Marvel Remembers the Legacy of Stan Lee

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Tommaso Bianchi
Tommaso Bianchi - 6 saatler önce
Kagehasu - 4 gün önce
Rest in peace my hero
Treysaurus REX
Treysaurus REX - 5 gün önce
Stan, I will forever idolize you...even after death you are my favorite superhero
Slydon Karoro
Slydon Karoro - 6 gün önce
Chase Pro Gaming
Chase Pro Gaming - 7 gün önce
R.I.P Stan Lee 1920-2018
We will remember you Stan
Peoninja86 Faada
Peoninja86 Faada - 7 gün önce
😞😞😞😞😞 rest in peace old friend
Rowlet Keeper
Rowlet Keeper - 9 gün önce
He was truly a marvel of this world
Michael scalia
Michael scalia - 9 gün önce
When I get older I will always tell my kids and grandkids about one good man that created the best heroes and how he changed me and our lives. R.I.P Stan Lee
here for ksi 87
here for ksi 87 - 10 gün önce
Rip Stan lee
Needey - 10 gün önce
You shaped my childhood, you will forever be my hero

Rest in peace Stan
BDI Mister Magic
BDI Mister Magic - 11 gün önce
Some People Think MARVEL Will Be Finished Without Stan Lee...

julio victor manuel schaeffer manrique
1:40: says the one who's ruining his legacy along with her ilk. Riiiight...
julio victor manuel schaeffer manrique
The Man who gave life to our modern greek mythos.
The humble Father who created the characters we recognize even quth just two words.
Thank you, Stan!
jackman244 - 13 gün önce
How in god's name can you dislike a video talking about an icon, a hero who changed the course of history as we know it. Absolutely pathetic.
小呱 - 15 gün önce
Maybe this also means the end of the Avengers League.
小呱 - 15 gün önce
RIP.May God bless him.
ZN WLF - 17 gün önce
The one man that made us love all these amazing characters. Stan Lee you made all of our favorite characters especially the one that every child and who every one grew up with "THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN" the character that changed all of our lives. Funny how I actually am like Peter Parker because I have so much of a Peter Parker origin. Fave uncle passed away when I was 2-3 years old, Crush(MJ or Gwen), Rogues gallery, Archenemie, and conflicts.
llad44342 - 17 gün önce
this man is the reason we have the courage and strength to go through life and never give up.
R. I. P.
real life superhero
vetri Vignesh
vetri Vignesh - 17 gün önce
Sensei__Garmadon _
Sensei__Garmadon _ - 17 gün önce
You will be missed Stan
varinder thakur
varinder thakur - 17 gün önce
we will remmber you, R.I.P
super feather dude
super feather dude - 20 gün önce
Rest in peace stan lee thanks for creating our favorite superheros
Toys - 18 gün önce
+Handsome Squidward Don't forget that those marvel characters were created by Jack Kirby too. Stan Lee CO-CREATED those characters with Jack "King" Kirby ;)
Handsome Squidward
Handsome Squidward - 18 gün önce
+Toys like half of all marvel characters
Toys - 19 gün önce
like who?
Ivan Elizalde
Ivan Elizalde - 20 gün önce
RIP Stan lee in 1968 -2018
Adriana Mendez
Adriana Mendez - 20 gün önce
we truly miss him
Luka Badel
Luka Badel - 21 gün önce
This man is my childhood.. shame he had to leave so early.. You are born with your name and you die with it what you do with it between death and the beginning is the legacy you leave behind it.. he left a hole story and the people who have their flaws and that we can relate to.. and I appreciate him.. watch over us.. Excelsior!
Nate’s Reviews
Nate’s Reviews - 21 gün önce
This man made our hero’s.
But little did he know
We never thought those were the hero’s.
He made himself the hero
And still here 2 months after he died.i still cry
Skaarf VG
Skaarf VG - 21 gün önce
There is only one special place for stan lee in our hearts
TECHNICAL CHAMP - 21 gün önce
I am a DC fan but I am sorry for Stan Lee

Rip Stan Lee 2018
And thank you for making our opponents
Lance Wright
Lance Wright - 22 gün önce
Sir, you are missed.
Kyle - 22 gün önce
to the 1.5k people who disliked this...
you have no heart
NOVA CORPS - 22 gün önce
The people who disliked should go die in a hole Rest In Peace Stan lee I will miss you
J O'Brien
J O'Brien - 22 gün önce
The man who made us laugh smile and now cry😢😢😢 rest in peace stan - your fan
Will Menendez
Will Menendez - 23 gün önce
I knew one day it would happen, but I was never ready for it.😢
ItsAycri - 24 gün önce
He will never be forgotten he will always be remembered even in the far far future he will still be a great storyteller and inspire people to do what they love
Crystal Craft
Crystal Craft - 24 gün önce
if its not because of him i will never know who is spiderman,iron man,captain america,hulk,and the other

