8 Crazy Mission: Impossible Stunts Tom Cruise Did Himself

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NAZIR AHMAD - 5 saatler önce
Bro all those scen was so dangerous
SAIF ALI - 5 saatler önce
Hardcore Mask
Hardcore Mask - 8 saatler önce
The great actor who really deserves an Oscar.
Anime Lawas
Anime Lawas - 9 saatler önce
Tom cruise is the best actor action in the world...a gree?like guys
katarina zonjic
katarina zonjic - 9 saatler önce
It's offensive to compare Brie Larson to Tom.
Vikranth Doosgam
Vikranth Doosgam - 10 saatler önce
Amit Sinha
Amit Sinha - 12 saatler önce
Others are just favorites this person is a GOD to me..
mR IMpaxTz
mR IMpaxTz - 12 saatler önce
Btw. Brie Larson did a stunt as well
Elvira BAUBEC - 14 saatler önce
This was so crazy and scary
abubakar khan
abubakar khan - Gün önce
Cruise is the GOAT
Rob Moore
Rob Moore - Gün önce
True Hollywood legend with regards to action movies but I still wanna see a Les Grossman movie! C'mon Tom make it happen!
Lord Amraphel
Lord Amraphel - Gün önce
And Wooden face Larson thinks she can outdo this cis white man? lol.
Sam Mathai
Sam Mathai - Gün önce
Chris Hemsworth was wrong. No one can be like Tom Cruise.
Antriksh Hskritna Aerotaar
Nothing special. Brie Larson does her stunts herself too. /S
Ritam Sengupta
Ritam Sengupta - 2 gün önce
He is a GOD . A god don't need any judgement.
Abdul Manan
Abdul Manan - 2 gün önce
Fan of Tom
From Pakistan 🇵🇰🇵🇰
Neeraj Pandey
Neeraj Pandey - 2 gün önce
tom cruise is a real life incredible hero as he has hold his breath for 6 minutes 'like a expert diver'
Wanderer Pages
Wanderer Pages - 2 gün önce
I love tom cruise
FREESTYLE GEEKS - 2 gün önce
Its amazing ..
Average_whiteman - 2 gün önce
Just here after watching Brie Larson getting mad because she was compared with this God Actor
Chloe chiu
Chloe chiu - 2 gün önce
I used to want to be Eathan hunt but now noooo
KimSaya Mayer
KimSaya Mayer - 3 gün önce
Its not 2500ft its like 15‘000 ft or more... bruhhh
Sašenko Š
Sašenko Š - 3 gün önce
I don’t care what Tom did or what he does on his personal private time, his movies are entertaining and he’s a cool actor.
Nithi Jr
Nithi Jr - 3 gün önce
Second best action hero in the world after JACKIE CHAN
Hammi Shah
Hammi Shah - 3 gün önce
Tom Cruise is my most favorite hero All the stunts he had done is scary
THUNDER TECH - 3 gün önce
How he is still alive
Shubh Om
Shubh Om - 4 gün önce
I am from India
Tom Cruise is great
amina tanveer
amina tanveer - 4 gün önce
Ufff....Tom Cruise uh r soooo cool . ...and amazing 😍.....mission impossible is amazing
FREESTYLE GEEKS - 2 gün önce
Amanda Costa
Amanda Costa - 5 gün önce
I guess when tom sleeps he has a extra king size bed to put those titanium balls.
Tan Boo
Tan Boo - 5 gün önce
Every Stuants he do is dangerous
Nabeel Mintoee
Nabeel Mintoee - 5 gün önce
HelloThere - 6 gün önce
insanely incredible for a guy in his mid-50s, TC I salute you sir
xXI__Wing__IXx - 6 gün önce
Tom Cruise is a true actor not some CGI bs
Syed Saddam
Syed Saddam - 6 gün önce
Talking about actors stunts Only Tom Cruise can deliver such stunts ❤
Philoup C
Philoup C - 7 gün önce
He's not human !
Hazza's Girl
Hazza's Girl - 7 gün önce
I gotta say this! TOM CRUISE IS A GOD! No one can replace him.
Ken Al
Ken Al - 3 gün önce
Literally a caucasian Jackie Chan
naorz22 - 7 gün önce
Lets just say that Tom cruise in a LEGEND
Ahmad Raza
Ahmad Raza - 7 gün önce
He's the best
Jyotsana Srivastava
Jyotsana Srivastava - 8 gün önce
The knife 😵😵
Tawadhu Sport
Tawadhu Sport - 13 gün önce
He deserves Oscar
Sivaramakrishnan Eknath
Sivaramakrishnan Eknath - 14 gün önce
He is the best actor I have ever seen. He is the 2nd richest actor in the world. Anyway I'm his brother's daughter.
Koyel Biswas
Koyel Biswas - 14 gün önce
Nipesh Gurung
Nipesh Gurung - 15 gün önce
This stunt was done by Ben Stiller
Teddy Walker
Teddy Walker - 17 gün önce
That is why i like tom cruise so much
Braeden Doak
Braeden Doak - 19 gün önce
He is the craziest dude on earth
obiellah - 20 gün önce
Tom cruise is a real human cause in my presentation I talked about him
HorseAmith - 21 gün önce
Tom cruise: I do cool stunts
Jackie Chan: what stunt?
Ariel Avi
Ariel Avi - 23 gün önce
Chuck Norris WHO??
