Triplets at Age 16 | Britain's Youngest Mums and Dads 2

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Pansy Flower
Pansy Flower - Saatler önce
why on earth would you have 5 children starting at 14... What kind of life can you give them, how are you going to succeed in life when you pinch pennies forever and live paycheck to paycheck.... Way stupid.
Pansy Flower
Pansy Flower - 5 saatler önce
i dont know why these parents allow the kids to have kids and then they dont take care of them hello... child needs to be adopted.... and mommy at 14 should be kicked out of house.... just digusting
Pansy Flower
Pansy Flower - 6 saatler önce
if you have two kids and both have special needs top having kids
Mia star
Mia star - 21 saatler önce
14?! melissa looks like shes in her 40s!
Tante Herbert
Tante Herbert - Gün önce
I knew "The Brothers Grimsby" is not just a movie, it's a documentary about the UK.
Ava Mione
Ava Mione - Gün önce
Branda Oberg
Branda Oberg - 2 gün önce
Simone is so fecking pretty.
Cessile Ignacio
Cessile Ignacio - 2 gün önce
Charlotte really have'nt accepted that she is a Mother now, its like she is having her own world and just keeps blocking her baby existence,...
Alexis Davidson
Alexis Davidson - 2 gün önce
They are all such great mothers in 15 and if I had a baby I wouldn’t be able to handle it I can’t even handle my own sisters. I wish the for the mothers. God bless👏🏼
Branda Oberg
Branda Oberg - 2 gün önce
It said that Charlotte didn't know she was pregnant, then it said that she kept her secret. So, did she know or not?
Ashley Pablo
Ashley Pablo - 3 gün önce
three kids at 19
Venus and Mars
Venus and Mars - 3 gün önce
I saw like 20 things that charlotte did wrong...that is why only mature adults should be responsible for a babies life. That one clip where sophie's neck was just hanging was painful.
Beth Murungi
Beth Murungi - 3 gün önce
Feels like taking that phone and throwing it in a pool of water 😥😥😥
dudeitznoxss. - 3 gün önce
0:53 rip headphone users
Cait Thomas
Cait Thomas - 3 gün önce
That scream!
Koo Krampel
Koo Krampel - 4 gün önce
I wonder if any of the young mums are ever evaluated for post partum depression. This Charlotte character has many issues and that child is going to suffer. I hope she makes a decision to find a loving home for the little girl. She should not be a parent.
I also want to mention that the “cry it out” method is outdated and detrimental to the mental health of a child. A baby should not be left to cry to “self-soothe”. All it is learning is that mum is not there when she is needed.
Hannah March
Hannah March - 4 gün önce
Maybe Susie should go to work.
Hannah March
Hannah March - 4 gün önce
This is why my wife and I are adopting children.
Dez S.
Dez S. - 5 gün önce
That doll they used is the exact one we used in my health class at school.
Kathy ayers-peterson
Kathy ayers-peterson - 5 gün önce
"She shouldn't have to"? She DOES HAVE TO and WITHOUT ANGER toward her babies! The babies are little people and she doesn't appear to know that!!
Angel Dark
Angel Dark - 5 gün önce
Stupid, stupid girls.
rebekah kraft
rebekah kraft - 5 gün önce
Idk how she is gonna have a third if the other two are so young with serious health issues.... that’s going to be so tough
Raven Paulo
Raven Paulo - 5 gün önce
All of the babies are so precious!
Mimii M
Mimii M - 6 gün önce
29:30 Tiffany’s mum sounds like Bonnie from Family Guy
Gloria Ortiz
Gloria Ortiz - 7 gün önce
Why didn't they buy Charlotte her own birthday presents for herself not the baby
Cause it's not the babys birthday, goodness shes a kid so she wanted her own 🎁 presents😣
Gloria Ortiz
Gloria Ortiz - 7 gün önce
Emily Delamar
Emily Delamar - 7 gün önce
Whenever I can hold someones baby, I'm so in love with them- how can Charlotte not bond with her daughter when I can bond a strangers baby right away?
