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pontiacGXPfan - 3 aylar önce
So the Punisher has PTSD and Tourette syndrome now
Shawn Tan Wai Kit
Shawn Tan Wai Kit - 7 aylar önce
Is Coyle’s jacket better than Lincoln Clay’s jacket?
Pikihuia Pomare
Pikihuia Pomare - 8 aylar önce
0:38 that women gets angry
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf - 8 aylar önce
What's the name of the song used in this trailer?
Kızıl Kurt
Kızıl Kurt - 9 aylar önce
Kızıl Kurt
Kızıl Kurt - 8 aylar önce
@62699 i am türk
62699 - 8 aylar önce
You're welcome
Kızıl Kurt
Kızıl Kurt - 8 aylar önce
62699 - 8 aylar önce
Ram jam Black betty
Ledriaunna Weary
Ledriaunna Weary - 9 aylar önce
Idk y but i actually liked the crew
Q The Game Lover
Q The Game Lover - 9 aylar önce
~Arnold Schwarzenegger
warkah harian
warkah harian - 9 aylar önce
salam hari malaysia
salam 1 malaysia
salam bersalam salaman
Arturo Martinez
Arturo Martinez - 9 aylar önce
Jeremy Cook
Jeremy Cook - 9 aylar önce
I think Coyle is going to be my favorite human character.
Kevin Twiner
Kevin Twiner - 9 aylar önce
Awesomeness.. let’s go
Đức Nguyễn Hữu
Đức Nguyễn Hữu - 9 aylar önce
Welp, they just admited that this film is even though has gore: it's an action comedy. Well I take that.
Santiago Medina S
Santiago Medina S - 9 aylar önce
I am sure that this team will make all kinds of dark humor and sexist jokes that for sure will offend the Politically Correct and snowflakes.
Steve Ward
Steve Ward - 9 aylar önce
Grindhouse trailer for all movies please.
P.A. Productions
P.A. Productions - 9 aylar önce
Attreus Mani-iu
Attreus Mani-iu - 9 aylar önce
Could be fun.
Jeggson Vohees
Jeggson Vohees - 9 aylar önce
0:55 Don't you love it when they spoil the ending scene in the trailers?
Jeggson Vohees
Jeggson Vohees - 9 aylar önce
Imagine if they had this team concept with a Predator squad. That could be hilarious and awesome. You can't tell me there aren't a few unbalanced predators somewhere.
wolf42blade - 9 aylar önce
songs catchy
fits them very well
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf - 8 aylar önce
What's it called?
Vignesh Vignesh
Vignesh Vignesh - 9 aylar önce
Tamil dubbed
SIMONE ESPOSITO - 9 aylar önce
il trailer di una delle creature aliene più belle di tutti i tempi!
Tutorial Linel
Tutorial Linel - 9 aylar önce
What The Name Of This Trailer Song???
Spike HM
Spike HM - 9 aylar önce
"Black Betty" by Ram Jam:
Juan Ooo
Juan Ooo - 9 aylar önce
me parece una cagada...
NPC 100573200
NPC 100573200 - 9 aylar önce
So was the R rating for hiring a pedophile?
David Lether
David Lether - 9 aylar önce
Hollywood snore
Miguel Gonzalez
Miguel Gonzalez - 9 aylar önce
I sure hope this particular trailer didn’t give anything away (I’m truly not trying to be an A-hole).
Daryl Paul
Daryl Paul - 9 aylar önce
I thought this was a key & peele episode
Living The Humboldt Life
Living The Humboldt Life - 9 aylar önce
mmm no thanks
Ramón Machado
Ramón Machado - 9 aylar önce
Bradley Zintkala Luta lRedBirdl
Bradley Zintkala Luta lRedBirdl
Marti Nek
Marti Nek - 9 aylar önce
So they are lead by Macaulay Culkin?.:)
mota shin
mota shin - 9 aylar önce
I see no scare elements in any of the trailers for which predator is known, all I see is open shootout between human and predators, no hide and seek, no suspence, no fear on anyone's faces. disappointed so far.
DevilPoroNnj - 9 aylar önce
Why is this movie treating itself like a guilty pleasure
DevilPoroNnj - 9 aylar önce
@Celebrity Strudel ya but predatot shouldnt be like that. Theres The Nice Guys and thrs predator
Celebrity Strudel
Celebrity Strudel - 9 aylar önce
DevilPoroNnj all Shane Black films tend to do that
Alan Brookes
Alan Brookes - 9 aylar önce
Glad to see the SJW's have not ruined This film ! Might be a good movie. 👍😀
jakilfulton60 - 9 aylar önce
0:54 spoiler alert here’s our final 3 survivors 😂😂😂💯
Nameless - 9 aylar önce
Whether this movie is any good or not i don't know & really don't care. But you can tell they're having a ton of fun with it & that's why i already love it!
