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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell - 17 saatler önce
We designed a poster on this topic as well. You can find it here: https://standard.tv/collections/in-a-nutshell/products/in-a-nutshell-loneliness-poster
hardtrance goa channel 1995 - 2003
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Jose Rangel
Jose Rangel - Saatler önce
What would you recommend if your college age son is becoming a hermit of sorts. Somme of the ideas you shared seem logical and realistic but, I don't have the problems he is having now. There is already depression and social dissociative disorder on my spouses side of the family so that's already a hurdle. I've tried to get him free help at his school but, he won't go on his own. I feel as though just getting the books and presenting them or asking him to watch the video is to easily deflected. What would you recommend?
Jacob google
Jacob google - 2 saatler önce
Being #1 trending really shows you how concered people are about themselves or people they care about being lonely and depressed. This video great insight into loneliness. Thank you!
Natalie Hart
Natalie Hart - 2 saatler önce
+FroggyFortnite jeez ok
Its AJ
Its AJ - 2 saatler önce
Hey are u feeling lonely kurzgesagt☺️☺️
Ron Ramos
Ron Ramos - Saatler önce
Where's the intro?
JrRosales100 - Saatler önce
We all die alone no one gives a fuck :D
Gaming Accordionist
Gaming Accordionist - Saatler önce
Congratulations for #1 trending
Weirdflower - Saatler önce
Lmao y is this #1 on trending?
Will Malk
Will Malk - Saatler önce
Is it just me or does this hit super hard because i dont any friends or people to talk to
Yeeet or to be yeeeted Yeeet with only 3 e’s
This is #1 on trending?

Fireball Slinger
Fireball Slinger - Saatler önce
Well, if ur caring for your offspring, than ur not alone cause ur with ur baby’s😎
phlexo - Saatler önce
I vote for @Kurzgesagt to completely replace tv programming on worldwide scale
Isaac - Saatler önce
this video is too r/2meirl4meirl
Makara Nou
Makara Nou - Saatler önce
The sun is alone but still shines, and so am I.
Despite the odds, I'm here to smile.
P L - Saatler önce
Even by your own high standards this one is excellent! Bravo!
moses money
moses money - Saatler önce
Where are the birds?
McKenzie Barrow
McKenzie Barrow - Saatler önce
It's sad that this is #1 trending
Nxte - Saatler önce
nail on the head.
CursedMonkey - Saatler önce
For me its lack of opportunities to socialise.
Milena Rose
Milena Rose - Saatler önce
The fact that this is #1 trending really says something...
Эти обуенные истории
Please russian sub
Sai Pavan MSJ
Sai Pavan MSJ - Saatler önce
This is so relatable!
Crow - Saatler önce
birbs get lonely too!
Random THOT
Random THOT - Saatler önce
I have been depressed for so long that it doesn't hurt me anymore, I have evolved.
Dai Jeffery
Dai Jeffery - Saatler önce
I see the obvious reason why this is so popular. 😭
MariPaz_Abi Samaniego Ruiz
MariPaz_Abi Samaniego Ruiz - Saatler önce
#1 on trending
Deserved. :)
Nano Glee
Nano Glee - Saatler önce
oh shit ima die sooner because im lonely af
momo mourad
momo mourad - Saatler önce
evolution is bulshit
FAR away
FAR away - Saatler önce
I saw tons of things i do in this video. Too much of them
LeeSpork - Saatler önce
And say what...
207 Clique
207 Clique - Saatler önce
Who else came here feeling lonely?
Phenate - Saatler önce
I'm lucky to not be lonely often, but I still do occasionally feel excluded.
TheAstronomyDude - Saatler önce
I hate people. As a kid I always wanted to sit alone at lunch.