Chao Flaka
Chao Flaka - 8 gün önce
Dejah VUuu
Dejah VUuu - 9 gün önce
Charlotte needs for that baby to be adopted two parents that want her she's too young she's just a child and stupid and selfish
Megan Williams
Megan Williams - 10 gün önce
As a 20 year old, my greatest accomplishment is not being pregnant yet nor having a child/children. Which really shouldn't be an accomplishment at my age, it should be totally normal and expected.
Stacy Coleman
Stacy Coleman - 10 gün önce
I'd love to see pictures of the babies now..this was 2006
Julio Cano
Julio Cano - 11 gün önce
LMFAO at that Melissa chick when shes kicking and screaming!
Katie Ryder
Katie Ryder - 11 gün önce
Those babies need to be rear facing!!
Tayen Mellick
Tayen Mellick - 11 gün önce
TEN POUNDS. Jesus that’s a big baby
Judy Berends
Judy Berends - 12 gün önce
Teen Gracie
Teen Gracie - 12 gün önce
I’m a teen mother and I feel so bad for Sophie. My daughter is my world! I’m 14 and my daughter is 2 weeks old. Nickola is amazing! I am pleased
Teen Gracie
Teen Gracie - 5 gün önce
Angel Dark no why?
Angel Dark
Angel Dark - 5 gün önce
You're 14??? You're joking, right?
Kaytlyn Frederick
Kaytlyn Frederick - 12 gün önce
That Charlotte girl’s baby head looks like it’s about to break. Hold her head boo.
Lee Madden
Lee Madden - 13 gün önce
It’s just a recurring cycle isn’t it. Generation after generation. A sense of entitlement and mostly by those young ones who come from the lower socioeconomic group
michelle sheppard
michelle sheppard - 13 gün önce
Grrrr, the 13 year old mother isn't even holding her child right!
Eli - 14 gün önce
So many moms and none of them breastfeeding her child?
Sarah - 14 gün önce
Melissa is not 14! Are you kidding me? She's at least 25
diana tralli
diana tralli - 8 gün önce
I saw her facebook, she is 26 but looks like 36
corrina koko
corrina koko - 14 gün önce
Charlotte needs to have her baby taken away.
Crumbzz Stories
Crumbzz Stories - 14 gün önce
My brother is 13 and still looks like a 10 yr old
BillyBob Kumar
BillyBob Kumar - 14 gün önce
Adoption adoption adoption!
Chant'e M Jones
Chant'e M Jones - 15 gün önce
The 14 year old with her baby girl was just heartbreaking it's so important to bond with your baby and give your baby love but if you got a baby taken care of a baby sweet Jesus the baby suffers and it's not fair to the baby
Litedgy - 15 gün önce
melissa jensens' parents look so good wth
LOVE 1 ANOTHER - 15 gün önce
you may not have a life as a teenager, but you have a life when your 40 something year old friends are starting their families and your children are in their late teens if not early 20's
Peanut Chashew
Peanut Chashew - 15 gün önce
She left the baby in the car ?!? Omg.
Rainy Day
Rainy Day - 16 gün önce
"They're a bit *under* mature."
"Yeah, we're so much *more wiser* than them."
I actually agree that Tiffany and Nichola are more mature than the other girls but gosh the irony of that made me laugh.
Zainab ali
Zainab ali - 17 gün önce
I felt bad for the kid in the labor she was in a horrible pain
coyote lady 613
coyote lady 613 - 17 gün önce
Why would you continue to breed when you keep giving birth to children with disabilities.....get your damn tubes tied or your partner needs to have a vasectomy!
