g cantstansya
g cantstansya - Saatler önce
Chrome dome is a douchebag
uzzi Taylor
uzzi Taylor - 3 saatler önce
Joe threw his hair in the bin .
Alexis B.
Alexis B. - 5 saatler önce
Is it just me or is Krissi kinda of a bitch?
iwilleatyourmother - 5 saatler önce
Where’s part two 🤔
LilDan - 6 saatler önce
He prottec
He attack
But most importantly

Joe will throw it in the trash
Rn Spurgn
Rn Spurgn - 20 saatler önce
31:03 I'm just dying XD
Jayvin Arra
Jayvin Arra - Gün önce
The Americans laugh at other contestants but the Canadians feel bad for the other contestants
Xwlap -G
Xwlap -G - Gün önce
Chef:It is raw meat
But I can have fun to eat sushi
Johnny Tsang
Johnny Tsang - Gün önce
the girl is so poor
Varshana Kikla
Varshana Kikla - Gün önce
I love Sasha’s walk like , yas bitch.
Varshana Kikla
Varshana Kikla - Gün önce
You don’t argue with Gordon Ramsey
*yea...he’ll end your life in less than a second*
Gordon - *AND OUT*
Varshana Kikla
Varshana Kikla - Gün önce
Joe - there’s raw flour in there
Gordon - *what-*
Varshana Kikla
Varshana Kikla - Gün önce
I ended up from James and Tati tea to....this....?
Blarth Mofasi
Blarth Mofasi - 8 saatler önce
Varshana Kikla who cares? And who is James and Tati? Gtfo
Rune Luna
Rune Luna - Gün önce
Gordon’s face after Joe obliterates the contestant’s feelings are like “oh damn”
Niezkieowo - Gün önce
The amount of ads in this one video.
Utti Siseppe
Utti Siseppe - Gün önce
Joe calm
Gordon angry
Joe angry
soyest boi
soyest boi - Gün önce
26:14 do she cook like that at home??
Wondering the same thing, my mom would kill me if I did that cooking (and im an adult)
soyest boi
soyest boi - Gün önce
Okay, but the bald guy's just an assbasket. Like hes just being mean to be mean. He wants to look like a badass but I'm just cringing everytime he opens his mouth
I.D.K. - Gün önce
Shadow People
Shadow People - 2 gün önce
its official Canadians know how to cook better than Americans
Glaciate - 2 gün önce
Tbh i would wanne eat Max crepes
Chungus is our Lord and saviour
Does anyone else want to punch Katrina in her fat bitchy face?
Romeo Blue
Romeo Blue - 2 gün önce
Dick head chef is too furious ^^. He could manage a football team.
Shamboozler - 2 gün önce
Bruh joe annoys me cuz even when he doesnt trash the dishes, he doesnt even taste the whole thing. Like there was this one episode where the contestant served some sorta meat with sauce and veggies on the side. Joe took one vegetable dipped it in sauce and said it was good without trying the lamb, aka the main focus. Like wtf?
o CynderWolf o
o CynderWolf o - 2 gün önce
I gotta embrace the trashcan
I gotta sniff the trashcan
I gotta lick the trashcan
I gotta wash the trashcan
I gotta date the trashcan
I gotta BE the trashcan!
Marlon G
Marlon G - 2 gün önce
The order of this compilation is sooo perfect, it's hilarious!! 😂❤ whoever talks shit or laughs is on the very next clip getting chewed out
Daniel Amigo
Daniel Amigo - 2 gün önce
Thủy Ds
Thủy Ds - 3 gün önce
I cant stand Joe
Romaan M
Romaan M - 3 gün önce
Joe walks over to trash can
Trash can: Ah shit here we go again
KhasAdun - 3 gün önce
First of all, it looks like someone's pooped on the plate.
sugi ang
sugi ang - 3 gün önce
Joe and his trash can
Bronwyn Macmillan
Bronwyn Macmillan - 3 gün önce
Ramsay is so effortlessly savage. Joe just comes off as a try hard though
NickyD - 3 gün önce
Wait what's wrong with bernaise sauce with steak? That's one of the best sauces for a good steak.
Περικλής Σίμος
Those 3 judges are PURE AUTHENTIC CUNTS.
The contestants should lock em in there and beat the hell out of em till they bleed from their ears.
