My Video Went Viral. Here's Why

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shruti seth
shruti seth - 2 saatler önce
go for it...
DesolateTree - 7 saatler önce
Maybe rather than having one whole audience, form an algorithm that can change for different viewer types. I have a select few creators that I want to see all content from. Some (probably most) people use it to find the newest sensational videos. The current algorithm seems to be geared for the latter, as that's where the money will be made for YouTube. That being said, I think most of the complaints are coming from the slower paced folks like myself, who want a consistent experience when getting on the platform.
Maybe an algorithm can use more metrics to determine suggestions for an individual, and then increase viewer retention and satisfaction for more people rather than only going for the majority.
Glenn Krieger
Glenn Krieger - 14 saatler önce
Derek is a naturally good speaker in his own right. However, kudos to Maria Raykova who made the diagrams and flip board for Derek to use. The combination of the two didn't disappoint. Great info. Eye opening.
Troy McCormack
Troy McCormack - 17 saatler önce
Derek, there comes a point where we get so many notifications in life that they no longer serve their intended purpose. Ive enabled notifications solely for Veritasium. Your content has always been of consistently high quality, and I cant think of a more deserving person to receive my viewing time. Keep up the awesome work.
cloud9land - 21 saatler önce
I rang the bell 👍🏻
TyrellFM - Gün önce
You are blowing my mind!
My Son's Mother
My Son's Mother - Gün önce
You left off something important at the end. The difference between the clear bell and the filled in black bell. The clear bell only showed subscribers some of your videos. The filled in bell shows all videos to that subscriber.
EozTheNew - Gün önce
The bell gives me a desktop notification every time a new video is uploaded, yes? That's not what I want. What I want is a list, in reverse chronological order (newest to oldest) of all videos uploaded by all the channels I'm subscribed to. This already exists: Youtube URL /feed/subscriptions and now I've checked the channels individually to confirm, 100% of their videos end up on my subscription feed. NOT the front page, which is defined by algorithms, but the reverse chronological subscription feed.
If we want to change how Youtube operates for the better, stop using the front page! Start doing the hard work, as viewers, and actually search for videos, give every video a fair chance whether it has 5 views or 5 million views. Sticking only to the popular videos forces Youtube to change things up through the algorithm, which in turn encourages content creators to "game" the algorithm, which makes the experience more frustrating and less transparent for viewers.
PairedPrototype - Gün önce
So far, I haven't actually subbed because I felt it was pointless as YT decides what it wants to show anyway, and somehow I keep seeing your videos and enjoying them, so...
I'll give your bell a tickle, sir o7
Chris Allington
Chris Allington - Gün önce
There is one other way besides the bell. Be a selective viewer. By now, the algorithm has learned that some viewers are less reachable by clickbait. Every Veritasium video is suggested to me, because it is one of the few things I will watch. Be a selective viewer, and YouTube will release you from clickbait prison. A few years ago, I would ignore entire screens of thumbnails and type in searches, trying to think of less common names for things I enjoy. For example, I would type holography instead of hologram. The algorithm pretty much just shows me my subscriptions now, and suggests new channels.
Wat'onsed Lee
Wat'onsed Lee - Gün önce
This leads me to wonder how YouTube algorithm arranges comments.
Tea with Liya
Tea with Liya - Gün önce
Recommended for you (as I'm watching the video): why are 96 million black balls on this reservoir? The algorithm really does decide what we watch. And the clickbait - I don't like it, you don't like it. But we've got to do it if we want to win on this platform
Flat ED
Flat ED - Gün önce
Going viral: this is what humanity has come to.
Yimen kanj
Yimen kanj - 2 gün önce
am I satisfied? YES. Thank you
Feo Kozmin
Feo Kozmin - 2 gün önce
Reminds me of Elon Musk for whatever reason
Randal Turner
Randal Turner - 2 gün önce
The quality of your videos are equal to and in many cases surpass what you would see on TV which is hard to find on youtube these days. you put a lot of care and work into the videos with accurate information - well researched and articulately presented. Look forward to seeing more in the future :-)
Bruno Silveira
Bruno Silveira - 2 gün önce
Man, incredible video. I can't believe momeone apologizing for clickbaiting e proving why is necessary! probs
4GArt - 2 gün önce
Very good information ❤️❤️❤️
johnnydangandco - 2 gün önce
Great job brother, see you at 6 million!
johnnydangandco - 2 gün önce
WATCH MY VIDEO FOR FREE GRILLS! (Watch it a million times that is)
marcijunebug - 2 gün önce
Loved this presentation, just discovered the channel! 👍
Minox sta
Minox sta - 2 gün önce
When you asked how to change the platform/metrics I was thinking ratings of how much the person enjoyed the video, and I see that's already coming, so I'm looking forward to that!
