Clash Royale: Meet the Rascals! (New Card!)

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Nabil Eren
Nabil Eren - 11 saatler önce
The big one is my favorite
Lenn Gacha Studio
Lenn Gacha Studio - 12 saatler önce
Blin, that is good.
Morro The Master Of Wind
Morro The Master Of Wind - 2 gün önce
So the brother has to stress out about defending them.
canal de puevas videos
canal de puevas videos - 2 gün önce
kero saver k tropas mas va apareser
canal de puevas videos
canal de puevas videos - 2 gün önce
Sussie Surima
Sussie Surima - 2 gün önce
I like theme music
Rezi Gachechiladze
Rezi Gachechiladze - 2 gün önce
not bad..
chase thomas
chase thomas - 2 gün önce
Those little girls are so hot
khushi BHATT
khushi BHATT - 3 gün önce
Dod anyone noticed bandit. 0.43 sec.
I'm Funax Gameplays Vlogs
I'm Funax Gameplays Vlogs - 3 gün önce
JergušTM - 4 gün önce
OMG!!! That card is even worse than royal giant!
ArtisticBurr - 4 gün önce yummy!!
Senge Bodeev
Senge Bodeev - 4 gün önce
Ignacio Cruz
Ignacio Cruz - 4 gün önce
The boy is like her's dad
kitten gamer
kitten gamer - 4 gün önce
I have the two characters in my deck and it’s the best one I’ve made so far
Memes - 4 gün önce
This card is just mainly archers and a knight
Rachel Garcia
Rachel Garcia - 6 gün önce
2 rascal girls 1 rascal boy and 1 bandit... there a family?!
holy sh*t pls tell me there brothers and sisters!! :)
Nicholas Mendez
Nicholas Mendez - 6 gün önce
This card is just expensive Log bait.
xVENOMx - 6 gün önce
when the rascals where fighting you can see the bandit on bottom right corner
Ziyad551 #551
Ziyad551 #551 - 6 gün önce
Stunder0319 - 7 gün önce
Top 10 siblings rivalry
Россия рулит, а вы дно :)
Amparo Zapata
Amparo Zapata - 7 gün önce
I think the magic archer is the father and the bandit and rascals are his children so next up is the mom
Lili magic
Lili magic - 7 gün önce
Is so good
Vicktor Gerardo
Vicktor Gerardo - 7 gün önce
tonto supercell
Inferno Dragon
Inferno Dragon - 8 gün önce
If it was really possible that rascals could 2 shot pekka and 1 shot the baby dragon
mokwai ebok
mokwai ebok - 8 gün önce
What is the troop name
With the rascals girls
mostacho REY HD
mostacho REY HD - 8 gün önce
Clash Royale te pido que me regales gemas 500 pporfas boy arena 9 con 4 legendarias
Juan Diego Vacas
Juan Diego Vacas - 4 gün önce
mostacho REY HD Yo en arena 9 tenía 2 , nunca he gastado dinero real y estoy en liga 1 con todas las legendarias y el dragon infernal al 3
ocean light
ocean light - 8 gün önce
So the bandit has to dash 9ut of the jungle get it? Look at the end the bandit can't sleep
Dan Isaac
Dan Isaac - 8 gün önce
Let's make Clash Royale the number 1 game again
Urgent : Need a 100 new original win conditions/new cards. Not cards based off of archers, wizards, hogs, etc. Need more buildings, need more spells, basically we need a lot more cards, and a new Liam Neeson ad or it can be Ryan Reynolds/Deadpool. Make it happen. And we need random deck challenges so everyone can get their hands on every card available in the game without having to upgrade everything to at least tournament standards, this is for the f2p players of course. cut down or remove the gems required to participate in challenges. Make it easier for progressing through the game and I think everyone will start to play this game again. Make Robert Downey Jr use these cards; Goblin hut, spear gobs, Valkyrie, lightning, mirror, graveyard, giant snowball and guards. yeah I don't know what I'm saying at this point.. don't listen to me
Erick Crack xD
Erick Crack xD - 9 gün önce
Buena q buena animación
Les recomiendo mi canal gracias
Ignacio Gonzalez
Ignacio Gonzalez - 9 gün önce
They sometimes make cards look so OP
SeaBass Gaming
SeaBass Gaming - 9 gün önce
Lol they have only two eyes between the 3 of them XD
Spaceman Zero
Spaceman Zero - 9 gün önce
Una serie con esta animación estaría genial
Grubek Nobody50
Grubek Nobody50 - 10 gün önce
Zapraszam Polaków do nowego aktywnego klanu w clash royale "Polskie kebaby" 🔥przyjmujemy juz od 1400 pucharków❤🔥Elder od 300 donate❤🔥💪
XxTheBeast123xX Gaming
XxTheBeast123xX Gaming - 11 gün önce
Wait a second if th pekka can exhale doesnt that mean its not a robot?