Rallow Wallow
Rallow Wallow - 3 gün önce
*"It's Master Chef, not Masturbate."*
El Viperr408
El Viperr408 - 3 gün önce
Khrissi laughing *No it’s not*
Next clip is her fucking up hard lmao
Polarized CRVN
Polarized CRVN - 3 gün önce
15:40 lol
whistle blower
whistle blower - 3 gün önce
the fact that sasha went there dancing let's you know her dish is garbage
whistle blower
whistle blower - 3 gün önce
I just find it hilarious when they use the dish as an example of garbage to lecture all the class... it's just so humiliatingly hilarious
Xx PoisonSky xX
Xx PoisonSky xX - 3 gün önce
Solution: Bye microwaveable food 👍
Skyla Sparkle
Skyla Sparkle - 3 gün önce
“I have to disagree with chef Ramsay-“
*Girls are shook*
*Gordon looks up at them* ‘Dis bitch’
wormy in to your nightmares
*_"best home cooks..."_* *_"MasterChef"_*
Mmm Key
Mmm Key - 4 gün önce
Best thing,when one of the judges starts to go hard,and the others barely can keep their lough :D
胡李 - 4 gün önce
I have no hard feelings for any of these contestants.
J Ξ R - 4 gün önce
the trash bin can feed entire africa
Astro boy
Astro boy - 4 gün önce
Feel bad for jennifer
miya miya
miya miya - 4 gün önce
2019? I am still at the first moment and i was wondering if there was LIKE A contesntant who dropped their food before serving it..... LOL
A Spazzy World
A Spazzy World - 4 gün önce
Gordon: directly calls someone human garbage and at the same time insults yet also hurts their entire career
Baldy/fancy suit dude: Yeets food into trash and just emotion smacks everybody
Glasses Guy:(in head) but I wanted to taste that😔
Ima just walk away disappointed
FanBoy Critic
FanBoy Critic - 4 gün önce
31:02 was my mood during the whole vid
Güśtãvö - 4 gün önce
I see that the judges are doing their part but fucking joe is not a judge he just an asswhole 13:25
Polarized CRVN
Polarized CRVN - 3 gün önce
big gummed retard
big gummed retard - 4 gün önce
Did anyone else get mad when cutter tried to almost apologize when the judges were tasting his cake and they were being asses?
Chris Cortez
Chris Cortez - 4 gün önce
Fuck joe
Darth FrootLoops
Darth FrootLoops - 4 gün önce
31:02 When yo mom finds your porn mag stash under your bed
Dis Boi
Dis Boi - 4 gün önce
24:06 Jesus??
Elle Dean
Elle Dean - 5 gün önce
On top of the CHEESE grits
Brendan Twist
Brendan Twist - 5 gün önce
He didn't say anything about Gordon Ramseys palette, he did put words in his mouth.
George S.
George S. - 5 gün önce
I’m sure no matter how much money these fake people make , they feel so miserable when they sleep at night and they have no idea why. You can’t be so rude and bad to people that try so hard and feel ok with it
Richie Lew
Richie Lew - 5 gün önce
what have we learned from this video? ThIs Is ThE MaStErChEf KiTcHeN!
Anthony Marquez
Anthony Marquez - 5 gün önce
9:03 I cannot even think of what destruction they brought to her.
Robincoo1 Futuristic
Robincoo1 Futuristic - 5 gün önce
These mother fucker judges are mean of shit pile mother fucker
Syed Alam
Syed Alam - 5 gün önce
what season is this ?
Psycho Lyfe
Psycho Lyfe - 5 gün önce
*16:03** the fuck you mean not appreciating your flavors? Your flavors are basically shit even I for a non-chef person can tell that you fucked up 😂*
KAMEZANE Gaming - 5 gün önce
Gordon: *throws food on the trash*
Joe: stooooopppp il do it....
kenny diaz
kenny diaz - 5 gün önce
Lmao watching ppl get judged for horrible food is funny af
Rudy Masoara
Rudy Masoara - Gün önce
Fuck you mate
wayyviell - 5 gün önce
how in the world did jennifer win her season after messing up so much
Encrypted_7 - 5 gün önce
0:01 she has a pretty "slim" chance of doing that
_D1_ - 5 gün önce
*”ThIs Is A CoMpEtItIoN”*
yourdearest lovelyone
yourdearest lovelyone - 6 gün önce
That trash can make a lot more cameo than the other fluffy judge
evan vlez
evan vlez - 6 gün önce
You can see that Gordon doesn’t like it when Joe throws the food away. He’ll make a very stressed out face and even made a small comment at one point. Gordon seems tired of his overflamboyant bullshit
Bob Bobson
Bob Bobson - 6 gün önce
24.30..."Did you drive over it?" hahahahaha
bumblebee - 6 gün önce
Jesus fuck. Australia's masterchef is no where near this degrading. Then again I've never seen cooking this bad on Australia's masterchef.