Stephen Morrish
Stephen Morrish - 2 gün önce
The link I use to open Youtube is to my subscriptions I don't much care for Youtubes algorithm. I find new content creators from the suggested "Up next" but most often it will be something posted on Reddit or Twitter by someone. Getting your audience to open Youtube from their subscription feed might be the most powerful way to make sure your content is seen by your fans.
The likes for this video dont go over 187.000 hmmmmmm...
wicked hours
wicked hours - 2 gün önce
That is really informative video.
Cornelius Zaius
Cornelius Zaius - 2 gün önce
Got to the end; Geez quit drinking the kool-aid man. It's over. You're already jumping through stupid hoops hoping to get scraps. Promote yourself for yourself on either a neutral or your own platform and deal with the reality that that's the only sustainable way.
Cornelius Zaius
Cornelius Zaius - 2 gün önce
YouTube is not a career. It's not a place to make lots of money. It never was. It was always somebody else's platform designed specifically for maximum exploitation of the people creating content for it. This is reaching a crescendo, and can only go on so long. Soon there will be a handful of the old typical YouTuber who have the resources and resolve to basically sit at a computer 16 hours a day or more optimizing this and that for a fraction of what they once made. Then there will be the new majority; big name legacy cable networks; everyone else is doomed. It just took a long time for a lot of optimistic suckers to recognize what those of us who have been on the Internet since the 80's know; somebody else's platform is never, ever for your benefit.
Asir Ajmal
Asir Ajmal - 2 gün önce
Thank you. Just subscribed and rang the bell. Also chose "all"
John Kilo
John Kilo - 3 gün önce
I think the CTR tends to force the click baiting as you point out and I think it is somewhat inevitable using the CTR metric. But, I do think there's a better way. I think there should be a ranking system that is activated after watching for the 7 minutes. In other words, if the viewer has watched the video for a decent amount of time he will be forced to rank the video on a scale of 1-5 or whatever. And the videos with the higher ranking continue to rise, while the videos with the lower ranking (which are assumed to not actually deliver to the viewer what he thought he was going to get.) This way the viewer is actually ranking the algorithm's success in delivering content that the viewer is satisfied with. This would also discourage click baiting because the behavior that drives click baiting tactics would be discouraged.
mata langit
mata langit - 3 gün önce
I always subscribe channels that I'm interested. Disliked every videos that I don't like. I generally avoid clickbaits especially from unknown channels. Sometimes I like the videos too if it's something that very interesting.
At some point YouTube algorithm doesn't make any recommendations other than channels that I'm already subscribed to because I disliked like 99% of their recommendation. I want to see new interesting channel but the what they showed me was brainless clickbaity videos. What do they expect? I would like them? Subscribe them? No way! Dislike is what they deserve and sometimes report for spamming useless videos.
Watched Mr beast' video once never click them again. He's just flexing his wealth not interesting at all.
Dan Franco
Dan Franco - 3 gün önce
add "real titles" in the description or in the intro of the video :) This video was really good btw.
Grants Pass TV Repair
Grants Pass TV Repair - 3 gün önce
It seems to boil down to just a few principles. Good titles, and produce interesting content that keeps people engaged for as long as possible.
Sevana - 3 gün önce
Very insightful. You just provided us with an honest, detailed, and interesting explanation. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us via such a high-quality video.
Brian Kenneth Kondas
Brian Kenneth Kondas - 3 gün önce
for those who have very little subscribers it’s good to know that is not important unless those subscribers ring the bell. YouTube video performance is based on video thumbnail image, title, and audience interest in that topic.
Nelson Watson
Nelson Watson - 3 gün önce
This video was highly informative about why I'm seeing so many creators use these wacky thumbnails. It's funny how the thumbnails are meant to make videos stand out, but they're already sort of cliche'. I was briefly interested in online marketing and noticed these thumbnails more because they're so prevalent in that niche. While being on YouTube is sort of selling yourself, the tactics that are having to be used are reminiscent of the image some people have of a used car salesman. As I kick around ideas for making my own YouTube channel, it becomes clear that the platform itself is sort of the Lucy Van Pelt of the process. Yanking that ball away before all the Charlie Browns on the platform can kick. Definitely not whining here, just commenting on what I've learned through your video and others discussing this topic.
totalh8 - 3 gün önce
I can only like this so much... There needs to be a LOVE button!!
Jeong-hun Sin
Jeong-hun Sin - 3 gün önce
03:04 The right-most one is retarded. Look at its eyes...
