2020 Pokémon Collinsville Regional Championships: VGC Masters Finals

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xCloniC - 4 gün önce
This video was not entertaining
Gd Infinity
Gd Infinity - 7 saatler önce
Adnan gaming
Adnan gaming - 4 gün önce
can somone tell me does this game existe for play and how its call is??????
Ezequiel Angelucci
Ezequiel Angelucci - 19 saatler önce
Mhammad Umair
Mhammad Umair - 5 gün önce
i really hate the concept of Dynamax....ugh it annoys me
Grimmgar - 11 gün önce
When I’m old enough and much better at competitive battling, (which I’m getting into) I’ll definitely give a tournament a try 😁
Gunder The Covers
Gunder The Covers - 12 gün önce
almost positive that if Wolfe Follow Me'd the Flare Blitz, Dusclops would have lived the Muddy Water
Sean Bogan
Sean Bogan - 13 gün önce
why not dusknoir?
100_CRAY - 15 gün önce
So there he was. Failing miserably
RD JKR - 16 gün önce
Chris Echo
Chris Echo - 17 gün önce
It still makes me laugh.....MLG Pokemon...Cable Guy was prophecy
Anmol Mangotra
Anmol Mangotra - 18 gün önce
Woolfe is so cute
Nick Adventure Show
Nick Adventure Show - 19 gün önce
hecatomb - 20 gün önce
I like how people complain about dusclops, but it wasnt any different when primal groudon and primal kyogre were in every single game.
Laugh - 24 gün önce
Hes using reuniclus, hes already my favorite competitive player
K.O. Beast!
K.O. Beast! - 27 gün önce
This is some good ass pokemon
Mr.Matthews - 27 gün önce
That second match was so annoying to watch with the Milotic spamming recover, such puss strats.
Zachary Wilcox
Zachary Wilcox - 28 gün önce
Only 647 comments! And over 3 million subs when Writing this! Dang! O_O
The Epic Good
The Epic Good - Aylar önce
cuando vengan a chile hacer torneo mundial participare!
Roan Van den berg
Roan Van den berg - Aylar önce
I am so happy that legendarys are banned
Mr.Tinfoil Shishou
Mr.Tinfoil Shishou - Aylar önce
This - is amazing. Pokemon is a low quality franchise already copy and paste and then you add some commentary as spice. Awesome
breakthrough Dusk Lycanroc
breakthrough Dusk Lycanroc - 26 gün önce
Low quality? Sorry you've clearly not watched the video. And nothing is copy and pasted.
MonKa Eternal
MonKa Eternal - Aylar önce
Is it me or there is no NPC teaching toxic in Sword and Shield ? Dusclops with eviolite is the tankiest shit ever, you can only toxic it down.
Havent been playing competitive for so long, kinda miss it.
Zakary Leahy
Zakary Leahy - 15 gün önce
its tanky but there are counters to it. taunt it and super effective stabs
Kijani Perry
Kijani Perry - Aylar önce
Her commentary is brain dead
Malcolm Gardner
Malcolm Gardner - Aylar önce
The commentary kills me 😂, love how serious it is! Wish pokémon were real
King Bowser
King Bowser - 14 gün önce
If pokémon were real we would probably be dead. Not really a bad thing for the planet but it's definitely something bad for us.
Tony Evans
Tony Evans - 26 gün önce
Me to
Newbornkilik Plays!
Newbornkilik Plays! - Aylar önce
Players in VGC: Dynamax is a tool I really need to think about carefully in order to secure the largest advantage I can!
Durant players turn 1: HaHa BiGaNt
Eva Unit-01
Eva Unit-01 - 19 saatler önce
It’s easier to ban all megas and dynamax / gigantamax from competitive and only use them for friendly matches
Honey Badger
Honey Badger - 2 gün önce
extreme odst and mega does? Think about it a mega lasts as long as the mon is alive. Dynamax/Gigantimax only lasts 3 turns so you need to carefully think when and how to make the best use of the 3 turns. Mega all you need to worry about is who to use and how to keep them alive.
extreme odst
extreme odst - 4 gün önce
@Hugh Janus dynamax takes no skill either lmao
Raven TV
Raven TV - 26 gün önce
@Hugh Janus just ban raquaza out
M - 27 gün önce
Raven TV yes because metas centralised on mega kangaskhan, metagross, salamence, gengar, rayq etc. aren’t boring themselves...
