6LACK - Pretty Little Fears ft. J. Cole (Official Music Video)

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Dat Wakandan Boi
Dat Wakandan Boi - 47 dakika önce
Am I the only one who thinks the first girl looks like garnet from Steven Universe?
hpso - 47 dakika önce
Here for Cole
John Luke
John Luke - 47 dakika önce
Cole’s hair starting to look like Lil Wayne’s hair lol..
FrostWyrm 00
FrostWyrm 00 - 48 dakika önce
bit hassaaan
bit hassaaan - 48 dakika önce
I can’t express how much i love the video
Joseph Mendy
Joseph Mendy - 49 dakika önce
I just love j.Cole's humbleness
Zabier Hafeez
Zabier Hafeez - 49 dakika önce
2:16 is when the song begins...
Eman SLT
Eman SLT - 50 dakika önce
This was the perfect video for this song
ThunderGod - 52 dakika önce
Has j Cole ever made a good song ? He's so trash
Guam miles guiktara
Guam miles guiktara - 52 dakika önce🐎🐴 cigar crafts 💨🚀tobacco feild
Faxxx - 53 dakika önce
Zachary Jordan Márquez
Zachary Jordan Márquez - 54 dakika önce
She is Blessed to have so many Angels in her life. Blessed to have so many good people to speak to; but also listen too.
لواحظ عجور
لواحظ عجور - 55 dakika önce
the biggest scandel ever
GrowthGuided - 55 dakika önce
Vibes way up on this one
gofaone motlogelwa
gofaone motlogelwa - 56 dakika önce
I love that he did use the cliche lightskin thick thick "perfect" women
Nothing against them but we this nigga❤️❤️❤️
JclarkComedy - 57 dakika önce
😂Have you seen that funny rap video by #Jclark?😂 #ChickenWingsAndBeautyQueens
Tess - 57 dakika önce
I'm in love with this song.
Isaac Flanagan
Isaac Flanagan - 58 dakika önce
Like if this is one of 6lacks best songs
Lotanna Nwosu
Lotanna Nwosu - 58 dakika önce
ukulele bałałajka
ukulele bałałajka - 58 dakika önce
Pls stop write all comments about J.Cole under 6lack song 😂😂😂
NotMePrime - 59 dakika önce
Paco's Tacos
Paco's Tacos - 59 dakika önce
that a teddy fresh sweater though?
Brenda  Garcia
Brenda Garcia - Saatler önce
Anyone know the denim jacket cole is wearing?
King'sLayer 7
King'sLayer 7 - Saatler önce
#1 Trending 🔥🔥🔥
TD Productions
TD Productions - Saatler önce
Ishimwe Eunice
Ishimwe Eunice - Saatler önce
I loooveee these !!! Empowering black girls to embrace their natural self ❤️❤️😩😩!! 6lack keep blessing us with more 💪🏾💪🏾
Raven C
Raven C - Saatler önce
This video feels accessible to me in how beauty is defined. Mad wavy...
Mimi M.
Mimi M. - Saatler önce
- Hifza
- Hifza - Saatler önce
so good
Awak Nyareuri
Awak Nyareuri - Saatler önce
ADVTEX - Saatler önce
6lack and J.Cole #1 trending is amazing
Alicia XO
Alicia XO - Saatler önce
Hi Ray ❤👀 wondering if you'll see this
SeaOfCorruption - Saatler önce
Didn’t get the song, til cole came on.
Mr. Marc
Mr. Marc - Saatler önce
Perfect Perfect Perfect !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Multib4eyedy - Saatler önce
Two talented artists and a simple yet powerful video.
Prxblematiks for Anthrtime
Prxblematiks for Anthrtime - Saatler önce
I learnt today that I’d be studying J Cole in English.... i really don’t know whether that’s a good thing or not
kibudome - Saatler önce
Thank you J cole!
Thank you 6lack for this ♥️♦️
Kennedi Searl
Kennedi Searl - Saatler önce
This is amazing pure magic!!
Prxblematiks for Anthrtime
Prxblematiks for Anthrtime - Saatler önce
I learnt today that I’d be studying J Cole in English.... I really don’t know whether that’s a good thing or not
ALANA ROSA - Saatler önce
This song... this video... the girls... perfection!!!
monicacrutchfield46 - Saatler önce
love love ❤ this song !
josh sebz
josh sebz - Saatler önce
J Cole always bringing tha fayaa 🔥
ASAP Zest - Saatler önce
This is really good R&B.
aRed Rose
aRed Rose - Saatler önce
Lik is you here before a million ??
Mua Kalima
Mua Kalima - Saatler önce
Dolores Marichalar
Dolores Marichalar - Saatler önce
this video is beautiful in every way.
James Diggs
James Diggs - Saatler önce
6lack keep bringing the fire!