Umang Prajapati
Umang Prajapati - 3 gün önce
The best solution is : Stop Custom Thumbnails
Andrew Aker
Andrew Aker - 3 gün önce
Good video dude. Thanks for sharing your insights! I didn't even know I had to ring the bell to be notified! I thought that's what subscribing would do! Your bell has been rung today sir!
Vincent Spiezio
Vincent Spiezio - 4 gün önce
You seem a little bummed that this is where things went. So, let me tell you that I haven't seen a Veritasium video in about 4 years. I searched your channel tonight purely because I remembered the video content and quality is actually pretty good. So kudos on that.
Perks - 4 gün önce
found your channel through a different video, but the 96 million balls video is in my recommended right now (and repeatedly) so I'm going to watch it because you seem genuine and this was a fantastic video.
Drop mop the kiwis
Drop mop the kiwis - 4 gün önce
What if all the science YouTubers just left and made some other for the people who want to watch that and the people who want to watch games can go to another site on YouTube kind of like the category section 🤔
Esther Lao
Esther Lao - 4 gün önce
Really helpful video....I'm small youtuber, would love to support each other
Øystein Salomonsen
Øystein Salomonsen - 4 gün önce
I love your videos! Keep up the good work!
Sim Salabim
Sim Salabim - 4 gün önce
I noticed the quality of videos on YT went down and it became too clickbaity. It's all about grabbing attention now. I watched many videos with only like a 1000 views on youtube of the highest quality imaginable, some presentation by professors etc, but they're not clickbaity.
UrbanAstronomer - 4 gün önce
Love the telescope in the background
David Daniels
David Daniels - 4 gün önce
What a dilemma - and what a help for us “Little Guys.”
My wife is Chinese and she has a channel speaking to Chinese about Western things and how they may affect folks in China.
Being New, she was feeling bad about not getting many “Views.”
Then I watched a video by Derral Eves, who is a “Gold Certified Youtube something” talk about the importance of Thumbnails.
Off I went, whipping up a set of Thumbnails to replace the non-Custom ones that YouTube inserted as placeholders.
And Bang! Her clicks went up!
Not Huge numbers, but for a new little guy, a few new clicks means a lot,
Yet still was the algorithm.
YouTube AI will look at the photo(s) and words used against what content is shown in your video. If the 2 match-up - up you go. If no match - YouTube won’t push.
A way of warning to Play Fair.
天楽 - 4 gün önce
This is a system, play by the rule is never the problem.
The problem is this stupid trend of youtube tolerates, even encourages greedy and malicious copyright claims.
Brett Mugford
Brett Mugford - 4 gün önce
Amazing video and production value!! Thank you!
deputyVH - 4 gün önce
You have bell notifications in your favour too now. How important is that?
Osali Ramirez-Garcia
Osali Ramirez-Garcia - 5 gün önce
Can anyone go and watch my one video i have
Kaitlyn Peters
Kaitlyn Peters - 5 gün önce
Starred ratings on youtube would be amazing.
Not So Hype Kicks
Not So Hype Kicks - 5 gün önce
Thank you 🙏🏼 for the help
Jessy gold
Jessy gold - 5 gün önce
who is here by 2am in the morning trying to double their youtube hustle like me?. Comment down below👇. You can also sub scribe to my channel if you think my video is helpful
Between The Lines
Between The Lines - 5 gün önce
"Thanks for listening to the rant that I've given many times to whoever will listen." - This last sentence hits hard man! I've gone on a few rants about this and other topics to whoever will listen. My mom could start a Youtube consulting service after having to hear all the rants that were forced upon her
Saadon Aksah
Saadon Aksah - 5 gün önce
yep that black balls were notorious and Im not going to click 😂😂😂
André Lima
André Lima - 5 gün önce
Please, make a video about The New York Times' coverage of the influence of YouTube in Brazil right-wing politics:
I love your videos. Thank you!
Darkblue - 5 gün önce
Thank you for creating this video. I've not only rang the bell on your channel, but MANY others as well. Truthfully, your concerns as a creator on YouTube have been my concerns as a consumer. I genuinely want to see every video you, and many others, post. As soon as subscriptions became NOT that, I began enjoying YouTube a little less. However, up until this video was created, I believed that ringing the bell was a nuisance. But now... Now I'm really enjoying this bell feature and have essentially rang the bell on all of my subscriptions because I value the content they provide.

Long story short... THANK YOU!
MY CLICK SUPPORT - 5 gün önce
thanks for informations.
Iksbrown - 5 gün önce
I don't think your titles are clickbait. That term is often misunderstood and misused. Clickbait is when the title is misleading and overly sensational with little content related to it (or garbage content) in the actual video or article. But if the content is good, then it doesn't matter how "clickbait-ey" the title is.
