Clash Royale: Meet the Rascals! (New Card!)

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Nuclear Winter
Nuclear Winter - Gün önce
I don't think I like these guys...
j g
j g - Gün önce
I know these guys!!!
They're my classmates
Keitoawesome 21
Keitoawesome 21 - 4 gün önce
ahh so cute!!!
Erik Barboza
Erik Barboza - 9 gün önce
This animation just makes me want to use this card!
عبد الله
عبد الله - 10 gün önce
Mai Moua
Mai Moua - 12 gün önce
The pekka isn’t that weak
Is the big boy their dad?
Icebreaker SD
Icebreaker SD - 12 gün önce
One of the best cards
Mr. Eugene Krabs
Mr. Eugene Krabs - 13 gün önce
Wait, they live with the bandit?
I comment at comment sections
0:10 - 0:11 i wish it also worked in the games
meowkittymeow69 - 17 gün önce
Don't let shadman see this..
kiasanhati nareen
kiasanhati nareen - 18 gün önce
wait,there is a bandit in this video.
sky delos santos
sky delos santos - 19 gün önce
SHADMAN we need u
DestructionPatP - 20 gün önce
2017 - Bandit
2018 - Rascals
2019 - Terrorist
no offence tho
shane saiso
shane saiso - 20 gün önce
Hmm do you see the thief
Creative_C0RL - 21 gün önce
So they’re bandits but they act like *Rascals*
sanjid islam
sanjid islam - 21 gün önce
new card concept flying eagle allitery.
range troop
type legendary
damage 250
throws an fireball like thing but white
it does damage by 2 sceond like the sparky
5 elixer
the unstoppable boss
the unstoppable boss - 22 gün önce
U do no they are arena 9
Fernando Sarachaga
Fernando Sarachaga - 22 gün önce
Hi Clash Royale, thanks for another video that brings visitors to my channel. LIKE and good luck!
Future Aests
Future Aests - 22 gün önce
theres a serious lack of mortars in this video.
김온 - 22 gün önce
So pretty!
oğuz zaman
oğuz zaman - 23 gün önce
Ahmad kabbani
Ahmad kabbani - 24 gün önce
very good
teide mixto
teide mixto - 24 gün önce
0:42 The face
Reydak - 25 gün önce
Underrated card.
Cüneyt Altun
Cüneyt Altun - 25 gün önce
Lefty Bear
Lefty Bear - 25 gün önce
idiots the pekka HAS NO NOSE
Sparky Clash royale
Sparky Clash royale - 27 gün önce
Sparky Clash royale
Sparky Clash royale - 27 gün önce
Angel Samuel Betancuort Ortiz
Like si viste los ojos del pillo 0:42
Marsh Mellow
Marsh Mellow - Aylar önce
I like how the Brother takes care of his Sisters
Tina Aoro
Tina Aoro - Aylar önce
I ❤ the women in this video!
Kingofgames2k - Aylar önce
They look like they were designed by Shadman
Kekistan Sanic
Kekistan Sanic - Aylar önce
Reverse gangbang
TheGaza93 - Aylar önce
Big Brother protesting his twin lil sisters
STAR VVARS - Aylar önce
camelot 04
camelot 04 - Aylar önce
Hmmm una animacion que su nombre comienza con *conoce* y sirve para promocionar uno de sus personajes ... Hmmm a quien me suena?? Mmm nose un juego del 2007 hmmm creado por valve mmm no me suena
Jeff_ Gaming
Jeff_ Gaming - Aylar önce
0:41 looks british
Itz Michael Gaming Legendary Gamer
0:44 Is the bandit their mother
Adam LaComb
Adam LaComb - Aylar önce
I love Bandit's expression at 0:43
Tudor gaming
Tudor gaming - Aylar önce
Want a double trouble gum?🏵
Then it costs 1 like
And make sure you had years digerido lessons or you can't chew
0xVENx0 - Aylar önce
Fabu Lobos
Fabu Lobos - Aylar önce
0:43 bandid
Mario Lopez
Mario Lopez - Aylar önce
Pause then press 0:44 you can see the bandit in the tent
Найстер YT
Найстер YT - Aylar önce
Найстер YT
Найстер YT - Aylar önce
Shahin Hossain
Shahin Hossain - Aylar önce
Fat dude with lolis
Loterio Antonio
Loterio Antonio - Aylar önce
Anyone else see the bandit??
Imposssem 10
Imposssem 10 - Aylar önce
teen titans go has less plot, character development, and meaningful conflict than this one minute advertisement for a mobile game
keeth keith
keeth keith - Aylar önce
Those girls ungrateful of the boy tho
Griffin - Aylar önce
I love this card
- itsPlayer Cr -
- itsPlayer Cr - - Aylar önce
digavosa todo
digavosa todo - Aylar önce
Subscrevam o meu canal novo vs pro
fq2 - Aylar önce
A positive elixir trade
DenniPower Magic
DenniPower Magic - Aylar önce
Jaaaj tote Rasce zasrate
Gabriel Abella
Gabriel Abella - Aylar önce
No one is talking about the big brother of the group, HES SO UNDERRATED! It’s just heart warming to see him protect the other girls as if they were his sisters.