Lynne S
Lynne S - 9 aylar önce
Certified badass....but that's the predator though. And I don't mean the huge upgraded one; I meant the little one.
Manny Garcia
Manny Garcia - 9 aylar önce
I hope they don't died
Bradley Zintkala Luta lRedBirdl
Whoa Black Betty, bamadan whoa Black Betty bamadan.
Awesome trailer for the Predator movie. 10 DAYS AWAYS MOTHERFUCKERS!!
Ludwig Rodriguez
Ludwig Rodriguez - 9 aylar önce
-Steve Murphy
-The guy from the animals funny videos
- -Theon Greyjoy- Reek
-The Punisher
barcelona1098 - 9 aylar önce
Can't wait till this movie comes out it looks like a great cast for the film
JRA Tu Amigo
JRA Tu Amigo - 9 aylar önce
The hunt has evolved.
worldwidelightning - 9 aylar önce
There's Never Been Anything Even Close To Resembling Dutch's Team in Predator Movie Never Has And Never Will Be.
This Movies Team Is a Joke From The Beginning All The Way till End.
John Perry
John Perry - 9 aylar önce
@worldwidelightning that's fine, I just couldn't pinpoint exactly what point you were trying to get across xD
worldwidelightning - 9 aylar önce
@John Perry i know but it's the way I write any ways I'll try my best
John Perry
John Perry - 9 aylar önce
@worldwidelightning 1. Why do you capitalize the beginning letter of every word? 2. Can you make a sentence with better puncuation so that way it's comprehending & makes sense?
worldwidelightning - 9 aylar önce
@John Perry Crazy, Crazy, Crazier That's Whats in the intro Real Serious Character's Far from it.
worldwidelightning - 9 aylar önce
@Celebrity Strudel They Should be in Scooby-Doo
Łüçkÿ Łøbñötš
Łüçkÿ Łøbñötš - 9 aylar önce
Boba fett Vs predator
Luis Robles
Luis Robles - 9 aylar önce
Predator to be fairly honest
Martin VR
Martin VR - 9 aylar önce
Łüçkÿ Łøbñötš Predator would win.
陳泓銘 - 9 aylar önce
shane black style
Raven - 9 aylar önce
This movie looks cheesy and gory, I'm gonna be there opening day
Moffstang - 9 aylar önce
I fuckin love it!
B.S.T. - 9 aylar önce
i have a feeling that there is another predator in this movie
nelson - 9 aylar önce
The thing I hate about this is the only ones likely to survive is Steve Murphy and psylock
Oskr yecid herran
Oskr yecid herran - 9 aylar önce
Ya basta fox :V
Anarchy Squad.
Anarchy Squad. - 9 aylar önce
If this gets 100 likes I will watch the movie a hundred times and God’s knows I am crazy to do this so yeah each like one movie ticket predator come and get it
Al Hoyt
Al Hoyt - 9 aylar önce
So send in the crazies. I am game.
kawaii hitler
kawaii hitler - 9 aylar önce
can't believe one of the guys from the key and peele duo is in this
A.J Thomas
A.J Thomas - 9 aylar önce
These guys are nothing like Dutch’s team.
Ozymandias King Of Kings
Ozymandias King Of Kings - 6 aylar önce
Maybe because these isn't Dutch's team?
Infernal Baka
Infernal Baka - 9 aylar önce
Dude nobody can minck the original movie it's that good
Jace Bugmy
Jace Bugmy - 9 aylar önce
BlazeNarutoShippuden - 9 aylar önce
The Predator A-Team
Violent Nomad
Violent Nomad - 9 aylar önce
"This is the crew that's gonna save our skins." *shot of Hopper and team from first movie*
"This is the crew that's gonna save our necks." *shot of Predator ripping out spine from first movie*
I feel like there were some missed callback opportunities with that line.
Et Cogito Ergo Sum
Et Cogito Ergo Sum - 9 aylar önce
Trying too hard
Cristian Naula
Cristian Naula - 9 aylar önce
Do I put this ....
I got an erection
bizzaro1988 - 9 aylar önce
I hate when movies are self aware that they are movies instead of more realistic
James Ward
James Ward - 9 aylar önce
I love the tone this movie is going for, PURE SHANE BLACK
worldwidelightning - 9 aylar önce
Nice idea for the upgraded much more advanced Predator But the movie won't be totally Great the actors look very imature your supposed to be up against the Predator not just any predator but upgraded Space Traveling killing machine.
worldwidelightning - 9 aylar önce
It Would Be Great If The New Upgraded Predator Wiped This Crew Right Out, But The Team And scientists Are Obviously Going To Have other yautcha Predators to save them.
