Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle - White Castle Scene (10/10) | Movieclips

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See Onaga
See Onaga - 5 saatler önce
Who else feels like that much food is very cheap? I mean seriously, that much money for like less than $50?
Frilabird - 22 saatler önce
"age restricted" why tho
brandon dowlen
brandon dowlen - Gün önce
2:04 Harold is sweating from eating those White Castle burgers 😆
Gordon Ramsay
Gordon Ramsay - 2 gün önce
Why the video is age restricted?
TrexNext - Gün önce
INK Joe eccles
INK Joe eccles - 4 gün önce
Love this movie
leone ochieng
leone ochieng - 4 gün önce
I just came.
Christopher Thorburn
Christopher Thorburn - 5 gün önce
I'm craving Krystal's right now
Gabriel Sankara
Gabriel Sankara - 6 gün önce
That night was Legen... Wait for it... Dary!!! LEGENDARY!!!
Samuel-REMAKE - 7 gün önce
This movie is the biggest Add in history.
Yajima Rinou
Yajima Rinou - 8 gün önce
God damn am hungry now I want it too but am in Japan so should I take a plane ticket fot it? I worth it I guest, am go now ......
Ss S
Ss S - 9 gün önce
That music chills
WooWeeLiveStreams - 9 gün önce
That's cheap af 60 burgers 10 fries and 8 drinks for 40 bucks and change
Joshua Bennett
Joshua Bennett - 11 gün önce
Just finished this movie and it felt like 10 minutes
Davadoozy - 12 gün önce
I'm eating White Castle as I'm watching this
Ashton Worrall
Ashton Worrall - 15 gün önce
What even is white castle
ZeegSerpentine - 16 gün önce
True story, I recently watched this with my friends and we all agreed to go to White Castle the next day. Problem, I live in Oklahoma city, and the nearest White Castle was in Tulsa. Which is about a two hour drive...
Needless to say, worth the road trip.
ChuckO - 16 gün önce
WC Sliders with no honey mustard???
Zoltan Horvath
Zoltan Horvath - 16 gün önce
That cheap!
Nayops 19
Nayops 19 - 17 gün önce
Yeah dude❓
Pavle Josipovic
Pavle Josipovic - 17 gün önce
Whenever i see the thumbnail i think Kumar is eating a scorpion
Invincible Speaker
Invincible Speaker - 17 gün önce
Did they at least wash their hands before eating? 😕
Lucky 1989
Lucky 1989 - 18 gün önce
I'm not from a country that has White Castle so for many years I didn't know it was a real place. I just thought it was a place made for the movie lol
Amateur Menace
Amateur Menace - 19 gün önce
Watching this video should be illegal. It’s like getting all of the pay-off with no build-up whatsoever.
Debojit Rabha
Debojit Rabha - 19 gün önce
I will never understand this scene.

And I am malnourished.
Necrolai Sid
Necrolai Sid - 20 gün önce
Karl penn acting is wayyy overrated in this series
Nemao’s #1 Fan!
Nemao’s #1 Fan! - 20 gün önce
Why is Albert Hammond Jr. in the thumbnail!? XD
Muscle Man
Muscle Man - 21 gün önce
I've never been to white castle. However There are none where I live though so oh well
Devin’s An Idiot
Devin’s An Idiot - 22 gün önce
The Underdog From The Underground
0:12 How to order White Castle like a boss
Fan of Youtubers
Fan of Youtubers - 23 gün önce
50$ 🍔
Connor Kent!
Connor Kent! - 23 gün önce
$200 🚗
Kyle Patrick Hall
Kyle Patrick Hall - 24 gün önce
All that food for just ,$46 is not bad lol
CaseOfThe Sniffles
CaseOfThe Sniffles - 24 gün önce
white castle is absolute crap in real life
500 Cee
500 Cee - 27 gün önce
You guys see the two packets of ketchup they gave em 🤣
korlu01 - 28 gün önce
$47 for 60 burgers 10 fries and 8 large drinks? That’s some deal.
Joe Dub
Joe Dub - 28 gün önce
This scene always made me so jealous I wasn't Harold or Kumar with 30 sliders in front of me
anthony mones
anthony mones - 28 gün önce
Hell yes
MR. Sasquatch x
MR. Sasquatch x - 29 gün önce
Iconic, classic, legendary, a visual symphony.
jeff jordan
jeff jordan - Aylar önce
Id let neil patrick harris steal my car
dr. manhattan
dr. manhattan - Aylar önce
one of the funniest movies i’ve ever watched
yahwehsonren - Aylar önce
Inflation when movie say price
TheNuclear Gamer
TheNuclear Gamer - Aylar önce
Kumar looks like indian tyler the creator
Jäger The Fäger
Jäger The Fäger - Aylar önce
It's sad they're closing
az zahar
az zahar - Aylar önce
Wendy's could never
Evan Shores
Evan Shores - Aylar önce
Wall behind them says sack of 10 for 4.99
Aaron Gameros
Aaron Gameros - Aylar önce
Fun fact: White Castle is actually pretty disgusting
Christopher Tucker
Christopher Tucker - Aylar önce
Man I wish there was a White Castle in the UK. They look so good😭😂
Darth Vaduuur
Darth Vaduuur - Aylar önce
Sucks living in Europe and craving for that White castle
RadioGuy - Aylar önce
Now this is how you make a commercial
10.Minutes Or More 🐀🦘 Dayota4
*Harold:* "I want 30 sliders, 5 french fries and 4 large Cherry Cokes." 🍒
*Kumar:* "I want the same except make mine Diet Cokes... Chuck."
10.Minutes Or More 🐀🦘 Dayota4
@Falcon DeRichio Lo siento 🍒
Falcon DeRichio
Falcon DeRichio - 21 gün önce
10 Minutes Or More 🐀🦘 no way, they said that? In the scene we all just watched? Wooow 🙄🙄
MaT3riAL_Thorium Rocks
MaT3riAL_Thorium Rocks - Aylar önce
D a m n t h a t h i t t h e s p o t
Owen C
Owen C - Aylar önce
I don’t get this movie
Carson Moore
Carson Moore - Aylar önce
The most cathartic moment in cinema
Evan's Megazord reviews
Evan's Megazord reviews - Aylar önce
So the whole point of this movie was thoses 2 teenagers heading to a White Castle really?
Also why is he crying at 2:16?????????
usher luck
usher luck - 21 gün önce
youths,not teens as even in movie they both r in early 20's
Steven Bowers
Steven Bowers - Aylar önce
Except make mine diet cokes, CHUCKKKKK......
runeboyz7 - Aylar önce
back when I was a kid we had the Frozen kind that you had to get out of the grocery store freezer. We would warm these up watch this movie and eat them with Harold & Kumar LOL good times
Red Pikmin 01
Red Pikmin 01 - Aylar önce
I wish I had a white castle where I lived
I've eaten their frozen microwaveable cheeseburger sliders, but it's just not the same without a real experience
Dogol - Aylar önce
I’ve never even been to White Castle but after watching this I’m really craving it.
Mikey Unovapix
Mikey Unovapix - Aylar önce
I wish I had a white castle in my area.
The Meme Channel
The Meme Channel - Aylar önce
Harold is dressed like Trevor Philips
Chunkkrink - Aylar önce
Nph is bomb