The Morons Of Coronavirus

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Matthäus Hölzl
Matthäus Hölzl - 7 saatler önce
Everybody say weeeyou!
Black Screen
Black Screen - 13 saatler önce
Let me guess. The old intro footage is lost, they use old video footage, and zoomed in a little bit on the end of intro because there is a text on the bottom.
Sip - 13 saatler önce
This video didn’t age well....
8-Balll - Gün önce
I’d recommend using your hand when you run out of toilet paper
Aserix Sr
Aserix Sr - Gün önce
and now usa has the most cases
Nathan Bishop
Nathan Bishop - Gün önce
I wonder if Ethan is going to call out of the protesters / rioters for spreading the virus. He made a video calling out people who weren't social distancing a while ago, saying that they are going to kill a bunch of elderly people with their carelessness, but I guess like the rest of the liberal media, Ethan is going to give a pass to the rioters.
Rohan - Gün önce
Yea same
Merciless - 2 gün önce
Like OMG I got Corona Virus? That's tots not cool yo
Justin Katen
Justin Katen - 2 gün önce
that guy is just sorry he got caught
Jimmy Bungalo
Jimmy Bungalo - 2 gün önce
Ah yes, my main source of income, *Jesus.*
Curious_ Lobster
Curious_ Lobster - 2 gün önce
I'd love to watch the idiot who screwed everyone over by buying all the hand sanitizer get hit by a bus
George Smith
George Smith - 2 gün önce
People who are gathered in large groups are all idiots and are getting everyone sick, unless you're rioting in the streets... then the virus doesn't affect you. Facts
Y Tuber
Y Tuber - 3 gün önce
I wish corona killed all bad humans

Or atleast lasted 5 more years soo I can be at home and chill
TJ - 3 gün önce
The cringe gave me anxiety...and i was high. Round of applause
Mac - 3 gün önce
Shit hoodie.
darkly mak
darkly mak - 3 gün önce
Its sad that 15k people disliked this vid.
Gavin Campbell
Gavin Campbell - 3 gün önce
Djakoro - 3 gün önce
Wow, profiteering, what a kind thing to do to other people who are less fortunate than you 🙄🙄🙄
Iced Tea
Iced Tea - 3 gün önce
It kinda looks like Tennessee and many states in the south are going to bounce back quicker than California will. Nobody really knew how to handle it when this video was uploaded( and filmed I guess) the states that stayed mainly open may of had a better approach than California did.
Len Okimaru
Len Okimaru - 3 gün önce
4:20 mmmm strangely reminds me of Riley Reid
ksijsj sjshss
ksijsj sjshss - 4 gün önce
Liverpool is the most unsophisticated place in Europe.
Nicko D
Nicko D - 4 gün önce
Even though I'm somewhat religious, I've never listened to these evangelists you showed. I had predicted Jimmy Swaggart would get busted back in the 80s.
Piece of Art
Piece of Art - 4 gün önce
Survival for the fittest
Abby - 4 gün önce
“What is ten percent of nothing?” 😂😂
Chase Steele
Chase Steele - 4 gün önce
Kaceytron is a giant troll and usually plays the stupid gamer girl as a character. She’s honestly pretty fucking funny
Mr 2bun
Mr 2bun - 4 gün önce
Seamus Brown
Seamus Brown - 4 gün önce
Ethans Signature cough just took on a whole new meaning.
J724 - 4 gün önce
Agree with most of this, but price gouging is actually good, do some research
FattyMcButterPants - 4 gün önce
low effort video as usual ethan
Jorge Gomez
Jorge Gomez - Gün önce
Moonwalker - 4 gün önce
Ego. - 5 gün önce
Lëë Sin Only
Lëë Sin Only - 5 gün önce
i wont even lie, but their hoodies are one of the rare hoodies that look actualy sick, way to go teddy fresh, i wish u become wealthy company! sincerly yours, fupa lupa
mutate - 5 gün önce
Kaceytron is always joking literally everything she says is a joke.
Priscilliana A.
Priscilliana A. - 5 gün önce
It really does sound unbelievable when people talk about corona virus deaths. People have lost their children, their parents, their siblings. And that doesn’t seem to affect people. At this point, I don’t know what’s scarier, this horrible virus or these people that show no sympathy or empathy.
Mason Smith
Mason Smith - 5 gün önce
Unfortunately your wrong Ethan I'm not on the coronaviris shit I understand in heavily populated areas to close but more people die from flu and this isnt even close to the Spanish influenza from the 1920s
Jon R.
Jon R. - 5 gün önce
Well this comment is rather retarded
Fistagon777 - 5 gün önce
people say its gonna kill your parents but if you dont live with them or they are dead...then wtf is the risk of going out? it has like a 0.28% kill rate....and over 60% of the deaths are of people in old folks homes....really being just pu$$ys about it
DMAC 921
DMAC 921 - 5 gün önce
The comments is like watching mainstream news because everyone gets their information from the same source.
DMAC 921
DMAC 921 - 5 gün önce
It is funny how people actually think someone ate a bat and thats what started a global "pandemic" this whole thing is a bunch of garbage. Soon we will all have no rights and the world will be under a new world currency with a more nazi like authoritarian regime than we already have. Thats the reason this fake pandemic is happening.
Akami Channel
Akami Channel - 5 gün önce
hey man half this sht might actually work lol
Callan Wesson
Callan Wesson - 5 gün önce
Respect to the hand sanitiser guy. Create a demand and meet it.
My Singing Central
My Singing Central - 6 gün önce
People who disliked are from Nashville
Tacky ψ
Tacky ψ - 6 gün önce
Papa bless
Lalo Lopez
Lalo Lopez - 6 gün önce
damn time really is a concept because this video is only 2 months old and it feels like 6 months
luluvs r
luluvs r - 6 gün önce
This just makes me want to die even more
The Joker
The Joker - 6 gün önce
This is hurtful to me as I’m at risk of literally dying from the Corona virus as I’ve had asthma since I was only a few months old and Corona virus attacks your lungs
M ́NAME CHEF - 6 gün önce
Please don't associate Europe with England😂
Starkai - 6 gün önce
Ethan wants to check in on cultured Europeans and he shows a video from L'pool XD
Cleep - 6 gün önce
Sorry Ethan, I want my marching season.
Naz95K - 6 gün önce
game stop is an escential business tho.
media&games are consumables just like food in the way of you need it, and since gaming means you can stay at home it would be stupid to have gamesstop closed... but i guess it is 2020 and not 2015 so online you can buy some games... but not all :/ ehh idk
Alex Skelton
Alex Skelton - 6 gün önce
I’m out defence Liverpool is a weird place
Joey - 6 gün önce
the girl at 4:25 is literally a god damn chipmunk
Cyruz 1145
Cyruz 1145 - 6 gün önce
We'll come back
Brian Quint
Brian Quint - 6 gün önce
Jr Davies
Jr Davies - 6 gün önce
Lol my mom paid extra for a oral thermometer when I was little, she said she refused to do that to her kids
Veteran Child
Veteran Child - 6 gün önce
Ethan please make a part two.
Michele Pace
Michele Pace - 6 gün önce
not respecting/caring about old people (even wishing them harm), profiting on other peoples' misery..... sounds like our good 'ole american values at work 🇺🇸😎🇺🇸🤘🎸
megavore97 - 6 gün önce
Holy fuck that pastor is terrifying
Fugitive FeTuS
Fugitive FeTuS - 6 gün önce
Well Corona kind of saved us that problem doesn't it? No more homelessness
Cameron Dunaway
Cameron Dunaway - 7 gün önce
Hmm, the music behind the the nashville scene sounded like "Rueben" def not what was being played in the room lol ... Anyone?
Laronichill Titan
Laronichill Titan - 7 gün önce
Just 2 weeks. 2 months later. 2 years later. 2 decades later. Its finally over, wait, second wave.
kemp10 - 7 gün önce
It's so good to see that intro again
Person Live
Person Live - 7 gün önce
Nashville shut down literally like 2 days later, the governor shut everything down, thats where I live. Its still completely shut down.
IAmImportantWatchMe - 7 gün önce
0:20 when you search up the "Dumbasses Of Coronavirus" this is what you get.
Payton G
Payton G - 7 gün önce
is that lil santize rap available for download? kinda digging it
Oliver Davis
Oliver Davis - 7 gün önce
rough Estimation 2% of people who get it die there are 7.8 billion humans on earth therefor 156million people would die "so like ya people are gonna die but ya like its really kind not that big of a deal" Jesus what went wrong with this world
SeriousAlmond Gaming
SeriousAlmond Gaming - 6 gün önce
But imagine how many more people would die if we just let everyone go outside
Theo Stiel
Theo Stiel - 7 gün önce
Janna Sims
Janna Sims - 7 gün önce
I apologize on behalf of all Jannas.
grace bailey
grace bailey - 7 gün önce
I'm late to this but I have to say that I think the people were saying they were 'blowing this out of proportions' and didn't stay home when a national emergency declared is because Trump was the one who ordered it. I'm not a fan of Trump by any means but he took action when it looked like the virus was about to hit the US. I had coworkers, maybe when the first case appeared in California, say they won't follow the social distancing orders because 'f*ck Trump. He don't know what he's talking about'.