Kevin Phillips
Kevin Phillips - Saatler önce
This was kind of cool to watch but idk. It’s probibly used to people that don’t understand that your emotions are just chemistry. I have found myself lonely, but I did not accept it, what I did was test the loyalty of others, and it proved I was right to distrust others, so instead of getting major depression, I feel almost relieved. I have grown tired of realism, and I’m beginning to dream more than actually listen to people. It’s sounds bad but it isn’t at all,
miss misanthropist
miss misanthropist - Saatler önce
"it makes you age faster" so thats why i'm like 3 years older than i am
Justin Bieber is bae
Justin Bieber is bae - Saatler önce
Meeeee wow I can relate
DJ FX - Saatler önce
technology is destroying social interaction
Matthew Chen
Matthew Chen - Saatler önce
Had this for a school lesson it was called " no one eats alone day "
MythRobo - Saatler önce
i was on the brink of losing all empathy once when my friends kept treating me like shit constantly, it became worse when one of those friends i had became a "bully" to me and physically trying to start shit. People supported whatever he did and i didnt understand. He was rude to everyone, thought he was all that mattered but people liked him. I could see threw his terrible act.. i dont even know why im being so open when not even my parents know about this shit. I was isolating myself, rejecting invites, i didnt even know why, then i stopped being invited, felt like no one wanted me because one the only friends i kept in touch with would shit talk me and tell me no one likes me every now in then, and so on and so fourth. I started figuring people out.. seeing how they react how they dont.. basically studying psychology by simply looking at people.. I noticed it and fucking stopped right away. Sadly to this day before messaging something or saying something i think "what will be the best thing to say to make a person think positively about me" or "how can i say this in a good way" and basically would try to make people feel and act a way that i would point them to. I stopped and typically use this skill for good now (sometimes using it to get out of being grounded..) and i have friends again and i try to keep my relationships in the middle where nobody knows eachother too well, we hang out occasionally and talk a bit and thats it. Sorry for writing an essay of my life. This video just really hit close to home for me and got me feelin about my past
Axel Stalson
Axel Stalson - Saatler önce
So obviously what humans should do is get their young and force them to not speak to one another. Passing notes is banned, talking is banned, signaling is disruptive, obey the teacher, fail and we'll fuck your future. School is an industry, and industry that feeds on our young, you all sacrifice your children to it. You're all disgusting filthy creatures so this is why I feel no loneliness separated from you. That's right send your child to school and I personally hate you, yes you, I hate you , how could you do that to your own child.
katacarbix - Saatler önce
nice to see kurzgesagt do their video on incels
Cruise Addiction TV
Cruise Addiction TV - Saatler önce
Whenever I try and be a good friend and person. I send messages to my friends but rarely get a message back. I have even lost a few friends because they thought I was trying to get between him and his girlfriend (my ex). I have a significant other and we are long distance and they rarely text back. It honestly sucks to be alone. Most of my friends are either still in high school or are in another country/state. I live in a city with little to nothing to do. I understand people are busy with work and with life. But when most of the people you know read my messages and maybe send one message every so often. It hurts. Am I the problem for texting you, for caring? Should I try and contact you knowing full well I won't get a message back? When should I just give up end it all?
-1tzPaul -
-1tzPaul - - Saatler önce
Thats True😔🙁
Gabriel Goulart
Gabriel Goulart - Saatler önce
Make one about depression plz.
A_ 003
A_ 003 - Saatler önce
Lol pussies
Al Brta
Al Brta - Saatler önce
Not trying to be funny but this hits me somewhere deep when he said “ when nobody has time for you on the weekend” I broke down 😥
Random Person
Random Person - Saatler önce
Sometimes when I feel loneliness or sadness, they also ignite the feeling of proudness and makes me feel a bit cool. I don't know why it happens to me. I need to get some help.
XBasBousa - Saatler önce
You Are literally the best and also my Favorite youtube channel
DJ FX - Saatler önce
always laugh at the evolution nonsense that's thrown in
oof - Saatler önce
whoa how is this #1 trending?! good job!
Dave Davidson
Dave Davidson - Saatler önce
I am the 60%.
piratecheese13 - Saatler önce
#1 on trending

lots o lonely folks out there
Kevin Serrick
Kevin Serrick - Saatler önce
2017 was probably the worst year of my life....I lost my girlfriend....my best friend...my beloved pets and what I thought was my permanent home...yes alot of it was my fault....I've been trying to come to terms with it for so long.....now I'm 45 years old....more lonley then ever...I've had some very dark times....with my thoughts...to be honest....the only way reason I'm still here...my various interests..film..literature....music...art....they fill in the lonley times..I know that this may sound odd ..but my hundreds of books are my friends...to the thousands of lonley people out there...find what makes you happy....keeps your mind occupied...it doesn't have to be people....
Charley Catalano
Charley Catalano - Saatler önce
I am crying
AHMD MJz - Saatler önce
Yeah.. i'm lonely now for more than 10 years and believe or not .. 10 years still have 0 friends ^,^
Swampy J
Swampy J - Saatler önce
Hi random person going through comment section! Try not to be afraid, and never give up even when things seem impossible. Everything always gets better as long as you try. Everything starts with you, so just take one big step, and things will start going along. Have a nice day now, and I hope this helps :)
Daniel I
Daniel I - Saatler önce
It's good to know I'm not alone when feeling lonely
Hobbes Hobbiton
Hobbes Hobbiton - Saatler önce
Ha ha, they said "friend" with a plural!
PikaChups's - Saatler önce
this video made me cry
LockAC04 - Saatler önce
It doesn't help when every time you try and invite people over nobody can make it as everyone is so busy and / or works weird hours. Even after you moved into the city so you can be physically closer to everyone.
MIBoo 7
MIBoo 7 - Saatler önce
Oh shit nice job, no.1 on trending
RyZeX - Saatler önce
if i'm homeschooled and my brother said he will shoot up the school... should i be scared?
veronica alvarran
veronica alvarran - Saatler önce
When you realize you are lonely 😔
Sara S.
