PARENTS REACT TO OUR NEW SONG! "You Know You Lit ft. Lil Pump"

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Lucas and Marcus
Lucas and Marcus - 4 gün önce
Jakobi Lee
Jakobi Lee - 3 gün önce
Noooooo don’t delete it I love it
Andrea Huffman
Andrea Huffman - 3 gün önce
I have never got a give away
VIII Elstaroth PaganGrinder VIII
Hope one of you catch the virus
Sandra Jimenez
Sandra Jimenez - 3 gün önce
Lucas and Marcus 👑👑👑👑👑👍👍
Danasha Lopez
Danasha Lopez - 43 dakika önce
Are you going to parents are going to react to it they're going to say yes or
Damyre Ausborne
Damyre Ausborne - 44 dakika önce
I did everything you wanted me to do I saw your video and all of my friends make fun of me cuz they have iPhones and I have Samsung
Edwin Ramirez
Edwin Ramirez - 44 dakika önce
ItZ MaDdYy
ItZ MaDdYy - 45 dakika önce
iPhone entry
Why : because my parents are having financial problems , an it’s hard for me to buy things if so. I have to save my money
@ forevaa.maddyy_
Isabella Milks
Isabella Milks - 46 dakika önce
I really need a phone plsssssss
Adventures with Dalla 0
Adventures with Dalla 0 - 47 dakika önce
Slick Gio
Slick Gio - 48 dakika önce
Miguel Zapata
Miguel Zapata - 49 dakika önce
Jaileon Jimerson
Jaileon Jimerson - 50 dakika önce
its lit
Dude Azan
Dude Azan - 50 dakika önce
hugo carvalho
hugo carvalho - 51 dakika önce
Patty Marie
Patty Marie - 51 dakika önce
Iphone entry I subcribed @DouglasJames
marie pegeas
marie pegeas - 57 dakika önce
i love your new song it is good i love lil pump is the best rep so and lucas and marcus
Terese Davern
Terese Davern - 59 dakika önce
I would give it 1000/10
miki gamer
miki gamer - Saatler önce
plz can i get the iphone i had a old phone for so long heres my instagram @petkovski.mihail_10
david Harringer
david Harringer - Saatler önce
Ok I'm a big fan
Ramon Jacobs
Ramon Jacobs - Saatler önce
Hi can I plz have the I phone 11 I subscribed to Cyrus and Christina and Avenida are you guys so can I please have and I love you guys ❤️😘
Latisha Lee
Latisha Lee - Saatler önce
Arinze Uzoma
Arinze Uzoma - Saatler önce
I'm glad we can finally comment on their song.
Omar and The team
Omar and The team - Saatler önce
"IPhone entry"
I need this iphone because my phone is really slow and I since we are quarantined I need it to do my school work. Also in school every time a iPhone user walks pass me they say "android" and it's annoying I hope I win this iPhone so they can stop making fun of me❤❤ @omar.jerez
Kharyn Gian
Kharyn Gian - Saatler önce
WHY: last november 2019 i have a android phone then it's already crack and the is screen is not working anymore and until now i'm just borrowing a phone to my boyfriend so that i answer all my online classwork . the biggest problem is that my boyfriend is no phone to use starting on march 12 and it's already lockdown here in the philippines until now march 29 myboyfriend is no phone and i'm in online class now it's so hard for me because the phone is not mine.. i'm very hoping to win that iphone and i never experience to use expensive brands of phone because i really don't have a money to buy . THANKYOOOU SO MUCH , TAKE CARE , GOD BLESS LUCAS AND MARCUS
Bitt Vlogs
Bitt Vlogs - Saatler önce
Key Harris
Key Harris - Saatler önce
Valena English
Valena English - Saatler önce
You guys is the best
Miriam Perez
Miriam Perez - Saatler önce
“iPhone entry” “done” why I would give it to my mom it would come in handy
Alwina Delacruz
Alwina Delacruz - Saatler önce
I phone entry
Because my mom is to old and she have sick and she didn’t buy me because to buy her medicine i hope i wom
JS2SGamer - Saatler önce
XBOX PSPOO - Saatler önce
U turned comments off music video pathetic
Angel Wilson
Angel Wilson - Saatler önce
IPhone entry I liked and my insta is @angeljadewilson10 alos I have subscribed and followed u on every social media that i have
ツRevenge - Saatler önce
“iPhone entry”
Would really like to win a giveaway, little sister a big fan
Ataliey Ovalle
Ataliey Ovalle - Saatler önce
Zeina Defarez
Zeina Defarez - Saatler önce
Xhi The Cool Guy
Xhi The Cool Guy - Saatler önce
Xavion Osborne
Xavion Osborne - Saatler önce
Infinity Tj
Infinity Tj - Saatler önce
Wow..delete the video😓wow😥
fans dobre brothers
fans dobre brothers - Saatler önce
Subscribe fans
Qais albalushi
Qais albalushi - Saatler önce
I phone entry done:ig:u.2.q
Jimena Prudencio
Jimena Prudencio - Saatler önce
Why: I really being trying to get the iPhone 11 for so long but my parents can effort the IPhone 11 I hope I have good luck this time 🥺, I love u guys ur guys are the best I wish u guys and your family the best ❤️!
