The Young Turks try to pile on Steven Crowder

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Yoel Cordero
Yoel Cordero - 7 gün önce
Vox shit ... Young Turks shit the end
simone foster
simone foster - 9 gün önce
She sounds not very smart.
Mx 199
Mx 199 - 13 gün önce
Lol Yoda at the end. "Dude, I was in a frat." Wtf kind of frat was he in? A few guys getting together for an orgy isn't a frat.
Colin Armstrong
Colin Armstrong - 15 gün önce
There is one thing I have to disagree with. Crowder gets about 50x more views on average than TYT with much LESS money
TYT is pathetic beyond reason
MKA NET - 20 gün önce
I watch Steven Crowder because he's actually pretty funny.
Alek Blaylock
Alek Blaylock - 20 gün önce
Ana claims Steven is a Complete failure.
Is that why he has roughly the same amount of subscribers yet gets more than 5 times the viewership per video than them?
Ray R
Ray R - 26 gün önce
Steven Crowder is a force of Nature. He's unstoppable.
Pate Mcdaniel
Pate Mcdaniel - 27 gün önce
Rugby league is for pussies
Jah P
Jah P - 29 gün önce
that crowder faggot is a fucking moron its not hard to 'pile' on him i tells ya what, but in no way should he be silenced. Social media should be regulated to protect free speech
Paul Ammon
Paul Ammon - 29 gün önce
Totally ripped from the movie "sex drive". The whole if he picks on me he wants to fuck my butt issues come from that. 🤣
Alister Whiterod
Alister Whiterod - Aylar önce
Looking forward to another TYT meltdown in 2020 when Trump wins a 2nd term as President of the USA. Ana's reaction will be priceless like Cenks and hers in 2016.
melonie ashway
melonie ashway - Aylar önce
Gays: I'm so queer!
Not gays: Ok, you queer.
Gays: 😨Why are you making hateful speech against me?
Alex Janoher
Alex Janoher - Aylar önce
ok, 1st of all he insults you, he isnt scared of you so its not really homophobic, 2nd GROW A PAIR. you cant go through life without getting insulted. unless you are either keanu reeves. so when some one insults you in a creative and comedic way, suck it up and go on for fucks sake. people are so fucking weak mentally now a days.
Happy Camper
Happy Camper - Aylar önce
Yup ok, he mentioned it often but probably not as much as these cigarettes. 😉
Elliot Blanckaert
Elliot Blanckaert - Aylar önce
10:17 dude I was in a frat trust me ik this ok
Backdoor Plumber
Backdoor Plumber - Aylar önce
"I'm not mad at Crowder. I am mad at Crowder's channel and his livelihood. Cancel the channel, please."
Azarath Dragoneel
Azarath Dragoneel - Aylar önce
It's like American football except for its all sexual harassment with all the touchy Feely tackles. Let's not bang heads like warriors let me go beta male and show you my stomach while trying to grab your balls and missing because they are the tiny and Australian instead I have to grab your legs like an ex-GF who can't live without the massive cock.
Eric Hinkle
Eric Hinkle - Aylar önce
Anna is so hot but so stupid.
Serious Review
Serious Review - Aylar önce
America deserved 9/11 dont you know
Nutbar McLoony
Nutbar McLoony - Aylar önce
Crowder clearly isn't homophobic. Phobias are irrational fears. His habit of making fun of the SELF-DESCRIBED "gay wonk"''s extreme gayness shows he's not afraid of him.
Adrian De Luca
Adrian De Luca - Aylar önce
My gut is Girt with Ghee
james - Aylar önce
I'm confused at 6:40 why is the queer talking bad about other queers? I seriously was thinking he was the queer while he was talking then he started talking about other queers.
ted dymski
ted dymski - Aylar önce
Is Hopper the dog biting Crowder's privates? Listen to how his voice gets higher.
ted dymski
ted dymski - Aylar önce
Girt your loins.
Valerie Pritt
Valerie Pritt - Aylar önce
Just subscribed, love your humor! 👍
Hello from America. (Missouri).
Skylar Arruda
Skylar Arruda - Aylar önce
It was so weird hearing that TYT anchor describing how “sexually attracted” Crowder is to Maza. Like, he was really trying to push that. It’s weird because whenever somebody is critical of or focuses on someone, a popular response is “you’re so obsessed with me”, but that’s not the case. You can’t consistently put out incorrect information to millions of people and think you’re not going to get backlash. They really push the gay thing to try and annoy Crowder because they really think Crowder hates gays, which fails because he doesn’t hate gays. They say shit like that and then we all think “what the actual fuck are you talking about? Are you in grades school? You’re talking like a fucking idiot.”
Sierra desu
Sierra desu - Aylar önce
It's funny how these guys call out people like Crowder for attacking others while every video I've watched of them "reporting the news" contains one or multiple personal attacks, name-calling and middle school level insults. Even when I was a liberal I couldn't stand listening to their combined IQ of 50.
BiffTech05 - Aylar önce
I get the feeling Ana hate fucks herself every night watching Steven Crowder vids.
ted dymski
ted dymski - Aylar önce
Ah masturbation.
Justin Grell
Justin Grell - Aylar önce
Even if Steven was gay, wouldn't "Outing" him without his consent be like, an ultimate violation of his gay rights or something? Once again, Liberals can do whatever, but conservatives are held to a different standard.
