CAPTAIN MARVEL (2019) First Look Trailer Concept - Brie Larson Marvel Movie HD

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Smasher - Aylar önce
Be sure to check out the *_NEW_*_ CAPTAIN MARVEL_ Teaser Trailer here:
General Knowledge
General Knowledge - Gün önce
Mother fucker buddy u are
Ken Odabo
Ken Odabo - Gün önce
SORRY BUT CAPTAIN MARVEL IS SUPPOSED BE A MAN not a woman. This is just another attempt from the retarded Hollywood idiotic diversity movement that is trying desperately to remove anything "manly" from their movies. It will fizzle and die like all liberal minded movies do.
The Tartan Spartans
The Tartan Spartans - 2 gün önce
You mean the real one?
Binu Antony D'silva
Binu Antony D'silva - 2 saatler önce
I am a great fan of Marvel, I am from INDIA.
Green Tomato
Green Tomato - 4 saatler önce
*Better than the official one haha*
wahyuni kenang
wahyuni kenang - 4 saatler önce COMING SOON
Siddhant's Artwork
Siddhant's Artwork - 6 saatler önce
Watch captain marvel sketch on my channel😁
Siddhant's Artwork
Siddhant's Artwork - 6 saatler önce
Watch captain marvel sketch on my channel😁
Worapon Zupson
Worapon Zupson - 10 saatler önce
Sazali Zakaria
Sazali Zakaria - 11 saatler önce
i am number four??
Logan - 12 saatler önce
Looks just like man of steel.
Thai Formula 2017
Thai Formula 2017 - 13 saatler önce
master10ize - 16 saatler önce
This looks like a sci-fi movie like it has a ET feel about it grounded,mystery but with superpower beings.
cocostyleee - 17 saatler önce
Glad it’s a female role, but fire the casting director. I don’t know how she is going to take down Thanos......
Prashant D
Prashant D - 18 saatler önce
1:41 WTF did Man of Steel join MCU
Fish_ Chop
Fish_ Chop - 19 saatler önce
Ha 8k of diference between like and dislike
Dhananjai Chitranshi
Dhananjai Chitranshi - 21 saatler önce
Scene from I AM NUMBER FOUR are copied 😑😑
Tanvir Hassan Dip
Tanvir Hassan Dip - 21 saatler önce
Captain feminism.
j 7
j 7 - 21 saatler önce
captain marvel should be a man.not women..
j 7
j 7 - 21 saatler önce
SQS7 7
SQS7 7 - 23 saatler önce
this is sooooo ass
abi5m3ll - 23 saatler önce
That's what put blockbuster out of business!
Salty Sea Of Tears
Salty Sea Of Tears - 23 saatler önce
This is the most pathetic thing that I've ever seen. Trailer concept? Really? Some goddamn attention whore edited bunch of films together to create a... Trailer? What the fuck were you trying to achieve? To get attention via things that aren't even yours? Pathetic.
Hilman Arif
Hilman Arif - Gün önce
Why the fuck does the trailer looks like the i am number four movie
Neil Archer
Neil Archer - Gün önce
Oh look a block of wood in spandex.
Jyn - Gün önce
Woah i saw that elbow move in “i am number 4”
Phi King
Phi King - Gün önce
Please answer this, can Thor’s powerful stormbreaker defeat Captain Marvel just like it did Thanos in Avengers 3?
Dude Gamers
Dude Gamers - Gün önce
It is time to defeat thanos.............
Ashutosh Thakur
Ashutosh Thakur - Gün önce
Why you pirated work
Faris Fatah
Faris Fatah - Gün önce
1:16 anyone know what movies is it???
Sandra Rozselinni
Sandra Rozselinni - Gün önce
Who else thinks this trailer is better than the actual trailer?
All India 3D FM
All India 3D FM - Gün önce
Be sure to check out the NEW OFFICIAL CAPTAIN MARVEL Teaser Trailer here:
KingDrey World
KingDrey World - Gün önce
Why is Captain Marvel a female now ?
redstone 20,000
redstone 20,000 - Gün önce
I like how in this trailer it ends off with "You dont know me, but you will" and in the real trailer it ends off with "I'm not what you think I am". Funny coincidence.