Natalia Figueroa
Natalia Figueroa - 17 gün önce
I got so many abortion ads during this video😂
Emma Lose
Emma Lose - 17 gün önce
The way charlotte held that beautiful baby is so disturbing... just letting her head dangle like that :(
Cathy Earnshaw
Cathy Earnshaw - 18 gün önce
15:55 WTF is she doing holding a baby like that?! 🤦🏻‍♀️
Cathy Earnshaw
Cathy Earnshaw - 18 gün önce
12:54 😱 I’m not having a baby EVER!
vuhsachi glitter
vuhsachi glitter - 18 gün önce
why is it every time a English person copies an American accent it’s southern 😂😂😂
George's Universe
George's Universe - 18 gün önce
The way charolett supported the baby’s head makes me cringe
Emily See
Emily See - 18 gün önce
Melissa had the reaction of a child to the pain of labor because she IS a child. That was just ridiculous but then again it's ridiculous that she got pregnant in the first place.
honestly dishonest
honestly dishonest - 18 gün önce
12:43 wow I can't no thanks
Xavi Sánchez
Xavi Sánchez - 19 gün önce
14th birthday and she is a mum??? WHAAAAAT??
richards adventures
richards adventures - 19 gün önce
charlotte seems to have bipolar disorder.
richards adventures
richards adventures - 19 gün önce
charlotte seems to have bipolar disorder.
Tianaa - 20 gün önce
One of my friends nearly got pregnant at the age of 11
Michelle charles
Michelle charles - 20 gün önce
Nicolah am so glad she didn't abort them such beautiful children she gives her all as good as teen moms are I wish they would stop being kids having kids what's the rush you got a few years of being teens and the rest of your life to be an adult most teen mom there children have children at that age to
Strawberrycake*-* - 20 gün önce
16:05 omg how is she holding the baby?
megan odonnell
megan odonnell - 20 gün önce
Those poor boys , when they grow up they get to hear their grandmother say, " I begged her to have an abortion, begged her!"
Jona Dreyer
Jona Dreyer - 20 gün önce
When Nicola went upstairs to comfort her son I silently applauded her. Babys don't settle themselves, they just cry themselves into exhaustion and then give up. The friggin nanny should know that. Letting your baby cry is so 1950
simplydesi12 - 20 gün önce
Extremely late to seeing this but damn Simone needs to stop having kids first one had problems now the 2nd one has problems and who knows about the 3rd (haven’t completed video) something is wrong with her or her partners genes / dna.
trevor oneill
trevor oneill - 21 gün önce
I seen three year olds that know how to hold a baby and act more mature than Charlotte
Brie Girlll
Brie Girlll - 22 gün önce
It's his right to have a large family that he cannot care for? I don't understand people that purposely have kids without knowing how they will care for it. That couple chose to have a large family with any formal education or skills. 😳 that's very different from the teen that gets pregnant accidentally and decides to keep the baby. I'm ok with that as so many of us were born into those circumstances. For me, I haven't had kids because I want to make sure I have enough to support them and not have to rely on welfare and raising them without the things they need.
Johnny Sammy Gidharry
Johnny Sammy Gidharry - 22 gün önce
i would like to see fathers doing this , it was very interesting , i wish them all the best
Aasiyah Wadee
Aasiyah Wadee - 23 gün önce
Young girls who want to get pregnant should think about raising the child instead of burdening their mothers.
Aasiyah Wadee
Aasiyah Wadee - 23 gün önce
Why should their Mum's have to sacrifice their golden years raising their granchildten
Aasiyah Wadee
Aasiyah Wadee - 23 gün önce
All the young mothers are selfish making their mum's forcefully help them raise their kids.
Aasiyah Wadee
Aasiyah Wadee - 23 gün önce
Charlotte needs counseling and support and bullying online does not help it's a form of hatred.
Aasiyah Wadee
Aasiyah Wadee - 23 gün önce
People need to stop hating on Charlotte she's still very young and hasn't fully matured yet. She's not perfect and the guy isn't around.
Sukainah IsHere
Sukainah IsHere - 23 gün önce
tia is two months younger than ME
Ajda Jenkole
Ajda Jenkole - 23 gün önce
Why does none of them breastfeed?