Arsh Srivastava
Arsh Srivastava - Aylar önce
I really want to play this game a become a champion but I am not able to purchase a Nintendo switch or lite . It's expensive in India. 😭😭 Although these players are awesome
PJ Arias
PJ Arias - Aylar önce
LOL!!! That’s what Wolfe gets for being cocky.
Jordan Wilson
Jordan Wilson - Aylar önce
I may sound stupid but us this on pokemon sword on the switch ?
NAHJ !! - Aylar önce
Yeah it's pokemon sword and sheild for switch
fabiothomas :D
fabiothomas :D - Aylar önce
Lol that Durant is literally ant-man. Looks like him + grows lol
XL B - Aylar önce
Pretty sad that D/G maxing decides every fight. Well, back to watching OWL where there is skill.
MadRock - Aylar önce
Did she really just call Dusclops a special attacker? Lmfao
Da Bl
Da Bl - Aylar önce
No matter how good you are... there’s always an Asian better than you.
Felipe Belmán
Felipe Belmán - Aylar önce
The second round makes me get angry
Andrew Montgomery
Andrew Montgomery - Aylar önce
Why does Wolfe have tape on his shirt?
mepphy99 - Aylar önce
Guys Just saying that crit counted almost as shit for lots of reason
But the most important was to dynamax reuniclus
Armorkitty14 - Aylar önce
Way to win by using a sleep stall team, such skill. Wolfe deserved this.
Weasel Biscuits
Weasel Biscuits - Aylar önce
So why not play Dusknoir instead of Dusclops?
OchoMuerte - Aylar önce
Eviolite gives Dusclops a ton of bulk. 😁
Weasel Biscuits
Weasel Biscuits - Aylar önce
I am very happy about the fact that a pokemon's affinity towards you directly affects how it battles just like in the series. CHILDHOOD CONFIRMED 😭😭😭😃
steve harvey
steve harvey - Aylar önce
I hate milotic. So annoying
Albert Hwang
Albert Hwang - Aylar önce
Unpopular question : Why Dusclops instead of Dusknoir ??
Supersonic Shinx
Supersonic Shinx - Aylar önce
Eviolite bulk
ownyounext - Aylar önce
Female commentator: "I've noticed from watching that Milotic can only recover a certain amount of times". Your commentating a Tournament, and you don't even know about Pokemon moves having a certain amount of PP??
[24]_HANIF - Aylar önce
Maximo Casimiro
Maximo Casimiro - Aylar önce
Brisk855 - Aylar önce
Roses are red
Violets are blue
There will always be an Asian
Better than you
Khizah - Aylar önce
Haven't been watching VGC for long, quick question:
Isn't there single battle tournaments held by VGC? If not, is there a reason why they don't hold it? Is it just not as fun as watching doubles?
Supersonic Shinx
Supersonic Shinx - Aylar önce
It's to keep it different then the single battle game story Like as the next step, that's at least the way I see it
Max - Aylar önce
Can someone recreate Andrews Team? Really wanna know his
Nicholas Dwyer
Nicholas Dwyer - Aylar önce
Does anyone know what his togekiss’s moveset is?
Hayden Bennett
Hayden Bennett - Aylar önce
I still think dynamax is a broken mechanic
Richard Garrison
Richard Garrison - Aylar önce
The girl announcer is pretty bad
Fletch 3236
Fletch 3236 - Aylar önce
Man she’s irritating
Lord Vader
Lord Vader - Aylar önce
This guy was choked after rhyperior got knocked out in that last game 🤣

Spoilers alert

he lost because of one critical hit 🐣
J0sECuerVo - Aylar önce
This milotic is ultraaaaaa G broken AAnd boring YYY
MusicMike512 - Aylar önce
The commentary is impressive.