HIBK official
HIBK official - Gün önce
cam bosan je
Mohd Razzif Mahmad
Mohd Razzif Mahmad - Gün önce
I seen the scene i am no. 4
jesus Leonardo cosme siles
Mier7d6 de personaje
đức tiến lê
đức tiến lê - Gün önce
1:38 like the movie I am number 4 ??
Hacker Boss
Hacker Boss - Gün önce
Music Ap
Music Ap - Gün önce
Jhelary mendoza
Jhelary mendoza - Gün önce
Éste está mejor que el trailer original
Jhon Play
Jhon Play - Gün önce
Que merda é essa, mostrando cenas de "Eu sou o número 4", que trailer bosta.
Jessie2litt -
Jessie2litt - - Gün önce
What is I am number 4 doing there 1:15 & 1:37
Living Shadow
Living Shadow - Gün önce
Para que se callen el osico las feminazis
woooudo - Gün önce
When fist of the north star the live action movie is actually literally better than another movie for once.. And its this movie.
Habibul Bashar
Habibul Bashar - Gün önce
FaR Better than real trailer 😪
Sikunden - Gün önce
Somehow this is better than the official trailer!
blue dragon 7
blue dragon 7 - Gün önce
heres the offical trailer im not lying
Max G
Max G - Gün önce
CM heeeeelllll nooooo
Justin Desbois
Justin Desbois - Gün önce
Will they feature thanos car
Sky blue Lion
Sky blue Lion - Gün önce
Why are there clips from I am number 4
The only attraction about this ¨film¨ is the blockbuster shot.🎟
Henrique Mauler Borges
Henrique Mauler Borges - Gün önce
Heueheueheu good
Gabriel De La Rosa
Gabriel De La Rosa - Gün önce
this is shit
Karlo Guerrero
Karlo Guerrero - Gün önce
Saikat ali Mondal
Saikat ali Mondal - Gün önce
Trailer should be more blockbuster That's what we are waiting for so long, This trailer is good, Hope next trailer will be better than this.
Jazmin Zamora
Jazmin Zamora - Gün önce
Oh shet por que lo hecharon a perder 😢💔
Suraj Bhan
Suraj Bhan - Gün önce
The final ending of captain marval movie.

Look it's a bird
No it's a plane
No it's carel manvers
Then suddenly eson the searcher pop-up from the sky flicks his finger decapitating carel manvers.
Movie ends
The MCU is saved now from carel manvers.
- MaximumPowah -
- MaximumPowah - - Gün önce
She’s more powerful than 90% of all avengers characters even combined together and she barely got any weaknesses, this will be fun...
luis jose dias vedekin de oliveira
Original - legendado
Wire Monster
Wire Monster - Gün önce
. . . . no
lamar lockett
lamar lockett - Gün önce
Am I the only one cringing
Milher Méndez
Milher Méndez - Gün önce
" Her .... A Hero..."
No no no!.... it is Heroin... HEROIN!
#BoycottCaptainMarvel #BlackWashingIsCancer #FeminismIsCancer #IslamIsCancer #BLMareCANCER #StopWhiteGenocide
fardeen aqeel
fardeen aqeel - Gün önce
Where are the avengers
Josué Patiño
Josué Patiño - Gün önce
0:33 Jupiter's Destiny with Mila Kunis :p :p you think everyone is a dumbass like you
SSRK Hindi Video News
SSRK Hindi Video News - Gün önce
All movie Copy and Feka
Ken Odabo
Ken Odabo - Gün önce
SORRY BUT CAPTAIN MARVEL IS SUPPOSED BE A MAN not a woman. This is just another attempt from the retarded Hollywood idiotic diversity movement that is trying desperately to remove anything "manly" from their movies. It will fizzle and die like all liberal minded movies do.
David Hickling
David Hickling - 6 saatler önce
Are you kidding me?! You must be trolling, because that's clearly from the DC comics/universe (it even says so it the URL). Captain Marvel from the Marvel comics/universe is the hero that this video and the new MCU movie is talking about. And just so that you know, there is also going to be a Shazam movie. Shazam being another name for the DC version Captain Marvel. And you know what, the Captain Marvel/Shazam in that movie _is_ a man.