Jonathan Quinteros
Jonathan Quinteros - 2 aylar önce
Lol who saw the bandit
Maszunder Craft
Maszunder Craft - 2 aylar önce
Los pillos parecen hermano
Jordan Cabral
Jordan Cabral - 2 aylar önce
I thought at first it was three girls but no theres a boi
Wayne Cedo
Wayne Cedo - 2 aylar önce
Bandit looks like shut up you too im sleeping
Nabil Eren
Nabil Eren - 2 aylar önce
The big one is my favorite
Lenn - 2 aylar önce
Blin, that is good.
Morro - 2 aylar önce
So the brother has to stress out about defending them.
canal de puevas videos
canal de puevas videos - 2 aylar önce
kero saver k tropas mas va apareser
canal de puevas videos
canal de puevas videos - 2 aylar önce
Sussie Surima
Sussie Surima - 2 aylar önce
I like theme music
Rezi Gachechiladze
Rezi Gachechiladze - 2 aylar önce
not bad..
chase thomas
chase thomas - 2 aylar önce
Those little girls are so hot
khushi BHATT
khushi BHATT - 2 aylar önce
Dod anyone noticed bandit. 0.43 sec.
I'm Funax Gameplays Vlogs
I'm Funax Gameplays Vlogs - 2 aylar önce
JergušTM - 2 aylar önce
OMG!!! That card is even worse than royal giant!
ArtisticBurr - 2 aylar önce yummy!!
Senge Bodeev
Senge Bodeev - 2 aylar önce
Ignacio Cruz
Ignacio Cruz - 2 aylar önce
The boy is like her's dad
kitten gamer
kitten gamer - 2 aylar önce
I have the two characters in my deck and it’s the best one I’ve made so far
Memes - 2 aylar önce
This card is just mainly archers and a knight
Rachel Garcia
Rachel Garcia - 2 aylar önce
2 rascal girls 1 rascal boy and 1 bandit... there a family?!
holy sh*t pls tell me there brothers and sisters!! :)
Nicholas Mendez
Nicholas Mendez - 2 aylar önce
This card is just expensive Log bait.
xVENOMx - 2 aylar önce
when the rascals where fighting you can see the bandit on bottom right corner
Ziyad551 #551
Ziyad551 #551 - 2 aylar önce
Stunder0319 - 2 aylar önce
Top 10 siblings rivalry
Россия рулит, а вы дно :)
anvelix channel
anvelix channel - 2 aylar önce
I think the magic archer is the father and the bandit and rascals are his children so next up is the mom
María Burgos
María Burgos - 2 aylar önce
Is so good
Vicktor Gerardo
Vicktor Gerardo - 2 aylar önce
tonto supercell
Inferno Dragon
Inferno Dragon - 2 aylar önce
If it was really possible that rascals could 2 shot pekka and 1 shot the baby dragon
mokwai ebok
mokwai ebok - 2 aylar önce
What is the troop name
With the rascals girls
mostacho REY HD
mostacho REY HD - 2 aylar önce
Clash Royale te pido que me regales gemas 500 pporfas boy arena 9 con 4 legendarias
Juan Diego Vacas
Juan Diego Vacas - 2 aylar önce
mostacho REY HD Yo en arena 9 tenía 2 , nunca he gastado dinero real y estoy en liga 1 con todas las legendarias y el dragon infernal al 3
sadthouqts roblox and more
sadthouqts roblox and more - 2 aylar önce
So the bandit has to dash 9ut of the jungle get it? Look at the end the bandit can't sleep
Dan Isaac
Dan Isaac - 2 aylar önce
Let's make Clash Royale the number 1 game again
Urgent : Need a 100 new original win conditions/new cards. Not cards based off of archers, wizards, hogs, etc. Need more buildings, need more spells, basically we need a lot more cards, and a new Liam Neeson ad or it can be Ryan Reynolds/Deadpool. Make it happen. And we need random deck challenges so everyone can get their hands on every card available in the game without having to upgrade everything to at least tournament standards, this is for the f2p players of course. cut down or remove the gems required to participate in challenges. Make it easier for progressing through the game and I think everyone will start to play this game again. Make Robert Downey Jr use these cards; Goblin hut, spear gobs, Valkyrie, lightning, mirror, graveyard, giant snowball and guards. yeah I don't know what I'm saying at this point.. don't listen to me
Erick Gamer xD
Erick Gamer xD - 2 aylar önce
Buena q buena animación
Les recomiendo mi canal gracias
Ignacio Gonzalez
Ignacio Gonzalez - 2 aylar önce
They sometimes make cards look so OP
SeaBass Gaming
SeaBass Gaming - 2 aylar önce
Lol they have only two eyes between the 3 of them XD
Spaceman Zero
Spaceman Zero - 2 aylar önce
Una serie con esta animación estaría genial
Grubek Nobody50
Grubek Nobody50 - 2 aylar önce
Zapraszam Polaków do nowego aktywnego klanu w clash royale "Polskie kebaby" 🔥przyjmujemy juz od 1400 pucharków❤🔥Elder od 300 donate❤🔥💪
XxTheBeast123xX Gaming
XxTheBeast123xX Gaming - 2 aylar önce
Wait a second if th pekka can exhale doesnt that mean its not a robot?
Preston Williams
Preston Williams - 2 aylar önce
Its weird cards are getting killed with gum
bopkin68 oof
bopkin68 oof - 2 aylar önce
Is anyone going to question why the big rascal is so, T H I C C.
Landon Garcia
Landon Garcia - 2 aylar önce
Baka Tofuboii Wannabe
Baka Tofuboii Wannabe - 2 aylar önce
Still noone uses it
DaCrepHackss - 2 aylar önce
Good Animation but it think Clash Royale is already dead