Yassine Ntetah
Yassine Ntetah - Saatler önce
STYLIST DOES IT - Saatler önce
Throwin up the peace sign mmmmm #moodaf
Nancy Hilario Avendaño
Nancy Hilario Avendaño - Saatler önce
Nancy Hilario Avendaño
Nancy Hilario Avendaño - Saatler önce
Caleb Husbands
Caleb Husbands - Saatler önce
Love this song
efrergvregf - Saatler önce
Hey! A rap song with real lyrics!
Caleb Husbands
Caleb Husbands - Saatler önce
Live this song
BeAn !
BeAn ! - Saatler önce
ik j.cole a goat but can we give some love to 6lack 💯🔥
Nozizwe Khoza
Nozizwe Khoza - Saatler önce
this video and song make me wish i was in love
Rahima Zubair
Rahima Zubair - Saatler önce
Subscribe to my Channel plz 👍
Rbk News
Rbk News - Saatler önce
yeah yeah
Melanie Knight
Melanie Knight - Saatler önce
Why are you filming the beginning on a cheer mat....? Like, no relation and an insult as well....
mas elkz
mas elkz - Saatler önce
Damn j murdered this ft.
Jordan Patrick Hart
Jordan Patrick Hart - Saatler önce
T J - Saatler önce
Cole's lyrics often have the power to translate inexplicable emotions into words so satisfying, they almost seem to feed a hunger you didn't know you had.
Tone DP
Tone DP - Saatler önce
A masterpiece 💯
genesis check
genesis check - Saatler önce
luxguz - Saatler önce
Does anyone know where I can find J cole’s sweater? Lol
damian kaleta
damian kaleta - Saatler önce
A fuck with this 😌🎵
Cinematic Theatre
Cinematic Theatre - Saatler önce
Potato Craft
Potato Craft - Saatler önce
Cinematic Theatre
Cinematic Theatre - Saatler önce
This music sucks so bad. He’s not even singing. What’s the point? Just write some poetry then.
Damon Ramirez
Damon Ramirez - Saatler önce
j Cole is AMAZING
Breezy AintEZ
Breezy AintEZ - Saatler önce
Love this song
Breezy AintEZ
Breezy AintEZ - Saatler önce
His hair 😬
N T - Saatler önce
this record needed a video.. i just dont know why :)
Drae Fleek
Drae Fleek - Saatler önce
And she from the west side mmmmmmmmmm
Victor Dejesus
Victor Dejesus - Saatler önce
j cole’s hoodie hard as fuck. can anyone id it?
Ayelet Yardeni
Ayelet Yardeni - Saatler önce
Who the fuck is this
Awais Mian
Awais Mian - Saatler önce
Nailed it ❤️
Jaylyn - Saatler önce
"i'm yo dog. Ears perk up at the sound of your name." 🖤✊🏽 THAT LINE
Igor José
Igor José - Saatler önce
beautiful dope shit
# 133
# 133 - Saatler önce
#BBC vs #CNN vs #Aljazeera vs #RussiaToday... What is the best #news channel?
abrayan makonde
abrayan makonde - Saatler önce
I was here ....
KHX - Saatler önce
I love the Old film theme to this video.
Klutchx Uk
Klutchx Uk - Saatler önce
Those Chill ass vibes tho. I could play this song all night just cruising down the freeway.
coolio maphosa
coolio maphosa - Saatler önce
its on point...
Lakers_2018 _
Lakers_2018 _ - Saatler önce
We need more 6LACK and COLE
Товарищи Ангелы
Another song youll never hear again in a year.
This genre is a true circlejerk these days.
Nature World
Nature World - Saatler önce
I like the way you present your great talent
Naked Girls❌
Expensive Things❌
Pure Talent✅
Music ✅
jaffar pir
jaffar pir - Saatler önce
seeing black natural decency after a really long time....was sickin tired of all that twerk shit
Archie Cade
Archie Cade - Saatler önce
This guy has been such an inspiration to my music
L.PhaChino - Saatler önce
This'll have the hoes swaying back and forth with a drink in hand and smoking hookah with the other
Jacob Blanco
Jacob Blanco - Saatler önce
Pach Pacheco
Pach Pacheco - Saatler önce
The video matches the song so well.
snowontheweb - Saatler önce
Why? What happened to music that made you feel good and wanna get up & dance?
Elizabeth VanLaningham
Elizabeth VanLaningham - Saatler önce
Yooooo 6lack and J Cole did THAT 🙌🏻🙌🏻🔥🔥🔥🔥
Nathan English
Nathan English - Saatler önce
This was filmed in Buffalo and Grand Island NY
Only N-Lartey
Only N-Lartey - Saatler önce
Cali kid
Cali kid - Saatler önce
See how there’s no expensive cars, there’s no half naked hoes walking around a mansion, this is just real, loyal love.
A Daniel
A Daniel - Saatler önce
waitin for 6LACK to make somthin with isaiah rashad and that will be the top .
Andy Perez
Andy Perez - Saatler önce
Does it sound better with playback sound at 1.25x
Yay or Nah
Dakota Diamond
Dakota Diamond - Saatler önce
6 Lack is like the dopest artist out there