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Caitlin - Gün önce
14:27 I literally burst out laughing 😂😂😂😂and 16:34😂😂😂😂
Caitlin - Gün önce
Woah that hotel room is awesome!!
Lau ra
Lau ra - Gün önce
nobody judges a person eating by him/herself. I just think they're independent enough.
Noah Taube
Noah Taube - 3 gün önce
Ughhh I wish I could be friends with her. We have the same birthday, she loves hummus, and we both make jokes about our sadness and loneliness😂💜 Hell yeah brother.
Caitlin - Gün önce
Noah Taube weird flex but ok
Lindsay van Schieveen
Lindsay van Schieveen - 3 gün önce
im so sorry to say huis but you are pretty ungrateful because you are 18 you are going to a big ass hotel with roomsevice and all that stuff you know and saying you are fucking lonely this and that but like you could’ve relaxed in the hottop and not dit in there for not even 5 minutes and go back and do nothing and you could go like citys and stuff there are so mandy things to do by yourself and you are saying ugh this sucks and im fucking lonely… but okay
xJqvian - 4 gün önce
it hurt sometimes being lonely but a the same time u ok by yourself.
Guilt tea sisterz
Guilt tea sisterz - 5 gün önce
Who is here before the video gets demonetized
Nicole Rose
Nicole Rose - 5 gün önce
Who else wishes they could go hangout with Emma?
Adriana W.
Adriana W. - 3 gün önce
Nicole Rose me lol
Hayden Roblox
Hayden Roblox - 5 gün önce
10:54 hello shane dawson
Miley Keilman
Miley Keilman - 7 gün önce
Ha that's sad
Christina Martinez
Christina Martinez - 7 gün önce
Dude i love your personality and your videos! Your so funny. Lmao
mel m
mel m - 7 gün önce
its_bree - 8 gün önce
I think we all learned something from this video, and that is that Emma is “fucking lonely?”
Krystle Starbrooks
Krystle Starbrooks - 8 gün önce
I totally get it's weird being alone.. But it can be fun and just laugh 🥰🤗
CooperDoyle - 8 gün önce
Ill give you a facial
S P - 9 gün önce
Hi emma, enjoying your own company is not a sign of being alone or sad or anything else. Let people think whatever they want, if you enjoy your own company then fuck the world. We have always been thinking that having friends or family with us and by our side all the time, dont make us feel loney. But the main thing that makes us think that we are lonely is our own messed up mind. We need to give ourself some self analysis and see where we go wrong and need some work on our mind. That way we will definitely build a stronger mind and dont have such negative thoughts. Peace.
Zoë Deleon
Zoë Deleon - 9 gün önce
At 13:17 she said😖🤨 and I said 😯😂
Janna Ross
Janna Ross - 9 gün önce
Ryan Ulmer
Ryan Ulmer - 9 gün önce
Facial from who..... please say me
Bailey Ferris
Bailey Ferris - 9 gün önce
I just found out I am two years older than Emma... wtf
PJ Simmons
PJ Simmons - 10 gün önce
There are birds that sing in between the verses of life.
To find simply a single ounce of time worth living.
Madeline Nixon
Madeline Nixon - 10 gün önce
7:09 you can tell she honked her own car lol😂
Martha Michalak
Martha Michalak - 11 gün önce
I feel like we’d be best friends we have the same sense of humor 😂 and you’re the only person I know of who cusses as much ass me lmao
Laylay Evans
Laylay Evans - 11 gün önce
i never tried humus
cucci gucci
cucci gucci - 12 gün önce
Does Emma have a house or an apartment?
