Prank Invasion Starts WW3

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click bait
click bait - 15 saatler önce
The Title Says It All.
Nate Pettyjohn
Nate Pettyjohn - Gün önce
Love u
Jake 44
Jake 44 - Gün önce
Race war then? Lol
Farrukh Khalid
Farrukh Khalid - Gün önce
Fake man ........ he has good talent at faking his videos ..... because i am muslim ....... that why i am saying that ..... even though it said to women to wear something which covers their body completely so women should be safe from evil guy eyes ..... and and in muslims only those girls wears complete cover cloth which are religiously strong ,,,,,, and then islam tell us ..... for girls .... to not even shake hand with strange men but it is ok with girls .... ..... but what i saw in the video is that she is wearing complete cover cloth and at the same time she is kissing mouth to mouth .......... it means that girls is an paid girl and she even don't know how to wear this muslim clothing at all...which means this is an fake prank
Kevin Li
Kevin Li - 2 gün önce
Hila trying to impersonate PrankInvasiom was priceless
blakmasta - 2 gün önce
whas the first 2 the same girl ?
SO GUYS WE DID IT - 3 gün önce
dude the cringe 😫
greenois kamal
greenois kamal - 3 gün önce
fake bitches
Ofir Maor
Ofir Maor - 3 gün önce
שמן מכוער
teddycuthbert - 4 gün önce
Yourboialex G
Yourboialex G - 4 gün önce
As a Persian we don’t claim him
John Sorgini
John Sorgini - 5 gün önce
Is it a coincidence that the prank invasion channel isn’t a thing anymore? The government is lying to you. The coronavirus didn’t start in China, it in Chris who started with genetic mutations from kissing so many girls
Hartzy - 5 gün önce
mustafa al falahi
mustafa al falahi - 5 gün önce
5:44 bro she’s showing her legs with a hijab + suadi arabians PROBABLY DON’T LOOK ASIAN
Bro if you’re gonna fake it at least make it look real💀💀
Bing Bong
Bing Bong - 5 gün önce
This is like a white dude saying the N word because they are like black somewhere in the family tree or something
Bing Bong
Bing Bong - 5 gün önce
I’m from Iran (persian) and that girl is DEFINITELY not from Iran, in Iran all girls are forced to cover their hair, however as it is forced most girls show the front of their hair and sometimes the back, only fixing it when near police, they wouldn’t wear a hijab outside of Iran. However, there are also some who actually want to be muslims if you see those outside of Iran, no way does their hair show and no way it is coloured.
Sergej Milivojevic
Sergej Milivojevic - 6 gün önce
Hartzy - 5 gün önce
Zelder - 7 gün önce
okay hello
okay hello - 7 gün önce
It was sooooo damn fake
Hartzy - 5 gün önce
Tea- Man
Tea- Man - 7 gün önce
The most muslim thing happening here is his parents disowning him
deep fryde tendy
deep fryde tendy - 8 gün önce
7:54 h3h3 like fuck it ill kiss him
Sophie Tinsley
Sophie Tinsley - 8 gün önce
the intro reminded me of why i'm such a HilaKleiner
Mega_ BiT
Mega_ BiT - 8 gün önce
Pewdiepies fans edition
Dota Two
Dota Two - 9 gün önce
That guy right there is a walking STD 😂
Kingmufasa99 - 9 gün önce
The half persian is so cringe
MR Farina
MR Farina - 9 gün önce
if the toothpick is sticky your cake is not done
Mandemkhan - 9 gün önce
Bro wtaf is she wearing. Mans showing her ass and everything, might as well throw a cloth on your head and say you're wearing a hijab.
Raoul Private Business
Raoul Private Business - 9 gün önce
Ok just for the meme: can we summon the God of Cringe just to try Chris’s shit for real so we can see it fail. Please, he’s the only one who would ever do it.
Mr Difficult
Mr Difficult - 9 gün önce
Dion Jesaya Pasaribu
Dion Jesaya Pasaribu - 10 gün önce
in which country, in what city
shahin torkamani
shahin torkamani - 10 gün önce
As a Persian i am ashamed that this guy represents us🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Alfaz Khatri
Alfaz Khatri - 10 gün önce
You will cry for this!
