Eggs Benedict With Crispy Parma Ham | Gordon Ramsay

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Lil gaming
Lil gaming - 11 saatler önce
its raw!!😂
Alex Nguyen
Alex Nguyen - 17 saatler önce
How sad I’m allergic to eggs and I’m jello now
s1destepp - 18 saatler önce
What a disaster.Shame.Looks like my grandma's flipflops.
Maggie Garcia Cabral
Maggie Garcia Cabral - 20 saatler önce
Omg it looks so delicious 👌🏻🔥
Jessie Echeverria
Jessie Echeverria - Gün önce
“Moe Butta”
Pranjal Karanjkar
Pranjal Karanjkar - Gün önce
how much butter did he use?
jestes7 - Gün önce
I never realized how unhealthy of a meal this was lol
Kazzzzzo - 2 gün önce
Mixture separated...
Chris Reid
Chris Reid - 2 gün önce
Looks gross
Chris Reid
Chris Reid - 2 gün önce
2 eggs with 3 sticks of butter lol
Sophia Petrillo
Sophia Petrillo - 2 gün önce
Anyone else climax at the end when he sliced the poached egg, and that glorious river of golden deliciousness came out? Fucking love poached eggs when done correctly. It's all about that smooth, runny yolk!
Discount Ostrich
Discount Ostrich - 2 gün önce
Watching this while eating instant ramen. I'm living the life
Edward Llamas
Edward Llamas - 3 gün önce
This nigga plans his next meal before the day is even finished
Chavi Kumar
Chavi Kumar - 4 gün önce
Measurement for the ingredients please
Jack Cantrell
Jack Cantrell - 4 gün önce
I frickin love Gordon Ramsay
Sarthak Tripathy
Sarthak Tripathy - 4 gün önce
Jamie made a better one
Jackie Chen
Jackie Chen - 5 gün önce
@Gordon Ramsay I tried to make an eggs Benedict, went from eggs Benedict to eggs bent the shit because I ruined the eggs
Samm Y
Samm Y - 6 gün önce
Hi Gordon I just subscribed. I’m a professional reactor on you tube. I’m happy to have you as apart of the you tube family. Also can you be my daddy?
Cindy Claure
Cindy Claure - 6 gün önce
I thought to yellow stuff was cheese because of the thumbnail but turns out it wasn’t 😂
Lunada Potato
Lunada Potato - 6 gün önce
Omg I wanna try this so badly, I freaking LOVE breakfast🤤
Eric Brunett
Eric Brunett - 6 gün önce
That looks disturbingly delicious.
The Conservative Social Regressive
Not a fan of cooked Prosciutto and would rather have what the UK calls streaky bacon with eggs benedict or country style with breakfast sausage.
Lucas Jensen
Lucas Jensen - 7 gün önce
Isn't that the guy who plays Sherlock?
he h
he h - 6 gün önce
Animes Fandubs Y Demás cosas
I watched your Benedict eggs today on masterchef. Amazing how they messed up with the egg o. O I cooked it like that first time today, respecting everything, my mom and I were puzzled. Thank u, amazing result ps: the only vinegar I had was the one with the mother. Improvised, awesome I also used seawater
James Campbell
James Campbell - 7 gün önce
Watching this while eating weetabix
Digital Unity
Digital Unity - 8 gün önce
On the one hand, I finally know what Eggs Benedict actually is...
On the other hand I'm an adult and I never bothered to investigate it before...
And on a mysterious 3rd hand, I might just look for a solid recipe for a single serving of this because that both looks and sounds delicious.
Shawn G
Shawn G - 8 gün önce
Gordon legit makes me want to become a chef!
Sean Cullen
Sean Cullen - 8 gün önce
I tried this and everything that could’ve went wrong, went wrong. Fml
Dextros - 9 gün önce
Give them a little seasoning
Eleven Bravo
Eleven Bravo - 9 gün önce
Why does he fry olive oil past the smoke point? I thought that was bad.??
NOT ALEAN1229 - 9 gün önce
Great role in Sherlock
Anime—__— LOVER
Anime—__— LOVER - 9 gün önce
Who wouldn’t bolt when Gordon there’s dad and he cooked something
Krypto - 9 gün önce
Gordon the type of nibba to season his salt
Kyoichi Sudo
Kyoichi Sudo - 4 gün önce
krypto the type of nibba to make a painfully unfunny comment
Dreadify - 8 gün önce
Krypto - 9 gün önce
His kids lucky af
Davide Cascione
Davide Cascione - 9 gün önce
Io boh avete il cristo dio di bacon voi in grassolandia e mi vai a bruciare il prosciutto di Parma dio cane che va mangiato come il macellaro l ha fatto, ti odio
Ahmed Zakaria
Ahmed Zakaria - 10 gün önce
What a fantastic way.....
TheDarkestGamer100 - 10 gün önce
His is how the gordon we know would say:
Take some fucking eggs and seperate them from the whites you racist bastard, take some fucking vinegar it has to be any kind of white ones, then you have put the bowl on the fucking boiling water then you have to mix it fast cus if you dont they'll be scrambled and youll sit there like a fucking disgrace
Darren Kearney
Darren Kearney - 10 gün önce
4:12 gordon your killing me. Id say you are hungry like 24/7 cooking food as beautiful as that. One look at that egg being sliced into and im instantly craving a full irish.
TheClapp81 - 10 gün önce
(making the text longer so u can click the effin' time.) 04:12. x0.25 speed.
Orums - 10 gün önce
Probably one of the richest thing's I've eaten in years.
Johnny Savage
Johnny Savage - 10 gün önce
Look at All that butter , I’ll just keep eating my eggs the same way I always cook them.
Sundar Pichai
Sundar Pichai - 10 gün önce
Daniel Naemi
Daniel Naemi - 10 gün önce
Weres the lamb sauce tho
faze frog
faze frog - 11 gün önce
How to basic joined the chat
Danny N. GAMEPLAYS - 11 gün önce
I want to be his son haha
daito - 11 gün önce
"Sucking up all of that wonderful flavor" -G.Ramsay
arturin rabag
arturin rabag - 11 gün önce
This shit looks awful
Bleep Blop
Bleep Blop - 10 gün önce
Nah man shits great, especially if you replace the ham with bacon. It's wonderful
Emily Serna
Emily Serna - 11 gün önce
hey he made food wars food!
AiNoMijo XD
AiNoMijo XD - 11 gün önce
Why im watching gordon ramsay videos at 3 am
Alumil - 11 gün önce
Meanwhile I can barely make scrambled eggs and bacon over toast