Jimena Prudencio
Jimena Prudencio - Saatler önce
I forgot something u guys can contact me ig- judith503_ I wish you all good luck ❤️ stay positive
Infinity Tj
Infinity Tj - Saatler önce
Lil pump and cyrus is my fav part and marcus
Alejandro Martinez
Alejandro Martinez - Saatler önce
pewds plays
pewds plays - Saatler önce
Now i hate lil Pump
Infinity Tj
Infinity Tj - Saatler önce
I have a iPhone pro
Iman Elyazgi
Iman Elyazgi - Saatler önce
I have an iPhone 11 Pro Max but my mom doesn’t I live in Germany and all stores are closed my moms birthday is in a week and I really want to give her something special maybe I could win?!I watched all you’re videos and I follow both this channel and on the Dobre brothers channel. Hope I win.
ZeeTheBest 1
ZeeTheBest 1 - Saatler önce
iPhone entry done @ZEEXHD123 on insta
ZeeTheBest 1
ZeeTheBest 1 - Saatler önce
Daniela Medina
Daniela Medina - Saatler önce
Love your song I cannot stop whacking ❤️🥰🥰
Beauty Girl
Beauty Girl - Saatler önce
"Iphone Entry"
Why: Because I Want This Iphone for My sister. Its Her Birthday On april 7 And My Parents Can't Afford an Iphone.
Ayesha Usman
Ayesha Usman - Saatler önce
iPhone entery done
Why : because my parents can’t afford it an d I really want a new one
Daniel Babb
Daniel Babb - Saatler önce
@yk_young_babb really want for me n my mom
Mayrelis Camacho
Mayrelis Camacho - Saatler önce
Anna Melott
Anna Melott - Saatler önce
Fun for Tony
Fun for Tony - Saatler önce
I commented on moms puobe
Denis pelagiev
Denis pelagiev - Saatler önce
Iphone entry
Why:because i won't firts time for my life i have a iphone
Fun for Tony
Fun for Tony - Saatler önce
Please cami have I don’t have a phone to call in case of emergency
Fun for Tony
Fun for Tony - Saatler önce
ZZZ Shawnyyy
ZZZ Shawnyyy - Saatler önce
I phone entry why because I really want to help my mom out and get her a new phone cause she really needs a new one
Alesya Mlisa
Alesya Mlisa - Saatler önce
Cupid Lover
Cupid Lover - Saatler önce
Alesya Mlisa
Alesya Mlisa - Saatler önce
Kieth Dominic Lim
Kieth Dominic Lim - Saatler önce
WHY : last december 2019 i have a iphone 6 and it's already damage and until now i don't have a phone I'm just borrowing phone to my grandmother and i really don't have a money to buy a new phone 😥 . If you give me chance that is the biggest gift for because on monday is my birthday . Godbless to the both of you lucas and marcus❤️
Radu Rostas
Radu Rostas - Saatler önce
You Lucas you are so ugly Marcus is better then you because is single I love Marcus
Aaron B
Aaron B - Saatler önce
I wish to be like u guys one day
Aaron B
Aaron B - Saatler önce
U guys r great and very inspirational
XxJulia xX
XxJulia xX - Saatler önce
iPhone entry
Why: i really need a new Phone because of school and my phones really laggy and i need a new one for school work but i cant really afford one right now because of everything that is happening. Btw keep safe and stay at home
Valentina Artusa
Valentina Artusa - Saatler önce
I love you guys

Xiomara Ortiz-Ponce
Xiomara Ortiz-Ponce - Saatler önce
Marc Luistro
Marc Luistro - Saatler önce
Iphone Entry
@Luizzek : Instagram Account
I want to win this giveaway cause my phone have a many problems and I'm using this Iphone SE for almost 4years and my parents can't afford to buy me a new one because we are not rich at all please give me a chance to win this giveaways thankyou btw I'm in Philippines 🥺❤️
victoria makovozs
victoria makovozs - Saatler önce
Not trying to be rude but I saw a Christmas tree in the corner
Aiyana Burks
Aiyana Burks - Saatler önce
IPhone entry
Why: I live in Chicago which is a bad bad town and My parents can't afford a phone like that so I really hope I get a phone. I hear gun shots at least every day so I am hoping I get a iPhone
London Brown
London Brown - Saatler önce
I’m on my iPad
Karen Shaw
Karen Shaw - Saatler önce
@ITZ_J.A.I.D.Y.N an Instagram
Karen Shaw
Karen Shaw - Saatler önce
Its not working on the music video
London Brown
London Brown - Saatler önce
Done and why I want this iPhone is because mine broke and my parents don’t have enough money to buy another one or get it fixed
kelsey6 Perse
kelsey6 Perse - 2 saatler önce
Royal Queen bee of famous  gold and Jake
Do last to sit on couples wins 10000000,0000000,000,0000,
Zcool Gamer
Zcool Gamer - 2 saatler önce
I need a phone but it's not always going to be me but I hope
savagemya0305 washington
savagemya0305 washington - 2 saatler önce
“iPhone entry
Why: because I want to become YouTubed and since I can’t afford a camera I want to start off small with a good quality camera. It has been my dream to become a YouTuber ever since I was young. I used to make YouTube videos but because of the bad camera quality I ended up stop trying. And I can start doing photography. Someone might need it more than me but this is just my reason. Thank you for being nice enough to give away a phone.
queen. Jariyah
queen. Jariyah - 2 saatler önce
@queen.jariyah some more of mine @famous.jariyah
Jessica Lashua
Jessica Lashua - 2 saatler önce
Can you guys give me merch
Jessica Lashua
Jessica Lashua - 2 saatler önce
I love the song!!!!!