Predator 2 | Kill Count | 20th Century FOX

La Fuerza
La Fuerza - 6 gün önce
Please release the uncut version of this movie.
michael truthson
michael truthson - 14 gün önce
Way more than that.
HARISH BAKSHI - 2 aylar önce
I want this movie telugu link
jamila watson
jamila watson - 3 aylar önce
Best predator movie
70sztom - 4 aylar önce
You miss, Deny boy! Also killed
Marvin Rodriguez
Marvin Rodriguez - 8 aylar önce
Predator rules
7ab mout
7ab mout - 8 aylar önce
His foundation lies in the holy mountains. Selah ........
Chris Corley
Chris Corley - 8 aylar önce
Excellent film. Brilliant sequel. Favorite.
iare19 - 8 aylar önce
Wish they had a more legit actor instead of Murtaugh(Danny Glover will always be Murtaugh). Movie itself was almost as legendary as the first one but it lacked the Schwarzenegger effect.
garavitotaku - 8 aylar önce
more predator movies!!!
Eduardo Gutierrez
Eduardo Gutierrez - 8 aylar önce
Predator 2 ending. Danny Glover wins. Friendship!
jamila watson
jamila watson - 3 aylar önce
Arnold predator tried to blow him up lol
Eduardo Gutierrez
Eduardo Gutierrez - 8 aylar önce
0:48 Predator wins. Fatality!
Justin Fencsak
Justin Fencsak - 8 aylar önce
Lukáš Kryš
Lukáš Kryš - 8 aylar önce
Top 👌
Sara Hadid ✔
Sara Hadid ✔ - 8 aylar önce
jackinbox133 - 8 aylar önce
Someone call James...
Ngọc Bích
Ngọc Bích - 8 aylar önce
The predator 2
Romesh Selvanayagam
Romesh Selvanayagam - 8 aylar önce
I honestly don't understand all the hate towards Predator 2 i mean there is a lot to like about it:
* At least you get to see more of the Predator
* You learn more about the mystery and mythology of the creature
* You see it in a more urban environment
* Showcase it's wider range of weaponry
* For 1990 film it had a decent cast
* Above all it's stands along as it's own sequel
phenomforever825mjfp - 9 aylar önce
My Thoughts On The Fox Predator KillCounts
Jean Max
Jean Max - 9 aylar önce
He doesn't kill to many...
Titan1930 - 9 aylar önce
Wtf he killed more People on that train
Maaru - 9 aylar önce
Excellent movie♥
Joseph - 9 aylar önce
Predator 2 is one of the most bizarre sequels I've ever watched.
DeadShot1307 - 9 aylar önce
*phone goes off*
“Kill Count”
But its tuesday....oh... #DeadMeat
straitshooter - 9 aylar önce guys made this movie. Did any of you actually watch it? Why post something like a kill count, then NOT count all the kills??? There where alot more kills than that 20th Century Fox. Get your sh#t together lol
For example - All the Mexican cartel members in the beginning!
All those people on the subway?
All of Key's men in the slaughter house? HELLO??
Oh, and how about Danny Glover's partner?? Wow, can't believe you missed that one! Next time you wanna do a kill count video, watch the movie.
rugged english
rugged english - 9 aylar önce
straitshooter they showed all the kills that looked like kills during movie.
Tomherbs - 9 aylar önce
A masterpiece compared to Shane Blacks messed up version. Jake Busey came across as a dufus in 'The Predator' Not a patch on his dad's performance.
Deadly Faster
Deadly Faster - 9 aylar önce
This is clearly wrong their only counting kill that the PREDATOR DID
Meldrick Edwards
Meldrick Edwards - 8 aylar önce
Well he did kill most of the people in the movie.
José Luis Madueño
José Luis Madueño - 9 aylar önce
Esto son películas buenas no lo que hacen ahora
Алексей Шарлай
Алексей Шарлай - 9 aylar önce
Predator 2 - is my favorite film in franchise
Animales Groseros
Animales Groseros - 9 aylar önce
6 pasado de verga
Miguel Angel Alvarez Agudo
Miguel Angel Alvarez Agudo - 9 aylar önce
Genial Dany Glover.
Platinum Poop
Platinum Poop - 9 aylar önce
I always see people say _Predator 2_ is underrated, but I don't care. I think the movie is trash.
Platinum Poop
Platinum Poop - 7 aylar önce
TZMC219 Cool
TZMC219 - 7 aylar önce
The predator is trash
Frazinfy - 9 aylar önce
I’m only 1 away from 450 subs!
