Inside The Mind of Jake Paul

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Georgie Steven
Georgie Steven - Saatler önce
Hear before 10 mil anybody?
Artemis - Saatler önce
Oh my god it’s about to get 10 mil views yaaaas Shane
Maxine Almen
Maxine Almen - Saatler önce
longest video + Shane =MOST AMAZING FINALE
Isak Persson
Isak Persson - Saatler önce
Jessica Archbold
Jessica Archbold - Saatler önce
here before 10 million views !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! comment JP and the amount of views when u watched
MommaD In Recovery 101
MommaD In Recovery 101 - Saatler önce
you did an amazing job on this shane! I absolutely loved watching every one! congrats buddy! muah!
AR_reaper GP
AR_reaper GP - Saatler önce
48:50 logan paul
Belen Avalos
Belen Avalos - Saatler önce
Jake Paul is lying through all of this I feel no sympathy for him it doesn’t matter how you were raised you decide what kind of person your gonna be
Prestige Doge
Prestige Doge - Saatler önce
What’s the first song at the beginning
Izzy Cox
Izzy Cox - Saatler önce
5 ads on one video 🤑👏🏼
Heinzel Nueno
Heinzel Nueno - Saatler önce
Ray-Z - Saatler önce
Here before 10Million anyone?
ImKnoxyJr - Saatler önce
Honestly hope Jake has a better path now realizing his mistakes.
GTAGammer22 - Saatler önce
Spider-Man PS4 Same Story as Jake if u get it Leave a like
Jersey Travels
Jersey Travels - Saatler önce
I am so nervous for this episode, I am half way through this video and I don't know what to expect ahh help me
ahronical - Saatler önce
I think Jake Paul is just really really unintelligent, to put it mildly. He does things out of not knowing better, and I’m not sure he really deserved the platform Shane offered him on a silver platter.
Cherine Diana
Cherine Diana - Saatler önce
Shane deserves a long break now. Well done Shane and Andrew!
Jayson Spear
Jayson Spear - Saatler önce
Next you should do Logan Paul
That_Girl_from_Math - Saatler önce
I'm sure it's already been brought up, but I'm pretty sure there are laws regulating television shows from advertising in the actual show itself.
Autumn Brinegar
Autumn Brinegar - Saatler önce
You have to have responsibility like spider man 😂😂😂
Burtasaurus Rex
Burtasaurus Rex - Saatler önce
I still think he's an arrogant immature turd....but now he's human. Now he's not some evil creature. He's a human. And that shit with his brother, I wouldn't wish that on anyone.
Tenchou - Saatler önce
I am so proud of you Shane. This video was fantastic! Loved it and I finally understand Jake more. Never really looked into this whole drama, but it looked hella complicated. I am also impressed that Jake talked to you. You could really see him struggle and I hope that you guys will find happiness. Great Job you guys
Lakeisha Wilhelm
Lakeisha Wilhelm - Saatler önce
And shanes trying to explain why parents maybe might not want there kids to watch....and jakes just making excuses i think he need therapy
Techon - Saatler önce
Dislike. I hate both the Paul Brothers and shane.
Gracie Garner
Gracie Garner - Saatler önce
Shane Dawson did it, he made me feel bad for jake Paul
Olivia Winesett
Olivia Winesett - Saatler önce
number one on trending shane omg congrats!!!!🤩🤩💓💓
jenlolo - Saatler önce
So he admits they Indeed weren't dating, so I don't see the problem with she going to his brother
Pand3 R
Pand3 R - Saatler önce
1 hr of straight shit
muffins&mendes Yeet
muffins&mendes Yeet - Saatler önce
Shane is gaining a sub every second *sHoOk*
Kat Gallina
Kat Gallina - Saatler önce
im kinda upset that this series is over. it’s just so good.
Alexander Deval
Alexander Deval - Saatler önce
Shane is becoming YouTube Dr Phil
vanrey argo santiago
vanrey argo santiago - Saatler önce
Ya maybe this whole series was just a big mistake.
Winifred Allen
Winifred Allen - Saatler önce
This was a good series. Now i wanna go back and watch the series he did with Graveyard Girl lol!
Diane De Castro
Diane De Castro - Saatler önce
I feel sorry for Jake cause he gets the hate from people while investors just get money off him without harming their names.