And then my state shut down and I lost my job for two months.
Josh McGootermier
Josh McGootermier - 7 gün önce
You win for rolling it back up. You guys are awesome.
Wesley Dunphy
Wesley Dunphy - 7 gün önce
IR0NRI0LU - 7 gün önce
I’m 14 and I have a rare immune deficiency
IR0NRI0LU - 6 gün önce
SeriousAlmond Gaming honestly I’m fine, staying inside is what I do best
SeriousAlmond Gaming
SeriousAlmond Gaming - 6 gün önce
I'm sorry
Alexander - 7 gün önce
Military members that are deployed rn couldn't come home for the longest time and my team is actually going to be delayed for almost an entire month because people didnt take this literal epidemic seriously. And these are the people we fight to protect? Thanks for returning the love.
Feathers - 7 gün önce
Just mad you live in Cali and can’t do anything
SeriousAlmond Gaming
SeriousAlmond Gaming - 6 gün önce
Mmm better than getting it and giving it to people with immune deficiencies and them DYING!
Some Guy
Some Guy - 7 gün önce
Why is the picture at 10:01 have Advanced Warfare lmao? Was it taken like 4 years ago
Rossisnaecool 123
Rossisnaecool 123 - 7 gün önce
ScottayAVA - 7 gün önce
4:50 ahh good old McCooley's
SavageSlaad - 7 gün önce
If the Tithing Evangelical Devil asshole isn’t The Embodiment of Orzhov idk what is
Grimm - 7 gün önce
Yeah... My Mother has suffered from lupus her entire life, and I rarely get irritated at someone saying something insensitive, but this is really just macabre.
"But yeah... uh... sounds like a bunch of bullshit. It's a virus I get it, I respect it; But like even if EVERYONE gets it... but like people are going to dieee, which is terrible but like, inevitable?"
She forgets these are people's parents, children, grandparents, or even significant others... It's actually a really scary prospect that people would be contempt about their death.
JUST SAM - 7 gün önce
Grimm and she has Lupus!!! She is immune compromised and really sick. How could she say such a thing?!
Christian Wood
Christian Wood - 7 gün önce
Ethan lives in a 10 million dollar house but still has a completely empty room with barely any furniture