Triplets at Age 16 | Britain's Youngest Mums and Dads 2

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StellaBlu e
StellaBlu e - 13 saatler önce
There’s clearly something else underlying with Charlotte. Whether she is on the autism spectrum or has severe emotional and mental issues.
Kudakwashe Manhanga
Kudakwashe Manhanga - 22 saatler önce
im 22 and watching this just made me scared
Sweettee beautiful
Sweettee beautiful - Gün önce
Baby Sophie I'm just hurting for her😔
honeyhoneycomb - Gün önce
Just close yr legs 😧
tamara denton
tamara denton - Gün önce
I'd kill myself.
Emy U
Emy U - Gün önce
Fun fact: The couple with four children went on to have another 3 and were planning for their eighth in 2009. Neither of them work.
futasupastah - 2 gün önce
13, 14 and pregnant. Tears for the loss of these poor children's innocence.
nonexistent diana
nonexistent diana - 2 gün önce
I just want to see them now with their kids
Lina Ledesma
Lina Ledesma - 2 gün önce
There definitely is some thoughts I have about some of these young mothers but I'll just keep my opinions to myself!
Sonja Raven
Sonja Raven - 2 gün önce
No matter how often the Nanny says “I know what I'm doing" telling someone to let their baby cry is the worst advice. Babies cry for a reason, even if the only reason is wanting to be close and knowing someone is there. It's natural to stay with your baby during the night, and some babies need it more than others. The reason, in the end, they fall asleep is because they are exhausted. They go to sleep with the feeling of being alone and vulnerable. The mother's reaction was actually her motherly instinct and she should keep following it.
Windbewithyou Live spontaneously
Charlotte gives pregnant teens a bad image some of us actually love and care for our babies and seeing her just dump baby with mom before going to school hurt me because my mom watched my baby girl for me so I can go to school I’d kiss my baby and my mom before I headed to school or work and I appreciate my mom to the day she deserves the world and so much more now I’m 22 pregnant with my second and it’s like I’m having my first since she’s 6 I’m married with my baby’s father who is father to my first 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
SuperMerchus - 3 gün önce
thank god charlotte put her up for adoption.
LaWendeltreppe - 4 gün önce
Where are all the fathers? Why is it always taken for granted, that they are absent? Has anyone ever tried to make them showing up and doing their bits?
venessa velvet
venessa velvet - 4 gün önce
dont tell your mom stfu no one told you to open your legs and take the take the pain you caused on yourself
phanice bwabi
phanice bwabi - 5 gün önce
I'm sorry but in this day and age and 2006 or whatever year that was filmed you cannot cry ignorance. we all know how people get pregnant. just be careful ffs until you are ready. its quite unfair to everyone involved.
Lina Blessed
Lina Blessed - 5 gün önce
That couple is such awesome parents omg kudos to them.
Nata Delgado
Nata Delgado - 5 gün önce
What kind of mom lets her young teen have a boyfriend with 2 kids already, doesnt get her on birth control vuz she trusts the boyfriend and condoms and even thougg she was a teen mom herself. 80% the moms fault
Smileysmilerforever - 6 gün önce
oh now I see Sophies mom oh my god she isn't even holding that baby correctly
Caroline Johnson
Caroline Johnson - 7 gün önce
It sounds like Charlotte has extreme postpartum depression.
Tonya Young
Tonya Young - 7 gün önce
50 years ago getting pregnant at age 14 was the norm. Having 10 children was also the norm. But if course those women did not have all of the birth control choices that had been made available by 2006 and that are available now.
Birth control. Birth control. Birth control.
But I have to admit that the young lady with the twins is an amazing young mother. And Tiffany, I'm sure did well when she had her child.
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naijah world
naijah world - 7 gün önce
i’m a triplet
Kelsey Kinman
Kelsey Kinman - 8 gün önce
Wow I had no idea this was so old but only uploaded recently. Had to look up Simone and Dwayne, they are the cutest family ever!! Ivan is around 14 now!?
Yo Momma
Yo Momma - 8 gün önce
Just parents who don't have control of their kids. When I was 13, my a#@ was at HOME.
Joana R
Joana R - 8 gün önce
If I had a teenage girl I swear I could puy her on an implant. She would thank me later.