Martin VR
Martin VR - 9 aylar önce
Well, I hope this cast is also interesting and they start to take things serious after they confront the predator, kinda like the previous films and not full of clowns joking around every moment from the start to the end of the movie.
ted bundy
ted bundy - 9 aylar önce
This seems like a A- team parody film
Antimatter 1138
Antimatter 1138 - 9 aylar önce
It's interesting how these last few trailers and clips have had a much more comedic feel to them compared to the first trailers. I quite like it!
Maaru - 9 aylar önce
xmy254 - 9 aylar önce
Well lynch is def dying first lol
Celebrity Strudel
Celebrity Strudel - 9 aylar önce
xmy254 true :( man Theon can’t catch a break wherever he goes. I predict McKenna, Olivia Munn’s character and Nebraska will survive in the end to set up the sequel
xmy254 - 9 aylar önce
@Celebrity Strudel but if you see other clips from this, like the hotel group scene he's in there while lynch isnt
Celebrity Strudel
Celebrity Strudel - 9 aylar önce
xmy254 for some reason I think it’ll be Nettles because the scene where they’re escaping on a bus while the predators fight, before that there is a scene where one of the predators has Nettles by his neck in the air like he’s preparing to kill him
Alex Razorcif
Alex Razorcif - 9 aylar önce
What made the original Predator great was the suspense, the fear of the unknown, the mood set was a thriller, this one sets a Suicide Squad-ish mood, action no tension at all. I really hope the team gets killed until one last guy or last guys manage to pull it off together. I really wanna enjoy this movie, but this trailer is....meh. Hope I get my expectations exceeded lol.
worldwidelightning - 9 aylar önce
@Beatriz Bortolai they've screwd it up again I knew it all along even without watching the full movie you can tell by just seeing the trailers.
Alex Razorcif
Alex Razorcif - 9 aylar önce
well I watched the movie, it was an oddball but i liked it per total. Action comendy-ish, dumb fun. More than this idk. I kinda liked it xD
Beatriz Bortolai
Beatriz Bortolai - 9 aylar önce
I watched the new Predator and they tried to put comedy in a lot of scenes, it looks weird for me and I didn't feel any suspense in the movie, also, was really confused cause they mixed everything, it was a mess for me :( the older is so much better
Luke Cahill
Luke Cahill - 9 aylar önce
@worldwidelightning imo Nebraska and coyle look like fun characters
worldwidelightning - 9 aylar önce
@Luke Cahill I'll Probably watch This Movie Entirely for the Predator Action Scenes, But as for the cast crew and Predator story over the decades just haven't been doing any justice for the Predator Franchise since Arnold Schwarzenegger By the way alien Vs Predator story was quite decent is well.
Robert J
Robert J - 9 aylar önce
I love superhero movies!
That1smartass - 9 aylar önce
I love the narrators voice, reminds of how they use to promote trailers back in the 90s and early 2000s
Sebastián Narváez
Sebastián Narváez - 9 aylar önce
Zombiesrule93 actually is the same voice of El Rey Network.
tapes 1999
tapes 1999 - 9 aylar önce
RoCk'In RoLl AlIeN from Japan
I love these guys already, and I diffidently love the narrating in this trailer. "THIS IS THE CREW.........THAT'S GOING TO SAVE OUR ASSES!"   I love it!!!
scabab - 9 aylar önce
Token black comedian.
Celebrity Strudel
Celebrity Strudel - 9 aylar önce
You gotta admit that scene of Keegan Michael-Key reloading his gun and firing it with the squad looked badass
ted bundy
ted bundy - 9 aylar önce
You beat me to it.
Rob Fehily
Rob Fehily - 9 aylar önce
Looks terrible.
worldwidelightning - 9 aylar önce
I agree except for the new upgraded more advanced Predator the movie won't be totally Good the actors aren't serious or realistic.
Joey Bingham
Joey Bingham - 9 aylar önce
Rob Fehily you looks terrible
Waylon Jones
Waylon Jones - 9 aylar önce
Frank Castle - Baxley, lol
Jose Miguel Puchero
Jose Miguel Puchero - 9 aylar önce
song name?
kawaii hitler
kawaii hitler - 9 aylar önce
black betty. don't know who made the original as i have heard multiple versions of it.
El John
El John - 9 aylar önce
A suicide squad movie that will actually be good. I'm in.