Preston Williams
Preston Williams - 12 gün önce
Its weird cards are getting killed with gum
bopkin68 oof
bopkin68 oof - 12 gün önce
Is anyone going to question why the big rascal is so, T H I C C.
Landon Garcia
Landon Garcia - 13 gün önce
Tofuboii Wannabe
Tofuboii Wannabe - 14 gün önce
Still noone uses it
DaCrepHackss - 14 gün önce
Good Animation but it think Clash Royale is already dead
marta Rodríguez
marta Rodríguez - 17 gün önce
me enviaran una caja clara Royale por favor
Clashverse Royale
Clashverse Royale - 17 gün önce
[ □ ] can i get a like?!😢😢
Regi Sandoval
Regi Sandoval - 18 gün önce
Pobre niño pollo
Fares Mukbel
Fares Mukbel - 19 gün önce
Are bandit sister of rascals
Fatih Ahmet Yiğit
Fatih Ahmet Yiğit - 19 gün önce
How would you make SuperCell a beauty and give 2 or 4 emoji gifts to everybody? and more emoji.
JAEYOUNG LEE - 20 gün önce
2 shots a pekka and a baby dragon so powerful
I comment at comment sections
Apparently a bubble gum and a wooden sword can deal more damage than an archer arrow.
Arturo Arciga
Arturo Arciga - 22 gün önce
por que aparece la bandida ???🤔
Fliper Pro
Fliper Pro - 23 gün önce
Rascals is the best card to defend i won alot!!! 😀😀
guestotier Roblox and more
guestotier Roblox and more - 23 gün önce
Who even uses these cards now
P4sTwI2X Gaming
P4sTwI2X Gaming - 24 gün önce
I think Bandit is their eldest sister, following: Rascal Boy and the twinnie Rascal Girls, and maybe their dad is Magic Archer?
Noah Hathaway
Noah Hathaway - 24 gün önce
This is the music when a 2v2 sudden death match goes on
ScrubGaming - 25 gün önce
That One Guy Who Needs Subs
That One Guy Who Needs Subs - 25 gün önce
What a good brother.
Mohammed Mahmmoud
Mohammed Mahmmoud - 26 gün önce
Did any one saw the bandit
Lucian Barria
Lucian Barria - 28 gün önce
Clach royale as el golem de fire
Immortal Cupcake 69
Immortal Cupcake 69 - 29 gün önce
Impressive Tree
Impressive Tree - Aylar önce
I wish the Rascals were that OP.
Mike Illescas
Mike Illescas - Aylar önce
It's kinda just a knight and archera
انور بيروفي الغزالي الصغيره و الدب
اناني بيس ما عندي طاقات فتيات ما انساك وحدتي عندي عمو مراد ملابس صيفيه الاسود
Fun Time
Fun Time - Aylar önce
How about archer gang
Fractured 233
Fractured 233 - Aylar önce
I didn't know bandit had siblings
TheGamingBee - Aylar önce
Tjr brother is yrying to protect them
Spooky Scary Chandeliers
Spooky Scary Chandeliers - Aylar önce
Ooooohhhhh,those are hairs :o
Emilio Casanova
Emilio Casanova - Aylar önce
En el final se le vieron los ojos del grandulon :v
Daniel Nataniel
Daniel Nataniel - Aylar önce
Omg guys this game is 5 Miles me eu th e tascas os epic!
