$1 Street Food Around The World

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Sñøødlë Dræ
Sñøødlë Dræ - 2 saatler önce
zan auersperger
zan auersperger - 2 saatler önce
3:41 gay look
Maxwell Rosenberg
Maxwell Rosenberg - 2 saatler önce
In India the process of making it looked better than the food itself
Arax - 2 saatler önce
Streetfood in Germany/Austria
BKGamez23 Games
BKGamez23 Games - 3 saatler önce
On Phillipines where i live you will probably get burger steak or spaghetti or fried chicken or 22-25 oz chocolate milkshake for 1 dollars worth P69
Kian Bob
Kian Bob - 3 saatler önce
We’re we’re were the pounds£££
craftygurl_154 Milicevic
craftygurl_154 Milicevic - 3 saatler önce
Please taste Serbian food
craftygurl_154 Milicevic
craftygurl_154 Milicevic - 3 saatler önce
In Serbia, you can find baked corn and pancakes.
WeirdGlow - 4 saatler önce
india and china wins this one
Alejandro Ruiz Picazo
Alejandro Ruiz Picazo - 5 saatler önce
Em españa se llama porra no porro el porro es otra cosa
Ayan Khan
Ayan Khan - 5 saatler önce
Pav bhaggi no 1
مطفش ابليس
مطفش ابليس - 6 saatler önce
N P - 6 saatler önce
1$ pav bhaji featured in the India clip is extremely expensive. For 1$ people can afford a wholesome meal here. At some places, even 3 meals.Pav bhaji is more or leas a snack.
Umg Void
Umg Void - 6 saatler önce
2:36 ew that noise he makes 💀
Rifki Drsmn
Rifki Drsmn - 6 saatler önce
pempek, kue cubit, gorengan
Eyah Paguio TV
Eyah Paguio TV - 6 saatler önce
In the philippines = lomi =50 pesos=1 dollar
Daily Islamic Video
Daily Islamic Video - 7 saatler önce
In pakistan you can get meal for 4 persons in $1. West is expensive
Nhu Hoang
Nhu Hoang - 7 saatler önce
1 dollar can buy phở in VIETNAM
Zgen T.
Zgen T. - 8 saatler önce
En México 1:17 pagaste 15 pesos por la Guajolota no 12 pesos 🤔
Troll Cancer
Troll Cancer - 8 saatler önce
Tangena sa pinas busog ka sa $1 sa street foods
Val 1701
Val 1701 - 9 saatler önce
Duc Anh
Duc Anh - 9 saatler önce
Game And Watch main
Game And Watch main - 9 saatler önce
Boi I can get a gumball for 25 cents at a candy store
symptomsken30 cool
symptomsken30 cool - 10 saatler önce
You said around tge world wheres the philipines????
CharlesAndrew Evangelio
CharlesAndrew Evangelio - 10 saatler önce
Mexico , Mexico City Is So Much Similar To Philippines
My First Look Was Like, Oh Philippines LoL
Nitu Kumar
Nitu Kumar - 11 saatler önce
Pani puri from India
Dj Morsa
Dj Morsa - 11 saatler önce
-En Argentina con un dolar te ajustas una nariz.
-En Perú una paloma.
-En Bolivia el mar.
- En México un muro.
-En Chile un temblor.
-En Uruguay unos dientes puntiagudos.
-En España el fornay :v
Like si llegaste hasta aquí...
Si amas a tu mamá...
Mr Samkhan
Mr Samkhan - 11 saatler önce
In Cambodia you can buy chicken for 1Dollar in Phnom Penh
Doctor Strange
Doctor Strange - 11 saatler önce
In the Philippines you can get buko juice(coconut)fishball icecream and chips for $1=51 pesos
Mr Samkhan
Mr Samkhan - 11 saatler önce
In Cambodia
rodolfo jr Flores
rodolfo jr Flores - 11 saatler önce
Bolivia please
운이 좋은
운이 좋은 - 11 saatler önce
a dollar in india u get very complicated bread lol..
eliza martinez
eliza martinez - 12 saatler önce
Definitely the Dominican Republic 🇩🇴
My only one
My only one - 12 saatler önce
PHILIPPINES. you can buy delicious street foods in only $1
Marigona _
Marigona _ - 12 saatler önce
Vampette♥️ - 12 saatler önce
I’ll stick to fish and chips. And nandos
ღMitchyx Toastღ
ღMitchyx Toastღ - 12 saatler önce
In Indonesia you can buy a avocado milkshake with a dollar :Via
Giuliana Brink
Giuliana Brink - 13 saatler önce
I love porros ahre qué I know vieja I'm re crazy, Macri Cat
Symaney Johnson
Symaney Johnson - 13 saatler önce
How about Jamaica
Ragna - 14 saatler önce
In Hawaii, you get like nothing for a dollar lol
Yorkie Terrier Family
Yorkie Terrier Family - 14 saatler önce
I just bought Venezuela for one Mexican peso
JOhn Doe
JOhn Doe - 14 saatler önce
i can get a bun for 1$ in germany.
Nader aly
Nader aly - 14 saatler önce
Lorelai's lovely world 🐣
Lorelai's lovely world 🐣 - 15 saatler önce
Max - 15 saatler önce
India’s currency has the same name as the currency in legend of Zelda (rupees)
aldo cardona
aldo cardona - 15 saatler önce
In honduras 1 dollar is the whole country
Yasmine Smith
Yasmine Smith - 16 saatler önce
Always wanted to try churros. They look sooo good
Klazze 55
Klazze 55 - 16 saatler önce
En mi ciudad, en españa, por un euro comes 5 o 6 porras
Dontgrindonme - 16 saatler önce
LOL for Mexico they were $15 pesos not 12.. and tbh it does make a difference
alexo ;v
alexo ;v - 13 saatler önce
$13 pesos
IEnvy AroZe
IEnvy AroZe - 16 saatler önce
Sin India 100 rupees is 2 dollars Canada
siean samad
siean samad - 18 saatler önce
The first one is just killing me
Ekmek Kırıntısı
Ekmek Kırıntısı - 18 saatler önce
Hello bros😊😊😊
mihai andrei sandu
mihai andrei sandu - 19 saatler önce
In Romania you can get a lot of things with 1$ or 1 euro , like :sandwiches ,water, pizza slices , hotdogs and more!