Gabriel Garcia
Gabriel Garcia - 6 gün önce
I rang the bell :)
Jimmy Jasinski
Jimmy Jasinski - 6 gün önce
This was an amazing video! I now realize why the bell is so important for those channels that you really like!
Zach Allen
Zach Allen - 6 gün önce
Holy shoot, just found out I'm (inexplicably) not subscribed to Veritasium. I feel confident that I've already subscribed here. WTF
Crazy Funny Cats
Crazy Funny Cats - 6 gün önce
Free Taco 🌮 when you ring the bell 🔔
Clickbait channels suck
That was a great 👍 presentation thanks
Instagram ✨👽🐱🐯🦁✨🇨🇦
Sukit 🍦😹
Joshua Rieth
Joshua Rieth - 6 gün önce
Quantity ≠ Quality
james bloton
james bloton - 6 gün önce
hi how is everyone
Guillaume P.
Guillaume P. - 6 gün önce
I am a long-time subscriber of your channel and love your work, so first I'd like to say "GOOD JOB and PLEASE KEEP UP". Your way of thinking and energy is inspiring.

I agree with you on the fact that, like on any other entertainment platform, creators have to not only to make genuine and sincere content but also have to spend a lot of energy to promote it.
But most people do not know how to use Youtube and see it as a simple video platform because they do not take time to connect to creators and simple eat up recommended content.

This video looks like a tutorial for YouTubers for getting views by explaining how the platform works. But I think it is the viewers that need a tutorial for learning how to use Youtube.
Connecting to YouTubers, getting to know them and their center of interest, subscribing and unsubscribing is time-consuming but it is what it takes to make a Youtube account live.
The pretty look of a thumbnail should only necessary for people that do not know a Youtuber yet and be a gateway to subscribing or not to their channel.

I have never seen a video that talks about what is Youtube and how to use it. Depending on how one uses it, it can be a repulsive bunch of nonsense videos or it can be a personal platform that keeps the viewer informed of what is up in their center of interest and what would be great to discover.
How much time is someone willing to spend time with another person? It depends on the affinity, and the more it is strong, the more effort one is going to put into the relationship.
Dorian H
Dorian H - 6 gün önce
The handheld camera didn't add anything to the video's value, instead it took away and was pretty distracting
Brave Queen C
Brave Queen C - 6 gün önce
Thanks for sharing this
נדב אבירן
נדב אבירן - 6 gün önce
i want you to hear out my opinion... I'd like to first describe the way youtubers are making money and second explain how can it be better from my point of view. the likes and views are a direct indicators of the algorithm and that sucks because i know for myself that there are videos that i like more and videos that i like less but... im not gonna dislike noooo because why would i hurt a person why should i cause him to lose money just because i liked it less not even disliked it... i think the like system is very broken and if manipulated correctly can end this dumb algorithm cycle that creators are having. spotify has an algorithm as well... their algorithm is simply better. why? because they dont care if the audience are listening or not, they care if they like what they're hearing. i think that it can be utilized in such a way that will provide creators a better chance at thriving in this platform.
kitty unicorn
kitty unicorn - 6 gün önce
Theory of YouTube
allen alesna
allen alesna - 6 gün önce
Awesome awesome awesome!
Jacob Wilkinson
Jacob Wilkinson - 6 gün önce
I don't know what you mean by the fact that subscribers don't see all of your content? All of their videos come up on the subscription tab, and that is all that I use. Are you taking about the reccomended section? Because that is supposed to expose you to non subscribed channels so that you can try new content.
joowahn - 7 gün önce
lol was that a mark rober diss
Marco Howard
Marco Howard - 7 gün önce
I rang the bell. The only channel I have it on
Trevor Black
Trevor Black - 7 gün önce
The YouTube struggle is real. The support and feedback would be great! Let’s support each other;)
Thunder Goat
Thunder Goat - 7 gün önce
Trevor Black love what ur doin man! Keep it goin and you’ll be big
game tutorial
game tutorial - 7 gün önce
The video he is talking about is in my next up
Inexorable - 7 gün önce
This video is 4 months old and I was not subscribed. I have seen your videos alot on my feed.
FeatherStep - 7 gün önce
This is a glimpse into this is how we get manufactured consent, even beyond youtube and other SM. A very serious problem when the content goes beyond snails.
Amin - 7 gün önce
This was amazing, the analogue presentation was really enjoyable and not distracting.
rmis32 - 7 gün önce
The problem with clickbaity links, not just on YouTube, but on websites too, is that the content often disappoints the expectations. This has caused me to ignore a lot of videos/articles that I would have clicked on in years past. I am a fan of the notifications button.