D&D Story: “Whoops! Guess EVERYONE has to die now.”

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SvenTviking - 8 saatler önce
Years ago, a friend of mine was running a huge campaign game. The object of the game was to kill a monstrously high level Liche and take his treasure, “The keys to the Universe”, magic items that would change the world to one perfect for your alignment. And only one member of the party would survive and take the keys.
Anyway, we played for a couple if weeks until we were all between level 7/8, the Liche being up in the 40s. While exploring a forest, we had the fortune to discover the Liche’s tower, a standard 150 foot tall fortified circular keep with a conical tile roof.
Chris, our DM, expected us to take notice of the position of the tower and creep off, trying not to let the enemy know we were there. But we had other ideas. Our “priest of the Black Dragon” prayed for a whole day to his god and offered several magic items as sacrifice. And behold! His prayers were answered! The dice fell to his advantage and He was turned, temporarily, into a Black Dragon. Our two Elven archers and a battle mage climbed onto his back. He flew off over the forest until he found a large fallen log and after a few dice throws, it turned out he could lift it. With the rest of the party ready to assault the guard Kobolds at the front door, the Dragon swooped in and bombed the roof of the Tower with this dirty great log! More dice. SMASH!! Off comes the roof in fragments, revealing a shocked liche looking up at a Black Dragon firing fireballs, arrows, magic missiles and magic fireballs. The liche screamed for his kobold guards who all came running up the stairs chased by the rest of the party, a couple of warriors, an assassin and another Wizard. They quickly kill all the Kobold and Skeleton guards through back attacks, burst into the roofless tower room and lay into the liche. He has only managed to get off a couple of spells at the dragon and it’s riders which have either missed or where saved against, and in the process he has been wounded badly several times. To make a long story short, a “Sword of Sharpness” rolled a 20 to hit, and off came the liche’s head!
We very low level characters had killed an enormously high level undead magic user. Chris, the DM, looked shell shocked! We were supposed to do this in about a years time, with all these magic items that he had placed around his map in various dungeons and forests. And only one party member was expected to survive! We hadn’t even received one wound between us!
So we got the “Keys to the Universe” and it was expected that this would cause strife within the party. Until I convinced them all (as a chaotic neutral) that these items were too dangerous to own and should , like the “One ring”, be destroyed, which Mr Black Dragon did with his fire breath.
“You jammy bunch of c#%ts!” Says Chris the DM. “How the f#%k did you pull that off? How do I hand out experience for THAT?” To be honest, we had a series of VERY lucky dice results and some great lateral thinking from our Priest of the Black Dragon.
In the end, the only casualty was Carey, a warrior who picked up the Liche’s sword, a bad idea as it was possessed, and we had to cut his hand off to save him from possession.
SvenTviking - 9 saatler önce
WTF is a “GM”? Is that like a “DM”?
Emperor Xander
Emperor Xander - Gün önce
i'm a wizlord
Giemel Regis
Giemel Regis - Gün önce
The original route was lame af. This was epic.
Callen Fields
Callen Fields - Gün önce
Some of these modules are a bit ridiculous.
Big Ben
Big Ben - 5 gün önce
But what of the level one first time player?
cyrad - 6 gün önce
This is why Pathfinder scenarios will *usually* have a contingency for scenarios that require infiltration, diplomacy, or willingly getting captured, just in case things go south or the party decides to murderhobo everything. The most common approach is having an allied operative that already infiltrated the enemy stronghold who will take the fall for the party if things go south.
Akron Peterman
Akron Peterman - 7 gün önce
How many people did your game end with
P4 hagen
P4 hagen - 8 gün önce
And they angered the god whom was worshipped who kills them all
Beau74 - 8 gün önce
Dude, what happened to the lvl 1 player? Like 30 people in here are asking this question.
Lionel Whiskerknot
Lionel Whiskerknot - 10 gün önce
Cause of course everyone would be okay becoming slave and giving up everything they own. O.o
Shadow Kissed
Shadow Kissed - 10 gün önce
I wish my husband and I could find a good DnD group near us. Watching your's and Dingo's videos are giving me nostalgia.
