Nerf Blasters Floating Island Battle | Dude Perfect

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Dude Perfect
Dude Perfect - Gün önce
Pumped you guys loved the vid!
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xXianplaysXx - 12 saatler önce
Dude Pg c gg erfect
Joel  Luna
Joel Luna - 12 saatler önce
Dude Perfect cool
Nolan26 - 12 saatler önce
poor copy never winning a battle
Hasan Özyilmaz
Hasan Özyilmaz - 12 saatler önce
Dude Perfect para cezası verilir, bu arada
林倩玉 - 12 saatler önce
Dude Perfect so epic trick shot 4 plz like if you want
FondestFoil - 31 dakika önce
Why do they have automatic nerf guns on water?!
Aditya Agarwal
Aditya Agarwal - 33 dakika önce
chalk bomb battle please
Zion High
Zion High - 33 dakika önce
That's at pinch,o park
Séan Colgan
Séan Colgan - 33 dakika önce
Hope they cleaned up the bullets
amit mandal
amit mandal - 33 dakika önce
Waiting for a new stereotypes dudes
Papi Pepino
Papi Pepino - 33 dakika önce
Always on trending
Casper Dominicus
Casper Dominicus - 35 dakika önce
12 M in 1 day
Kate Cox
Kate Cox - 35 dakika önce
Is that at Altitude H2o at Grapevine Lake? I went there with my family a couple weeks ago and it was super fun!
7UKE CREAT0R - 36 dakika önce
I only clicked on this because I was just there like a week ago lol
7UKE CREAT0R - 33 dakika önce
(This place is called aqua park if anyone was curious)
A03 area
A03 area - 36 dakika önce
Can I get those nerf's guys 😂😂
Aditya Kumar
Aditya Kumar - 37 dakika önce
What a life!!!
1000 Subscribers with no vid
1000 Subscribers with no vid - 37 dakika önce
"BiGgEsT fLoAt" tYlEr AlWaYs wIns
BoizhwoWantstobetE12 !
BoizhwoWantstobetE12 ! - 37 dakika önce
I saw that kind of water playground in one of my trips :D
The Turtleman
The Turtleman - 38 dakika önce
Did Cody find his wedding ring?
KelStu Zieb
KelStu Zieb - 38 dakika önce
do frisby golf battle
TheFaze - 40 dakika önce
_Who else would do that but doesn't know how to swim?_
Jacksonville Karmodanso
Jacksonville Karmodanso - 41 dakika önce
This vid is yesterday???
Artin123 - 41 dakika önce
My birthday is on August13th
TheFaze - 41 dakika önce
*Great! Now add sharks in the water and this could be a whole new level*
GD Maplez
GD Maplez - 41 dakika önce
1:16 Quadruple Kill
Dr. Riq
Dr. Riq - 42 dakika önce
I hope you clean up the plastic/foam left in the lake afterwards
riinan - 42 dakika önce
man soo
man soo - 43 dakika önce
Trending #13 in India
SuperSpatman - 44 dakika önce
You had a massive floating course and Nerf guns, but you only used part of it and didn't shoot each other... What was the point? A massive floating shootout would have been far more entertaining and certainly would have made more than a 5 minute video. Guess you're just cashing those cheques fast these days.
Fia Taco
Fia Taco - 44 dakika önce
happy birthday coby and cory lots of love
Qi Chen
Qi Chen - 44 dakika önce
SunnyDayz Gaming
SunnyDayz Gaming - 44 dakika önce
Hey DP! Let's do A Nerf War!
Zubayer Shafi
Zubayer Shafi - 45 dakika önce
3:58 Best moment of the battle!
Jennifer Foster
Jennifer Foster - 46 dakika önce
The song is fire.
Chris Viggiano
Chris Viggiano - 46 dakika önce
Happy birthday cotton brothers
maikitheplayer maikitheplayer
maikitheplayer maikitheplayer - 46 dakika önce
13 August was my birthday too :)
Reece McNamara
Reece McNamara - 46 dakika önce
These gender reveals are getting outta hand
Harrison Rivera
Harrison Rivera - 48 dakika önce
Is this in Orlando Florida? We had that just open up
Lava Creeper
Lava Creeper - 48 dakika önce
Happy birthday coby and Cory! 🍰🎂
Zon 18
Zon 18 - 48 dakika önce
I love you dude perfect you been on YouTube for 9 years it is cool I watched your first video ever
Candice Davinni
Candice Davinni - 49 dakika önce
My pet turtle ate a nerf bullet in the lake and died
TJ Taylor
TJ Taylor - 49 dakika önce
What about all the fish that are going to die trying to eat the bullets that got left in the lake?
Testerkaos_ Pro
Testerkaos_ Pro - 50 dakika önce
Poor birthday boy😔
jashwanth vijayakumar
jashwanth vijayakumar - 50 dakika önce
try to flip a hard based chair next!!!!
Patrick Fischer
Patrick Fischer - 50 dakika önce
I wanna play too😍
Wyatt Waffles
Wyatt Waffles - 50 dakika önce
Those floats had to have been over $10,000. Where is that btw?
Teletubbie Land
Teletubbie Land - 50 dakika önce
the day that this was uploaded was my mom's birthday, probably no one cares but comment.
Memes And more mems
Memes And more mems - 51 dakika önce
I was there!!!