Rabbit - Aylar önce
The argument that "hating" someone is actually someone's repressed desire to fuck is disgusting.
Wiggy - Aylar önce
“I don’t care (about Steven Crowder)”
Goes on a long-winded rant about how much she cannot stand him and why he’s awful.
ted dymski
ted dymski - Aylar önce
Ana you suck as a blonde. You are cute ,pretty and not better than us.
Zackory Troy Anton Ursic
Zackory Troy Anton Ursic - Aylar önce
That bitches mouth is made for sucking not talking
Tim Hajj
Tim Hajj - Aylar önce
Damnit, seeing all those VB logos, now I need a fuckin cold tinny
dragonspight - Aylar önce
If you gird your girth with a girl, it will be greatly girt.
Daniel MacDonald
Daniel MacDonald - 2 aylar önce
10:17: "Like ev dude, I was in a frat." Brett sounds suspiciously closeted to me.
Daniel MacDonald
Daniel MacDonald - 2 aylar önce
8:39: Her mouth was forming the word for a female dog.
Daniel MacDonald
Daniel MacDonald - 2 aylar önce
7:47: She compares Crowder to Rubin, so they're both what exactly? Gay? Foreign? Formerly left-leaning? Explain yourself, Anna. Oh wait, you don't have to. I forgot, you're better than us.
Daniel MacDonald
Daniel MacDonald - 2 aylar önce
4:54: "Cool. You seem neat." -- Sick burn, mate!
P12ooF - 2 aylar önce
Calling people gay is now smear and defemation... sounds prejudice
GuyTron65 - 2 aylar önce
Where is buffalo head?
Did Anna blow him up for committing genocide against her people? =D
Skip Draco
Skip Draco - 2 aylar önce
So what I’m seeing is a bad case of rftnfm like the worst case I’ve ever seen. We should quarantine tyt till we find a cure. If YouTube applied the rules tyt wants them to tyt themselves would have been banned ages ago.
Rftnfm= rules for the not for me
Cymes - 2 aylar önce
I see @5:44 ,that Maza used the older form of the acronym. Since the new one LGBTQA incorporated the "slur" into itself, gaywonk's case falls apart.
Freelance opportunist
Freelance opportunist - 2 aylar önce
Girt = girth as in "girth of dick" fame
Gobblerster - 2 aylar önce
i can kind of see what they are saying about Crowder. He sometimes seems to toe the line. Not that i think he should be banned or anything, it's humor and you don't have to like it.
But knocking Dave Rubin for being one trick? He is the most level headed, respectful, reasonable LIBERAL i have seen in a while. The irony is STRONG
Cal - 2 aylar önce
Is he not a queer Mexican??
I wouldn't be mad if someone called me a white heterosexual
Cal - 2 aylar önce
I would never allow someone to call me a fucking Turk
Samuel J Weber
Samuel J Weber - 2 aylar önce
I'm surprised NatGeo hasn't cuntly copywritten all your videos for that sprinting bear clip.
Warsmith Korath
Warsmith Korath - 2 aylar önce
Brett clearly projecting his own feeling
hellavadeal - 2 aylar önce
when criticism is called harassment, free speech is under attack. this happens when they cannot argue the fact because facts are racists now.
Dave Amos
Dave Amos - 2 aylar önce
Tongue Yerks
Xylospring - 2 aylar önce
Damnit TYT, Keep your ships to yoursef.

June and Gregory best ship.
Some Nobody
Some Nobody - 2 aylar önce
Crowder has always taken the piss out of people. But he goes for the truth and thats it.
Because_snickers - 2 aylar önce
Why isnt the homophobe banned off YouTube
Jay Green
Jay Green - 2 aylar önce
Congratulations, you're the world's biggest cunt, Ana Kasparian. Not to mention a traitor to your own kind, an Armenian sitting next to a Turk Armenian genocide denier. Yeah you're so much better than us. And you can lie lie lie about Steven Crowder all you like. Anyone who's ever watched him will know very easily that you're full of shit. The only reason you started piling on Crowder is that your channel is slowly dying while his and channels like Bearings are only steadily getting larger and more popular every single day. Not to mention the fact that he very successfully debunks your bullshit frequently. So you basically just figured you and Carlos Mazda Miata had an enemy in common so why not.
Jay Green
Jay Green - 2 aylar önce
The last thing I'd EVER call Steven Crowder is a fucking DUDEBRO. WHAT A BUNCH OF FUCKING TOOLS.
Jay Green
Jay Green - 2 aylar önce
I just can't fucking stand Carlos Maza's fucking face anymore. Hated it before but now it's painful.
Is MellL
Is MellL - 2 aylar önce
Actually, the montage of Crowder was super funny. If the _gay-mexican's_ intention was to make him look bad, it failed badly and I think it will get him more subscribers.
Russian Bot.
Russian Bot. - 2 aylar önce
That fella from TYT doesn't half look like a rat.
Carlos Araya
Carlos Araya - 2 aylar önce
Bearing , you never disappoint good vids bro .
Carlos Araya
Carlos Araya - 2 aylar önce
Ahhh yeah the young jerks , bunch of morons who can't understand simple issues and create useless conversations and division just for ratings . That Anna bitch needs to shut the fuck up , honestly nothing but garbage comes out of that woman's mouth .