Pijus Mačiulis
Pijus Mačiulis - Saatler önce
The sad music plus shane's expressions at the end sent me.
agatha hurley
agatha hurley - Saatler önce
I know id never be like, idk.. a pauler? Jake paulers? or whatever but I respect him now and don't think He is a bad person. I mean everyone makes mistakes. and it just so happened to be Jake, put on the internet, for millions people to see. and everything he has done for people and then drama starts, then for those people to twist the plot or make them seem innocent makes me sick.. but then again nobody in this whole thing is innocent not even Jake. 2019 will be a better year for Jake. sorry... that was my little rant lmao.. have a nice day xx
Rosse Dits
Rosse Dits - Saatler önce
Kat C
Kat C - Saatler önce
iony - Saatler önce
Same 😩
Swagger Man123
Swagger Man123 - Saatler önce
The Mind if Shane Dawson
GodOfMischief _Loki
GodOfMischief _Loki - Saatler önce
T e a
MrDJ9878 - Saatler önce
The ending of this video made me realize not only how far Jake has come as a person, but also Shane. I remember watching Shane when he first started making videos and to see the experiences hes had over the years make him wiser and bring out more of his own creativity makes me so proud. Congrats Shane and Andrew on the series, this was very eye opening.
Denise Michelle
Denise Michelle - Saatler önce
Shane you deserve a break buddy. You and andrew did phenomenal on this and I hope more good things come your way! Take some time to recuperate and breathe. All the best 😘
Gaming with Hamza
Gaming with Hamza - Saatler önce
The end ING song is bitter heart thanks me later
Life Awesome dude
Life Awesome dude - Saatler önce
Now all are talk like jake is good and logan is bad
Jakepaul:shane our mission is success
Male Prostitute
Male Prostitute - Saatler önce
Fuck it I’m a Jake Pauler
Nic Kingan
Nic Kingan - Saatler önce
Well this was certainly a well worth watched series..and brave at that to do it. Well done!
gabi ocampos
gabi ocampos - Saatler önce
This was truly a life advice for jake
Julia Robillard
Julia Robillard - Saatler önce
shane you are so special, we’re so lucky to have you to look up to. thank you for doing this and EVERYTHING else you do.
penguja - Saatler önce
I understand the merch thing but what about all the actual kid channels of just unboxing toys or them playing with toys? My child was getting brainwashed to want dumb little toys. Ive bought so many hatchamals and lol surprises because of it. She cant watch yourube no more cause she started watching makeup and wanting makeup. . my kid is 5. . . this is just what youtube is honestly
Horcrux Chan
Horcrux Chan - Saatler önce
The moment when you reach the end of the video and want to give it a thumbs up but you realize you already did that like at the beginning of the video, lmao. 9999999999 thumbs up from me, I love your videos and the effort you put into them. 💕
Dylan Garzon
Dylan Garzon - Saatler önce
Wow this got dark
Rafi Abdelilah
Rafi Abdelilah - Saatler önce
New challenge !
Take a shot every time jake says "like".
Goofy Kriss
Goofy Kriss - Saatler önce
Please do the vlog squad or wolfie raps
Tamsyn xoxo
Tamsyn xoxo - Saatler önce
Number one on trending! I’m so proud of you Shane i’m so proud of you saying I would’ve never thought to look in Jake Paul‘s perspective and now I feel bad for him now is that just really do
Ryan Alexander Lawrie
Ryan Alexander Lawrie - Saatler önce
This entire series was 7 hours 26 minutes long. what.the.fuck.
Loren E
Loren E - Saatler önce
Would love to know what a body language expert thought of Jake in this interview. Especially during the Alissa part.
Noah G
Noah G - Saatler önce
Fuck Shane. You ruined yourself
Sophie -Rose
Sophie -Rose - Saatler önce
Eating candy corn whilst finishing the video.. who can relate 😂😂
xorbodude - Saatler önce
It was really mature of jake to agree with this. I hope he does learn where that line is. I hope he goes and helps teachers to teach kids what he missed being taught to him!
tea - Saatler önce
shane is giving a abusive and racist human a platform in order to lie and make himself look good. im disappointed
Melissa Chavez
Melissa Chavez - Saatler önce
Im not taking sides or saying jake is in the right but I still cant understand how people can say he is manipulating hus viewers for promoting his merch, but actors, singers and even models promote whatever project they are working, and its not just one post or tweet they even do promoting tours on radio & tv do whats so different about doing it on YouTube?
Jason Anderson
Jason Anderson - Saatler önce
49min in he is sort of admitting that he should hire a Jiminy Cricket (I'm old, google it if you don't know) to be his moral compass. On a higher note, I feel like Jake and Logan, and others are part of this new generation of 'nothing is not ok if I get paid/views/attention'. Going political for a sec. We have a reality TV 'Star' as the president and the majority of our society has said his behavior is ok.
BrambleWish Plays
BrambleWish Plays - Saatler önce
Karliana Rudzik
Karliana Rudzik - Saatler önce
What song is at the end like I love it
Kaylee Bush Grubbs
Kaylee Bush Grubbs - Saatler önce
The ending gave me chills
Christina 408
Christina 408 - Saatler önce
This was an amazing series but can we go back to doing conspiracies again😂♥️
Malik Razzeq
Malik Razzeq - Saatler önce
shane how bout instead of giving racists a bigger platform. just do your conspiracy theory vids and make those an hour long. THATS WHAT WE REALLY WANT.