Erik RV
Erik RV - 51 dakika önce
Kocak anjay😂 sya doang yg komen pake bhasa indo, coba like org indonesian yg nonton ini wkwkw
Aidan Dunleavy
Aidan Dunleavy - 52 dakika önce
Some of the floats are from Dutch springs
Jonathan Chiu
Jonathan Chiu - 53 dakika önce
Did anyone see coby’s nerf clip fall off
Nate Carr
Nate Carr - 53 dakika önce
Jow much did that thing cost holy shit its huge
LagrangePoint - 55 dakika önce
haha Nerf. Clever sponsorship.
8703boy - 55 dakika önce
Do more overtime
Killer Lover
Killer Lover - 57 dakika önce
I have been there I think it's a camp where you can swim and do amazing stuff. (I think it's a different camp)
Thunda Cheese
Thunda Cheese - 57 dakika önce
I've been there☺️
Guided reading is cool
Guided reading is cool - 58 dakika önce
Just walked to the super market
abhinav yadav
abhinav yadav - 58 dakika önce
Happy birth day coby and cory👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🌟🌈🎊🎁🎉🎀
rithvik kumar
rithvik kumar - 58 dakika önce
happy birthday
BFDI Stuff / Gaty 4 Life
BFDI Stuff / Gaty 4 Life - 58 dakika önce
Number 1 on trending in nz
Darnell Evans
Darnell Evans - 59 dakika önce
Darnell Evans
Darnell Evans - 59 dakika önce
Alexander Zheng
Alexander Zheng - Saatler önce
Whyy am I watching grown men playing toy guns on a fucking inflatable thingy.
Haleigh's Fnaf
Haleigh's Fnaf - Saatler önce
Lol at the start his bullet piece fell off
Shnazzy C
Shnazzy C - Saatler önce
Raden Zainudin
Raden Zainudin - Saatler önce
Good joob
GamingGrizzly - Saatler önce
Sarthak's Tricks
Sarthak's Tricks - Saatler önce
Must have been so much fun!
سعد مبارك
سعد مبارك - Saatler önce
شاطئ الشمس ها
Sofia Khan
Sofia Khan - Saatler önce
Sammy Lucas
Sammy Lucas - Saatler önce
Sammy Lucas
Sammy Lucas - Saatler önce
go tyi
Allgameishh *
Allgameishh * - Saatler önce
This was on my b-day no joke
Evan Lyhus
Evan Lyhus - Saatler önce
Rip his wedding ring!
モルムタ君 - Saatler önce
Tropical YT
Tropical YT - Saatler önce
#2 on trending
trolgnom13 Games YT
trolgnom13 Games YT - Saatler önce
Love your vids 😍
Liam Schwendemann
Liam Schwendemann - Saatler önce
It is so entertaining watching adult kids having fun xD
gamer Chad fan
gamer Chad fan - Saatler önce
I saw you on the bay!!!! On on Saturday on the bridge
Simon Mukherjee
Simon Mukherjee - Saatler önce
Number 1 trending
O I - Saatler önce
this is your job?
Trace Thompson
Trace Thompson - Saatler önce
Harold Callahan
Harold Callahan - Saatler önce
Touchdown rb
Touchdown rb - Saatler önce
Bowling trick shots 😎😎😎😎
j n
j n - Saatler önce
Tbh idk why they are so popular most of them are like dad age that act like teenagers
CuddleFIsh - Saatler önce
Chris Ryan
Chris Ryan - Saatler önce
can we appreciate the strategy to bounce ty off the thing in the finale
XxBANANA SQUADxX - Saatler önce
This reminds me of baby compilations of fails
Greg Johnson
Greg Johnson - Saatler önce
so cloze to 34mill subz imma subzcribe to help you reach da goal of 34 million subz
Greg Johnson
Greg Johnson - Saatler önce
dis how wi spel in 2018 now
Taylor Fern
Taylor Fern - Saatler önce
this is the most scripted thing i ever seen
kaycee and Rachel
kaycee and Rachel - Saatler önce
Bailey Comer
Bailey Comer - Saatler önce
Could this be any more scripted
حلم غربة
حلم غربة - Saatler önce
I would like to subscribe to my channel to earn income because of my need to get it to treat my mother in hospital waiting for your kindness please help me
keelan larmar
keelan larmar - Saatler önce
Wish they did let all thoes plastic nerf dart pollute the water
Lizmari Ortiz
Lizmari Ortiz - Saatler önce
Can you guys make a back to school stereotype
Silas Coley
Silas Coley - Saatler önce
Water is nasty
Mati Gamer
Mati Gamer - Saatler önce
Dude perfect jajajaj yeahhh
Elliot waterfield
Elliot waterfield - Saatler önce
Rip that ring, how mutch was that ring anyway?
Martha Madrigal
Martha Madrigal - Saatler önce
Micah Vroege
Micah Vroege - Saatler önce
Happy Birthday to the Twins!!!
Riley Hopperstad
Riley Hopperstad - Saatler önce
when this couldve been 20 minute vid or atleast 10 but no its 5 even though you had that fat course you didnt use half of it
Marvin -
Marvin - - Saatler önce
Please Support xImReepZ- on youtube!!!
NickTube HD
NickTube HD - Saatler önce
You came here because Stephen sharer came here
Dilum Dassana
Dilum Dassana - Saatler önce
Coby I know you had only won 1 battle yet. But I think you can win the next battle. Love You Brother
Mendes Army for life
Mendes Army for life - Saatler önce
This video was soooooo lit!! Yall are living a dream😂😂❤❤
Bhristian Bhrower
Bhristian Bhrower - Saatler önce