Kappa Kappa
Kappa Kappa - 12 gün önce
There’s a set of metal dice where on the D20 if you roll a 1 instead of having the number 1 it says *“You’re fucked.”*
Inky Sketch
Inky Sketch - 12 gün önce
"If you bash your head against a brick wall enough times it will eventually come tumbling down" 10:43
Yea, but chances are you'll be the one tumbling down first
HonooRyu Perrone
HonooRyu Perrone - 12 gün önce
To bad that brick wall was actually a supporting one and now the whole roof is collapsing
Rei - 19 gün önce
So what was suppose to be a simple stealth quest turned into a bloodbath with massive amounts of casualties on both sides.
This is like a fantasy version of Spec Ops: The Line.
Linus Ringh
Linus Ringh - 20 gün önce
Isn't the players recommended to be around level 9 in the "Fane of the night serpent" chapter?
Prof Membrane
Prof Membrane - 20 gün önce
"And also a black Dragon who also happens to be directly related to Tiamat..."
GioTheVax - 21 gün önce
This story is perfect and I rewatch this so frequently.
Kajex Surnahm
Kajex Surnahm - 22 gün önce
"Even though everyone's level five, she's level one!" ... Really? You're going to foist a new player with a low-level on a fresh volunteer? Genius...
The Order of Chaos
The Order of Chaos - 23 gün önce
Kill them.
If the players are stupid. Don't try to hold their hands and let keep them from dying.

Let them DIE!!!
MidnightSt - 24 gün önce
2:41 that sounded like "But the *occult bleeder* ..."
which was actually pretty amazing, given the description and images before
Leeland M
Leeland M - 25 gün önce
now this story is great and all and i love it but as someone playing through this adventure currently and has wiped on the temple once already i'm noticing you fudged the rules A LOT. firstly on so you had what seems like 7 players, ok if one is level 1 and 2 got blinded early, like i'm guessing they were based on how easy it is to get to the Dendar portal room, you were basically at 4 for the rest of the dungeon. secondly, you had 1-2 players defeat Fenthaza, her guards, and her trained air elemental by themselves, wow they must have rolled nothing but 20s. thirdly these players were just at the 3/4 mark of tomb of annihilation? my group got into the temple the first time using the help of the red wizards of fey. there's more then just being a slave to get in. look i love your vids and animations and i know you said this was like the first time you dmed but dam you went super easy for adventure league standards and for a mod that kills people for not being ultra careful of being slightly unlucky.
ItstheReal_ WaLuigi
ItstheReal_ WaLuigi - 26 gün önce
hey, if it works, it works
Zanar Naryon
Zanar Naryon - 27 gün önce
"I can be stealthy"
"You cast fireball at the guards"
"And they never noticed us"
Biningi Onimaru
Biningi Onimaru - 29 gün önce
Whatever his name is: If you hit your head enough, it'll eventually tumble down.
Me being negative: Your skull will more than likely break first, and if you continue doing so you'll have significant damage done to your brain, but sure. Eventually after you die and somehow keep hitting your head against that wall it won't fall down if the bricks are even just super glued together. c:
Rai Gai
Rai Gai - Aylar önce
My first campaign that I played the completion I ran a chaotic good drow tenth level monk 5th level Ranger. It took place over the course of three massive sections when was The Taking of a keep, second was the exploration of a temple in forest, and last was the liberation of an island nation based heavily on Japan. All of these were mostly sneaking missions until the island. On the island we had a relatively new character come with us. Kaboom The Gnome wizard Kaboom was our Paladin second character because the Paladin took over the keep and was ruling it is a noble Lord. Kaboom had a bit of a patient's problem so we are on an island filled with hundreds of enemies including more than a hundred fire Giants an adult Red Dragon and a horde home-brewed Barbarian cat Riders. We sneaked well enough to the first town that the Invaders didn't notice us. We then started formulating a plan to take the first town and liberate it, that's when Kaboom got bored and turned what should have been a stealth mission into an 8 against an army all out War. Which involved us taking a keep killing 20 fire Giants in a single battle decapitating adult Red Dragon thank vorpal swords, and a net one want to spell roll that when we're old the effects caused us all to jump up four levels including a fifth level for killing the dragon and the 20 fire Giants.