Nate Stern
Nate Stern - 6 gün önce
Contestant: my food is bold and brash
Joe: more like belongs in the trash
Crisp R
Crisp R - 6 gün önce
34:13 "I know how to do my job."
*_proceeds to put everything in the trash_*
gucci - 6 gün önce
I thought Gordan Ramsey was creepy but now I think he is so sweet 😂
MurryCoolz HD
MurryCoolz HD - 6 gün önce
3:00 this baldy does not respect food, you get people who dont even have water and this idiot is throwing em like a toy, i know his dad gordon ramsey is there but their is no point showing off.
KingMaximus - 6 gün önce
You can't trust the narrative because of how choppy it is. Cut after cut. You can even hear distinct changes in the tones of the voices of the people. Clear sign they are manipulating their words to fit a script.
Tony Gamolo
Tony Gamolo - 6 gün önce
You bald headed noob chef your head lol so shiny like a ball
Tiara Stevens
Tiara Stevens - 7 gün önce
I bet Joe takes the trashcan home with him for Netflix and chill
keeglesweegle - 7 gün önce
Bald guy makes Gordon seem nice. He really needs to chill out, the judge with glasses doesn’t even get to taste half the dishes.
Joey Bonerz
Joey Bonerz - 7 gün önce
Joe is the reason Graham got skinny
jack - 7 gün önce
He just threw out a bowl at 1:11 lol
Sup Dude
Sup Dude - 7 gün önce
Now looking back, Leslie looks like middle aged Dante from DMC5
Sup Dude
Sup Dude - 7 gün önce
I hate krissi
KeonXD - 7 gün önce
Talks about respecting other people but throws people's creations into the trash without tasting them
And Joe always says that masterchef is a place to be serious but his not even tasting the food seriously and now giving serious criticism. I'm sorry but I'll never ever enter one of his restaurants
Unique - 7 gün önce
Krissi is fucking annoying
Sagirah AKA EVILbunny22
Sagirah AKA EVILbunny22 - 7 gün önce
I don't really respect Joe he's trying to come off as this hard-ass but all I'm getting is this arrogant and narcissistic joke. He doesn't really perform well enough for me to consider him anywhere close to as good as Chef Ramsay. Chef Ramsay can be a dick sometimes but Chef Ramsay has proven time and time again that there is a method to his madness. He will teach you how to cook or improve on what cooking Talent you do have I don't think Joe is a good teacher and his arrogant attitude leaves little to be desired.
Sagirah AKA EVILbunny22
Sagirah AKA EVILbunny22 - 7 gün önce
That chick who is throwing scraps on the ground was worse than the first guy at least I understood what was wrong with him he didn't know how to organize she's just nasty
Marissa Ray
Marissa Ray - 7 gün önce
Joe forgot his roots. The last season I watched he didnt throw away a single dish!
Anthony - 8 gün önce
joe is such a dick
Nima 79
Nima 79 - 9 gün önce
Gordon: Your FOOD is trash !!!
Joe: You are TRASH !!!
Ays Ber
Ays Ber - 9 gün önce
They hatin baldy so bad 😂 I love the comment section
Peter Jansen
Peter Jansen - 9 gün önce
Bald guy is an unnecessary diiiiick.
wildish Gambino
wildish Gambino - 9 gün önce
Gordon has finest criticism.
The bald bitch is just a fuckin BULLY.
twoplustwoisfive 123
twoplustwoisfive 123 - 9 gün önce
i feel bad for cutter
Nima 79
Nima 79 - 9 gün önce
B A -L- D G U Y
The Serpent Lord
The Serpent Lord - 9 gün önce
Bone Collector
Bone Collector - 9 gün önce
*Baldy:* Its raw, this is raw, raw, its raw, do you see this? Its raw, raw, look at this, its raw, raw. What were you thinking? This is raw, raw.
Clorox -Cola
Clorox -Cola - 10 gün önce
Lmao tali always getting attacked by joe
PieLover1572 - 10 gün önce
22:53 karma boi
Nicholas Mermigas
Nicholas Mermigas - 10 gün önce
I feel Gordon cringes everytime joe has to speak... I'm sorry.. I mean be a complete dick head.