DaBaby - Intro (official music video)

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Reign - 40 dakika önce
I'm happy for the dude, he's actually talented unlike 98% of whats out rn
Settling Isnt Anoption
Settling Isnt Anoption - 41 dakika önce
Love it! What a great representation of our Black Kings
Lemar Floyd
Lemar Floyd - 41 dakika önce
I fuck with this nigga the long way 💯
Dee & Kaitlyn
Dee & Kaitlyn - 41 dakika önce
Gone be number for a while the best I have heard in a long time
Ayush Hegde
Ayush Hegde - 43 dakika önce
Lol the auto subtitles isn't actually shit
Jesus Torres
Jesus Torres - 43 dakika önce
Next big hit?
BEAST SQUAD - 45 dakika önce
yo this song made me respect him way more than I already did. respect brother
Iain Geronimo
Iain Geronimo - 45 dakika önce
1:37 people at Area 51 running away from Military
doahl - 45 dakika önce
this one of those songs when you happy you just be happy but when you listen to the lyrics it’s low key sad
Glaude's Painting ideas
Glaude's Painting ideas - 46 dakika önce
Da baby have a baby number 1 shit 👨‍💻
zaher ismail
zaher ismail - 48 dakika önce
This is it right here 🔥🔥🔥
RACKS † - 48 dakika önce
Where this nigga DaBaby record this at in Jumanji?
Isaac Massey
Isaac Massey - 49 dakika önce
My condolences for your father🙏🏽
Phillip Boyd
Phillip Boyd - 49 dakika önce
This is garbage.
michael Anderson
michael Anderson - 50 dakika önce
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Romario king
Romario king - 50 dakika önce
I was here when it was 2 and then 1
Chaeyen Norcilien
Chaeyen Norcilien - 51 dakika önce
Have this song on replay ‼️
Red Author
Red Author - 52 dakika önce
Black men tend to follow what they think is “cool” so I applaud baby for stepping out the box and preaching to these dudes and for letting them know you can be a “real nigga” AND take care of your kids 🗣👏🏾
Buck Tv
Buck Tv - 52 dakika önce
Jazmin Snow
Jazmin Snow - 52 dakika önce
1,000SubscribersWithoutANameOrVideo ___
“Intro” to what tho 🤔🤔🤔🤔
prince don
prince don - 53 dakika önce
Best song of 2019
Paul Vee
Paul Vee - 53 dakika önce
Did he really throw in a line bout Martin and Gena... ? every record is fire from this dude.
Laylüh Michèllé
Laylüh Michèllé - 53 dakika önce
prince don
prince don - 53 dakika önce
Zaariah Suddeth
Zaariah Suddeth - 53 dakika önce
This go hard👍🏽
nicholas betters
nicholas betters - 54 dakika önce
This is trash ‘
HIG TV - 54 dakika önce
she got dababy's eyesss omggg
Lotyle Lemon
Lotyle Lemon - 54 dakika önce
The beat tho 🔥....
You killed it
Marlonzo Smith
Marlonzo Smith - 55 dakika önce
Da Baby leaving Area 51 with ATVs
Emma Gaming
Emma Gaming - 56 dakika önce
Video asu
Joseph Vernon
Joseph Vernon - 56 dakika önce
He need to collab with drake next
BootL3gK1ng - 56 dakika önce
#bootl3k1ng #561
Cali Williams
Cali Williams - 56 dakika önce
The man doin his shit! 🔥💯
Hector Diaz
Hector Diaz - 56 dakika önce
Yo if you unlike this you tripping tbh
Raúl - 56 dakika önce
aye #1 trending!
Rachael Small
Rachael Small - 57 dakika önce
this is dope
boostratiktok - 57 dakika önce
Funny Ironic Tik Tok Challenges Amazing Videos
AZsummersarehot veryhot
AZsummersarehot veryhot - 58 dakika önce
The goat put you at the top of the charts but he has little interest in giving you eternal life.
S U - 58 dakika önce
The beats giving me Kanye vibez
ChubbyPuppy85 - 59 dakika önce
O u e
Nick Bernath
Nick Bernath - 59 dakika önce
Ahhhh, music that shows how stupid people are today
Samuel Haynes
Samuel Haynes - Saatler önce
Best Rapper. 🔥 I can feel his pain and anger in his rap. But lyrically better than other "real but hard" type rappers. #babyseason
Cyndia Dawson Hammonds
Cyndia Dawson Hammonds - Saatler önce
I listen to all your words.. I am impressed.. I don't understand why everybody dislikes rap I get it great job
Dick Tator
Dick Tator - Saatler önce
Rip tipac
Parus Boghani
Parus Boghani - Saatler önce
This needs to be louder
No No
No No - Saatler önce
not feeling it
My lord is a Good lord
My lord is a Good lord - Saatler önce
2.6 mill ina day dam
Junior Ca
Junior Ca - Saatler önce
Bueatyfull bro i l'ost my dad, ans have parties m'y sister you sound touche me long life bless
Sergio Navarro
Sergio Navarro - Saatler önce
Micheal Waithe
Micheal Waithe - Saatler önce
My daughter has that same cup.
Lost Cat
Lost Cat - Saatler önce
Tha'er Al Herini
Tha'er Al Herini - Saatler önce
Dee Gentry
Dee Gentry - Saatler önce
My shit cant wait to bounce on a song wit my mansss
li sa
li sa - Saatler önce
Yay.........i got a song for tiktok😁😁
Madison Dennis
Madison Dennis - Saatler önce
Dababy is a genius, can’t wait to see more from him!!
Lil XXEL - Saatler önce
Jamal Jay
Jamal Jay - Saatler önce
Donald Trump
Donald Trump - Saatler önce
now he raps like he wasnt acting like a clown ass rapper hes fucken trash like anyone can rap like him or better he just got signed LMAO
Broncos Country
Broncos Country - Saatler önce
Da Infant