Jeff!! YT
Jeff!! YT - Aylar önce
10:45 yeaps I’s did thut a time and I’m oooookaydokay
Cabbage - Aylar önce
In my opinion I much rather have an epic tense 20+ Character battle than become a slave and do all this snealing stuff
Robo Troll
Robo Troll - Aylar önce
The person in the thumbnail looks like Wonder Woman.
Hathio Playz
Hathio Playz - Aylar önce
I know that must of,been hard as hell, but honestly I'm,picturing that in my head and its the coolest feking,movie battle I've ever seen even though its just in my imagination
The Spirit Guy
The Spirit Guy - Aylar önce
I love this guys videos 😂😂
Rene9ade Kni9ht
Rene9ade Kni9ht - Aylar önce
I'm gonna be running this module soon and I have a very sneaky suspicion that my players are going to do exactly the same as your players did Ben! Any advice or should I just wing it?
AnonymousTheorist 666
AnonymousTheorist 666 - Aylar önce
Ummm I play a yuan-ti
Rafatrix Technology
Rafatrix Technology - Aylar önce
Where are you from Brazil?
Enigma O'Dell
Enigma O'Dell - Aylar önce
It still counts as stealth if no one is alive to see you.
Can't Killean the Zilean
Can't Killean the Zilean - Aylar önce
"I'm playing a Wiz-lord."
wonkytink WoT
wonkytink WoT - Aylar önce
This was exactly like my first time DMing
Eric da' MAJ
Eric da' MAJ - Aylar önce
Me as GM: _"So in order to succeed you have to give up all the gear you purchased, stole, or worked for and become near naked chattel for an evil snake cult and work up a plan from there before you get worked to death or sacrificed."_

Players (in unison): *REEEEEEEEEE!!!!*
Gm's: This is a stealthy mission with a thick plotline
Any PC ever: I'm about to ruin this mans whole career
Jason Lackner
Jason Lackner - Aylar önce
So um... did the wizlord end up surviving?
IWatch4Story - Aylar önce
By the way, they dont have to be slaves. The line that you mention reads as, "Adventurers are most likely to enter the Temple as infiltrators OR captives."
Draycen - Aylar önce
3:45 She should have just turned into a goldfish.
Terrablack - Aylar önce
my mother played this mod, they got captured so they were still on track but the high Priestess betrayed them so they had to fight inch by bloody inch too. lol i'll never play this mod.
Tristan Powell
Tristan Powell - Aylar önce
Wait, is the GM just supposed to tell everybody that they should become slaves, or are they supposed to figure it out done way? Either way that's not quite good because it either breaks the immersion or is too confusing to pick up on.
vampsarecool - Aylar önce
ïma wizlord!
herp derp
herp derp - Aylar önce
was that an abolith at the map of chult, IS IT WHIMSEY
bigredwolf6 - Aylar önce
Reminds me of Reznov from COD WAW. “Brute force chernov, brute force!” Clearly reznov would be a leeroy jankins paladin and chernov would be a wizard
sara Bullen
sara Bullen - Aylar önce
Sounds like something my party would do, but we'd all die
Maison Chew
Maison Chew - Aylar önce
Story:"Be sneaky or you lose."
Samantha Bond
Samantha Bond - Aylar önce
It sounds like whoever wrote this module needs to write a novel.
Lamar Gagen
Lamar Gagen - Aylar önce
Lol times 5xxhundered freaking times..
Dongioni & Dragoni
Dongioni & Dragoni - Aylar önce
And that's why AL sucks for my playstyle and why I don't like the "Jump at the table and DM" style :P
Camiboom - Aylar önce
I'm assuming the lvl 1 wizard lord survived?
