[NEW HERO - COMING SOON] Sigma Origin Story | Overwatch

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Straed - Dakika önce
Imagine watching this in Dolby cinema or imax
xSkail - Dakika önce
First interesting hero story wise
Darius Coker
Darius Coker - Dakika önce
How this get one on trending
Lance fisher
Lance fisher - Dakika önce
Is this Voice actor isn't famous in the industry yet he's about to be
KnockOut 49
KnockOut 49 - Dakika önce
So this is #1 on trending, but only #5 trending for gaming? Using this logic PewDiePie should be #1 on trending right? Or am I just crazy?
communist doggo
communist doggo - 2 dakika önce
For some weird reason this gave me throwbacks to the story "The music of Erich Zann" by H P Lovecraft
Wnuczek Pl
Wnuczek Pl - 3 dakika önce
I wonder if he'll have some crazy interaction when caught by zarya ultimate
Fungus Nasdude
Fungus Nasdude - 3 dakika önce
Me: Sigma? Sigma balls!
Silver Chariot
Silver Chariot - 4 dakika önce
UnSub - 4 dakika önce
*L I G M A*
Fritzi Lang
Fritzi Lang - 5 dakika önce
Exactly what overwatch needed, another white boy.
MrAncientTree - 5 dakika önce

Darude - Sandstorm
Ninja Kuma Reacts
Ninja Kuma Reacts - 5 dakika önce
Interstellar Part 2
Stella - 5 dakika önce
that's so sick i love it
Aртём К
Aртём К - 5 dakika önce
Blizzard,overwatch is a kid-friendly game,not a psychological horror!
1GoldRunner - 6 dakika önce
Great....another white guy....so "creative." 🙄
Robert FLV
Robert FLV - 6 dakika önce
Bruh 🔥
Johny Ribber
Johny Ribber - 7 dakika önce
A first decent trailer
ScorchHellfire - 7 dakika önce
Dodecahedrons? Manipulating the forces of the universe including, and especially, gravity? Is this a subtle Overwatch x Critical Role crossover? ;D
Best Boy
Best Boy - 7 dakika önce
Overwatch is dead
But fortnite is here 😂🤙🏻
adolf hitler
adolf hitler - 46 saniye önce
Ew Fortnite?? m.trvideos.net/ZxSNhJmX1lc-video.html
A2Z A2Z - 7 dakika önce
Sheldon 2.0
skawl CS
skawl CS - 7 dakika önce
next will be Sugma and then Ligma
Ninja Kuma Reacts
Ninja Kuma Reacts - 7 dakika önce
Well that was an interesting Trip....
Camden Yinger
Camden Yinger - 8 dakika önce
Sigma: I will harness the power of gravity. *makes orbs float in hand*
Zenyatta: Am I a joke to you?
CEKARY - 9 dakika önce
First impression:
This girl from "Ant-man and the wasp"
Doggo - 9 dakika önce
Sigma nuts
nonimport ante
nonimport ante - 9 dakika önce
the music of the spheres
Sincerely Defiant
Sincerely Defiant - 9 dakika önce
Can't wait. After Moira, this is the next interesting one for me. The last few were kinda boring story wise.
Jitlan - 10 dakika önce
Sigma. Sig mah deck
Xeed33 - 10 dakika önce
How hard is it to draw more than 4 poses for a character. Ik animating is hard but jeez this couldve been a lot better. Good everything else
Neromanser - 10 dakika önce
sigmar protects
Gib Boot
Gib Boot - 10 dakika önce
This reminded me of my trip on lsd
1 Trick
1 Trick - 10 dakika önce
“Nothing will ever be the same” *gets 1shot by a guy with a bow and arrow* yeah, still the same
KSI GaY - 10 dakika önce
If we changed one letter

Teddy Bennett
Teddy Bennett - 11 dakika önce
Turns out Brigitte isn’t even close to being balanced, I think she’s gonna need a buff for this
Grandpappy 1939
Grandpappy 1939 - 11 dakika önce
They fricking made a half life 3 joke didn’t they
AWizzard - 11 dakika önce
0:33 Music from interstellar
Porogami - 11 dakika önce
So he's got zarya's ult?
daksha bothra
daksha bothra - 12 dakika önce
I just came here because it is on #1 trending

Don’t lie even you came here because of it
Maddie Morgan The WereEagle OC
Maddie Morgan The WereEagle OC - 12 dakika önce
Thanos has competition.
TheClassyNinja - 12 dakika önce
Seems OP please nerf
drodriguez2257 - 13 dakika önce
Overwatch exists in the SCP universe?
Delvin Gonzalez
Delvin Gonzalez - 13 dakika önce
This was soooo scary it gave me the movie glass vibes
Catherine Yablochkin
Catherine Yablochkin - 13 dakika önce
i cant be the only one that likes the sounds the black hole makes at 0:30.
mindofegirl - 13 dakika önce
"What is that melody!?"
**Shooting stars plays**
mr rage
mr rage - 14 dakika önce
Sigma more like ligma
Fenress - 14 dakika önce
wow can't believe there is a megaman x crossover with overwatch :D
Sigit Kei
Sigit Kei - 14 dakika önce
can't wait for figma version of sigma
SirArchie91 - 14 dakika önce
Wow, this Origin Story is amazing. The video is very well pieced together.
Kenpachi Ramasama
Kenpachi Ramasama - 15 dakika önce
Out of all the overwatch character videos, why is it that I love this one the most?