Sara S. - Saatler önce
This title should have been :
*Me in a Nutshell*
Can any introverts relate? 😂😂😂
Buddy Lynch
Buddy Lynch - Saatler önce
Need to talk about needing a significant other
Esly Mall
Esly Mall - Saatler önce
Hmmm.....my YouTube channel is pretty lonely too....😕
Abhay Rathore
Abhay Rathore - Saatler önce
Stop being a bunch of douches to each other and everything will be fine.
Roshen Nair
Roshen Nair - Saatler önce
Right when I'm feeling lonely and ostracized by my social circle, Kurzgesagt uploads a video on coping with loneliness. I ❤️ Kurzgesagt!
LoSt - Saatler önce
What an amazing, deep, and emotional video. Thank you for making this.
xearo120 - Saatler önce
Can tell you first hand that loneliness runs rampant within the military...
iHATEPotato 889
iHATEPotato 889 - Saatler önce
Me reading the title: that's me.
Jayesh Parab
Jayesh Parab - Saatler önce
u guys open many doors in my life..... thank u so much ❤️
 - Saatler önce
Loneliness is as bad as smoking a pack of cigarettes? That can’t be true.
Uran Fabrik
Uran Fabrik - Saatler önce
Right because it's made up bullsh*t, I'm really curious where he got this nonsense from.
Loko époco
Loko époco - Saatler önce
KKona Bill
KKona Bill - Saatler önce
I am alone but not lonely.
Mango - Saatler önce
I am lonely but not alone.
Thomas - Saatler önce
I wouldn't feel lonely if I had money in the bank. Money runs and rules everything in this world.
nobodie particular
nobodie particular - Saatler önce
not bad...now do depression
Bonnie Prince Charlie
Bonnie Prince Charlie - Saatler önce
Just realized this video uses humans instead of birds in the animation...
Vale Weinmann
Vale Weinmann - Saatler önce
Michael Gaio
Michael Gaio - Saatler önce
you guys rock
Trevor Wright
Trevor Wright - Saatler önce
What a great video
Official Mira
Official Mira - Saatler önce
I like is new kinda style of video/editting
Apocryphal Epitaph
Apocryphal Epitaph - Saatler önce
Its not even a day old and it got so much views
So much people are lonely
I need juice
Nathan yer boi
Nathan yer boi - Saatler önce
I'm pretty sure for me, my loneliness started after 6th grade. I was homeschooled for 2 years after 6th grade, cut all ties with my friends and now, sophomore year in highschool, still haven't recovered socially.
DyMonkeys - Saatler önce
You really want to help people 😊
Nikhil Hossain
Nikhil Hossain - Saatler önce
Last 3 year..
I leave in abroad for work purpose..
I don't have any friend..
Last 3 month ago i quite smoking but another way i don't know how but i push in my heart cocaine..🙂
I don't know how to recovered this problem..
Plz pray for me..☺
Jahirx - Saatler önce
It’s hard being an outcast
Trust me I would know
Txixgogcho fixEUfixigph.
Txixgogcho fixEUfixigph. - Saatler önce

Literally Monika

(Ddlc fans rise)
Leo Joey
Leo Joey - Saatler önce
this was actually so helpful omfg like .... you know when you ask Dr google for things and you're like "omg I literally have those symptoms" and then you have cancer??? this video was literally just like that BUT THEY GIVE YOU A MEANS TO GET OUT OF IT
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Subcribe to Pewdiepie - Saatler önce
Subscribe to Pew
David Z
David Z - Saatler önce
I think they intentionally procrastinated for three days to upload this video.
Jay Dawg
Jay Dawg - Saatler önce
I'm currently in a party and I'm lonely 😔
SHAZEpoopy_doggo - Saatler önce
This is me when I feel lonely
Arnav Vaishnav
Arnav Vaishnav - Saatler önce
I can understand, why it has so many views...
Devin Arroliga
Devin Arroliga - Saatler önce
*Valentine's day
Aaron Bernstein
Aaron Bernstein - Saatler önce
I think this has been one of their most important video’s yet
Bears Beets
Bears Beets - Saatler önce
I want to die
Winter Snow
Winter Snow - Saatler önce
Number 1 on Trending!! Congrats!!
Billy-Joe Bruce
Billy-Joe Bruce - Saatler önce
Wow.... the only person in my way is me... I observe others socializing and it seems to come naturally to them they know exactly what to say and when to say it.... I usually remain quite and avoid social situations because im afraid of being attacked or ganged up on.....I've managed this with alcohol for years... now sober and I'm struggling to communicate or interact.... I spend my time alone....
Ricardo Freire
Ricardo Freire - Saatler önce
Sometimes its better to be lonely than be surrounded from negative and bad people that hurts you.
Txixgogcho fixEUfixigph.
Txixgogcho fixEUfixigph. - Saatler önce
Just Monika
Buhay - Saatler önce
i learned so much, thank you!
sakurajasmine - Saatler önce
2,000 dislikes on a educational video about loneliness ?