Triplets at Age 16 | Britain's Youngest Mums and Dads 2

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Ahnya Evans
Ahnya Evans - 9 dakika önce
Aroosa Abid
Aroosa Abid - 16 saatler önce
It’s Vicky pollard 😂🤷🏻‍♀️
redinthevalley - 18 saatler önce
Charlotte you one day will regret how you have neglected that sweet baby girl
Ahnya Evans
Ahnya Evans - 7 dakika önce
She probably does their babies are about 13 now
Kelly Ball
Kelly Ball - 18 saatler önce
Whitney Ormond
Whitney Ormond - 19 saatler önce
Amber Benson
Amber Benson - Gün önce
19!! Simone and her boyfriend both look like they’re in they’re 30’s
Cassandra Derek
Cassandra Derek - Gün önce
Nikola seemed like an excellent Mom tbh; and Charlotte was ... not.
Kendra Skiner
Kendra Skiner - Gün önce
Charlotte is horrible that poor baby
Grace Chen
Grace Chen - Gün önce
oh..finally there's a mother that isn't abandoned by her baby's father, and of course they had to have a child with disabilities :(
I feel so bad for them, but the boy looks so adorable!!
Chloe Sings
Chloe Sings - 2 gün önce
Before watching this I wanted to become a teen mom.
After this didn’t change my mind, if anything it made me more determined to be a good mom
Chloe Sings
Chloe Sings - 2 gün önce
We’re so much more wiser than them ???
Did u go to school ??
sophia Findlay
sophia Findlay - 2 gün önce
We watched this at school
hannah._.blobfish - 2 gün önce
I bet Nicola was dying to pick up charlotte’s baby the whole time haha
Kawaii Cow
Kawaii Cow - 3 gün önce
People act like the world is over for them when their child is having a baby as a teen...

Because it is.
healingypsy - 3 gün önce
I'm sorry but that is neglect and `I would be concerned about that child's safety. Where is social services ?!
Nina Eve
Nina Eve - 3 gün önce
40:56 lemme just casually cough on your kids head for a sec yeah?
Mad Scribbler
Mad Scribbler - 3 gün önce
Just give the girl the epidural! There’s nothing wrong with taking away the pain of PUSHING A DAMN HUMAN OUTTA YOUR BODY. I wonder why they were so reluctant.
lor ghosty
lor ghosty - Gün önce
Mad Scribbler To put her off ever doing it again
Laura Fox
Laura Fox - 4 gün önce
Fascinating. You spend your younger life trying not to get pregnant & when you want to get pregnant, it doesn’t happen. 😅
emma ireland
emma ireland - 4 gün önce
They should have give her a epidural as soon as they induced labour they shouldnt leave a 14 year old to feel tht kind of pain
Jisna s rajan
Jisna s rajan - 4 gün önce
If mom knows to step back and say dont get pregnant then make sure you give tips on protection pills.they are just kids.their mind might be mature but not their body.
Kaylee Maguire
Kaylee Maguire - 4 gün önce
In 8th grade we had to do this baby thing and you were partenered will a boy or girl and me and my partener got an f I left the baby in my car for a week I totally forgot about the baby
Ariel802 VT
Ariel802 VT - 4 gün önce
That 13 yr old had a baby?????? I’m almost 13 , I’m not even socially active wth?😂
Bene Shee
Bene Shee - 5 gün önce
Where are the dads
The CarDashing Family
The CarDashing Family - 5 gün önce
How could charlottes parents expect Charlotte to take 100% responsiblity of sophie when they couldnt take 100% responsibility of Charlotte? Seriously.
BooM Pow
BooM Pow - 5 gün önce
I feel for these people but you have to admit its pretty damn cute

For the most part
Lina Hohemann
Lina Hohemann - 5 gün önce
This kid is NOTTTT old enough to have a child, 16:01 how does she think thats ok
Kookie's Life
Kookie's Life - 6 gün önce
Kookie's Life
Kookie's Life - 6 gün önce
The 13 yr old can acc handle her kid that ...i csnt even handle myself and im 15
Woffy Assasin
Woffy Assasin - 6 gün önce
Who noticed all the TEEN MOTHERS are all BUCK TOOTHED ?
Jackeline Jimenez
Jackeline Jimenez - 6 gün önce
2:00 why did they not take of the shoe of the baby mouth
Prxncess Regina
Prxncess Regina - 6 gün önce
Charity LeAnne
Charity LeAnne - 6 gün önce
Charlotte is a horrible mom, but it’s sad. She’s horrible!
RoCa_ wolf
RoCa_ wolf - 6 gün önce
Hey Charlotte stole my B-Day. I was born May 1st 2006 at 1:16 pm on my brothers B-Day may 1st. We have the same B-Day but he was born in 2002
dragon slayer
dragon slayer - 7 gün önce
I had one kid at 16 there is no way I could have had 3
Amber Xena
Amber Xena - 7 gün önce
not being mean but Charlottes such a bad mother. caring more about a phone, being stroppy not caring about her daughter. if you can't deal with a baby at such a young age then don't have one don't let other people look after the child.
