CAPTAIN MARVEL (2019) First Look Trailer Concept - Brie Larson Marvel Movie HD

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Smasher - 3 aylar önce
Be sure to check out the *_NEW_*_ CAPTAIN MARVEL_ Teaser Trailer here:
Marvel Studios
Marvel Studios - Aylar önce
Mother fucker buddy u are
Ken Odabo
Ken Odabo - Aylar önce
SORRY BUT CAPTAIN MARVEL IS SUPPOSED BE A MAN not a woman. This is just another attempt from the retarded Hollywood idiotic diversity movement that is trying desperately to remove anything "manly" from their movies. It will fizzle and die like all liberal minded movies do.
The Tartan Spartans
The Tartan Spartans - Aylar önce
You mean the real one?
jane baal
jane baal - 7 gün önce
Please join deadpool in avenger
PowerRedBull - 14 gün önce
Hey Smaher..can you tell me the name of this epic track in the trailer?
Bean Squad
Bean Squad - 16 gün önce
Montoya Florent
Montoya Florent - 16 gün önce
Découvrez la stratégie qui a mené au succès de Marvel Studios
Roberto Dela Cruz
Roberto Dela Cruz - 21 gün önce
The future is flop
Mr Yellow
Mr Yellow - 23 gün önce
Pfft its only a girl why not a man? This is ridiculous
Ham Dam
Ham Dam - 24 gün önce
Doctor Strange Vs Thanos Fight 2019
golfrockstr - 25 gün önce
Going to sux. Captain should be a man not a cunt.
Cumali KOÇOVALI - 26 gün önce
1. thor
2. dr strange
4.iron man
12. captain marvel
Far play
Far play - 26 gün önce
Fuck you start make your intro real! It says but it is impossible to get that url ! Your url is not
Myra Jones
Myra Jones - 27 gün önce
Which music is it?
Naeem Malik
Naeem Malik - 28 gün önce
0:37 I am number four scene
Michal Hrabě
Michal Hrabě - Aylar önce
Hey, we found that there is the same scene in "Captain Marvel" and "I am number four".
Elisa Blake
Elisa Blake - Aylar önce
Category Sourav
Category Sourav - Aylar önce
Danny Casino
Danny Casino - Aylar önce
Don't tell me Captain Marvel is a girl
GRADY FROST - Aylar önce
Click bate and this sucks
Jeff Cranford
Jeff Cranford - Aylar önce
I thought Dwayne Johnson was supposed to play Captain Marvel. I remember seeing that on the Internet
Elnur Oruc
Elnur Oruc - Aylar önce
ona çabuk izlemək istiyorum
Android Gamer
Android Gamer - Aylar önce
I think this about marvel
Mad Kangaroo
Mad Kangaroo - Aylar önce
Wow I tried another browser without adblock and this guy does get ad revenues from this stolen pieces of junk. What a scum.
1:06 man of steel scene
chicken nigger
chicken nigger - Aylar önce
Om ja 2
chicken nigger
chicken nigger - Aylar önce
+Shraddha Mulik 😂😂😂
Shraddha Mulik
Shraddha Mulik - Aylar önce
Who is this om ja 2?
Jesus Jimenez
Jesus Jimenez - Aylar önce
She lowkey kinda looks like super girl
Nunovia Gottdamnedbizzness
Looks like crap.
Eha Tacho
Eha Tacho - Aylar önce
How do you viral your video
Victor Persson
Victor Persson - Aylar önce
Who actually came first? Supergirl or Captain Marvel. Even though they might aswell be the same person at this point.
Da'Von Miles
Da'Von Miles - Aylar önce
This is MS Marvel, not the OG Captain Marvel
Wendy Macgarden
Wendy Macgarden - Aylar önce
Matt Theo
Matt Theo - Aylar önce
captain marvel is my mom
SECRET STAR - Aylar önce
BeWeird !
BeWeird ! - Aylar önce
What kind of fucked up trailer is this ?