ImNotDontai - Aylar önce
I miss playing pokemon 😒
WAGAWAGAWEE - Aylar önce
14:55 Lol the female commentator almost losing her mind on the fake out flinch just to realize how dumb she sounded
Toby Harrison
Toby Harrison - Aylar önce
Where can I find the Liepard's build?!
Tito el lopez
Tito el lopez - Aylar önce
Everyone hear me out i just finished pokemon sword and sheild nuzlock and when i beat Hop he said he wanted to become a professor to help pokemon. For a short moment i thought he was going to say pokemon ranger. It was a missed oportunity. Pokemon shoudl've made it so pokemon ranger is on switch using motion controlls sense we dont have a stylus or if we could have an update for the switch which now can include a bluetooth stylus and it connets like a controller maybe. I feel like if pokemon let hop be a pokemon ranger we could see him in the next pokemon ranger game connecting pokemon official and pokemon ranger. I personally have been missing pokemon trainer and want a new rendition of the game. And pokemon dont mess up the plot and add a gimick like dynamaxing for pokemon diamond and pearl remakes those are my favorite games known for its puzzles hard battles and great pokemon designs please do it justice. Another thing I want to talk about is pokemon sword and sheild. It had pretty good combat essential for pokemon some animations lacking for certain moves the wildarea felt rushed but did its purpose for live walking pokemon. Voice acting should've been in the game Some citys are bland and need more exporitory routes in them ex(route 10, spikemuth, and wyndon to name a few. There were no puzzles or mazes in this game which dissapointed me. When going to roses tower it should've been instead of fighting three goons a whole maze with 5 different floors like in traditional pokemon games. Plot was lacking it didnt make sense working on a crisis that was going to happen 1000 years from now. Better plots include taking over the world. Letting pokemon rein supreme and exterminate the plague of humanity on the world of pokemon. Reviving a pokemon to bring back someone or pokemon from death. Revenge for being an outcast in society. Using pokemon for money a (monopoly) slowly taking over the region behind the scenes while being your rival! Something that has spice ya know plot twist and creative paths you can take with an evil boss ideoligy. Another thing change the battle system a little the only way i had fun in sword and sheild was to play a nuzlock to add difficulty which in the new pomemon game its lacking a bit. I feel like gym leaders need to have 6 pokemon and improve the battle system by making it so if you use moves repeatedly you have a chance in missing the more you use it to exemplify a more creative moveset for a pokemon team. Also stop it with the constant dialogue at the begging of a game spread it out more. Give players a mystery to then solve later Instead of wothless dialogue at the begging.I understand tutorials are good for new and upcoming players so instead of asking for every little nit bitty thing ask whether the player is experiance somewhat expericanced or new. Then if they choose somewhat experianced or new they have a checklist of things the A.I could explain. Make the wild area more intresting instead of making pokemon popup have it so they enter a building or near the building things get ominous then ghost type pokemon start spawning near a haunted mansion. Or maybe power plants for electric and steal types waterfalls and oceans spawn the casual. Have it so when your in an area it spawns all pokemon break up the wild area to create more logistical and emersion to blend with the enviroment like areas more south have more sunny, rainy, thunderstorm, misty, dry(some parts) enviroments while in the middle east of the region you can add a dessert that has sandstorms windy sunny enviroments and at night it would get really cold so ice types could spawn occasionally. For forest make one like glimwood tangle I really enjoyed the scenery in the forest. Also maybe put a haunted or abandoned building in the forest which has dark types ghost types and psycic types to exemplify paranormal activites. For up north make it have blizzards, icy wind, and cloudy. My point is that you should have a set whether and it could transition from realistically like rain to thunderstorm as an example. Let us have beaches high and low tide add enviroments. Add mountans maybe to the dessert forest and icy tundra for more character and types like rock and ground make caves more complicated with more mazes and difficulty instead of being so straightfoward. Bring back Vitcory road and add mkre puzzles difficult pokemon and let us have a reason to have the escape rope. Maybe let us sky glide from the mountains to catch flying pokemon upon our descent. Note use only pokemon that can fly or have levitate as an ability also animate them flying. I understand gamefreak is getting tired of pokemon and trying to spread its wings by making more content and games but keep give pokemon some spice get a little creative with ideas and TAKE YOUR TIME I understand timeing for the anime and card series is important but delay the game or if not put more profit and staff on the team Pokemon is the biggest game series on the market. Make it worthy of that title, thank you and best of luck pokemon creaters and developers.