MonoRayJak - Aylar önce
Anyone notice that this is literally just the Sultai clan from Tarkir?
Niklas Neighbor
Niklas Neighbor - Aylar önce
If you missed only the fluff you could say "after you realized that force won't help, you decide to be sneaky and go undercover as slaves"
Nolo 101
Nolo 101 - Aylar önce
Respect for Ben for absolutely derailing the campaign and managing to recover it anyways, that's some real DM work right there
Katrina Allen
Katrina Allen - Aylar önce
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 best companion ever☠
Beachside Forest
Beachside Forest - 2 aylar önce
That was so beautiful
Faken Name
Faken Name - 2 aylar önce
Agreed, splitting the party is always a good idea.
Luke Bolser
Luke Bolser - 2 aylar önce
Is this still tomb of ahmialation
Fr0sTyPlAyZ MC
Fr0sTyPlAyZ MC - 2 aylar önce
**Me, playing skyrim, in whiterun with my sword out** La la la, Hitting this random wooden support! Person: **Walks in front of me saying i shouldn't have my sword out, Immediately gets killed** Me: WELL, GET IN A LINE SO I CAN WHOOP ALL YO ASSES.
Jelani - 2 aylar önce
Knowing my group of friends and how we are in D&D. We probably wouldve done that same thing even if our DM had read it correctly....
Brenda Turner
Brenda Turner - 2 aylar önce
What happened to the 1st level player
Christian Groff
Christian Groff - 2 aylar önce
The big #10000 question... WHAT HAPPENED TO THE LEVEL 1 CHARACTER?!??!
All in all, you probably had some very lucky hits.
Also, if that were me, I would have admitted that I know jack shit about that module and not tried to wing it. Still, great story. ;)
Andrew Miller
Andrew Miller - 2 aylar önce
come to think of it every single dnd module has either the main boss that is asserak or the main boss that is directley or indirectley controlled by asserak, and he is always a great and powerful and evil magic user, such as a litch or a necromancer or a sorcerer or something of that sort.
ConnorTheGamer5 - 2 aylar önce
assuming that none of the players actually died, that was the literal, best, possible, outcome.
If they sneak in, not only does everyone hate every second of the plan, but you barely get anything out of it.
In this campaign, they probably got hundreds of exp each, thousands of gold, AND all of the weapons in the keep.

In a session of Labyrinth Lord (we don't have DnD rule books so we had to make do with another RPG) we went to a lizard town and got a snake staff, that turns into a giant serpent. It was the most over powered thing i've ever seen, so if there's something like that in DnD they most likely got it from the keep.
Stephen Lofton
Stephen Lofton - 2 aylar önce
Dude seriously this is when you start flubbing rolls and use your oral storytelling to enchant your players. Shit happens. Just make it entertaining, keep your PCs alive as best you can, and make sure everyone has fun and as few people as possible go home early.
Gustavo Silverio
Gustavo Silverio - 2 aylar önce
Man, here in brasil its just too damm hard to find a party, or a good place to pplay my DREAM is to play d&d
Cooper Dickey
Cooper Dickey - 2 aylar önce
Gustavo Silverio ever consider doing it online Like find a group online and facetime them to play
DRBSW - 2 aylar önce
Watching yer animations again and laughing my ass off....if you get any funnier idk how I’ll survive
Cara Stone
Cara Stone - 2 aylar önce
On another Note: I wonder if the teleporters thingys were breakable? That could be a useful strategy or a really bad one for players right?
Rogue Shipmaster Beluga
Rogue Shipmaster Beluga - 2 aylar önce
Don’t even play dnd but this sounds so adventurous
Justin Daniels
Justin Daniels - 2 aylar önce
Uh so I want to play D&D now 😁
Vasily Kandelaki Jr
Vasily Kandelaki Jr - 2 aylar önce
I recently DM'd a custom campaign. there was an encounter where they had to cross a river using canopies filled with animated vines. 5 players. 4 climb the trees and 1 swims across river. The swimmer rolled a 20 with a modifier of +5, so he got across the extremely fast river. The others decided it would be a good idea to jump 50 feet into the river to escape the vines. Long story short, only the swimmer survived.