PedrokaTV - Aylar önce
Se fude
nazmul hussain
nazmul hussain - Aylar önce
Help guys the scene the plane smashed the glass of the building which films clip is it?
Bob Harper
Bob Harper - Aylar önce
I saw 2 clips from movie "I am number four"
zablan rommel
zablan rommel - Aylar önce
I prefer PINK than Brie Larson...
Leo Kovačić
Leo Kovačić - Aylar önce
Wtf is this?
jewish fools
jewish fools - Aylar önce
Epic trailer horrible movie no romance to care for men feminism rising!! Mandela effect California vaquita dolphin. Wake up black hole approaching
Steffan Blanco
Steffan Blanco - Aylar önce
Carol: Look at my Billy Batson
Billy: What?
Carol: Look at me 👀 , I’m the Captain now
Jamela Wray
Jamela Wray - Aylar önce
ooomggg it looks so cool
Captain Marvel Full HD Movie In Hindi Dubbed 2019 CAPTAIN MARVEL TRAILER IN HINDI
nano chims
nano chims - Aylar önce
What is she?? Why is she so powerful and more like a girl crush. I mean, she's someone from idk.. Space?? She's amazing. Even from the clip i can tell. Hope she wins with terrific ending
FragArena99 - Aylar önce
POE MIZO - Aylar önce
Squirrel girl for thanos
Mr SoldierR
Mr SoldierR - Aylar önce
Everyone report this video
Top Studios
Top Studios - Aylar önce
Find out her powers and back story !
Team Work
Team Work - Aylar önce Just watch original trailer
Team Work
Team Work - Aylar önce Just watch the original trailer
Anil Malav
Anil Malav - Aylar önce
Best line
"You don't know me but you will........."
Noeliza - Aylar önce
такое ощущение что марвел с dc поменялись , шазам встиле марвел а капитан марвел встиле dc но это моё мнение так что не обобщайте пожалуйста
Binu Antony D'silva
Binu Antony D'silva - Aylar önce
I am a great fan of Marvel, I am from INDIA.
Green Tomato
Green Tomato - Aylar önce
*Better than the official one haha*
wahyuni kenang
wahyuni kenang - Aylar önce COMING SOON
Siddhant's Artwork
Siddhant's Artwork - Aylar önce
Watch captain marvel sketch on my channel😁
Siddhant's Artwork
Siddhant's Artwork - Aylar önce
Watch captain marvel sketch on my channel😁
Worapon Zupson
Worapon Zupson - Aylar önce
Alejandro Ruiz
Alejandro Ruiz - Aylar önce
fuck you bitch
Sazali Zakaria
Sazali Zakaria - Aylar önce
i am number four??
Logan - Aylar önce
Looks just like man of steel.
Thai Formula 2017
Thai Formula 2017 - Aylar önce
master10ize - Aylar önce
This looks like a sci-fi movie like it has a ET feel about it grounded,mystery but with superpower beings.
cocostyleee - Aylar önce
Glad it’s a female role, but fire the casting director. I don’t know how she is going to take down Thanos......
Prashant D
Prashant D - Aylar önce
1:41 WTF did Man of Steel join MCU
Fish_ Chop
Fish_ Chop - Aylar önce
Ha 8k of diference between like and dislike
Dhananjai Chitranshi
Dhananjai Chitranshi - Aylar önce
Scene from I AM NUMBER FOUR are copied 😑😑
Tanvir Hassan Dip
Tanvir Hassan Dip - Aylar önce
Captain feminism.
j 7
j 7 - Aylar önce
captain marvel should be a man.not women..
cptamazing12 - 4 gün önce
Captain Marvel should be a man. I am burnt out on how they portray women super hero’s because they simply don’t have any personality. Take for example, Black widow, Gamora, mystique, any of the women from wakanda. It’s this over compensating, over coming, over bearing, shitty personalities. And it’s because women don’t have depth and take themselves way too serious. They all literally act like Captain America, but not at least America is not condescending.
itsLeviOsa - 7 gün önce
o no shes a women
lego marvel studios
lego marvel studios - 8 gün önce
Shut the fuck uo
lego marvel studios
lego marvel studios - 8 gün önce
Are you mentally retarded
j 7
j 7 - Aylar önce
SQS7 7
SQS7 7 - Aylar önce
this is sooooo ass
abi5m3ll - Aylar önce
That's what put blockbuster out of business!
