Tyler, the Creator - IGOR ALBUM REVIEW

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seth jacobson
seth jacobson - 13 saatler önce
bro whyd u talk shit about old tyler
Travis Johnston
Travis Johnston - Gün önce
Lol wtf this album is complete garbage 😂
the stuff you see while you close your eyes
Travis Johnston not just my opinion, majority of high profile reviewers in this platform is saying that igor is arguably aoty. But thats just my music taste, not our fault your taste in music is horrible lol
Travis Johnston
Travis Johnston - 6 saatler önce
@the stuff you see while you close your eyes Thats like, your opinion, man.
the stuff you see while you close your eyes
Travis Johnston good point but calling igor garbage is not the best point ive heard
Travis Johnston
Travis Johnston - 17 saatler önce
the stuff you see while you close your eyes no Eminem hasn’t made a good album in over 10 years
the stuff you see while you close your eyes
let me guess eminem fan?
Pinky_Chanel ASMR
Pinky_Chanel ASMR - Gün önce
And not to mention that you won’t get why Tyler does what he does a lot of people don’t like his music because it’s not what you see every day.
Pinky_Chanel ASMR
Pinky_Chanel ASMR - Gün önce
Just because he rates it like this doesn’t mean that what it is. I love soul music.
speedingchimps - 2 gün önce
this is a 10
Phony Buddha
Phony Buddha - 3 gün önce
I'm so foukcing drunk
Harker-san - 3 gün önce
Am I the only one that just hears that “aaaah, aaaah” after the Anthony goes “I don’t love you anymore!”
Тимофей Анохин
Runinng Out Of Time worst track?? I'm done
Whill - 4 gün önce
I swear I remember this having a 10 then I checked again and saw an 8 then now it’s a 9...... I’m trippin
тайнаков - 5 gün önce
Why name Igor accociated with monsters and beasts? Its a common russian name
joe 20096
joe 20096 - 7 gün önce
Great review at first but when you started saying the n word and yelling george floyd jokes i didnt know what happend
Josiah Blackburn
Josiah Blackburn - 7 gün önce
Running out of time is my favorite song in the album
Josiah Blackburn
Josiah Blackburn - 7 gün önce
Bro the 1970's/1980's vibe this album is 🔥
Vinny Avalos
Vinny Avalos - 7 gün önce
A reviewer that gives insightful and informational commentary. Nice Job!
The Matturbator
The Matturbator - 8 gün önce
Good review but the part where you talked about the south rising again made me a bit uncomfortable
Erk Magosh
Erk Magosh - 9 gün önce
The Jerrod Carmicheal samples are great.
Xavier Manyo-Plange
Xavier Manyo-Plange - 14 gün önce
Im starting to think that Tyler has ghostwritten for kanye with all those "kanye-isms"
marsaffL - 14 gün önce
good album
BMO - 16 gün önce
anthony laflare
anthony laflare - 17 gün önce
As crazy as it may sound. Tyler is absolutely a musical genius. Igor and Flower boy were masterpieces and couple songs on cherry bomb. The new Tyler is a next level artist
Jimmy Nutreon
Jimmy Nutreon - 11 saatler önce
lmao its crazy if you said this in 2012 you'd be disowned by ur parents and run out of ur hometown
YSM Mac - 4 gün önce
doesn’t sound that crazy anymore to me
Nave - 18 gün önce
although its not in the electronic version, should you have mentioned boyfriend, which i believe is track 4
CasualSnake - 19 gün önce
“The best trap album of 2019” What Anthony?
OfficialShock - 20 gün önce
New Magic Wand is easily the best.
GrantGrafGames - 21 gün önce
anonymous - 21 gün önce
Fuck you this album is awful I threw up all over my desk and laptop while listening because I hate gay people and was sickened by the homophobic lyrics and message
anonymous - 4 gün önce
Existn’t I know. Homophobia is punished by God. I am a Satanist.
anonymous - 4 gün önce
Existn’t I threw up on my desk at the thought of homophobia
Existn’t - 4 gün önce
anonymous the lyrics aren’t homophobic
Existn’t - 4 gün önce
anonymous homophobia is a fear of gay people.
Existn’t - 4 gün önce
anonymous so you hate gay people
tiesthijsthejs - 21 gün önce
dude you didn't. you didn't dance. how could you not dance...