Jasmine Montoya
Jasmine Montoya - 9 gün önce
cucci gucci apartment (:
Bias Alfian
Bias Alfian - 12 gün önce
You're so beautiful
teabang x
teabang x - 13 gün önce
No one:

Not one soul:

Emma: "i kinda have a phobia of leaving my hotel room"
Cecime Street
Cecime Street - 14 gün önce
Realest video
Brooke Hornsby
Brooke Hornsby - 14 gün önce
She has a metal straw
Ashika Zarif
Ashika Zarif - 15 gün önce
I swear I smelled a burp right after Emma burped and then I burped
Koehli _
Koehli _ - 15 gün önce
I'm twice your age.
chloeee zimm
chloeee zimm - 15 gün önce
omg i hate gummy bears too
Universe of Secrets
Universe of Secrets - 16 gün önce
Lonely but your skin looks great
Universe of Secrets
Universe of Secrets - 16 gün önce
I love your videos by the way honestly you are just so funny I don't care about the content
Universe of Secrets
Universe of Secrets - 16 gün önce
That's seriously how it feels when you eat alone I seriously had a family pay for my dinner one time because they felt bad I was alone at red lobster 😂😂😂
Janine Flehmig
Janine Flehmig - 16 gün önce
take a shot everytime emma says 'by myself'
you'll be wasted in no time
Kate Rose
Kate Rose - 17 gün önce
I'm weakklk 😢😢😢😂😂😂😂😂 fr tho I need a friend too, And a roommate in California -not trying to b creepy I'm kinda seriously asking
Sara Baines
Sara Baines - 17 gün önce
This is how many times Emma said lonely 😂
Lucy Mellis
Lucy Mellis - 17 gün önce
She didn't eat the m n ms
EJRapidd - 17 gün önce
Buy a PS4 and you won’t be bored lol
Philip Hoskinson
Philip Hoskinson - 17 gün önce
Please marry me. We will have fun every day and live happily ever after.
Irene - 17 gün önce
What car does she have
A & H Squad
A & H Squad - 17 gün önce
Emma: if anyone doesn’t like hummus, WhaTS wRoNG WiTh YoU?!
Me: 😁✌🏻 lol rude
Tia Singh
Tia Singh - 17 gün önce
Did she just swear her mom? Oof I could never :0
Dalma Andrade
Dalma Andrade - 18 gün önce
8:50 “I will be stealing all of those” LMAOOOO BIG SAME
Sophia T.
Sophia T. - 18 gün önce
Still shook that she went to the montage
Sophia T.
Sophia T. - 18 gün önce
The fact that she was on hold for 30 mins with the montage is acc a problem
Sophia T.
Sophia T. - 18 gün önce
becca iversen
becca iversen - 18 gün önce
2:23 the simulation glitched👽
Dad&Daughter Fishing
Dad&Daughter Fishing - 18 gün önce
Roblox Applesauce
Roblox Applesauce - 18 gün önce
*hi emma*
Isabel Eisinger
Isabel Eisinger - 18 gün önce
i live for emmas insane facial expressions when shes talking on the phone
GeorgieElizabitxh !
GeorgieElizabitxh ! - 19 gün önce
As someone who doesn’t eat meat can you even eat gummy bears without having to go find vegan ones?
Aamillya Babyyy
Aamillya Babyyy - 19 gün önce
I love how she stays raw in her videos always bare face and that shows her natural beauty. Love ya Emma❤️
Vivi Z
Vivi Z - 20 gün önce
Este es el comentario en español que buscabas
CALEB JENKINS - 20 gün önce
17:17 idk, why r u by ur self? hummus sux!
Clair-Chantel O.
Clair-Chantel O. - 20 gün önce
Is it just me or at 7:09 it looked like Emma honked the car herself 😂😂 or maybe it's just me but look at her arm, also it made that kind if clicky sound which was quite loud and I don't think you would be able to hear that if it was from a different car😂 but it's probably just me , what do u guys think?😜
Dina Dorazio
Dina Dorazio - 20 gün önce
Whos filming her
Jimmy Ryan
Jimmy Ryan - 21 gün önce
Please sub to me please please please
girly thingszzz
girly thingszzz - 21 gün önce
this is how many times emma said "I'm lonely" v