Berkin 62
Berkin 62 - 10 gün önce
7:20 that bitch is a dirty ottoman who is horny for erdogan
Robert Moore
Robert Moore - 11 gün önce
2:21 🥺🥺🥺🥺
László Richárd Papp
László Richárd Papp - 11 gün önce
Hila doesnt even need to pay me for that kiss Kappa
tunsie - 11 gün önce
2:19 - 2:24 my heart melted
amirreza raghebi
amirreza raghebi - 12 gün önce
I am 100 percent persian
And i hate this dude
Not only because the way he threat woman,because muslim like me have to respect woman and this dude goes around showing people that we are like this
Ps:ofcourse not everybody are affected by his behavior
But there are many people that get affected by little percentage of peoples behavior.
Thank u for not seeing us as this guy:)
ABU ZAXOO - 12 gün önce
Bruh muslims don’t even dress like that 😂😂
Veeris Silpachamnan
Veeris Silpachamnan - 5 gün önce
ABU ZAXOO chris know nothing about muslims so he just search some random muslim photos and boom, problem solved
Ahmad and skeleton
Ahmad and skeleton - 13 gün önce
I don't watch porn that much but even porn that features Muslim girls wear hijab and full body cover clothes
Jeseph Willis
Jeseph Willis - 13 gün önce
Afterwards they were stoned to death.
Jeseph Willis
Jeseph Willis - 13 gün önce
I think we have a good case against him after all of these videos.
aboobacker chalarath
aboobacker chalarath - 14 gün önce
godfrey Francis
godfrey Francis - 8 gün önce
So do u think the same about arrange marriage aswell which is predominant in Muslim community so they are not Muslim
SPI Rt - 14 gün önce
Wtf none of them were Muslims just people dressed up as them a Muslim would never do that and the third women is just wearing a head piece like the whole point of a hijab for a women is to hide their body from other men. But I’m no woman but I know the rules
Hassan - 14 gün önce
Yeah that's how people wear hijab, cover the head and not wear anything else lol
Adumb Bermuda
Adumb Bermuda - 14 gün önce
Bruh the kissing sounds like a goat eating sardines
aussielivingittv - 15 gün önce
when did chris learn he can just fuck a prostate on the street if they have them in nz then in la there are some for a fact
Shaimaa Reda
Shaimaa Reda - 15 gün önce
They arent muslim . There are muslim people that dont wear hijab but if a women wears hijab she cant show her hair or body. One of the wemen had a hijab and was wearing a dress that is not allowed unless she is not wearing a hijab. One of the wemen also had a hijab but was wearing shorts which is also not allowed unless u are not wearing a hijab. I am a muslim myself and i feel offended😤
Edit: muslims are NOT allowed to have boyfriends
Edit 2: wow they are "definitly" muslims, not allowed to have a bf but allowed to kiss a random guy off the street
is this guy anti muslim
安範哲 - 16 gün önce
Whaaatt, they aren't from the middle east, everyone knows that.
and wth are those hijab?
Doniyor Bozorov
Doniyor Bozorov - 17 gün önce
Vay iflos muslimalarni ham shu ish bn buzdingmi
Hassan Farha
Hassan Farha - 18 gün önce
Thay are all actors
Ben Bowmen
Ben Bowmen - 19 gün önce
7:06 if you listen you can hear a mess up and say he PAYS
Chummy Wiggler
Chummy Wiggler - 21 gün önce
I concur, Ethan!! Saddest part about this, is that this could lead to HONOR KILLINGS. I know he is fake af, but if the tweedle Dees and tweedle dumbs, whom actually takes his advices, may cause this type of act. Chris, you're a pc of shit.
Charles Lock
Charles Lock - 22 gün önce
I just the love the way she looks at him, such love!!!
Ari Hobs
Ari Hobs - 22 gün önce
My grandmother is Persian and she's not muslim😂! Being Persian's not even an excuse to fuck around like this dude😂
The Nihilist
The Nihilist - 23 gün önce
Girls probably kiss him thinking he's gay.