Oscar Hughes
Oscar Hughes - 21 gün önce
It does not feel like this album is over a year old.
pastelblue - 16 gün önce
RaziDl - 22 gün önce
Saying “Tyler looks so black in the album’s cover” was a bit too far in my opinion
Felipe MANTOVANI - 25 gün önce
"hip-hop antihero" lol
Maroeska Van de Kamp
Maroeska Van de Kamp - 27 gün önce
I hate this comment section
Faux - 27 gün önce
This is my least favorite album of all time.
YSM Mac - 4 gün önce
Faux yikes
Faux - 4 gün önce
@YSM Mac Album is garbage
YSM Mac - 4 gün önce
Faux i can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic or not so i’m just gonna assume you are
GrantGrafGames - 21 gün önce
Faux why lmao? This album has always been Tyler’s closest thing to perfect imo😂
Faux - 21 gün önce
@GrantGrafGames I can't listen to it without wanting to die lmao
Curved Reality
Curved Reality - 28 gün önce
6:47 tf you doing down there
Ryan Suthard
Ryan Suthard - 28 gün önce
Damn Anthony can’t believe u actually gave Igor a -5 because Tyler likes boys
Troy S.
Troy S. - 29 gün önce
why am I just now noticing the Lifted vinyl in the background
Corbu Vesma
Corbu Vesma - Aylar önce
An amazing video yet again, but was the mass burning of mbdtf really needed?
uKeeloh - Aylar önce
this is the best production i’ve ever heard. tyler is a productive legend, he’s a genius.
Darrin Grzesiak
Darrin Grzesiak - Aylar önce
I love the review you’ve done about this great album but I just thought it was super disrespectful of you to call Tyler a stupid monkey throughout the whole review...very unprofessional of you.
prod.skyfire - Aylar önce
he appreciates playboi carti's pig latin
Nice review but why'd you rob that poor man halfway through? poor guy :(
Niceboiblanco - Aylar önce
My favorate artist
Tyler un creator
Igor - Aylar önce
Running out of time is one of my fav tracks imo. My least is puppet
Matt Bell
Matt Bell - Aylar önce
I think intro sounds like intro to Stronger by kanye
Bot Ski
Bot Ski - Aylar önce
Nice review Anthony, but the attempt to recreate the album cover by doing blackface is really not necessary. You might get some backlash
Christian Holladay
Christian Holladay - Aylar önce
Rhys David
Rhys David - Aylar önce
I really do see what's ment to be so good about this album, I couldn't get through more then two songs without felling asleep
casey dion
casey dion - Aylar önce
his fav tracks are every single song but running out of time lmao
Ba’ath 1287
Ba’ath 1287 - Aylar önce
caseyd * it’s true though! That’s like the only mediocre song.
Mr Chromo
Mr Chromo - Aylar önce
Minion reviews music
Jax McMenamin
Jax McMenamin - Aylar önce
Cmon melon, you didn’t have to give him a three just cause he’s “not from the master race”
White Deleston
White Deleston - Aylar önce
And this album - comparatively (Bastard, Wolf, some Goblin) - is not good. What are people hearing?
Josiah Blackburn
Josiah Blackburn - 7 gün önce
@White Deleston you're entitled to your own opinion alright no need to get involved in arguments
White Deleston
White Deleston - Aylar önce
@Ba’ath 1287 I listen to all types of music. I don't think Tyler's good at this type of music. Don't make assumptions.
Ba’ath 1287
Ba’ath 1287 - Aylar önce
White Deleston you clearly just don’t like this style of music, and prefer Tyler’s rapping. I personally think this album is his best album, and one of the best albums ever. I love the production and the vocals are beautiful. All the features are great too. I don’t really think it’s fair to even compare this to Tyler’s pre-flower boy music, because it’s just so different.
White Deleston
White Deleston - Aylar önce
I know I'm one of the few black people in this comment section. Lots of closet racists havin' a ball here. haha
Owen Leather
Owen Leather - Aylar önce
i can’t help but laugh everytime he says “significant other” dude the song is literally called a boy is a gun...
anonymous - 21 gün önce
Owen Leather He was reluctant to say man because he hates homosexuals that’s why he pissed on the album cover and gave it a 0. Oh, you say he gave it a 9? Actually, it’s a 0 with a , on the bottom, which in the special language of the native tribe of “Toti” on a Pacific island means “I hate gay people”. He didn’t say “Nine”, he said “naine” which is “verdict” in the tribe’s language.
