7 Millennials Decide Who Wins $1000 | 1000 to 1 | Cut

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Britt B
Britt B - 14 saatler önce
Thank you sonne another person blatantly saying mental health isn’t important, that’s why more and more people are getting diagnosed with disorders and suicide rates are up. There’s an expensive test you can take to figure out which medication works based off your genetics. I have BPD and I’ve tried almost a dozen medications for it, it isn’t cheap. And mental health needs to be taken more seriously. Screw you Sonne
• agelast •
• agelast • - Gün önce
sonnie should have won in myopinion
Akurate YT
Akurate YT - Gün önce
Im tired of everyone bashing on Sonnie, y'all just can't take the truth🤦‍♂️
Akurate YT
Akurate YT - Gün önce
Earl Is The Biggest Snitch🤦‍♂️
Krypton - Gün önce
Yo they old I’m 11 so I’m old to
Ryan Haile
Ryan Haile - Gün önce
Can we just talk about how they lowkey started a cult for Destiny outta nowhere??? That’s true power
PhiPhi - Gün önce
What's destiny social media account I need to know
Mr. P
Mr. P - Gün önce
How come every time a women wins!
Crogg88 - Gün önce
Sonne voted for Aaliyah cos he was his biggest threat, Aaron was right. Sonne is a selfish entitled asshole
Crogg88 - 2 gün önce
“I’m more concerned at doing things that waste my time rather than working for my money”
Girlz-Vice - 2 gün önce
Sonne shouldn't have been voted out... Like not being able to talk to your mom and the thought of that is scary and heartbreaking!
Zahra_xo - 2 gün önce
aaliyah is so gorgeous i can’t deal
Little Roxy
Little Roxy - 2 gün önce
My mom died of cancer when I was 9. I have gone to kesem (the camp the guy was talking about) since. It has helped me so much. Finding people I can relate to. I feel like I am in a better place mentally bc of kesem. I’m so sad he got voted off.
molly bradbury
molly bradbury - 2 gün önce
sonne was rude and can literally get sign language lessons on youtube. aaliyah was nice and so was destiny. I fully think that Mohammed, Destiny and Aaliyah deserve it for their respect and reasons
molly bradbury
molly bradbury - 3 gün önce
bruh you can get free sign language help on youtube..
Lee MacDonald
Lee MacDonald - 3 gün önce
Yo why is Shawn Livingston on this show
Eleonora Kalpina
Eleonora Kalpina - 6 gün önce
Why does destiny’s voice kinda sound like the aquamarine Girl from the Highschool episode 👁👄👁
QuickSilva - 6 gün önce
What I got from this video:
I hate sonne
I like destiny
Aaron is a good guy
NCR Trooper
NCR Trooper - 6 gün önce
having people pitch on why they need the money is the worst way to do it. everyone's gonna exaggerate/lie
Ellie Mcelvenny
Ellie Mcelvenny - 6 gün önce
I really don’t like sonne
Daniel B
Daniel B - 6 gün önce
Earl is King, Destiny is an unproblematic queen and Sonne’s mom would be lucky if she couldn’t hear her son speak
Daniel B
Daniel B - 6 gün önce
In the second round there were 6 people but 5 votes??
Daniel B
Daniel B - 6 gün önce
So Sonne doesn’t have the time to work so how would he find the time for the classes 🤔
Ph3onix.m3r - 8 gün önce
Wait what did earl say his reason was? paying his mum back? and they got rid of the person who wanted to help other people first? huh
Conasia Wilson
Conasia Wilson - 9 gün önce
I would have gave it all to destiny
blankx blankx
blankx blankx - 9 gün önce
Damn Tracy was SALTY, y'all see her face when Aaliyah won?
Venu Ramesh
Venu Ramesh - 10 gün önce
The way sonne didnt clap for the winner- the audacity of this man
Dr J’s Slime Shop
Dr J’s Slime Shop - 11 gün önce
Hated sonne ngl he was so selfish
Zakariya Khan
Zakariya Khan - 11 gün önce
The thumbnail was i dont know
Munchpumpkinz - 12 gün önce
i love muhammed
Dani El Asaad
Dani El Asaad - 12 gün önce
hubba bubba girl in the middle is like the only good person ive seen in these videos
Tina Perez
Tina Perez - 13 gün önce
Props to Earl for saying what he did
Kinsey Hogge
Kinsey Hogge - 13 gün önce
He was raising money for children who’s parents have fucking cancer ... and that’s better than the guy that can learn sign language on YouTube or in a book for a library? Or the girl who said she just wants the money because she paid for her dog. Her dog is saved , it’s not like it’s in any harm right now.
hanna - 13 gün önce
does aaron sort of look like jonathan groff. or is it just me.
peppa gangsta
peppa gangsta - 15 gün önce
Tracy shut the fuck up sonne shut the fuck up
Tad Martinson
Tad Martinson - 18 gün önce
Earl was cool tho
XREDDIEX - 19 gün önce
I wish sonne had won, he was so nice and kind!