Shan Marie
Shan Marie - 23 gün önce
the mouth on that hissy fit thrower- disgusting
I’m glad Sophie was adopted
Ally Wu
Ally Wu - 25 gün önce
Nooooo the baby is sleeping on the his back ......nooo SIDS...
Ally Wu
Ally Wu - 25 gün önce
When was this doc. REALLY filmed?...
Galaxy kitty 917
Galaxy kitty 917 - 25 gün önce
the couple with four kids that live off benefits no this isn't fraud but that four kids each from a different year and while I'm happy your happy and have you family but at tax payers expense because oh wait you cant finally support those four kids and each were from a different year so you two kept making the same mistake but whatever i dont even live in the UK and this was years ago just thought I'd say something
anna geschkea
anna geschkea - 25 gün önce
I took my daughter to the Dr to put my daughter on birth control. I wasn't embrace because I didn't want my daughter to have children at 13 years old. She did get pregnant at 17 at 18 she had her first of 6 children.
Maritza Santiago
Maritza Santiago - 26 gün önce
She bit more than she could chew and she talks to her mother.
Danikajoy O Flannagan
Danikajoy O Flannagan - 26 gün önce
I was a young mom too!!! hahahaha my daughter is now 23 and it all turned out ok!! hahahahaha this makes me giggle!!!
Banana Split
Banana Split - 27 gün önce
That girl had a child at 13, I’m the same age and I cannot imagine having a baby... I can barely deal with the fucktards in my class.
Gabby Cabeo
Gabby Cabeo - 27 gün önce
Everyone who did a thumbs down must have done it for Charlotte. She's really ticking me off. Poor Sophie.
katleya villacin
katleya villacin - 27 gün önce
charlotte looks like sid in ice age
Stephanie Thompson
Stephanie Thompson - 28 gün önce
Hats off to the parents of 2 special needs children, I couldn't do that myself and I think I'd be getting a hysterectomy to ensure I never had anymore kids again of out fear.
kelso160197 - 28 gün önce
When Charlotte was calling Sophie a “little rat” I just wanted to punch her
Jazz Lover
Jazz Lover - 29 gün önce
O Sophie poor baby 😢💔💔💔
Deana Wade
Deana Wade - 29 gün önce
Nicole Tran
Nicole Tran - 29 gün önce
Why couldnt the 14 year old young woman get an epidural if she wanted one if she was loads of pain? Were they too slow? My understanding is that it's normally always an option, even suggested in my exerpeince.
D - 29 gün önce
It's weird watching this knowing that these babies are probably my age now
Jessy - 29 gün önce
Omg😭 Charlottes baby !! I hope shes ok and not neglected etc..
Bless This Mess
Bless This Mess - Aylar önce
Hope Sophie was put up for adoption.
Jennifer Garcia Betanzo
Jennifer Garcia Betanzo - Aylar önce
omg poor baby!! charlotte shouldnt be left alone with that baby!!
evilbilla - Aylar önce
I hope Charlottes parents took her daughter. The couple who had the 5 kids using arthritis as an excuse to not work is bs..but I'm American and I've seen ppl without legs work or missing arms or other disability still working..the couple who has 2 disabled kids why was the tests not ran for the first for downs? Even in 1998 I had the test ran with my first so I know it was possible and an ultrasound can show exactly if your child might or will have downs I had an amnio in 2005 with my 4th because they thought my daughter had downs which she didn't..the black girl when she picked up her baby by his arms and shoulders without supporting his head I almost fleebthru the roof wtf...this is why kids shouldn't have babys
Ella Dietzmann
Ella Dietzmann - Aylar önce
I am a triplet too but my mom was 29 when she had me and my brothers
Stassi Taylor
Stassi Taylor - Aylar önce
I've had natural childbirth and screaming like that is not needed.
Igetit Now
Igetit Now - Aylar önce
It is really bothering me that Charlotte is not supporting the baby's head