get it search the meme up it isn't a popular meme so I wouldn't be surprised 0:37 btw
DjDragonfire12 - 2 gün önce
What happens with an electromagnet?
Treat One Frozone
Treat One Frozone - 2 gün önce
Try boiling ferro fluid
Lucky Expert
Lucky Expert - 3 gün önce
What happens when you mix liquid nitrogen and oxygen? 🤔
rakshit garg
rakshit garg - 3 gün önce
can you try some experiments with aerogel
khadijah zaman
khadijah zaman - 4 gün önce
calli:"oh no,"
me:what happened (thinks she got ferro fluid on her)
calli:"oh no , i love it"
me :???
Keshia Daley
Keshia Daley - 4 gün önce
You should try putting a magnet in water then dropping Ferrofluid in the water and see how it reacts
TYC AJ - 5 gün önce
you should boil it
Natasha Smith
Natasha Smith - 5 gün önce
Put ferro fluid in a vacuum chamber
Xonio - 5 gün önce
Looks like a futuristic power cell on certain magnets
Silvermoon - 5 gün önce
Am i the only one that gets reminded of Venom?
Lisa Almanza
Lisa Almanza - 6 gün önce
Make magnetic slime with ferrofluid
Pankaj Gupta
Pankaj Gupta - 6 gün önce
one of the few channels that do not do clickbate
Yoon Mi Yoon
Yoon Mi Yoon - 6 gün önce
How will you clean the magnets???
TheSkepticalOwl Personal Channel
Robert Villanueva
Robert Villanueva - 6 gün önce
What happens when you put ferrofluid in a vacum chamber
Charles Marcoe
Charles Marcoe - 6 gün önce
2:09 looks like the venom symbiote in spider Man 3
Ocean_Blue_Emmy - 6 gün önce
U should put in a vacuum chamber and see if it moves at all or spikes without a magnet
cooper christie
cooper christie - 7 gün önce
Bug asalt
Landon Ivankovich
Landon Ivankovich - 7 gün önce
Vaccine chamber
dead red
dead red - 7 gün önce
They should do magnet vs ferrofluid to see which is stronger
Jacko Fantablissimo
Jacko Fantablissimo - 7 gün önce
WIFE: i know nothing about it!
WIFE: i did some research!
EdgarSketches - 7 gün önce
2:09 THAT.... looks liek a parasite
sherdon xavier
sherdon xavier - 7 gün önce
Legends say Calli is still washing her hands.
Brittaney Few
Brittaney Few - 7 gün önce
Are they together they cute just asking
Tasha Landrum
Tasha Landrum - 7 gün önce
If you mix ferrofluid with cuttlefish ink and or nail polish will you get magnetic nail polish?
barb deboer
barb deboer - 7 gün önce
What if you fry it?
Mandala - 7 gün önce
I have the exact same broom. XD
Nick Clark
Nick Clark - 8 gün önce
You should try the ferrofluid with electromagnets and see if it'll come off once you turn them off.
Gemilla Shireen
Gemilla Shireen - 8 gün önce
Mix ferrofluid and gallium together
Spirit West
Spirit West - 8 gün önce
You should drip ferofluid onto a magnet, video-ing with your rotating camera rig.
Phoenix Gamerz
Phoenix Gamerz - 8 gün önce
Reminds me of Splatoon
Helen Barber
Helen Barber - 8 gün önce
Randomistic - 8 gün önce
During this entire bit, I could only think of curling bombs from Splatoon
Nothing Much, Really. (An A Hat in Time fan)
That's exactly what it looks like!
TheDiamondMiner TDM
TheDiamondMiner TDM - 8 gün önce
set it on fire
UnicornNINJA 44444444
UnicornNINJA 44444444 - 9 gün önce
I feel like Nate’s solution to everything is “ Let’s dunk it in liquid nitrogen!”
Sunshine McLain
Sunshine McLain - 9 gün önce
It's venom
Rowanb93 - 9 gün önce
To get it off, you could try to put the dirty magnet in a container and put a stronger magnet outside the container to pull it off the original into a container. The container will prevent the ferrofluid from sticking to the new magnet. Just a suggestion/idea
Donovan - 9 gün önce
Get a electromagnet and do some cool stuff with that and the fluid
Chrissy Nehr
Chrissy Nehr - 9 gün önce
The bed/couch is lava in 5 4 3 2 1
Did you die?? Reply and tell me
Afshan Faisal
Afshan Faisal - 9 gün önce
that's so cool 🤔🤔🤔
Ian Anderson
Ian Anderson - 9 gün önce
It is known to stain skin
shadow ferddy
shadow ferddy - 9 gün önce
The Ferro fluid looks like venom
NoSocks4U - 9 gün önce
Put a large magnet with ferrofluid on it into a vacuum chamber then try putting just the ferrofluid in and put the vacuum chamber on a powerful magnet.