Arya Private
Arya Private - 23 gün önce
They probably have slap the wife game in Saudi arabia
what’s up 124
what’s up 124 - 25 gün önce
the girls involved in the videos are obviously cheap paid actors like which hijabi Muslim dresses like that..?
what’s up 124
what’s up 124 - 25 gün önce
lol that guy deserves a slap. how disrespectful of him to do such a thing 🤮
MyCat IsChubby
MyCat IsChubby - 25 gün önce
I feel like he should call himself Privacy invasion
YuLz TvTM - 25 gün önce
I really love to see his neck separated to his body ... His making fun of Islam he needs to be torture...
ravi kumar
ravi kumar - 26 gün önce
Kiss with Terrorist should be Title
Syed Hashim
Syed Hashim - 15 gün önce
cmon man do u really gotta spread hate
Aleko117 - 27 gün önce
4:12 you are right.
Коран ТВ
Коран ТВ - 27 gün önce
Хьай дедакъ текх Дойл ахь
Jude Martin Hoogendyk I
Jude Martin Hoogendyk I - 28 gün önce
You could not get away with this in 2020 lmao
mob viper
mob viper - 29 gün önce
4:35 "or he just a true artist and its not about the money" lol this reminded me of what joker said in dark knight "its not about money its about sending a message"
Willie Wanker
Willie Wanker - 29 gün önce
They have the slap game in Saudi Arabia, only it's called the "Slap your wife game"
Belong - 13 gün önce
Willie Wanker there are problems and it’s serious so you think you can joke about it? Just admit you messed up from saying that joke and it’s not funny
Willie Wanker
Willie Wanker - 24 gün önce
@Belong Why? Problems like that don't disappear by not being joked about. In fact, one could argue that comedy about dark or controversial topics actually brings more attention to these issues, resulting in more people investigating into and caring to solve problems like this one. And that's why I think, while my joke may not be compatible with your personal sense of humour, some people actually appreciate it because they're aware of the issue and simply enjoy a bit of dark humour, which doesn't make them a bad person at all. John Cleese has spoken about this, although I can't seem to remember when or where he did so (but it shouldn't be very hard to find). So I personally think making offensive jokes isn't a bad thing, because it makes it easier for some people to actually think about certain topics, rather than always ignoring them. I'm still sorry if you were offended, but that was also kind of the point. Anyway, I wish you a nice day, where or whoever you are, and I appreciate in some way being able to talk to someone about topics that are very important to me.
Belong - 24 gün önce
Willie Wanker it’s not a funny joke you don’t joke about women getting slapped
Willie Wanker
Willie Wanker - 28 gün önce
@Belong It's just a joke about the discrimination of women in countries with a muslim government. It isn't racist.
Belong - 29 gün önce
Willie Wanker that’s no funny don’t be racist
Dania Beck
Dania Beck - Aylar önce
This guys such a cringey douche I physically can’t handle it
Laniakea -000-
Laniakea -000- - Aylar önce
I feel like this guy's sense of society comes directly from porn. Like, he thinks "Muslim woman" is a half naked hot girl with headcover.
the virtuous man
the virtuous man - 21 gün önce
He doesn't actually think that he just wanted to disrespect god's religion but little did he know he only disrespected himself.
Paul Merida
Paul Merida - Aylar önce
it's sticky
Daniel Jiménez M.
Daniel Jiménez M. - Aylar önce
Chris is gay, right?
sharik rana
sharik rana - Aylar önce
Hazen Stowell
Hazen Stowell - Aylar önce
What if Chris is secretly gay but does these videos to cover it up?
Aisya Nadiyya
Aisya Nadiyya - Aylar önce
The girls aren't even muslims. Muslims don't dress like that. That's seriously a fake
Angel Ortega
Angel Ortega - Aylar önce
2:21 hila checking in ethans approval
Charlie - Aylar önce
he is bad and disrespectful
Charlie - Aylar önce
Muslims never wear hijab with a bikini
lowspeconly - Aylar önce
I'm Muslim and I'm fucking hate these fake actors that wanted to show how bad does the Muslim world is what a fucking bias
P. S
Love your vids h3h3
Wow h3h3 keep it up proud of you
Timelapsed - Aylar önce
7:03 Its like two different people. Lol
IDRK Official
IDRK Official - Aylar önce
heeyyyy sexual harassment is pretty cool right? Fuck you chris
Arif Ramen noodles
Arif Ramen noodles - Aylar önce
Chris should have said bismillah before he kissed the women