Mary Mitchell
Mary Mitchell - 7 gün önce
I think Charlotte needed a psychiatrist. Her parents even said one minute happy the next she's hateful. Personality disorder much.......
Kirsty McKitterick-Rainey
Kirsty McKitterick-Rainey - 7 gün önce
Crazy that hope is 17/18 now..
Jeremy Bingontem
Jeremy Bingontem - 8 gün önce
16:03 the babies poor neck 😭
RubyGamer101 - 8 gün önce
I’m not even British and I’m watching this
girl from Azerbaijan
girl from Azerbaijan - 9 gün önce
*I was playing with dolls when I was 13, jeez, don’t you have anything else to do* 🙄
Faye Elsen
Faye Elsen - 9 gün önce
My mum was 16 when she gave birth to me (early 2004) and my sister was born in 2006 my dad was there for her from the minute she told him she was pregnant he is still a massive part of my life. My mum is a brilliant mother despite being a teenage mother
Kayleigh - 9 gün önce
Ok, I know this was in 2006, but I liked how Charlotte had a passion for her horses, but she had to know that Sophie had to come first otherwise there's no point in being a mother
donmitchful - 9 gün önce
Great care system we have then .....taken into care to be looked after comes home pregnant
cheskydivision - 9 gün önce
I would love a follow up, what their doing now.
mari - 11 gün önce
charlotte is such a brat wtf
Endiah Woods
Endiah Woods - 11 gün önce
How can you leave a baby in a car bye they self 🤦🏽‍♂️ like if you agree with me
Satisfiers 2.1
Satisfiers 2.1 - 11 gün önce
The first mum is so mature now! And well done to her.
Avalynn Grayce1234
Avalynn Grayce1234 - 12 gün önce
I like bows pink rabbits and dresses and I’m 14 lol
_Desert_ Runner_
_Desert_ Runner_ - 12 gün önce
Bethany Isabelle
Bethany Isabelle - 13 gün önce
Charlotte was just too immature to even take care of baby Sophie she wouldn't even play with her I'm glad baby Sophie is with a family that loves her
Brandie Blakley
Brandie Blakley - 13 gün önce
She just leaves her baby in the car outside the stables! Wtf!
Chloe Allen
Chloe Allen - 13 gün önce
Annette Hachey
Annette Hachey - 13 gün önce
That 13 year old needs to not have any more children and that baby needs to be adopted by a loving family that wants her!. She is extremely selfish and ignorant.
aZianjazzy Boo
aZianjazzy Boo - 13 gün önce
It’s so weird that Charlotte is holding her baby . Her baby looks like a doll or a sibling . Super weird and awkward
Sophie Bynam
Sophie Bynam - 14 gün önce
oh my god the way charlotte was holding sophie triggered me
Lissa Kennerley
Lissa Kennerley - 14 gün önce
I didn’t even start puberty till last year and I’m 15 . Still go to kids play areas lmao
Leah Mitchell
Leah Mitchell - 14 gün önce
That girl screaming and flopping on the floor and kept looking at the camera was just doing all that for a show.
Angelena R.
Angelena R. - 14 gün önce
I can't believe the mom that knew her daughter was sexually active but just said "don't get pregnant". I mean my God if you really feel like you can't control her, then at least go get her on some birth control.
lo G
lo G - 14 gün önce
Watching them not sleep makes me tired
noneurbness - 14 gün önce
Don't microwave bottles 😖
_a_l_a_n_n_a_h_ - 15 gün önce
Ngl I kinda want a little babba now...
Rebecca McCarthy
Rebecca McCarthy - 15 gün önce
She isn’t supporting the baby’s head :(
LifeOf Tarsha
LifeOf Tarsha - 15 gün önce
charlotte shouldn’t have been out there f*cking if she didn’t want her .
Denes Kovacs
Denes Kovacs - 15 gün önce
Brexit now...😂😂😂
Heck, I Don't Know
Heck, I Don't Know - 16 gün önce
charlotte is the biggest idiot on the planet. i’ve never seen a more selfish human in my life.
boo 3253
boo 3253 - 16 gün önce
Instead of trying to guilt trip and force tour 17year old daughter into an abortion because you feels she's ruined her life why don't you offer her full support after the twins are 6month old you help her owt so she can still go to uni or at least carry on in education part time till they start nursery stop making her belive her life is over because it's not! She's 17 she's got her whole life ahead of her!
nev luvsroses
nev luvsroses - 16 gün önce
Also I hate the way the older girls talk about the youngest girls expect for Charlotte, they act like they also aren’t pregnant or gave birth
nev luvsroses
nev luvsroses - 16 gün önce
Y’all I think Charlotte has post partum
nev luvsroses
nev luvsroses - 16 gün önce
Where does Charlotte’s story start at?