Poe Lewinsky
Poe Lewinsky - 9 aylar önce
ninjaman dragonslayer
ninjaman dragonslayer - 9 aylar önce
It's just like falling off a log
ninjaman dragonslayer
ninjaman dragonslayer - 9 aylar önce
Birds that's all I need is birds
ninjaman dragonslayer
ninjaman dragonslayer - 9 aylar önce
Want some candy
maxx89gabytzu - 9 aylar önce
Still a better movie than the new sad
Where’s the gang from the beginning? Or everybody else in the train
JFomo - 9 aylar önce
Bill Paxton 🙏
Chris Benson
Chris Benson - 9 aylar önce
I liked Predator 2. It was just as dark if not darker compared to the original and some of its outlandish moments hold up today. Compared the most recent one it’s a classic whilst the newest one is a hot pile of garbage that will need a few years to ripen to maturity.
Edgard Lucana Gallegos
Edgard Lucana Gallegos - 9 aylar önce
Danny Glover!!!!!! THe best.......I prefer Predator 2 than 1
jamila watson
jamila watson - 3 aylar önce
darwin ricardo silva hernandez
it is the most amazing movie of this time 😉
Nabeel Ahmed
Nabeel Ahmed - 9 aylar önce
Class movie
KANYEda WESTaro - 9 aylar önce
0:47 the best
Ajay Michael's
Ajay Michael's - 9 aylar önce
How come u guys hate this movie?? This is a real suspense, horror, tension, mystery, thriller..
jamila watson
jamila watson - 3 aylar önce
Cause Danny black
David Curry
David Curry - 7 aylar önce
Predator was your average 1980s post-Vietnam commando movie, with an alien in it
Matthew Feagins
Matthew Feagins - 9 aylar önce
It's just your average 90s buddy cop movie, but with a predator..... and Gary busey
rugged english
rugged english - 9 aylar önce
Ajay Michael's I think it's awesome!!! First ten min has more than most movies in current era!! 'Alright p*$$y face, your move!' Great quote!!!
Ákos Leó Szilágyi
Ákos Leó Szilágyi - 9 aylar önce
It was nowhere near as the first one.
Megaproductions302 - 9 aylar önce
I don’t care what people say but the new Predator is way better than Predator 2.
Horrormaster13 - 8 aylar önce
Joyce - 9 aylar önce
@Shan Wickremesinghe No, it's just my opinion :)
Shan Wickremesinghe
Shan Wickremesinghe - 9 aylar önce
This is a stealth marketing campaign for getting your eyes checked, isn't it?
Kermit Lopez Mendez
Kermit Lopez Mendez - 9 aylar önce
Hey 20th Century Fox
Martin VR
Martin VR - 9 aylar önce
Btw, there were way more kills in this movie. lol
jamila watson
jamila watson - 3 aylar önce
Way more
Strider Stryker
Strider Stryker - 9 aylar önce
How many kills does the movie Predators have?
Dec Currie
Dec Currie - 9 aylar önce
Robbed from deadmeat channel
phenomforever825mjfp - 9 aylar önce
They Mess Up On This KillCount Big Time, Missed a Lot Of Kills!!!!!!
phenomforever825mjfp - 9 aylar önce
@rugged english It's just a RIP-OFF KillCount Tho, A Real One Shows All The Kills!!!!!!!
rugged english
rugged english - 9 aylar önce
phenomforever825mjfp they showed the coolest kills though
phenomforever825mjfp - 9 aylar önce
@Residual Waste Them Guys in The Meat House wasn't Off Screen and The Thugs on The Train Wasn't!!!!!
Residual Waste
Residual Waste - 9 aylar önce
I don't think they are counting the off screen deaths
Mostafa Hussein
Mostafa Hussein - 9 aylar önce
want some candy ?! lets dance lol
Norman Edwards
Norman Edwards - 9 aylar önce
((PREDATOR 2)>shit happens
free American thinker
free American thinker - 9 aylar önce
where can I buy this movie?
KANYEda WESTaro - 9 aylar önce
clicl the link on description
it's all good
it's all good - 9 aylar önce
Sijan Mahmud
Sijan Mahmud - 9 aylar önce
Gold movies
Stephen Stine
Stephen Stine - 9 aylar önce
sequel to Predators when?
Martin VR
Martin VR - 9 aylar önce
Idk, but I would've preferred a sequel to predators instead of the new movie.