Body Painting Clothes On The Dolan Twins

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Storm - 18 dakika önce
𝘿𝙤𝙣’𝙩 𝙍𝙚𝙖𝙙 𝙈𝙤𝙧𝙚

You gonna have an Amazing year in 2019 łïkè this comment and śúbśćrïbê to me to Activate
Storm - 18 dakika önce
𝘿𝙤𝙣’𝙩 𝙍𝙚𝙖𝙙 𝙈𝙤𝙧𝙚

You gonna have a great luck for 2019 łïkè this comment and śúbśćrïbê to me to Activate
Cleo Schneider
Cleo Schneider - 18 dakika önce
Why is jeffree here hahahahaha
Kate Diuguid
Kate Diuguid - 18 dakika önce
when i saw the pic on Grayson’s insta i thought he just bought a sick new LV bodysuit
Jessica Bahl
Jessica Bahl - 18 dakika önce
Anyone else LOVE seeing George and Sasha from FaceOff?? Would LOVE LOVE to the see the making of the Alien for Jeffree's photo shoot that George worked on!!
Ellie Rhinier
Ellie Rhinier - 18 dakika önce
I just came here for the Ethma tea
Allie G
Allie G - 19 dakika önce
yaaaaasssss from FACE OFF to working with Lipstick Nick // Jeffree!! OMGGGGG GET IT GEORGE!!
Montserrat Romero
Montserrat Romero - 19 dakika önce
“Am I being a good canvas “
Melody Field
Melody Field - 19 dakika önce
The Dolan twins look like Robbie Rotten from lazytown.
Rocket Otaku
Rocket Otaku - 19 dakika önce
Why is there a guy dressed up as a woman?
Elife Pulaj
Elife Pulaj - 19 dakika önce
Why is no one talking about the hickey on ethans chest? Ahahahhaa
K D - 19 dakika önce
Am I the only one who doesnt know who the Dolan twins are....
LS - 19 dakika önce
“Jealous boyfriend waiting at home” good luck JS.
Molly Mayo
Molly Mayo - 20 dakika önce
Pls like my comment my grandma died today 😢😭
Zoe Hansen
Zoe Hansen - 20 dakika önce
Jeffree is so dignified
Rose O’Bryan
Rose O’Bryan - 20 dakika önce
never a dull day in the world of jeffree star
Georgi Fraser
Georgi Fraser - 20 dakika önce
Yess Jeffery has 13million
Liccy Fuentes
Liccy Fuentes - 20 dakika önce
I love Jeff! - that all i wanted to say :D
Raphael018 - 20 dakika önce
‪Please repent of your homosexuality and effeminacy and follow the Lord Jesus. Don’t choose burning forever in Hell. Please read God’s word to find out more about him. Don’t harden your heart to him. Please repent before it’s too late. Will u be ready when he returns?‬
Akuila Ratuyada
Akuila Ratuyada - 20 dakika önce
Peaches Peaches
Peaches Peaches - 21 dakika önce
" the LV it's going the right way if it's not it's counterfeit" lol 😂😂😂 Jesus loves you jefree❤❤🐙😘😘😘 xoxoxo
Alex Martin
Alex Martin - 21 dakika önce
Love that band reference that Jeffree made near the end.
Vogue Of Today
Vogue Of Today - 22 dakika önce
Omg so cute sister haha
ana marquez
ana marquez - 22 dakika önce
They’re #2 on trending yesss
RoseyPoseyBee -
RoseyPoseyBee - - 22 dakika önce
we need to like this and view it more so it gets #1 on trending
Katie Atz
Katie Atz - 22 dakika önce
I love the way Jeffree an Nicole hold hands ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Panic! At the Chemical Fall Out Piløts
I normally don’t care for “fashion” because I wear more casual clothing(broke culture) and it looks a bit over the top but I actually like the style of the jacket jeffree is wearing
Maddy Pigott
Maddy Pigott - 22 dakika önce
Everyone judging Graysons outfit I think it looks better ngl
ryan shewmaker
ryan shewmaker - 23 dakika önce
That purple thing... I just can't
SociallyAwkward Potato
SociallyAwkward Potato - 23 dakika önce
Alcohol paints after waxing sounds so fucking painful
Cookies For Molly
Cookies For Molly - 24 dakika önce
She's wearing james' merch
Yas shishters
kalind adhikari
kalind adhikari - 24 dakika önce
This is Gay x infinity. 🏳️‍🌈⃠ 卐🏳️‍🌈⃠ 卐🏳️‍🌈⃠ 卐
NUNNA URBIZNEZ - 25 dakika önce
I don't think iconic means what Jeffree think it means...
