Loaded Baked Potato - You Suck at Cooking (episode 77)

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Boba Gaming
Boba Gaming - Saatler önce
Wait do we have to use an Undoe or Onion to cook the potatoes?
Christian Cecil
Christian Cecil - 7 saatler önce
How did you make the broccoli
Hannah Stribblehill
Hannah Stribblehill - 13 saatler önce
i don't think thats what a potometer is for
Esther Huang
Esther Huang - 15 saatler önce
I learned a lot from u....... DO NOT EAT POTATOES BY THEMSELVES
Mr.Dapper Knight
Mr.Dapper Knight - Gün önce
I love your video I'll subscribe
David Gustavsson
David Gustavsson - Gün önce
American cheese is weird.
Vicious Crowe
Vicious Crowe - Gün önce
I get he's trolling, but he might be a full blown retard!
Hey There
Hey There - Gün önce
Face reveal?
Frozen Taco
Frozen Taco - Gün önce
How to basic?
Treyveonshay carter
Treyveonshay carter - Gün önce
I hate videos like this
Jeneva Anderson
Jeneva Anderson - Gün önce
Lmaooooooooooo this was awesome
Coco - Gün önce
I hate it when people cook potatoes with the skin on
shark bait
shark bait - Gün önce
So funny
Turtleproof - 2 gün önce
Phlebotomists at donation drives told me in the past that I had, "nice veins" (arteries, but whatever don't judge them). If I had swole blood ducts like yours I'd just donate all of it, maybe die with a tasty burg in my mouf.
That One Super Saiyan
That One Super Saiyan - 2 gün önce
Following Phan
Following Phan - 2 gün önce
Try eating it by it self, it’s pretty damn good
Autistic Prick
Autistic Prick - 2 gün önce
I eat baked potatoes plain. No salt, butter, or anything. Is there something wrong with me?
Lumine wolf, blind, awkward
I used to put only chives sour cream and frosting on mine XD
Ali Kunnaman
Ali Kunnaman - 2 gün önce
Sergio Rodriguez
Sergio Rodriguez - 2 gün önce
My ground punching game is strong
Grillo - 2 gün önce
Not funny !!!
*Cory in the closet*
*Cory in the closet* - 2 gün önce
Pimblokto should have thawed out by now...
John Rutledge
John Rutledge - 2 gün önce
wang jangle ?
John Rutledge
John Rutledge - 2 gün önce
scrubby wash the potato hole.
Ultracookie Master
Ultracookie Master - 2 gün önce
1like = 1 potato
DeDodgingEse - 2 gün önce
Do you seriously bake at 40-45 mins in the oven??
just a random acount with a big name
Do chips or.... Something next
Mz Tee
Mz Tee - 2 gün önce
Just ran across this video on the trending videos! If all your other videos are as good as this one I'm subscribing! You made me smile today and a little bit hungry. lol Thank you.
Chambers4kills - 2 gün önce
*sigh* Well, that's this series of videos ruined.
incendium blue
incendium blue - 2 gün önce
I still can't get over the April fools. the scars haven't healed.
gloryGREECE - 2 gün önce
You suck at cooking yeah you totally suck
Sam S
Sam S - 3 gün önce
Death Mark
Death Mark - 3 gün önce
Anyone wondering why his slow cooker says 6 years
Mrr Chhiv
Mrr Chhiv - 3 gün önce
Caleb Morris
Caleb Morris - 3 gün önce
Your method for obtaining potatoes wastes time and energy. What I would do is build a really elaborate tunneling system around where I think a potato may be lurking. Then wait for potatoes to just start coming out of the opening to the surface and nab them right there. This method gets you more potatoes than getting them with a potometer one at a time.
Jacob Dominguez
Jacob Dominguez - 3 gün önce
But none of my timers go for 6 years.... 😢
M P - 3 gün önce
Josh Caldon
Josh Caldon - 3 gün önce
6 years later i will be looking for a video.
Charlotte Van Nortwick
Charlotte Van Nortwick - 3 gün önce
You are a god I wish to worship through the theoretical time matrix of the astral plane by order of an absolution of all the organs in my body. Also, hi.
z soul the dead
z soul the dead - 3 gün önce
Do you know how to basic
Роберт Фиэлдьс RRFIELDS65
Man ! I have been getting rip off for yrs. - they always give me regular baked potato just wrapped in foil and say all you have to do is cut it in half ... put in salt pepper,butter , sour cream & chives- bacon bits , and sprinkle shredded cheese on top. They made me do all the hard work damnit so they didn't have to do the Loaded Baked Potato Bake-Bake!
Antares Harrison
Antares Harrison - 3 gün önce
The downvotes come from Mark Watney.
Inside Pete’s Kitchen
Inside Pete’s Kitchen - 3 gün önce
if you like cooking and you want to learn the basics subscribe to this channel
concopaard q
concopaard q - 3 gün önce
make stroopwafels plz (im from netherlands)
We Suck At Cooking
We Suck At Cooking - 3 gün önce
Potatoes may lack flavor but they're very versatile! We shouldn't shame them for being flavorless ._.
Blaise Box
Blaise Box - 3 gün önce
Demonitized cause of those swearing jokes
David Abreu
David Abreu - 3 gün önce
great video
Croxii_ - 3 gün önce
could you do a watermelon episode?
Sam Venters
Sam Venters - 3 gün önce
This guy is the bill wurtz of cooking
firebrethingdraggon2 draggons
continue the egg things
Lakshya Parikh
Lakshya Parikh - 3 gün önce
Zero was invented in India lol
Steve M
Steve M - 4 gün önce
Where the heck was this video last month when I actually needed it.