Albertin Medellin
Albertin Medellin - Aylar önce
Todos saben que ya nadie juega clash royale vamos fortnite
André Renan
André Renan - Aylar önce
Kitkat Smile
Kitkat Smile - 3 gün önce
they look like my 4 year old sister...
Michel Soares
Michel Soares - Aylar önce
Sam Venters
Sam Venters - Aylar önce
Is that gum ?
FernandoXD Games Ramdoms
FernandoXD Games Ramdoms - Aylar önce
Si hay algún español miren al final si no se dieron cuenta al final donde hay una carpa y verán que está la bandida y ¿Por qué la bandida está ahí? Son hermanos?
Amparo Zapata
Amparo Zapata - 27 gün önce
FernandoXD Games Ramdoms alamejor, pero tambien avia otra tenta mas atras sique alamejor estaban en un campo con muchos pero tambien creo que son familiares
eduedy 03
eduedy 03 - Aylar önce
BENJA BENJMIN - Aylar önce
Es ta la bandida al
Tony Blaast
Tony Blaast - Aylar önce
Wait... is the bandit related to them
салих блог
салих блог - Aylar önce
I fun fenk yoo
Gamer 450
Gamer 450 - Aylar önce
Voz idiota si supercell mira no borres los canales porque no sólo por aser servidores
MrNicmau8466 - Aylar önce
the log doesnt kills the rascals......WTF?
seba450 sebas
seba450 sebas - Aylar önce
Supercell regalame una legendaria
Angel Osiris Lerma Rodriguez
No me gustan los cofres de plata
Vhiskey - Aylar önce
did anyone even see the bandit in the end?
gonza 777
gonza 777 - Aylar önce
like si te gustaba mas el clash royale de antes
Piotrek Koteł
Piotrek Koteł - Aylar önce
Match making jest do dupy
Onni-pekka Hyväri
Onni-pekka Hyväri - Aylar önce
I started x2 elixir challenge but it ended. i didnt play it anytime and event didnt end. Can you fix this. My player tag is 2GUUOJ2JU
CorpsionPlaysGD And More
CorpsionPlaysGD And More - Aylar önce
So...the Rascals are related to the bandit?
Because they are both wanted and are in the same camps?
10000000000 subs No videos
Love the music
clash of chispitas
clash of chispitas - Aylar önce
Dame una legendaria nueva porfa
the mexican who did your mom Mendoza
The bandit is the mother
Alam Gonzalez
Alam Gonzalez - Aylar önce
Muy bueno:-)
новый про 521
новый про 521 - Aylar önce
lost1 - Aylar önce
*_who knew gum could be this dangerous_*
Tudor Stanescu
Tudor Stanescu - Aylar önce
Love you rascals,love Clash Royale!
Hugo Silva 100% nordestino
Muito bom 🙌✌
Tox1c_Dreams - Aylar önce
The Bandit had kids if you know what I mean.
Mysterious Killer64
Mysterious Killer64 - Aylar önce
What a caring brother😍
_zEmilioG0D _
_zEmilioG0D _ - Aylar önce
Mano, Supercell oque você acharia de tipo... Fazer com que desse de entrar no Clash Royale, ou, também no Clash Of Clans quando não estivesse conectado a internet,no Clash Royale só daria de jogar contra o treinador, upar cartas colocar baús para abrir e comprar coisas na loja (menos gemas, por que se não daria de bugar ou hackear o Clash Royale).Agora o Clash Of Clans, só daria de jogar o modo campanha e comprar construções e coloca-lás para começar a construir, e também mexer na vila do construtor! Espero que vocês me respondam, por que eu sempre tive essa ideia, eu adoraria isso. E obrigado pela atenção!
Lobo Extreme
Lobo Extreme - Aylar önce
Jogo lixo
Pearl Lilly
Pearl Lilly - Aylar önce
Who animated this what the heck it's amazing!
неудачное шоу
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Rodrigo Arriagada
Rodrigo Arriagada - Aylar önce
Quien vio a la bandida