Tomorrow is NOT just another day
Susan Boyd
Susan Boyd - 10 gün önce
Susan Boyd
Susan Boyd - 10 gün önce
charlotte is too imature to take of baby
Perfectly Imperfect
Perfectly Imperfect - 10 gün önce
Melissa's labor should be shown in school!
Draco Meefee
Draco Meefee - 10 gün önce
Sherry Trenner
Sherry Trenner - 10 gün önce
The mother of Sophie needs a reality check. She's a mother now, and like it or not, she needs to bond with her and show her that she's loved. I wish only the best for them but she has to grow up and realize her daughter comes first .
Sherry Trenner
Sherry Trenner - 10 gün önce
The married couple with 5 children are such beautiful parents ! I love them , the are very devoted to their children
Sherry Trenner
Sherry Trenner - 10 gün önce
The young couple with the two with special needs are really good parents ! Proud of them !!!!
Sherry Trenner
Sherry Trenner - 10 gün önce
The teen with the twins is a very mature and loving mother ! I wish the best for her! As well as all the other families !!!
Sherry Trenner
Sherry Trenner - 10 gün önce
The babies are soooooo Beautiful and Precious !
Leah White
Leah White - 10 gün önce
Being as God Knows what he's doing, he only gives special needs to special parents. These parents are so patient and attentive. God knew!
Oprah Williams
Oprah Williams - 10 gün önce
These teens look older than I am
Bonnie B
Bonnie B - 11 gün önce
I felt so sad for baby Sophie. I am glad she was given up. Why was Charlotte's mom not more involved in making sure the baby was properly cared for?
Newman 1784
Newman 1784 - 11 gün önce
omg it's like Charlotte would drown her baby to avoid dealing with her. did she get help??? I had my daughter 2006 and she is about to be 12 and I am so grateful for her
Olivia - 11 gün önce
My God that Melissa is a piece of work!
Waddia S.
Waddia S. - 11 gün önce
Thank God for our Asian parents who force us to focus on our education and career rather than stupid relationships. The Westerners call our traditional parents insane but thanks to their "insanity" we grow up as successful and productive individuals who contribute to civilization instead of being a burden for both ourselves and our families.
Elijah Nathari
Elijah Nathari - 11 gün önce
Charlotte is 13 the oldest of 5 why would you put yourself in postion to get pregnant(why you sexing) so young, should be helping your mom with your siblings..
Bob Bobson
Bob Bobson - 12 gün önce
All of England condemns these wicked people who are scrounging of the taxpayer!
Alex the trash god
Alex the trash god - 12 gün önce
my Mum had me when she was 19 and my older brother at 18 who died in labor
Mrs Anon
Mrs Anon - 12 gün önce
Whats up with the theets in britain? Do they have dentists?
Diane Gould
Diane Gould - 13 gün önce
Adoption adoption adoption!
Pellinor - 15 gün önce
"You've done 96%" "Out of what?" KILL ME
Alexia Davidge
Alexia Davidge - 15 gün önce
All these dad-less children, it’s disgusting
Anna Lake
Anna Lake - 15 gün önce
this should be shown to every girl that starts menstruating
Jennifer Aiello
Jennifer Aiello - 16 gün önce
13 is too young to have a baby....   Wait till your married to have a baby.
Natasha Gomes
Natasha Gomes - 16 gün önce
Can't they see that Simone and Dwayne are related ?

I knew a girl who mom and dad only discover that they were cousins after the four child. Only her didn't have any problems but all her siblings had something.
Scarlet Bammmbi
Scarlet Bammmbi - 16 gün önce
15:55 Aaajhhh! I wish I could go through the screen to support that baby's head.
Alicia Kelly
Alicia Kelly - 16 gün önce
4 years to go and triplets can be teen moms too
Queen V.V.
Queen V.V. - 16 gün önce
Melissa is the best mom in this episode by far! And Simone!!
Shokara2 - 17 gün önce
I'm 38, had my first child (a boy) at 35... AND I have arthritis throughout my body. I COMPLETELY agree with the young fathers decision to have children early. I was diagnosed at at 9 in my knees, and 19 in my spine, hips, shoulders, wrists, elbows and neck. At 35 my pregnancy took a devastating toll on my body. I had to have an emergency c-section and now at 38, I can't pick up my child. I cant carry him around. I can't chase him in the park and I cant even go for slow walks because I'm in too much pain to make it more than a block or two before I am forced to stop. I wish I had not listened to everyone telling me to wait until it was 'the right time.' Now: I can't be the mother I want to be and the mother that my son deserves because arthritis has taken that away. My son told his teacher that his mommy can't go places because shes 'just too ouchy all day long.' I'm glad he's having children while he can properly enjoy being a father. I support him for it. I wish I had done the same.