Et Cogito Ergo Sum
Et Cogito Ergo Sum - 9 aylar önce
it does not look like the squad
Chaos Is Coming
Chaos Is Coming - 9 aylar önce
I'm not that into Predator as I am into Alien.. but all these trailers and videos are getting me more hyped to see it now!
elias winters
elias winters - 9 aylar önce
now that's an ad
VINYL SQUAD - 9 aylar önce
I love the crew already.
Joshua Ortega
Joshua Ortega - 9 aylar önce
0:23 that's the punisher? 🤤
Triple Helix
Triple Helix - 9 aylar önce
Even though Predator is more of a slasher franchise instead of an adventure action, i'll keep an open mind to this
Ozymandias King Of Kings
Ozymandias King Of Kings - 9 aylar önce
What are you talking about lol, it's never been a slasher franchise, it's Sci-fi action.
iare19 - 9 aylar önce
Sorry but I can't take that comedian seriously.
worldwidelightning - 9 aylar önce
zero mav
zero mav - 9 aylar önce
I hope the Predator kills Olivia Munn good.
Aravind Srihari
Aravind Srihari - 9 aylar önce
All I see is a hefty bag waiting to empty our pockets
Qwark007 - 9 aylar önce
Four Words...

Jeggson Vohees
Jeggson Vohees - 9 aylar önce
Oh, they made sure to put it in there, trust me.
varun c
varun c - 9 aylar önce
Chris Rardin
Chris Rardin - 9 aylar önce
When did Predator become comedy?
Jace Bugmy
Jace Bugmy - 9 aylar önce
If u r about to be killed by a 10 ft hunter of an alien why not make jokes...i would
Chris Rardin
Chris Rardin - 9 aylar önce
@Sergeant Kek In the first movie the soldiers actually looked scared. In this one they're trying to be funny. "Hey Predator come get some". Just seems dumb.
Sergeant Kek
Sergeant Kek - 9 aylar önce
Predator has always been a joke. You didn't know that?
ted bundy
ted bundy - 9 aylar önce
@Joey Bingham not it wasn't
Kervin Massicott
Kervin Massicott - 9 aylar önce
I hope team survive
Heisenkirk 2000
Heisenkirk 2000 - 9 aylar önce
So glad to see this have an R rating.
worldwidelightning - 9 aylar önce
Not just one of the worst predator crews ever but they have Crappy dialogues is well clowns utter corny loser's.
John Perry
John Perry - 9 aylar önce
@Joey Bingham correction - immature idiot.
worldwidelightning - 9 aylar önce
@Joey Bingham Your a Shi💩 💩💩💩💩
Joey Bingham
Joey Bingham - 9 aylar önce
worldwidelightning you’re an idiot
Brendan Raposo
Brendan Raposo - 9 aylar önce
Suicide Squad and Predator what an interesting trailer combination
Brendan Raposo
Brendan Raposo - 9 aylar önce
Festus I was talking about how they were introducing more about the characters example this
Brendan Raposo
Brendan Raposo - 9 aylar önce
Festus Okay but let me explain before calling me an idiot
Joey Bingham
Joey Bingham - 9 aylar önce
Brendan Raposo you’re an idiot
worldwidelightning - 9 aylar önce
That's a joke thanks for ruining the Predator already R.i.P ⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️
Ranshitha Kularathna
Ranshitha Kularathna - 9 aylar önce
Obvious troll is obvious.
CheesecakeLasagna - 9 aylar önce
I literally clicked as fast as I could when I saw Key!
ANONYMOUS WORLD - 9 aylar önce
This Trailer is Kinda Like *SUICIDE SQUAD*
Joey Bingham
Joey Bingham - 9 aylar önce
anonymous world you’re an idiot
Ngọc Bích
Ngọc Bích - 9 aylar önce
The predator 2018
Heisenkirk 2000
Heisenkirk 2000 - 9 aylar önce
AKA Predator 4
Strider Stryker
Strider Stryker - 9 aylar önce
I just here for Tom Jane Vs Predator. I would love to see The Punisher vs Predator like really bad!
Strider Stryker
Strider Stryker - 9 aylar önce
Yeah, I agree. Still like how Tom Jane goes crazy!
Jack Lang
Jack Lang - 9 aylar önce
Sadly considering he's not the actual main character I don't think that fight will go his way
Dark Hero
Dark Hero - 9 aylar önce
Joshua Ortega
Joshua Ortega - 9 aylar önce
This looks great 😃
Theodore Turnquest II
Theodore Turnquest II - 9 aylar önce
I love the vibe of this sneak preview. Hopefully it will be fun time at the theater instead of a chore to watch. Shane Black don’t let us down.