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Draw Their Life
Draw Their Life - 9 aylar önce
Hey guys today we have a new host here . Who's story you want to see next ?
Hans Nørkjær
Hans Nørkjær - Aylar önce
What about Kennys Csgo
MinecraftDaily - Aylar önce
Do lachlan
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tania willis - 2 aylar önce
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500000000000 subs for 1 like!!!
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Draw Their Life i Just commented so this would get to 500 comments
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WAAAZAP love your vids and i subscribe to you
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“In the recent future”
Blaze is cool 101/ Lincoln is cool 101
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Sophia Does Weird Stuff
I subbed I hit the notification bell oh and also you are my favorite YouTuber When I had cancer you made me smile please like
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نينجا خرا
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Does ninja twerk
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Fortnite is the best thing ever
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Fortnite is my faferit game
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BAD Dr and Drop 5years u y deficiT 5789oil I'm Not Cv
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I love your yt chanelle subsribe ❤❤❤❤ do lil pump
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Why your drawing are so ugly
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Kids...don‘t be like Ninja, he is not a Role Model, he is just a gamer who makes money out of you, when you watch...
im randome and i have horrible english
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Frank O'Callaghan - 5 gün önce
Fortnite is the best!
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Team nature Teen nature - 6 gün önce
Eyes Skype
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If you leave the game right now I won’t ban you
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Ninja gotta put some weight on
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Are you allowed to do this
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Richard compared to ninja it's a big difference okay but I just wanted to put that in the comments LOL
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Abhinav Bellamkonda - 10 gün önce
Angel george
Angel george - 10 gün önce
His success was all by his hard work, and all his skills. Luck was also on his side... very lucky.
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on the 2017 part he drew a pubg player
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Nikn and gabe
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Ellyse Parker Wood - 10 gün önce
I subcried and can u show ali a life
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T-SToRY Mervyn - 10 gün önce
pubg suck like a ________________________
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Alex Montes - 10 gün önce
I just described to you today last night so good luck for you so by who's doing this to
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Gavin Fay - 10 gün önce
song plz
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Riv & J - 11 gün önce
Riv and j
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5:29 what did u draw
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The two Chimichangas - 11 gün önce
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kids tv - 11 gün önce
Can you vs. Tfuo
kids tv
kids tv - 11 gün önce
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Vlogsaftercollege plaese🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
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X-raided guys thank you for this
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Sports Gta Master - 12 gün önce
Pro Bro's
Pro Bro's - 13 gün önce
Tbh I think these people that just sit there all day and don’t go do any thing that includes real life don’t have a life
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Fortnite all day long
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You should be a Animater you are good at drawing
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