Ray Chang
Ray Chang - 4 gün önce
I imagine that YSAC got all the ideas for this video when he was making the April Fool's video (which must have been frustrating). Now, it's great to see that he's passed all this fun on to us. Thanks, YSAC!!!
Scary Movies
Scary Movies - 4 gün önce
Damn that potato looks GOOD!
Michele - 4 gün önce
If this guy and Tina Belcher had a baby, the kid could bring world peace with its voice alone.
Jackson Langford
Jackson Langford - 4 gün önce
just found this channel. this is fucking great.
Kai - 4 gün önce
Potatoes don't talk? What are you talking about???
Daddy Smith
Daddy Smith - 4 gün önce
Jammie Burch
Jammie Burch - 4 gün önce
And is he really sure that potatoes can communicate with each other..
Natalie - 4 gün önce
Was that thing about the shape of zero and why it was invented true? Because I’m shook.
Blue Wave
Blue Wave - 4 gün önce
You forget to say what kind of potato — Idaho baking 😁
Alexis Sasser
Alexis Sasser - 4 gün önce
Does anyone else just love how the title literally EXPOSES you?😂
Reaper King
Reaper King - 4 gün önce
Do you can you stop making things fake
Coming Soon
Coming Soon - 4 gün önce
What happened to egg series no new video?
Coming Soon
Coming Soon - 4 gün önce
Dude thank you for Makin me laugh out lout. Long time haven't seen one your videos. Your imagination for comments is always on point. As always good editing and sound. Keep it up
Sergeant Neon
Sergeant Neon - 4 gün önce
I'm hungry..
JDADDEK Flores - 4 gün önce
Amazing video. 😂😂😂
Andrew reyes
Andrew reyes - 4 gün önce
This guy voice is just breath taking ahahha
L Dot
L Dot - 4 gün önce
I Hore
I Hore - 4 gün önce
Do sweet potatoes work
Templar Knight
Templar Knight - 4 gün önce
why was this actually a good video
Christopher Do
Christopher Do - 4 gün önce
This guy is sick lol
JuliDraws Cartoons
JuliDraws Cartoons - 4 gün önce
Has Pimblokto thawed out yet?!?!?
Evelyn Nichel
Evelyn Nichel - 4 gün önce
Lol!!!!!! Loved It.....And, I Married Ur Channel.
Josiah Welch
Josiah Welch - 4 gün önce
I like potatoes
damla - 4 gün önce
we call that kumpir but thank you
Lynn Green
Lynn Green - 4 gün önce
Dude your videos got me through the most painful 2 week hospital stay recently and just wanted to say thanks. Keep doing what your doing man. You're freaking rad
First Last
First Last - 4 gün önce
Good thing he hasn’t (really) forgotten about the egg series
** Praptee **
** Praptee ** - 4 gün önce
Plz subscribe me it could make my day
J.R. Caldoon
J.R. Caldoon - 5 gün önce
if potato screams "иди нахуй!!" when stabbed with fork, is Russian potato of rudeness, and you should probably turn into vodka instead.
Роберт Фиэлдьс RRFIELDS65
иди нахуй и избили мясо , больше картофельного сока !
QT 297
QT 297 - 5 gün önce
Wahahahaha... love love love your concept... genius... freaking funny...
Nick - 5 gün önce
Sour cream can suck my dick.
Tetris man
Tetris man - 5 gün önce
Please do more eggisodes
Phsandra :D
Phsandra :D - 5 gün önce
He always sounds like has either tired or being sarcastic
Sidilicious - 5 gün önce
I want the vegan version😎
Kris w
Kris w - 5 gün önce
This was beautiful
Shaggy - 5 gün önce
I'd have sex with that potato
Warda Khan
Warda Khan - 5 gün önce
Warda Khan
Warda Khan - 5 gün önce
How to basics???
Gateaux Q
Gateaux Q - 5 gün önce
The return of pepper pepper pepper- our YSAC is finally back!!!!
Sierra Aranda
Sierra Aranda - 5 gün önce
No offense but this video kind of made me laugh sorry I know you worked hard on it but you just don't come off as a professional chef no hate ok js
Finally subscribing after 3 videos 👌✌👏
Burak Gunay
Burak Gunay - 2 saatler önce
Javiercito sorry
Javiercito - 2 saatler önce
Burak Gunay wanna take it down a notch there chief?
Adithya V K
Adithya V K - 7 saatler önce
That's the point of the video, and this channel.
Sierra Aranda
Sierra Aranda - 12 saatler önce
You Suck At Cooking ;)
Burak Gunay
Burak Gunay - Gün önce
Sierra Aranda stupid fuck
Neoplanter - 5 gün önce
This video is loaded B%!# S#*%&
oh cmon...

add BS in comments
Olivia Drake
Olivia Drake - 5 gün önce
“Congratulations you own a tuning fork “😂
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Nathanael McCooeye
Nathanael McCooeye - 5 gün önce
This is so funny
Diana Villasana
Diana Villasana - 5 gün önce
Nooo! My precious baby's btw imma potatoes
Astor .M
Astor .M - 5 gün önce
I need to see your face or i’m gonna explode
Fina Calo
Fina Calo - 5 gün önce
you suck
Jim Carver
Jim Carver - 5 gün önce
If anybody SUCKS, it's you.
Alex Tompkins
Alex Tompkins - 5 gün önce