Rajeev George
Rajeev George - 25 gün önce
Very brave gaye
The Best MC
The Best MC - 25 gün önce
Keanu Reeves is highly trained to be John Wick
Tom Cruise loves doing some crazy stuffs
Jackie Chan has no stunt double
Man i should just be an actor to do crazy things
Shakir Ahmad Mashreqi
Shakir Ahmad Mashreqi - 26 gün önce
Man I think he is one of the craziest actor
Naveed Azmath
Naveed Azmath - 26 gün önce
And he did this crazy stunts at the age of 56 great job Tom Cruise ur one of my favorite .
Naveed Azmath
Naveed Azmath - 26 gün önce
Tom cruise is real action hero I can say that there are few men like him in Hollywood or anywhere else and he is my favorite and I'm waiting for Mission Impossible -7.
Harry Sanjaya
Harry Sanjaya - 27 gün önce
Better than 1 billion avengers!!!
KKB - 27 gün önce
He is mad!!! But I want to be a mad like that...
shaik salman
shaik salman - 28 gün önce
Jay K
Jay K - Aylar önce
I think the knife scene is more dangerous than any. Not according to Tom cruise.
You don’t Own me
You don’t Own me - Aylar önce
The craziest was the rock climbing one and helicopter one
Brett Van
Brett Van - Aylar önce
Crazy Mission: Impossible Stunts Tom Cruise Did Himself: "All of them."
Entertainment arena
Entertainment arena - Aylar önce
Tom cruise is a real action hero
Yuva Gym
Yuva Gym - Aylar önce
Everything ....
Nishu Chauhan
Nishu Chauhan - Aylar önce
He should be one of the Avengers....real superhero
Tiziano Ingoglia
Tiziano Ingoglia - Aylar önce
He's like Nathan Drake.....Survives Everythin
My ideal 😎.
Awesome guy with hilarious stunts !
Tahmid Tasawar
Tahmid Tasawar - Aylar önce
He is crazy
Anthony michael Boyce
Anthony michael Boyce - Aylar önce
Needed oxygen at 2500ft you mean 25000ft
Deshi Dudes
Deshi Dudes - Aylar önce
That's why he is the best
Keon Burton
Keon Burton - Aylar önce
Part 2
Gast profil
Gast profil - Aylar önce
This man is a badass legend🤘🔥
Yash Thorat
Yash Thorat - Aylar önce
Burj Khalifa and deep breath scene was legendary
Panas Shah
Panas Shah - Aylar önce
all are the craziest
Beer Beer
Beer Beer - Aylar önce
No subscribe for asking to subscribe.
Moon Lover
Moon Lover - Aylar önce
Huge Respect
Mr. Wolfy
Mr. Wolfy - Aylar önce
Gangsta Berleezy
Gangsta Berleezy - Aylar önce
Tom Cruise and Christian Bale are insane actors. GOATS of acting you could say.
Sara Yuki
Sara Yuki - Aylar önce
Dare devil.
salifu emmanuel
salifu emmanuel - Aylar önce
alllllll of them...
Crazy 💯💯💯💯
mr. piano
mr. piano - Aylar önce
Really Amazin cruze😎😎
sprayarm - Aylar önce
2,500 feet? Uh try again.
Szilagyi Gabor
Szilagyi Gabor - Aylar önce
not my fav but this guy is a badass :D
itz_ pikachu
itz_ pikachu - Aylar önce
He did all of his stunts
Danny Hustle
Danny Hustle - Aylar önce
Good but don't compare this man with Jackie chan he not even close with Jackie chan.
Y Choo
Y Choo - Aylar önce
well i think he has done better than Jackie Chan this is how I see it
akhil babu
akhil babu - Aylar önce
Mad man
Bruno Pessendorffer
Bruno Pessendorffer - Aylar önce
0:50 2:01 4:03 5:26
addie - Aylar önce
Asif Hossain
Asif Hossain - Aylar önce
Richard Goed
Richard Goed - Aylar önce
Now this is impossible
MYTHIC GAMING6000 - Aylar önce
WHAT A LEGEND Why would he go that far to entertain us? Don’t forget he hanging onto a subway while it was on on M-I 1
Godwin Aldrich Enriquez
Godwin Aldrich Enriquez - Aylar önce
He deserves an enormous raise...and i'd like to see him and Jackie do an awesome stunt together😂😂
Shehab Ahmed
Shehab Ahmed - Aylar önce
How is he alive?
Jordan Symmons
Jordan Symmons - Aylar önce
i think Mission Impossible 2 was brilliant , And another deathifying stunt on a rock face and i liked all of the MI films
Antt Perez
Antt Perez - Aylar önce
wow I will be scared to jump from a plane for real
varma Chintu
varma Chintu - Aylar önce
The legendary legend
NIKHIL SONI - Aylar önce
Tom is the real action hero 💪💪
Amogh pratap singh
Amogh pratap singh - Aylar önce
Spoiler: real tom cruise is dead.
S&A M&S - 2 aylar önce
no one
Yagati Gawa
Yagati Gawa - 2 aylar önce
tom crush is the craziest stunt actor I know! Even jackie chan is get 2nd to tom!
Camp Elias
Camp Elias - 2 aylar önce
Ghost protocol is my favorite mission impossible
Ginger Dehart
Ginger Dehart - 2 aylar önce
All of them or the air plane
Deanna Cons
Deanna Cons - 2 aylar önce
Sub 2 sub