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Spud The great
Spud The great - 2 gün önce
Is your throughly Ok😆 those dinosaur noises
Anarkisti - 3 gün önce
15:55 daddy bein smart n all
Darren Hutchinson
Darren Hutchinson - 3 gün önce
Them shouting is probably more content
Alec Clayton-Jones
Alec Clayton-Jones - 6 gün önce
Vik you don't know how to use the f word correctly
Martin Gaita
Martin Gaita - 6 gün önce
Harry..vik should we shag..I died 😂😂
Gabriel Gaming
Gabriel Gaming - 6 gün önce
Did just Simon sound like a velociraptor
Nathanael Arvy
Nathanael Arvy - 7 gün önce
vik playin dota underlords. yeet
Gaming with Boomer
Gaming with Boomer - 8 gün önce
Simon goes into cupboard at 19:25 to look for Vik and Harry then comes out at 19:38 to see this
Matthew Bradford
Matthew Bradford - 8 gün önce
So many ads
AKA_Chooch - 9 gün önce
fat behz better than flex behz
Nick Cooper
Nick Cooper - 9 gün önce
5:45 Ethan and Tobi 😂😂
Nick Cooper
Nick Cooper - 9 gün önce
2:13 Ethan's face omg 😂😂
Warrenti - 10 gün önce
I like JJ not giving effort like its funny
James Stevenson
James Stevenson - 11 gün önce
20:09 what a prick ruining it for Harry and Vik
LatvianTHatMaYbEisJaPaneS E
LatvianTHatMaYbEisJaPaneS E - 11 gün önce
I like Ethan in the hide and seek
Mouse Pad
Mouse Pad - 11 gün önce
behzinga and zerka the best bro
Sophie Smith
Sophie Smith - 11 gün önce
when Josh and JJ win 😂👌
FoxyPirateFox9054 - 13 gün önce
Simon seeks.
CrHzRs - 17 gün önce
JJ seeks
Jimmy S.
Jimmy S. - 17 gün önce
Josh and JJ are like some people from monthy Python
A1 Mattice
A1 Mattice - 19 gün önce
Josh and jj are so akward in this video 😂
Killarney School of English
Killarney School of English - 21 gün önce
Looks like Ethan’s second diss track Finished
ツLachy - 22 gün önce
13:31 had me dead
Amira - Aylar önce
He sounded like Tobi when he said "really??" 9:21
Brady Ross
Brady Ross - Aylar önce
Ethan is obviously gonna be the best
Jack McConnell
Jack McConnell - Aylar önce
do tip lol
Retro Piggy
Retro Piggy - Aylar önce
13:28 i dont think he smelled people i think it might have been something else
JNTC - Aylar önce
11:17 when bez is home alone
セバスチャン - Aylar önce
JJ seeks
Robin - Aylar önce
Doing squats to look thicc for Halloween while watching
Cp3 Pass
Cp3 Pass - Aylar önce
official-shadow XD
official-shadow XD - Aylar önce
Jj dont seek
DJ Street Kid
DJ Street Kid - Aylar önce
Two Nigerians together tobi and Ethan
Shoaib Nuk4 Productions786
Team 1 - Worst Fortnite win rate and Indian
Team 2 - Black Pinocchio and The guy who used to be fat
Team 3 - Logan Paul and ILLUMINATE
And SlenderMan
Erin Hellmann
Erin Hellmann - Aylar önce
i wanna be on tobi and ethan's team they having some funnn
daniyal ali
daniyal ali - Aylar önce
W2s and vik actually won
HeadShoot19 - Aylar önce
JJ seeks next time.
ADAM DA BOSS - Aylar önce
simon: im doing this for hide and seek *goes in girls bathroom*
also simon: *forgets the whole sidemen and hopes to find a girl
Jo Johnson
Jo Johnson - Aylar önce
JJ seeking
Lucy Evans
Lucy Evans - Aylar önce
KSI seeking next time