Gacha Geist
Gacha Geist - 2 aylar önce
Were can i go to do my first dnd run? Im in ny btw
Mariophreak - 2 aylar önce
just look up the closest game store that hosts adventures league.
Jordan Nguyen
Jordan Nguyen - 2 aylar önce
Jesus whoever created this adventure is a hot garbage designer
Ryan Carr
Ryan Carr - 2 aylar önce
The final lesson here has been learned by anyone who has ever played Dark Souls, EVER!!!
RedwoodTheElf - 2 aylar önce
You don't get experience for sticking your face in a blender.
Witch King
Witch King - 2 aylar önce
He stole my sword
Zoro22thegod - 2 aylar önce
So the final boss is soloable? ok seems well made enought
TheAero1221 - 2 aylar önce
A-mazing. I simply cannot believe they survived. I am so happy that I stumbled upon this channel.
Shas'O Swoll
Shas'O Swoll - 2 aylar önce
"1st level, NEW PLAYER" making it sound like it's Ben's problem to keep her alive
lolno, if its even REMOTELY similar to Pathfinder Society the GM will straight up turn you away from the table if you don't have a character, or make you play a pre-gen of appropriate level
dominator cool
dominator cool - 2 aylar önce
gamersclub aka:Antonio Marquez
Never argue with the GM....unless you want a lightning bolt up your ass. Learned that the hard way....
HurricaneStarang - 2 aylar önce
Why do these all these stories seem so fake? :(
AverageJoe - 2 aylar önce
How much XP did they get
bonzwah1 - 2 aylar önce
and a level 1 character helped do this?
nem tudom
nem tudom - 2 aylar önce
10:48 The dark souls effect
endplanets - 2 aylar önce
The cool thing is that if some died or there was a TPK you could just say there were revived and then enslaved and the module can continue as normal. But with fewer enemies for when the players escape.
Zingymeatball88 - 2 aylar önce
Nope. This is part of the Tomb of Annihilation Campaign in which a Death Curse affects Chult. Everyone who dies gets their soul trapped inside of a necromantic device known as the soulmonger. The best you can do to "revive" the adventure is to print out extra character sheets for your players.
osierclan - 2 aylar önce
me and my friends are playing through this campaign now and we ran into the exact same issue at this part. We essentially bashed our heads against the problem until we won, i think we had like 3 tactical retreats by the time we finally beat the rawnase.
Ethan Peterson
Ethan Peterson - 3 aylar önce
I was playing through Curse of Strahd, we only had two characters in the party. We were at the end, trying to kill Strahd (we were 15th level by now), but first we had to destroy the Heart of Sorrow. We went up into the tower, but on the way, THIRTY WOLVES attacked us. My character (a drow elf ranger) just charged, with the Sunsword, but before he could kill anything, the other character (a vampire sorcerer) let out a fireball, killed all the wolves AND ALMOST KILLED MY CHARACTER.
We made it to the top of the tower, destroyed the heart, and we found Pidlwick II, the four-foot tall little murder doll robot. My friend thought he was crazy, and said we should leave him (after all, Pidlwick has murdered more people than we have), but I thought he was adorable, so we decided to bring him along.
To kill Strahd, we had to find the Holy Symbol of Ravenkind. Madame Eva, the Vistani fortune teller, had told us that the Holy Symbol was in the audience hall of Castle Ravenloft... and god damnit so was Strahd. We told Pidlwick to find the Holy Symbol, while we fought Strahd. He beat our butts, but at the last second, Pidlwick came out, and raised the Holy Symbol. There was a whole saving throw and stuff, but eventually, all vampires in the area were paralyzed.