Jamie Lynn
Jamie Lynn - 17 gün önce
"you couldn't reason with her, so I just took a backstep and said don't you get pregnant"
Doesn't seem to put her on BC, doesn't suggest condoms usage or ask her daughter about it????
Mazzy G
Mazzy G - 18 gün önce
Jesus Christ that poor babys neck... SUPPORT THE DAMN HEAD
amina - 18 gün önce
Looking at these kid's parents you can see how they came down a path of having kids of their own so young. When parents are careless and distant it's not that surprising unfortunately. Where was the guidance and support for these young moms? If anything the girl with the triplets probably gets the most support, but still.
Shadaija Garrett
Shadaija Garrett - 18 gün önce
I wonder if she has a social media ?
felicia ngwenya
felicia ngwenya - 19 gün önce
Poor Sophie... she deserves so much better. She didn't ask to be born😭😭💔
Rosemary Kriegel
Rosemary Kriegel - 21 gün önce
It is disturbing how these mothers can suggest their pregnant teens murder their unborn. When those teens get older they will remember it, learn more about the abortion process and what it really entails. When that happens they won't respect their parents who wanted their own grandchildren murdered. So very sad. Every baby should be wanted even when they are "mistakes." They deserve it!
Mari Pari
Mari Pari - 21 gün önce
I kinda hope that Sophie sees this to see how her mum treated her as a baby
Tashawnda Price
Tashawnda Price - 21 gün önce
I really feel for Melissa. I was also 2 weeks overdue with my first child.
kerry donovan
kerry donovan - 21 gün önce
Charlotte I'm watching ur episode now and you disgust me you can't look at your own baby you can't touch your baby you are the epitome of white trash I can barely understand what you're saying because you talk like an idiot with those buck teeth but the baby should be taken away from you you are terrible terrible human being you couldn't even look at your daughter
CommonSense - 22 gün önce
Charlotte, no offense, but you need to start caring more about your baby and someone PLEASE break her phone so she can focus
Lawanda Lowery
Lawanda Lowery - 23 gün önce
Those twins look mix and cute
leeloogalaxy - 23 gün önce
And none of them breastfeeding! Such a crucial integration for the wellbeing of both mothers and babies. No wonder there were bonding problems...
Fallon Paul
Fallon Paul - 23 gün önce
Fallon Paul
Fallon Paul - 23 gün önce
The more I see birthing rooms in the UK the more I feel so blessed to live in Canada
Under Northern Star
Under Northern Star - 24 gün önce
That woman telling the kids what to do is making me want to vomit. Leaving babies to cry themselves to sleep thus giving them the feeling of abandoment as obviously a baby is not used to not sleeping next to their mother and are needy for their mothers, being left alone. Repulsive woman. Of course the babies stop crying eventually when their needs are not met.
Mar Ine
Mar Ine - 27 gün önce
Simone is on dope though.
Mar Ine
Mar Ine - 27 gün önce
Adorable ❤️
Silber Wölfin
Silber Wölfin - 28 gün önce
"Put them down and let them have a little cry" really ......
It breaks my heart. Seriously.
Kudos to the twin mom, she is doing it right.
M Wall
M Wall - 29 gün önce
Charlotte is infuriating. ..her poor daughter ughhhh 😢
Miyi - 29 gün önce
Nicola is such a good mamma. I'm due with my baby in November and just seeing how she's handling her babies is amazing and makes me super exited.
C B - Aylar önce
I feel a lot of sympathy for Charlotte. She's so young and immature and obviously has issues and she seems to have horrible, selfish parents who don't seem to care about her or their grandchild. I heard baby Sophie went for adoption. I'm guessing they didn't even fight in court to attempt to stop their grandchild going off to be raised by complete strangers. They already put their daughter into a dangerous situation by putting her in foster care which is where she got pregnant. They dumped their daughter on the state where she wasn't cared for properly instead of helping her. Anyone who is anyone knows that foster care is a bad place and the vast majority of children are safer at home. They messed up and they don't even want to put things right. Her parents are likely to blame for the way she is. They didn't even guess that there was something up with their daughter when she was pregnant. It's just incredibly sad.
