BHAD BHABIE feat. Tory Lanez "Babyface Savage" (Official Music Video) | Danielle Bregoli

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kanos vids
kanos vids - 19 dakika önce
Damn on fire love this
samaherrrrrr - 21 dakika önce
What is happening ?
Geremias Sueiro
Geremias Sueiro - 21 dakika önce
She is great but she is a horrible person
Miss. G1994
Miss. G1994 - 26 dakika önce
This actually sounds good.
FlamerGamerplayz 1234
FlamerGamerplayz 1234 - 27 dakika önce
Is it me or Troy Lanez sounds just like Kendrick Lamar 😉
god is woman
god is woman - 32 dakika önce
I can't wait to buy her makeup soon 💄
ASE Master
ASE Master - 33 dakika önce
Wtf is this? You clowns are easily impressed...
Wizplyn Hotspot
Wizplyn Hotspot - 36 dakika önce
Turn on the caption
PressCtrlG - 40 dakika önce
Yassssss, issa bop. 🔥 🔥 🔥
holoqueen0 - 40 dakika önce
her tickets to her tour are 18 plus and she is 15...
mad240 vlogz
mad240 vlogz - 40 dakika önce
Tory sounded like Kendrick for a second
Tiffanie Lucas
Tiffanie Lucas - 43 dakika önce
Damn okay girl..i love this ❤😭
EMIN3M KING - 47 dakika önce
Se tiver um Brasileiro nos comentários, Curti e Comenta oq achou desse vídeo!
Yobaida Moreira
Yobaida Moreira - 47 dakika önce
How old is she
Furry Wythe
Furry Wythe - 49 dakika önce
look like a leader of a group in the purge
Dominic Tyler
Dominic Tyler - 50 dakika önce
She should have kept xxxtentacion on this song smh
olive_ 257
olive_ 257 - 52 dakika önce
That beat is fucking *fire*
Patrick Paelinck
Patrick Paelinck - 54 dakika önce
why tory sounds like kendrick ???
Ta'Neya Addington
Ta'Neya Addington - 59 dakika önce
It’s low key lit
AckNac - Saatler önce
Adapt6inchherb - Saatler önce
ghost writer btw
Cheyenne k
Cheyenne k - Saatler önce
"She doesn't even write her own lyrics" so? Nobody does their own lyrics basically in this industry. Artists write for other artists and usually artists have a song writer, they just record and sell. It's business.
Arjun Rai
Arjun Rai - Saatler önce
Oh yeah yeah gang where u at
adrianpopll - Saatler önce
Who produced this beat ??
Chxrlottexox - Saatler önce
This is the reason our music is messed but tbh this is fire
mejrema telalovic
mejrema telalovic - Saatler önce
I when i got an A+
jade garcia
jade garcia - Saatler önce
they said you wouldn’t make it 😈😴
Lxx Uxn
Lxx Uxn - Saatler önce
Ok but she popped off
queen.anisa Anisa
queen.anisa Anisa - Saatler önce
Jojo Siwa has left the chat
Savage Cracker
Savage Cracker - Saatler önce
How did we get from doctor phill to this ... I’m sorry but what 😂
bkfinest006 - Saatler önce
iggy just left the chat.
Lau knowsbest
Lau knowsbest - Saatler önce
Damn she done already found her ghost writer
Chris James
Chris James - Saatler önce
Please overdose on something we hate you
Average Apple
Average Apple - Saatler önce
Drop a Little by Bhad Bhabie
Jfrey vision
Jfrey vision - Saatler önce
this is trash
Fatima Galindo
Fatima Galindo - Saatler önce
NOAH - Saatler önce
Tory straight fire
Chill Goddess
Chill Goddess - Saatler önce
Yaaassssss Bhabie!!!
NHL17 Live
NHL17 Live - Saatler önce
Put the playback speed to 0.5

You're welcome
Keila Gonzalez
Keila Gonzalez - Saatler önce
0:54 😂
Joegrizzly - Saatler önce
Allowing a child to Act like this and accepting it as a society and even rewarding it , we have fallen.
Richard Bacchus
Richard Bacchus - Saatler önce
why does tory sound like Kendrick
Peachy Peach
Peachy Peach - Saatler önce
THis lowkey a bop tho?
Moga - Saatler önce
So after tori's lanes, messes up against Joyner Lucas, he teams up with Daniel, his career is going down
Coup de Foudre
Coup de Foudre - Saatler önce
no offense, but there is 0% chance she wrote this song... she rap good tho
XL__M4T4DOR_DE_R4T4S__XL Lujan
+4 plis
I like Pie
I like Pie - Saatler önce
Why does her forehead look so big
Ava Snow40
Ava Snow40 - Saatler önce
*do they even have lungs at this point*
Rueben Zamora
Rueben Zamora - Saatler önce