Strahd, and the other character, the sorcerer. I had a good laugh, especially since my DM did a perfect job imitating Pidlwick's face. So we stabbed Strahd with a wooden stake, and then ran over to Strahd's tomb (after fighting through hordes of undead warriors, if I might add), and destroyed Strahd's coffin, which turned Strahd into a vampiric mist (I think its in Volo's Guide to Monsters or Mordenkainen's Tomb of Foes), and then used a spell to cover the door with stone, trapping Strahd forever. We won!
Except on our way out we ended up stepping on a teleport trap accidentally, and we were dropped off in the Amber Temple, the place where Strahd's powers come from, and the place that WE ALMOST DIED getting out of before.
We actually died this time. In the end, though, Curse of Strahd was the best adventure I've ever played.
PaulfromChicago - 3 aylar önce
But did the level 1 character survive?
Scott Anderson
Scott Anderson - 3 aylar önce
Splitting up? What could possibly go wrong?
battousaicrescent - 3 aylar önce
This is hilarious xD
Jason Henry
Jason Henry - 3 aylar önce
Why do you say "GM" when clearly it has always been "DM" since at least the 80s.
Zingymeatball88 - 2 aylar önce
DM or GM, To-may-to or To-mah-to, it's really just personal preference
Ent229 - 3 aylar önce
Okay, so our group finally got to and past this point. So I can finally come back and watch this without it being a spoiler. O.O Wow. We really really lucked out. We managed to fight 3 Broodguards, 1 Yuan-ti, & 1 batch of instantly destroyed undead. Total. Without becoming slaves. We pulled off some Bilbo Baggins level burglary. And it was glorious.
Bronze Dog
Bronze Dog - 3 aylar önce
The only way I can imagine this module working out is with a group who really want to do a sneaky game. I don't think you can count on a random group in Adventurer's League to be that. Important to think of your target audience when designing a module, and how you can telegraph that to the group before they roll up their characters.
D&D players can be pretty diverse in how they like to solve problems, so it's probably best to not limit their options.
CrazyBunnyProductions - 3 aylar önce
Best Stealth game I've ever been a part of?
I have never been in a stealth based adventure
Angus Higgins
Angus Higgins - 3 aylar önce
I have a homebrew adventure going at the moment with me and my buds that I designed all the characters for (which was half the reason I agreed to gm for their group because I really like character design) under a steampunk pirate theme.
A pretty similar thing happened to one of the players, where the party was in a hidden pirate cove, and they where coming back from buying upgrades at the black market barn to get their auto sailing robot from "Burly barnies bar" (because the robot player decided to stay and serve his tea and be a prep cook for some reason); when they overheard a cloaked figure talking about a bounty on all their heads and a reward for their confirmed deaths.
The capitan "Adnus Skyminer" and the cabin boy "Sora" both went around back and picked the lock to escape un-noticed without enabling the encounter...
But the crews new gunman "Ronny Lockjaw" (who no one knew was part of the crew because he substituted in for our other gunman who couldn't show and was brand new to the party in that area where they hired him), thought the best course of action, would be to walk in the front door, immediately shoot the head off the messenger from point blank range, stand up on a stool, and I kid you not, announce to the whole bar, filled with nothing but pirates and bounty hunters, that HE was a part of the crew that man was hunting, and threatened the whole bar for secrecy and offered them a free round.
I rolled for an intimidation check (I was rolling because we where doing this over a discord call so I wanted to keep t easy to track).
And he landed a critical failure of 1.
Every single gun in the bar turned towards him, and completely shredded his character, and he died in one turn.
To which he started screaming at me and calling me a "shit gm" and that "I should have never been allowed to host this" despite me warning him multiple times that it was a bad idea, then after a majority vote of 4 to 1 we kicked him from the group because he was just being the worst.
Then after he left the rest of the players made smart decisions and completed the encounter without them dying.
So ya, that was a fun experience and way more messy than it needed to be, but the rest of us left that night having a fun time.
Sonic Cody
Sonic Cody - 3 aylar önce
Is tomb of anhilation difficult? Cause Wow