Doesn't GB have child care services? Take that sweet baby girl away from Charlotte at least until she gets help.
Ms. Rae
Ms. Rae - Aylar önce
I think the 14 year old is suffering from post partum REALLY BAD. I think that is why she is in denial. I think the post partum issue would need to be addressed first and then revisit the other aspects
Beneditch Cratesofbooze
Beneditch Cratesofbooze - Aylar önce
When i read the title tho...
I'm 19 and too lazy to take care of my fishtank, and she has to take care of 3 babies at once?? 👏👏
Salvo Smith
Salvo Smith - Aylar önce
Gosh that 19 years old girl has so much bad luck . Down syndrome usually is linked with old age if the mother. And the second to with disability.
Salvo Smith
Salvo Smith - Aylar önce
They should sue the foster homes. It's their fault she got pregnant . She got pregnant there while she in their custody .
Salvo Smith
Salvo Smith - Aylar önce
Don't they need how to use condoms in uk ?
Val E
Val E - Aylar önce
I was glad to read that Sophie was adopted by people who actually wanted her. At least she got a chance to grow up healthy and happy
Karen Moore
Karen Moore - Aylar önce
I can see that Charlotte really shouldn't have been a mother, she is totally neglecting that baby! Worried about her cell phone. nobody can use the excuse that she's a young mother because they're all young mothers there.
ZeyG - Aylar önce
Charlotte looks like woahvicky that American girl sayin she's black and acts like one search her up
ZeyG - Aylar önce
Why did yt took me here
K.E H - Aylar önce
I've notice that in most cases, the grandmother was too only a teenager when pregnant with the daughter..
Victoria Zhyryada
Victoria Zhyryada - Aylar önce
This makes me furious!! Poor baby Sofie. I have a baby of my own and cant imagine a mother treating a little innocent baby like that. Breaks my heart!
ØMaddz Ø
ØMaddz Ø - Aylar önce
I’m Charlottes age and would hate to be that bad of a mother. Ridiculous how terrible of a mom she was.
ASMRHouseMouse - Aylar önce
I read in another comment below that Charlotte's baby was placed for private adoption to a family on a farm with the option to meet her mom at 16 but i'm still concern that she will one day see this and see how unloved she was in the beginning. That would destroy me
Em Radford
Em Radford - Aylar önce
Nicola is such a great Mum and is so right though. Some young parents can be as good as older. A friend of mine is 42 and has two kids yet half the time they end up at my house and I care for them as well as my own three!
I empathise with Simone. Two of my three kids are special needs too. She’s a great mum
So glad Charlotte gave her daughter up for adoption (reading other comments etc), she had no interest in being a mum or even wanting to try. Hopefully she is having an amazing life with her adopted family.
Em Radford
Em Radford - Aylar önce
Omg imagine having triplets! I have 3 kids but they’re obviously not the same age. Imagine the cost of formula and nappies! Or when they all start school! At least my costs were staggered for starting. Wow.
Sticks - Aylar önce
must be Muar or trash tv. Englands got talent...
michelle f.
michelle f. - Aylar önce
I'm so impressed by Nichola, she's so careful with the babies, and I hope she went to college and got the education she deserves
michelle f.
michelle f. - Aylar önce
9:30 why is she wearing her disgusting mascara all night long
Reya Salazar
Reya Salazar - Aylar önce
All the babies are so adorable!! And they might be teen moms but they learned right away. Expect for Charlotte ...
michelle f.
michelle f. - Aylar önce
i don't understand one word Charlotte says
Tabitha Crouse
Tabitha Crouse - Aylar önce
Her mom wouldn't let her have an epidural? Wtf??
Apryl McIntosh
Apryl McIntosh - Aylar önce
27:08 Indiana - Jon McLaughlin
Apryl McIntosh
Apryl McIntosh - Aylar önce
Snow Patrol - You Could Be Happy 22:48
Maureen Curtin
Maureen Curtin - Aylar önce
Nicola does get benefits so why did her mom lie about it