Ken Odabo
Ken Odabo - 7 saatler önce
Um NO....
David Hickling
David Hickling - Gün önce
CAPTAIN MARVEL *IS* SUPPOSED TO BE A WOMAN. If you took one look at the comics you'd know that's true. However, for arguments sake, I assume you are talking about Captain Mar-Vell. At which case, I'm certain he'll show up in the movie. After all, you can't do Captain Marvel without Captain Mar-Vell.
Niharika and Anirudh
Niharika and Anirudh - Gün önce
Who is here after the real captain marvel trailer
Harnoor Singh
Harnoor Singh - Saatler önce
Niharika and Anirudh me
Bilal Sahani
Bilal Sahani - Gün önce
Elver Gon
Elver Gon - Gün önce
Feminazi attack
hit and hit
hit and hit - Gün önce
WNTRMTN - Gün önce
deepak singh
deepak singh - Gün önce
Captain Marvel will explore the multiverse which would lead X-men universe in the marvel cinematic universe . hoping logan AKA (Wolverine)
mark . m
mark . m - Gün önce
Captain Marvel vs Wonder Woman: who will win?
dalexkom - Gün önce
captain marvel should be a dude
Marcin Mastalerz
Marcin Mastalerz - Gün önce
Sorry Marvel, but this is better than the original trailer.
Max Vu
Max Vu - 9 saatler önce
Not by a long shot bro
Nate West
Nate West - Gün önce
Marcin Mastalerz lmao I was thinking that mostly because of the music
Michael Cob
Michael Cob - Gün önce
El video tiene cortos de otra pelicula... "i am number four"....
EstherIsReally33 - Gün önce
People jump on the bandwagon for everything and accept everything that's thrown at them. Humans don't have much longer on this earth. I'll be glad when we're all extinct.
ItsElectrifyin 1
ItsElectrifyin 1 - Gün önce
1:06 is superman’s first flight in man of steel
SR Digital
SR Digital - Gün önce
Captain Marvel Tariler Out From Marvel Studio :
SR Digital
SR Digital - Gün önce
Divyansh Nagpal
Divyansh Nagpal - Gün önce
Weef Bellington
Weef Bellington - Gün önce
like wtf....
yoyo bah
yoyo bah - Gün önce
does anyone know what the 1:16 aircraft flying past the building windows is from?
damoski2 youtuber clash royale
This is so much better than the actual trailer
redstone 20,000
redstone 20,000 - Gün önce
I like the real one tbh.
Kampala  Twich Kampala
Kampala Twich Kampala - Gün önce
You know shit about to hit the Fan when the log Turnz black
N E - Gün önce
i feel sorry for this girl
Sushanth Ramesh
Sushanth Ramesh - Gün önce
She just punched a granny in her face!😂
Felipe Cerioli
Felipe Cerioli - Gün önce
oh this is a concept not the real one
23 millions views wow
Leon Richards
Leon Richards - Gün önce
Why does it contain parts of: I am number four, and Jupiter ascending
skudenshven st jhons
skudenshven st jhons - Gün önce
I got new Trailer Captain Marvel check it out.. go to my Channel NOT TEASER TRAILE NEW RELEASE TRAILER 2019
yes_im_pedro - Gün önce
In my opinion the trailer isnt rlly good
Mick Ross
Mick Ross - Gün önce
It looks so bad.
Fernando Juan
Fernando Juan - Gün önce
This one was better than the official trailer
filbert 67
filbert 67 - Gün önce
You will defeat thanos and avengers will rise yey
F.A Picture
F.A Picture - Gün önce
SuperSorrell - Gün önce
hey guys check out my Captain Marvel Official Trailer Reaction Review
Kenny Ramos
Kenny Ramos - Gün önce
The fuck did I just watch i see jupiter ascending
Woles Aja
Woles Aja - Gün önce
the real one
Shariff Barak
Shariff Barak - Gün önce
It honestly looks ass. Idk why but it does
Revulsion OK
Revulsion OK - Gün önce
In a world of today.. a woman has to save the world to be politically correct..
Rommel Sim
Rommel Sim - Gün önce
There you go asshole.
Alex V
Alex V - Gün önce
It looks pretty DC to me.