Pootatoo Frankie
Pootatoo Frankie - 25 dakika önce
Lol #2 right after the Dolan twins
Michelle Preston
Michelle Preston - 25 dakika önce
Nate is *QUAKING*
Linda Maria Olop
Linda Maria Olop - 26 dakika önce
Ethan looks like he has a shirt on. Grayson not dat much. Good job tho:)
Rahmeen Waqas
Rahmeen Waqas - 26 dakika önce
Was.i the only one that notices ethan had a hickey😂😂
Stephanie Resendiz
Stephanie Resendiz - 26 dakika önce
Jeffree you need to do a video on that makeup look! So snatched queen
Darcy Schraufnagel
Darcy Schraufnagel - 26 dakika önce
Omg George from FaceOff!!!
OP Generation
OP Generation - 26 dakika önce
Bre Ann Carlisle
Bre Ann Carlisle - 26 dakika önce
You should do a review on the new kiss magnetic eye lashes.
Roblox__Storys Xoxo
Roblox__Storys Xoxo - 26 dakika önce
I missed them so much 😭💋
editinglenzie - 27 dakika önce
I saw graysons Instagram and I thought that outfit was real lmao.
LeagueOfLexie - 27 dakika önce
honestly the collab i needed
Jayce Dobson
Jayce Dobson - 27 dakika önce
Who came here from the Dolan twins video
T T - 27 dakika önce
Love how lipstick nick is wearing sister James mercy
belleza total
belleza total - 27 dakika önce
i love the hair
gaming clips
gaming clips - 28 dakika önce
Your 2019 is cursed leave a subscribe to undo the effect
Miles Arroyo
Miles Arroyo - 28 dakika önce
*So literally the same video is on trending for #1 and #2 this just proves YouTube’s algorithm is broken and paid for*
Crazy Man
Crazy Man - 28 dakika önce
imagine how hard it was for the twins....
Chris Sanchez
Chris Sanchez - 28 dakika önce
Poor baby’s 🤧😫 y’all looked a little awkward.. but overall good content!!
طريق إلى الطبيه
طريق إلى الطبيه - 28 dakika önce
الله يسامحكم
The puppy squad For life
The puppy squad For life - 29 dakika önce
Lol James face when he see the vid he’ll be like “that should be me” 😂😂
Megan Sarah
Megan Sarah - 29 dakika önce
Am I THE ONLY ONE here for George Troester?! I have a feeling I might be...
Kimberley Massey
Kimberley Massey - 29 dakika önce
Ethan painted all white halfway through looks like a fucking marble statue.
Skye_is_da_ limit
Skye_is_da_ limit - 29 dakika önce
The way jeffree held nickis hand reminded of me and my best friend 😂❤
Dani Chng
Dani Chng - 30 dakika önce
17:04 ethan looks like a wax figure or a statue lol XD
MeMe____ __
MeMe____ __ - 30 dakika önce
Been waiting for this collab !
Karla Katinka Falk
Karla Katinka Falk - 30 dakika önce
omg, i love how you just casually hold hands, i do it too with my friends, but i just love that you do it on camera so naturally!! love!
Boopidy Boop
Boopidy Boop - 30 dakika önce
*Dear Jeffree’s editor:*
*_You could make a playlist with your favourite NCS songs, ‘cause your taste is so good!_*
Texas bass Masters
Texas bass Masters - 30 dakika önce
How can someone be so messed up to want to be that transgender and gay like wow it's Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve
Oh Yeah Yeah
Oh Yeah Yeah - 30 dakika önce
fucking dragon ball z freiza looking ass nigga
Gravitation3Beatles3 - 30 dakika önce
They have overly straight guy voices
virginia guidi
virginia guidi - 30 dakika önce
Can we just about jeffree's amazing wig, like SHISHTER SNATCHED
Sana Dogar
Sana Dogar - 30 dakika önce
That is incredible. The art 😲🎨👌
Diego Rivas
Diego Rivas - 30 dakika önce
Kimberly Portillo
Kimberly Portillo - 30 dakika önce
George and sasha?! From face off?!?!?