MFZ 285
MFZ 285 - Saatler önce
FAAAAAKKIIINN hell 1:45 min
Natasha Walker
Natasha Walker - Saatler önce
I think you've done this really well, one of the things loads of people said in the beginning was that you shouldn't give Jake a  platform but you've given him one in a way that was controlled by both you and him. This whole series has definitely exceeded expectations in both its content and information. Its clear you've done your research into each situation and if anybody had to do this I'm glad it was you.  Good Job Shane :)
Taisya Montes
Taisya Montes - Saatler önce
Nate Dog
Nate Dog - Saatler önce
Smoshiemoshie - Saatler önce
Papa bless
Life of DnA
Life of DnA - Saatler önce
*Anyone else wish that the series was longer? Shane did an amazing job!!*
Btw anyone down to be yt friends? I make vlogs and I would appreciate any support!!
Jonathan Williams
Jonathan Williams - Saatler önce
**Woke up this morning and Shane is still trending at #1!!**
mi zh
mi zh - Saatler önce
andrews arms must be sore af
DanDeer Mixer
DanDeer Mixer - Saatler önce
Andrew Phillips
Andrew Phillips - Saatler önce
Please do Logan next if he will do it!!!
Imi Pops
Imi Pops - Saatler önce
OH.MY.GOD. Shane is literally the best youtuber.
👑Queen Tia👑
👑Queen Tia👑 - Saatler önce
I think like we need like better like transitioning words cuz like all I hear is the word like being thrown like around you know what I like mean?
Fff fares Mohammed
Fff fares Mohammed - Saatler önce
Shane, I love you man
Bruno Maita
Bruno Maita - Saatler önce
And the OSCAR goes to Shane Dawson🎬🏆
Ellen T
Ellen T - Saatler önce
i think that jakes dad is a sociopath tbh
jaskirat 1
jaskirat 1 - Saatler önce
Here before 10 mil views. Anyone??
Chloe F
Chloe F - Saatler önce
Muma Ezzo
Muma Ezzo - Saatler önce
Am i the only one who thinks Logan is the actual issue here...
cupid - Saatler önce
27:55 laura lee quacking and shaking
Ice Pole
Ice Pole - Saatler önce
*ok r we NOT gonna speak about Logan and the Forrest??*
FRECKLED WOLF 99 - Saatler önce
How the fuck shan is gonna top this?
tvgf tvgirlfriends
tvgf tvgirlfriends - Saatler önce
Wow Shane you did it. You took us trough a loophole and made us see our illusion and the reality from so many sides. Amazing work. Can't wait to see your next masterpiece. Jake Paul: I sympathize with you, like yeah.
liiilz 777
liiilz 777 - Saatler önce
no disrespect, loved this series but i’m really gonna need someone to do a compilation video titled ‘every time jake paul says like during the “inside the mind of jake paul” video’
Emily Sims
Emily Sims - Saatler önce
the merch thing has me so annoyed. if you have a product you’re gonna advertise your product. promote that shit. “i have this merchandise to sell but let me not hype it up” tf.
TAIGA MIA - Saatler önce
I got 7...... SEVEN fucking ads
Tilson Ephraim
Tilson Ephraim - Saatler önce
hi from new zealand... and im buying his merch. you should get commission too lolz
Helena Laubscher
Helena Laubscher - Saatler önce
Lol who watched this in one sitting 🙋🏼‍♀️
Mohd Hazwan
Mohd Hazwan - Saatler önce
What i can see is actually jake is really a nice guy and he being like that because of bad environment he go through and lives with it. Tbh if jake be friends with shane or positive people he would change and be himself again. I want to see jake to be a better person. I believe he can just give him a chance and guide and support.
Gavyn Lynch
Gavyn Lynch - Saatler önce
doiy boy
Makelife Yourrunway
Makelife Yourrunway - Saatler önce
I’m an educator. I love what Shane said about teachers. Such a good series! I don’t even watch Jake Paul or do I have interest (Jake nailed it by saying older ppl don’t get my videos) but this was a really good series. Plus please keep in mind Jake is 21 years old. All this stuff he did that ppl are mad about was done when he was a teenager. A teenager without rules, with fame and money act wild. All of the ppl involved were teenagers. Good series!!!
Hazzacado - Saatler önce
omg shane talks about cheating as if he's never heard of it before, she wasn't even in a relationship with Jake
superexplosive - Saatler önce
Betrayed by his older brother, he turns down a dark path to find answers & numb the pain--at the cost of being hated by the world.
Jake Paul is just Sasuke Uchiha.
Jessika Bunton
Jessika Bunton - Saatler önce
Thank you for this Shane it was amazing