Tito el lopez
Tito el lopez - Aylar önce
@james allocod wym
james allocod
james allocod - Aylar önce
Tito el lopez didnt even bother to read HAHAHAHAH
zagnetures zag zag
zagnetures zag zag - Aylar önce
I don't even have Nintendo switch but still watching the tournament
Kiwi - Aylar önce
People complain how bad the Pokémon in b&w are, yet they are all you see in the competitive games. Lol
sleemo vgc
sleemo vgc - Aylar önce
As long as a muddy Water hits like they have been doing
Me: yeah it's almost like he got accuracy boost
northdakotagamer - Aylar önce
I'm glad none of the top few comments spoiled the final result
TeeOneZee - Aylar önce
This guy's Milotic had Sitris Berry and Recover. What a noob and a half.
Ethan Guzman
Ethan Guzman - Aylar önce
Can somebody say something about teletoon airing Pokémon Journeys early but it is cool though but Pokémon company can you also put Pokémon Journeys on Pokémon TV...
TFS Clan [ITA]
TFS Clan [ITA] - Aylar önce
Is an official online single cards shop coming in Italy? We really need it!
Sorry for bad english but you know, I'm italian...
Z - 22 gün önce
Its actually perfect (at least in this comment)
Tamasino - Aylar önce
The female announcer brings so much energy I don’t even know her but thinks she’s awesome. Great game
ʜᴀᴋᴅᴏɢ - Aylar önce
she also knows what shes talking about unlike some of those commentators who juat blabble
eligamerman - Aylar önce
yellowkillSC - Aylar önce
This is hard to watch. Because these dudes look like they don’t shower
Zenitsu akatsuma
Zenitsu akatsuma - Aylar önce
Where is serena
Dark Scream
Dark Scream - Aylar önce
When I watch these why are the competitors not amped? When I battle it always pumped and talk to my opponents
MegaLinket - Aylar önce
That one Guy
That one Guy - Aylar önce
This is nice and all but when will you patch the raid den trainers so its not so hard?
Alessio Piscitelli
Alessio Piscitelli - Aylar önce
Just get some friends 4head
Wonderguard1 - Aylar önce
I'm wondering what is more broken:the timer or the gts? 🤣🤣
I suck at commenting
I suck at commenting - Aylar önce
Wolfe Glick: not 1 seed
Me: Impossible.
RobustYT _
RobustYT _ - Aylar önce
Christ everyone uses the same thing unless I’m missing something
Sarcherre Gaming
Sarcherre Gaming - Aylar önce
12 different Pokémon used between two teams. Miss me with this bullshit
Freddie Prado
Freddie Prado - 2 aylar önce
Being good at pokemon sucks because then the game is easy.
DeanOOR 93
DeanOOR 93 - 2 aylar önce
Anyone notice how fast Wolfe's smile faded?
Phantom Rocky
Phantom Rocky - 2 aylar önce
I'm new to competitive battling and i've been hatching timid nature Dreepy. I got one that has best in every stat besides special attack in which it has fantastic. Does anyone know if I should keep breeding or do you think it's fine?
Jose Campos
Jose Campos - Aylar önce
just get it to level 100 and hyper train that stat in the battle tower
Leo Craveiro
Leo Craveiro - 2 aylar önce
As someone who plays for fun (both normal playthrough or with themes), I'm so bored.
game vibe
game vibe - 2 aylar önce
Stat 9 a
game vibe
game vibe - 2 aylar önce
Chat with me link ip me intern bo lei 9 a in surveillance
game vibe
game vibe - 2 aylar önce
Jessie polo kiopo
Anil Thakor
Anil Thakor - 2 aylar önce
Plz galar back sarena in full jurny plz..
RatedZeus - 2 aylar önce
I hate now with gigantamax everything is weakness policy and trick room