Zuna’s World
Zuna’s World - 20 gün önce
Oh woah, that Sonne guy or whatever thought that mental treatment that costs $24,000 DOLLARS! Isn’t a good reason
Zuna’s World
Zuna’s World - 20 gün önce
Can’t that guy learn sign language from YouTube?
Jeysu A.
Jeysu A. - 21 gün önce
aya - 21 gün önce
aaliyah deserved it the most in my opinion
Summer Clarke
Summer Clarke - 21 gün önce
Sonnes stories are all bs let’s face it🤣
Anotida Kandwe
Anotida Kandwe - 22 gün önce
Destiny had such a beautiful personality
Caitlynn Meadows
Caitlynn Meadows - 22 gün önce
I just came from the high schoolers one and all I'm gonna say is Jordyn acts likes she's 4 :)
Jordy 229
Jordy 229 - 23 gün önce
Im a boomer and think these people are failures but im a boomer so I just complain
Pyrowolf GT
Pyrowolf GT - 25 gün önce
Not to be mean but
One sonne’s mom is deaf not blind you can text or write
Two u can use youtube for sign language
georgia duke
georgia duke - 26 gün önce
aaliyah literally looks so much like vereena sayed
Micro - Memes
Micro - Memes - 26 gün önce
Sonne is a dickhead, he was the only one not clapping just cause $500 went to sharity.. smh
akire Kory
akire Kory - 27 gün önce
All the assholes trying to say YouTube is a good place to learn asl (American sign language) 🙄 asl is a very physical language and just seeing through a screen isn’t enough. Talking from experience.
Chimmy - 27 gün önce
Why isn’t anyone talking about Destiny like that’s literally the opposite of narcissism... she so sweet she didn’t wanna upset anyone, risking herself($1000) for theses strangers... I wish she had won !!!
ProxUrAimz - 28 gün önce
Give 1k to me it's worth 10 times more in my country than in US because we make 10 times less $ than US peeps
Sydie Bear
Sydie Bear - 28 gün önce
poor Sonne like if i told people my situation and somebody said "isn't there anything else you could do?" would be so annoying cause its like, no this is the situation.
Sydie Bear
Sydie Bear - 28 gün önce
jeez they shouldn't just tell Destiny to chose, they should have asked her before they are like "DESTINY YOU HAVE TO PICK, PICK PICK PICK PICK PICK"
Sydie Bear
Sydie Bear - 28 gün önce
ugh in all of these there is that one snobby bi*ch who is like "you don't need that, or you get can your teeth later" to all the nice people. like marine biologist girl from the teens and the 7 children lady from the seniors and chris from the strangers! they are so annoying but a lot of people are very nice!!
Draven Haines
Draven Haines - 28 gün önce
Its it me, or did anyone else ship Earl and Aaron from the start?
MissGreenThumbs - 29 gün önce
I actually like Sonne’s perspective. He wanted the money for people with personal issues who could use it right there and then to help them not for charity for someone else. That’s not selfish. Sometimes you need to help yourself first in order to help others.
Another Commenter
Another Commenter - 26 gün önce
nah he didnt want it so someone could help themselves to help others, he wanted to help himself and be done
arreon roberts
arreon roberts - Aylar önce
that’s so annoying that they litteraly didn’t care that he was trying to fundraise KIDS WHOS PARENTS HAVE CANCER
Candela Nazar
Candela Nazar - Aylar önce
"im literally in a major where...."
shut the fuck up!!!!
Jade Charalambos
Jade Charalambos - Aylar önce
Destiny is just so pretty!
that one girl thats irrelevant
sonne should try youtube i learnt some on youtube
Frederique Bedard
Frederique Bedard - Aylar önce
It’s been almost a year of this video and idk what happened but I really hope that Aaliyah is doing well