Martín Cabañas
Martín Cabañas - 19 saatler önce
la guajolota por mucho la mas barata!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
metinod - 19 saatler önce
aro sta a pizz a portafogl?
vazquezz_official - 19 saatler önce
Souuu battery hahaha
•Brooke •
•Brooke • - 19 saatler önce
In Denmark you get popcorn for a 1 dollar cause 1 dollar is 6kr in Denmark
Enzo Gaston
Enzo Gaston - 20 saatler önce
En Argentina por un dólar te dan 12 porros creo
Pepe Pacas
Pepe Pacas - 20 saatler önce
Me imagino que la que dijo Órale!!!! Es mexicana
Doofy Vlogs And Gaming
Doofy Vlogs And Gaming - 20 saatler önce
Of course we know what a darn hot dog is you don’t need a description for a HOT DOG
The. miami
The. miami - 20 saatler önce
Try czech republic❤️
Hermes Prado
Hermes Prado - 21 saatler önce
Ecuador 🇪🇨 1 dollar food
xX/ VanillaTheFox \Xx
xX/ VanillaTheFox \Xx - 21 saatler önce
0:07 Was it Inga Talking? I recognized from the voice 😂😂
Alliyha Salomon
Alliyha Salomon - 22 saatler önce
Dis video should be called how to be obesed 101
Nono - 22 saatler önce
What about for three dolla?

(My international ARMY ass couldn't take it anymore)
Neha K
Neha K - 22 saatler önce
That’s one wholesome, hearty, well-done, delicious pav bhaji
aya baderaldeen
aya baderaldeen - 22 saatler önce
Egypt? Koshari??!
Raul Reyes
Raul Reyes - 22 saatler önce
1:18 That is clearly 15 pesos, not 12.
Faruk Halili
Faruk Halili - 22 saatler önce
Macedonia please
Lazy MSP
Lazy MSP - 22 saatler önce
The first man looks so nice! His smile is so bright and nice.
Gyroboterupter - 23 saatler önce
All these comments talking trash about India. Remember, we invented the number 0 for people like you.
Barsbold B
Barsbold B - 23 saatler önce
i'm watching this video about 6 or 7 times... still having a regret how rich i was living
Emilie Thomsen
Emilie Thomsen - 23 saatler önce
Thai food please
The 2 week diet system - lose weight in 14 days
vietnam street foods pls
comment commenter
comment commenter - Gün önce
That indian food look good but the food prep looks like it comes with dehli belly.
HyperPi Official
HyperPi Official - Gün önce
*In VietNam, you can buy Pho with less than 1 dollar*
Pho is a very special and familiar dish in Vietnam, it is a soup served with one piece of bread made of long strands. It can also make you full enough for breakfast.
Andrea G
Andrea G - Gün önce
usbadade badade
usbadade badade - Gün önce
U can actually have your whole dinner in India with approximately 5-10 dollars
Silvia B
Silvia B - Gün önce
Lithuanian food!!!
Kai'Sa - Gün önce
all of them i hear a yummy or delicious at the end .... but then india lmao
Machaa Ciw
Machaa Ciw - Gün önce
In indonesia , u can get 1 platefull of rice + meat + vegetables. 😂
Veronica Cabusao
Veronica Cabusao - Gün önce
Chema Urraca
Chema Urraca - Gün önce
LOL the madrid one, is PORRA not PORRO, that's a whole different thing :D
Also is the same dough that the churro, but is thicker and bigger
Sour Cream
Sour Cream - Gün önce
Philippines pls
Link - Gün önce
So goooooood
Amy Jenkinson
Amy Jenkinson - Gün önce
UK = Greggs sausage roll
Mats Joossen
Mats Joossen - Gün önce
You have to go to the Netherlands you can get A broodje kroket Here
饿了大熊 - Gün önce
Dimension Gamer
Dimension Gamer - Gün önce
Where I live you can buy 24 medium chicken legs for 0.50p
Isabella Hidalgo
Isabella Hidalgo - Gün önce
PHILIPPINES!!! try philippines, youll find good stuff there for a quarter....unbelivable ikr!
Troll Loll
Troll Loll - Gün önce
Rilex - Gün önce
In Egypt - 1$ dollar gets u shawarma - kebab kofta like lmao 😂😂
Pokoka Gaming
Pokoka Gaming - Gün önce
Indonesia= es cendol ($1)
Isaac Fong
Isaac Fong - Gün önce
In Australia you can get a 1.5 L bottle water
jeNO JAEMin - Gün önce
1 dollar in indonesia: Rp.12.000
You can get : sate,mie ayam,bakso,and more :3
Rush Production
Rush Production - Gün önce
India ♥
Joentaktil 007
Joentaktil 007 - Gün önce
Zócratus Escobar
Zócratus Escobar - Gün önce
"Porro" 🤣🤣🤣
callinkin - Gün önce
One plate meal for $1. Come to Thailand 🇹🇭
Flamingo_ Cookies123
Flamingo_ Cookies123 - Gün önce
There’s really good food in Thailand you should try it 😊