C L - 9 gün önce
You should try soaking a string in ferrofluid and see what happens with magnets
FAB Creative
FAB Creative - 10 gün önce
Do experiments with obleck if you haven't already you probably have though
Richard Goodman
Richard Goodman - 10 gün önce
WARNING! Toxicity level unknown!
Proceeds to plays with it
bob loblaw
bob loblaw - 10 gün önce
I would imagine that the cold magnets would have a stronger magnetic field, because that would reduce the thermal noise in the magnet itself and allow the atoms to align in a slightly more regular fashion... But that's just me geeking out
Amy Reid
Amy Reid - 10 gün önce
Put something burning hot on dry ice
Ng Wei Herng
Ng Wei Herng - 10 gün önce
try to frezze dry ferrofliud
Zachary Gorlin
Zachary Gorlin - 10 gün önce
They should try and make ferrofluid
XxDemonic FoxesxX
XxDemonic FoxesxX - 10 gün önce
Callie: WEEEEE! HE'S SO HAPPY! His name is Steve.
Captian poptart
Captian poptart - 10 gün önce
It looks like vemon
skababble - 10 gün önce
cover up a knife with ferro fluid, heat it like those 10000 degree knives, and then dip it in liquid nitrogen. the ultimate science "challenge"
Guinea pig Joy
Guinea pig Joy - 10 gün önce
Red bellied what’re snake
Jack D
Jack D - 10 gün önce
Can you please do 100 ways to do fun things with ferroflooid?
Mini Moses
Mini Moses - 10 gün önce
Put the ferrofluid in a vacuum chamber
BTB Gang Productions
BTB Gang Productions - 10 gün önce
Vacuum chamber
Ktlove - 11 gün önce
Are you guys dating???
kieran walker
kieran walker - 11 gün önce
*ferro fluid*
ferro fluid
-ferro fluid-
*-ferro fluid-*
TheBackup ONE
TheBackup ONE - 11 gün önce
Repaint your table with that fluid . Lol
Mako The seawing
Mako The seawing - 11 gün önce
“Oh no I love it”
Bob The Builder
Bob The Builder - 11 gün önce
Drink a pint of it then sit on a magnet 4 hours later
Michelle Arciniega
Michelle Arciniega - 11 gün önce
hi steve
Dan Globy
Dan Globy - 11 gün önce
Ferrofluid in vacuum chamber?
Franklin Loftus
Franklin Loftus - 11 gün önce
You should try grilling a water melon and putting a water melon in a vacuum chamber
Liam The Lamb
Liam The Lamb - 12 gün önce
Ferrofluid looks like spider-man symbiotes, who agrees with me?
ErgoToxin - 12 gün önce
Is ferrofluid able to be cast into things?
Elleinad Esor
Elleinad Esor - 12 gün önce
8:04 no no what no what yes yay.
Angelina Does crafts
Angelina Does crafts - 12 gün önce
Nate said “
sideways we go ,” was funny the way he said it
Lois Loves Cheese
Lois Loves Cheese - 12 gün önce
these intros...dude
Jeffery Lubinski
Jeffery Lubinski - 12 gün önce
Using it as a pnuematic bearing with a magnetic pulse from an ac current.. to try and lift something heavy for a long time with a small amount
Lost In Boston
Lost In Boston - 12 gün önce
The lack of friction makes me wonder if this stuff and the magnets could be applied to some sort of perpetual energy device to generate electricity
Lost In Boston
Lost In Boston - 8 gün önce
Oskar Ohtonen No what?
Oskar Ohtonen
Oskar Ohtonen - 9 gün önce
Moofam Borns
Moofam Borns - 12 gün önce
I want some
Parker metcalfe
Parker metcalfe - 12 gün önce
try ferrofluid with an electromagnet
Deuce II
Deuce II - 13 gün önce
It’s name is Kevin from fortnite
lord zodiac
lord zodiac - 13 gün önce
What would happen if you heated up a magnet to 1000 degrees and drip ferrofluid on top of the magnet
Rob L
Rob L - 13 gün önce
Simple.. Stronger magnet in a bag to get it off of another magnet.
GBelch gunnerthefish
GBelch gunnerthefish - 13 gün önce
Balloon in vacuum chamber
Dmgtube Channel
Dmgtube Channel - 13 gün önce
Put ferrofluid in liquid nitrogen
Itz EMILY?!?
Itz EMILY?!? - 13 gün önce
Me: seems cool
Ad:I have 450 pairs of shoes
Me: wtf