Toys - 19 gün önce
Captain America was not even created by Stan Lee. Captain America was created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby back in 1941. You can confirm it on Internet by yourself !
ItsAycri - 24 gün önce
Crystal Craft he created them he was the genuis behind them all
katie castillo
katie castillo - 24 gün önce
i still cannot fathom that this man is gone. forever remembered.
Jose Lainez
Jose Lainez - 25 gün önce
Rip Stan lee may your legacy live on forever!
MiracleChild509 - 25 gün önce
I believe that last statement. There probably will never be another Stan Lee, RIP Big Brother.
Wakanda Forever
Wakanda Forever - 26 gün önce
He finally rest
Going to heaven
To meet his wife Joan
Ganesh Arena
Ganesh Arena - 27 gün önce
the person who invented this universe is the best
Your man All Might
Your man All Might - 27 gün önce
vasilje - 28 gün önce
Better Life Every Week
Better Life Every Week - 28 gün önce
I watch it everyday to make best of my time . 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻💯
venomx lazar
venomx lazar - 28 gün önce
Who could dislike this and stanlee is not dead his just doing a cameo in heaven he will be back for endgame
Arman Ranjbar {Morecurry}
Arman Ranjbar {Morecurry} - 28 gün önce
Legends never die
Cat-47 - 28 gün önce
Rest In Please
Stan "The Man" Lee
Kaiju Fan 13579
Kaiju Fan 13579 - 29 gün önce
Rest in peace Stan Lee thank you for making our childhood great and memorable.
the fearstroke
the fearstroke - Aylar önce
El Andino
El Andino - Aylar önce
The next thing you know, Akira Toriyama passes away
neixio _
neixio _ - Aylar önce
stan lee
عبود كيمز/ ABUD GAMS
سان لي ارقد في سلام 😔
C.M. Cameraman
C.M. Cameraman - Aylar önce
Goodbye old friend... 😔
Epic Games
Epic Games - Aylar önce
Stan Lee is not dead he is still in our heart and always with us
RIP Stan Lee 1922-2018
Gary Wire
Gary Wire - Aylar önce
I'm crying every time I watch this.
Like stan lee
StuuDude - Aylar önce
Someone who could finally defeat thanos! Just by saying “GO BACK TO FORTNITE THANOS!” Poof! Wait? Where did he go? I love marvel and DC
Jamie Pash
Jamie Pash - Aylar önce
RIP Stan Lee
Random Carrot
Random Carrot - Aylar önce
spider-man is always my favorite superhero. he has been since 1st grade. i remember i would always dress up as him and everyone would laugh with me and compliment me. i even had a spider-man hoodie that has his eyes and it would cover mine. i had spider-man man everything. i only wish i could actually draw so i can make a short comic of spider-man. we all love you stan lee
Ark Wolf
Ark Wolf - Aylar önce
"Weep not he is no more , but be happy for the fact that he once was".
VICTOR Marin - Aylar önce
This year we lost three legend people
1 George H.W Bush
2 Stan Lee
3 Stephen hillenburg
GamerProZ786 - 26 gün önce
Stephen Carl (aka Robbie rotten) and someone else
SMBComix - Aylar önce
Thank you so much, Stan Lee. You will be missed terribly.
スティーブSteve - Aylar önce
😌 Stan lee you are the best
ELIJAH KOLER - Aylar önce
Huh I guess one guy can make a difference
Zap Lay
Zap Lay - Aylar önce
Stan lee de best Hero in de world
Choco Bro
Choco Bro - Aylar önce
Why isn't Justin Y. here?
Christian _
Christian _ - Aylar önce
The Characters that I love are Spider-Man and Star-Lord
They expired me to do what I love
My Uncle works at Marvel for the Prop master so he made the Captain America Shield, Thanos Gauntlet,Everything!
I even made a whole scene of legos of Infinty war
He Created a universe where no Super hero would actually die
Excelsior! Edit: thx whoever liked my comment
Toys - 20 gün önce
+Christian _ The comments and the likes you get in social media doesn't matter. There are more important things in life my friend, things that really matters. Search for those things that really matters, it's up to you ;)
Christian _
Christian _ - 20 gün önce
I’m still really sad though that he died 😭
Christian _
Christian _ - 20 gün önce
Toys I agree btw and Thx for commenting cuz I never get comments 🐶
Toys - 25 gün önce
You would surprise to know that Star Lord and Captain America were not created by Stan Lee. Captain America was created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby. Star Lord was created by Steve Englehart and Steve Gan. All these guys deserve as much as Stan Lee deserve. Right?
Christian _
Christian _ - Aylar önce
Guys he happy for what he did in fact he wanted to see his Wife because she died
Adriane Repil
Adriane Repil - Aylar önce
you may rest now father
JAMES shrestha
JAMES shrestha - Aylar önce
I wanted to see him and say "thank you "for every thing .... I guess ,I was not the only one ` But I am going to meet him at the end of my life...till then Excelsior ! ✊
Facundo Lira Verdejo
Facundo Lira Verdejo - Aylar önce
Jimmy Boi
Jimmy Boi - Aylar önce
Excelsior. May he Rest In Peace
Το ζούσε όμως έτσι
Το χαιρόταν με την ψυχή του
aaa - Aylar önce
Rest in peace.
Entity videos
Entity videos - Aylar önce
Not all Hero's wear capes.
We all love you Stan. You are truly the most pure person to ever exist on this planet.
Cristina Mariotta
Cristina Mariotta - Aylar önce
ZakProductions - Aylar önce
LOL Stan lee is a thief 😂
walda - Aylar önce
Please have at the end or beginning of following Marvel movies: In memory of Stan Lee.
Ahmad Fagih
Ahmad Fagih - Aylar önce
Hi heroes. This is Stan Lee comin' at ya. I want you to know that Marvel has been and always will be a reflection of the world right outside our window, that world may change and evolve, but the one thing that will never change is the way we tell our stories of heroism. those stories have room for everyone, regardless of their race, gender, religion or colo(u)r of their skin. The only things we don't have room for are hatred, intolerance and bigotry. That man next to you, he's your brother. That woman over there, she's your sister. And that kid walking by, hey who knows, he may have the proportionate strength of a spider. We're all part of one big family, the human family, and we all come together in the body of Marvel, and you you're part of that family... you're part of the Marvel Universe that moves ever upward and onward to greater glory. In other words...... Excelsior!