Salty Sea Of Tears
Salty Sea Of Tears - Aylar önce
This is the most pathetic thing that I've ever seen. Trailer concept? Really? Some goddamn attention whore edited bunch of films together to create a... Trailer? What the fuck were you trying to achieve? To get attention via things that aren't even yours? Pathetic.
Hilman Arif
Hilman Arif - Aylar önce
Why the fuck does the trailer looks like the i am number four movie
Neil Archer
Neil Archer - Aylar önce
Oh look a block of wood in spandex.
Jyn - Aylar önce
Woah i saw that elbow move in “i am number 4”
Phi King
Phi King - Aylar önce
Please answer this, can Thor’s powerful stormbreaker defeat Captain Marvel just like it did Thanos in Avengers 3?
Dude Gamers
Dude Gamers - Aylar önce
It is time to defeat thanos.............
Ashutosh Thakur
Ashutosh Thakur - Aylar önce
Why you pirated work
Faris Fatah
Faris Fatah - Aylar önce
1:16 anyone know what movies is it???
Faris Fatah
Faris Fatah - Aylar önce
+nazmul hussain it was a Korean movie... B2B: back too base
nazmul hussain
nazmul hussain - Aylar önce
same question
Sandra Rozselinni
Sandra Rozselinni - Aylar önce
Who else thinks this trailer is better than the actual trailer?
All India 3D FM
All India 3D FM - Aylar önce
Be sure to check out the NEW OFFICIAL CAPTAIN MARVEL Teaser Trailer here:
KingDrey World
KingDrey World - Aylar önce
Why is Captain Marvel a female now ?
redstone 20,000
redstone 20,000 - Aylar önce
I like how in this trailer it ends off with "You dont know me, but you will" and in the real trailer it ends off with "I'm not what you think I am". Funny coincidence.
WATER Entertainment [OFFICIAL]
cam bosan je
Mohd Razzif Mahmad
Mohd Razzif Mahmad - Aylar önce
I seen the scene i am no. 4
jesus Leonardo cosme siles
Mier7d6 de personaje
đức tiến lê
đức tiến lê - Aylar önce
1:38 like the movie I am number 4 ??
786HackerBoss - Aylar önce
Music Ap
Music Ap - Aylar önce
Jhelary mendoza
Jhelary mendoza - Aylar önce
Éste está mejor que el trailer original
Jhon Play
Jhon Play - Aylar önce
Que merda é essa, mostrando cenas de "Eu sou o número 4", que trailer bosta.
Jessie2litt -
Jessie2litt - - Aylar önce
What is I am number 4 doing there 1:15 & 1:37
Living Shadow
Living Shadow - Aylar önce
Para que se callen el osico las feminazis
woooudo - Aylar önce
When fist of the north star the live action movie is actually literally better than another movie for once.. And its this movie.
Habibul Bashar
Habibul Bashar - Aylar önce
FaR Better than real trailer 😪
Sikunden - Aylar önce
Somehow this is better than the official trailer!
Blue - Aylar önce
heres the offical trailer im not lying
Max G
Max G - Aylar önce
CM heeeeelllll nooooo
Justin Desbois
Justin Desbois - Aylar önce
Will they feature thanos car
Sky blue Lion
Sky blue Lion - Aylar önce
Why are there clips from I am number 4
WINDAR MEDIA - Aylar önce
The only attraction about this ¨film¨ is the blockbuster shot.🎟