Wesley Mcspadden
Wesley Mcspadden - 31 dakika önce
Subscribe to Doublemoose to help PewdiePie please
It's Raven
It's Raven - 31 dakika önce
Both videos are trending lol
♥️♥️Brad♥️♥️ - 31 dakika önce
Spoon Bear
Spoon Bear - 31 dakika önce
You're getting paid for this video, but it's the amazing artists who should be getting the credit.
Jasmine Pinon
Jasmine Pinon - 31 dakika önce
The marching band reference hit home
That ART life
That ART life - 31 dakika önce
Jeffree make babies with me.
That ART life
That ART life - 31 dakika önce
6:57- jeffree doing his best not to look at their bodies.
Hi Free Subs Here
Hi Free Subs Here - 32 dakika önce
The lady with purple hair sounds like a drag queen
anthony carrillo
anthony carrillo - 21 dakika önce
Andrei Tresvalles
Andrei Tresvalles - 32 dakika önce
Who's ethan and who's grayson?
SilverHints - 32 dakika önce
This shit is 1 and 2 in trending
RM.AWESOME - 32 dakika önce
Ethan: so many people complimenting my ass😂
Hajar Adam
Hajar Adam - 33 dakika önce
grayson: *nipples are hard*
Andrey Kulevih
Andrey Kulevih - 33 dakika önce
это накрашеный в пиджачке похож на главного босса у пидоров
Gretchen Seidel
Gretchen Seidel - 33 dakika önce
omg the marching band reference, i cannot!!!
Jawed Adhi
Jawed Adhi - 33 dakika önce
The once twins look like ronaldo❤
Haydee Noriega
Haydee Noriega - 33 dakika önce
this then the vlog squad being with James Charles. what's next?
Theresa Delaney
Theresa Delaney - 34 dakika önce
They shouldve taped his nipples like they do girls. If they would've it wouldve looked more legit
Leo -
Leo - - 34 dakika önce
what kind of gender is this...
JTGamer1548 - 34 dakika önce
You just hit 13 million subscribers
M P - 34 dakika önce
That's Sasha and George from FACE OFF! I'm fangirling more over them than anyone else!!!!!
Danielle Logan
Danielle Logan - 34 dakika önce
I kinda feel like body painting a guy would be harder than a girl if they get hard
Just imagine that😂
Garrett Thompson
Garrett Thompson - 34 dakika önce
The fact that The Dolan Twins and Jeffree are trending #1 & #2 🧡🧡🧡🧡
Nitzan Amichai
Nitzan Amichai - 34 dakika önce
I want their job!😍😂
Grace Passmore
Grace Passmore - 34 dakika önce
I was watching this and when Jeffrey held up the Louis Vuitton stencil up against James’ merch I was like they need to collab. Like if you think James x Louis Vuitton
katherine hochstetler
katherine hochstetler - 35 dakika önce
Hold the brushes
*𝐧𝐨 𝐨𝐧𝐞 𝐭𝐚𝐤𝐞𝐬 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐛𝐫𝐮𝐬𝐡𝐞𝐬
SUB TO PEWDS - 35 dakika önce
Mimi Girl
Mimi Girl - 35 dakika önce
Good to see you he twins back in action
Spencer Wilmore
Spencer Wilmore - 35 dakika önce
chorus nerds know the bend your knees struggle
Kai Armstrong
Kai Armstrong - 36 dakika önce
Rut Sandoval Mateos
Rut Sandoval Mateos - 36 dakika önce
Jeffre, Hello!! Hola, eres muy gracioso...😊
A M A N I - 37 dakika önce
6:56 *james has entered the chat*
Me TV - 37 dakika önce

Our time is coming to a hault