Stan Lee
1922 - 2018 T-T
Happiness - Aylar önce
Bamb00fled - Aylar önce
I can imagine as the credits are rolling and the very end cutscene shows up I can picture Thanos all beaten up and left on titan and Stan lee walks up to him kicking him.
Toys - 25 gün önce
The only human that can beat Thanos is his creator.... Jim Starlin.
Slade Click
Slade Click - Aylar önce
Sup Dawg
Sup Dawg - Aylar önce
I cried when I found out he died
Sup Dawg
Sup Dawg - Aylar önce
I miss Stan so much he was my hero. R.i.p Stan lee 🥺
Charlie Brenton
Charlie Brenton - Aylar önce
Stan, oh Stan. Super speed super strength, a super armour, all of that does not compare to what powers he had humility, resilience and life changing . R.I.P!
Dr. LemonJelly
Dr. LemonJelly - Aylar önce
Who disliked this?
Aysu Aksu
Aysu Aksu - Aylar önce
He has a enormous heart 💟
Logan Evoy
Logan Evoy - Aylar önce
If you disliked this video they you are a heartless, horrible, rude, nasty,unforgiving, satanic, awful , NON HUMAN
Timothy Jun
Timothy Jun - Aylar önce
In Marvel, there are many superheroes...but Stan Lee, you're the 'real' superhero...Rest In Peace.
Khoi Ngo
Khoi Ngo - Aylar önce
He was in every Marvel movie
King Kusuo
King Kusuo - Aylar önce
My favorite movie is venom
King Kusuo
King Kusuo - Aylar önce
TheCapPlay - Aylar önce
No Stan Lee in Avengers endgame premiere!
Jimy. H
Jimy. H - Aylar önce

I Was Thinking, Whos Gonna Be Next Stan Lee? His Son Or Othr Trusted Person :/
Gary the Legend Jones
Gary the Legend Jones - Aylar önce
Rip Stan you made my child hood I used to make up my own heroes cus of you ☺😞
George T.
George T. - Aylar önce
MotherDucker #RipStanLee
MotherDucker #RipStanLee - Aylar önce
Stan Lee saved thousand upon thousand of lives ,including mine. I wouldn't have been the same as I am today without Stan Lee. Stan was my hero and there's no universe without him. He will forever stay in the hearts of comic book fans and writers alike. Even some Dc fans may miss him by how much he did. Superheros would be despised if it weren't for Stan. Stan wasn't just a man he wasn't a superhero. He was a god, a legend. he was,and still is,the ultimate avenger

R.I.P Stan Lee.
You will stay in our hearts forever. Even if Superheros die, the legend who made them super will stand strong and will inspire all comic book writers and fans alike
Thank you Stan. You made us all feel something
The Tech Guru
The Tech Guru - Aylar önce
1.5k people are heartless basterds 😢
Norbert Zabitowski
Norbert Zabitowski - Aylar önce
Anita - Aylar önce
Stan Lee is one of the few but many people that prove that you don't need powers to be a hero.
Nolan Aronson
Nolan Aronson - Aylar önce
"If you have an idea that you genuinely think is good, don't let others talk you out of it" Nuff said