MurphysLaw95 - 16 gün önce
Lol. The girl who said she thought it'll be easier once they could walk probably regretted saying that. They are maniacs running around the house getting into things and falling over so you have to make sure they don't hit their heads. Also you have to make sure they dont eat poisonous things. Having to do all that with 3 babies!! *gets anxiety*
Nique Brown
Nique Brown - 16 gün önce
Melissa's mom said... "I reckon she'll be screaming the place down......
Melissa: AHHHHHHHHHhhhhhh (screaming the place down)" 😂😂😂😂😂
Elizabeth Fisher
Elizabeth Fisher - 16 gün önce
Simone! Stop that!!!
georgina marsh
georgina marsh - 16 gün önce
1500 a month tax free money ! Wow that's crazy
Chloe Aimee
Chloe Aimee - 17 gün önce
missys baby was born on the same day as me
Venla Josefiina
Venla Josefiina - 17 gün önce
Poor Sophie! Charlotte is not a good mama. Sophie needs lovely mama!💔😞
farah alfarhan
farah alfarhan - 17 gün önce
Why is there a heater in the bathroom??? 5:40
Your Granny
Your Granny - 17 gün önce
You’ve done 96%!
Tiffani: out of what?
Me: 🙄
Mr Gamer FC
Mr Gamer FC - 18 gün önce
Use a condom ffs!!!!!!!
Maggie Shelton
Maggie Shelton - 19 gün önce
It’s stupid that they won’t allow their kids to get an epidural.
Jasmine Victoria
Jasmine Victoria - 19 gün önce
How you gonna hold a baby without supporting there neck holy moly
Itz Becca
Itz Becca - 19 gün önce
Who else thinks Charlotte doesn’t care for her poor little baby 😭😢😔🥺 and please support the head🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺😭😭😭😭
Penguin S
Penguin S - 19 gün önce
Baby at 13 OMG there is absolutely no need for a baby having a baby what was the mother of daughter think
Marileen Jordaan
Marileen Jordaan - 19 gün önce
Melissa does not look 14... thought she was my age... 24
Abby Robson
Abby Robson - 19 gün önce
Ashley Martin
Ashley Martin - 20 gün önce
Theres no reason a young mom can't be as good of a mom as an older mom.... lol theres tons of reasons actually.
Ashley Taylor
Ashley Taylor - 20 gün önce
these babies are like around the ages of 13-18 if you count all the babies in this video
Claudia Contreras
Claudia Contreras - 20 gün önce
Poor Sophie it isn’t her fault. 💔
Chelsea Frew
Chelsea Frew - 22 gün önce
I first watched this last year and to this day I wonder how the mums and kids are and still worry about little sophie? I pray and hope she had a good childhood and grew up loved in the end☹
Shooting Star
Shooting Star - 23 gün önce
The one boyfriend who stuck around
Kaylan Toomey
Kaylan Toomey - 23 gün önce
Charlotte is a terrible Mum. I am 13 and if I had a child at this age than I would love her and care for her way better.
Shooting Star
Shooting Star - 23 gün önce
Angel19619 - 23 gün önce
Make those babies
X Xoreos4lifeX X
X Xoreos4lifeX X - 23 gün önce
Charlotte is either 27 or 26 now i think. Jesus lets hope she hasn't had another baby and treats it the same and calls her baby a rat because she is the real rat here.
edna Niyounkuro
edna Niyounkuro - 24 gün önce
Nicoles.. is a great mom.. and am sure she will always be..
St0rMy Days
St0rMy Days - 24 gün önce
The 13 yr old what the fk where was her PARENTS !! 🤬
All Things Chey
All Things Chey - 25 gün önce
1. This is why your initial education and learning begins in the home. Parents need to stop leaving it up to schools to raise their kids
2. I can’t even blame their behaviour, Charlotte in particular, because she’s still a kid. It doesn’t justify her actions but I get it.
3. I don’t think your age determines how good of a parent you are, but biologically our bodies are better equipped the older you are.
4. No hate btw, my mum had me young too (my parents stayed together fortunately and are married now) but they told me their journey and they encouraged me not to follow their route.
Amnesty Lopez
Amnesty Lopez - 25 gün önce
The twins were so adorable💞
mollexi - 25 gün önce
Nicola is such a wonderful mother. Just proves that some young mums can be wonderful mothers. It’s unfortunate Charlotte couldn’t look after baby Sophie properly, I hope she has matured and that Sophie is having proper care.
Celestine -_
Celestine -_ - 27 gün önce
"So much more wiser" I mean, compared to her and her maturity then yeah, but you might want to rethink that phrasing 😂
Celestine -_
Celestine -_ - 27 gün önce
Charlotte is waaay too immature to be a mother. For instance she wouldn't join in with the massaging because she thought it was funny and would make her look silly and funny.
eilish - 28 gün önce
it’s so sad that the guys that got them pregnant leave and are never a part of the children’s lives :(
ramen - Gün önce
eilish off topic but Billie my wife bro