Finn Evans
Finn Evans - Aylar önce
Real ones just go to the description for the rating
Finn Kalinovich
Finn Kalinovich - Aylar önce
Joseph Dutra
Joseph Dutra - Aylar önce
I think IGOR will go down as one of the greatest albums ever created honestly.
Ba’ath 1287
Ba’ath 1287 - Aylar önce
Show some examples of cringy lyrics. Like I don’t really think there are as many bad bars as you make it out to be. Also, I like how you focus so much on the lyrics as if they are the only part of the album. The production and singing are large parts of what makes this album enjoyable and cohesive. While the lyrics are a large part, as they convey the theme of the album and what it is about, the thing I love about this album is Tyler’s voice and the production. Maybe the album just isn’t for you, and I can get why. The vocals are definitely not for everyone and it is a very experimental album, but the album is very special and one of the greatest albums ever.
Rhys David
Rhys David - Aylar önce
@Ba’ath 1287 I've listened to it all the way through six times now because people keep telling me it's so good, but everytime I go through it it just leaves me bored with exception of one or two songs, but nothing about this album is spacial or intresting for me. The production is best part of the album, but I don't think his anything special at all, and I find the lyrics to be kinda cringy at points there are some high points lyrically but the high points are drowned by the low points. It really reminds me of blurryface by 21 pilots in the way the lyrics are said to be so "DEEP" when in reality it just comes off as a cringy mess at points, but not only that the way people reacted to it was very similar it was hailed as this great album but as soon as you look a little deeper into it it all falls apart.
Ba’ath 1287
Ba’ath 1287 - Aylar önce
Rhys David nothing special? Did you listen to the album? The vocals are so unique and beautiful and the production is so different from a lot of music, and it’s awesome.
Rhys David
Rhys David - Aylar önce
Why? It's not bad but it's really nothing special
Mabel - Aylar önce
Damn this man is making me cringe when he tries to sing
monomachi - Aylar önce
Bastard: 5/10
Goblin: 6/10
Wolf: 8/10
Cherry Bomb: 7/10
Flower Boy: 9/10
Igor: 10/10
Jae - Aylar önce
swap bastard with cherry bomb
Ba’ath 1287
Ba’ath 1287 - Aylar önce
monomachi while I can see why you like cherry bomb, I honestly think that it’s not too good at all. I think it’s just not for me though.
J Blaze
J Blaze - Aylar önce
Anyone else love ‘I think’ on this?
Ba’ath 1287
Ba’ath 1287 - Aylar önce
James Badham I love every track.
hayward022 - Aylar önce
Damn this was already one year ago? 🙄
Jae - Aylar önce
@Ba’ath 1287 fr lol
Ba’ath 1287
Ba’ath 1287 - Aylar önce
hayward022 holy shit
Sid H
Sid H - Aylar önce
great review, but you constantly adding an “N” in front of “Igor” was kinda out of line.
anonymous - Aylar önce
Sid H Stop it. Stop copying comments to get attention.
Magician - Aylar önce
i think sounds so muchlike stronger that i actually though i was listening to kanye
Gaven Boparai
Gaven Boparai - Aylar önce
I understand all your reviews but till this day you giving this a 9 still haunts me
Ba’ath 1287
Ba’ath 1287 - Aylar önce
lorenz bagigio facts
lorenz bagigio
lorenz bagigio - Aylar önce
yeah should be a 10
zipper - Aylar önce
Melon you didn’t have to say that Tyler was motherfucking dangerous because he was black, come on now.
pascoupe - Aylar önce
Bastard and Goblin were both easy 9/10. Glad that Franthony is now woke though!
Ba’ath 1287
Ba’ath 1287 - Aylar önce
pascoupe bastard maybe, but goblin? I don’t know, I think that while Tyler himself is good, the beats kinda ruin it. Example: Yonkers. I love Tyler on that track but wow do I not like the beat
Remedy - Aylar önce
Fav tracks are just every song except IGOR'S THEME and RUNNING OUT OF TIME.
Cilo Villaluz
Cilo Villaluz - Aylar önce
wtf? 9? horrible album without meaning get tf outta here u little shit
Ba’ath 1287
Ba’ath 1287 - Aylar önce
Cooleyes128 Alexander the album is full of fucking meaning. While I can see why some may think that it’s not that good, you can’t deny that the album is meaningful and a great story about Tyler and his significant other.
Garai Medrano
Garai Medrano - Aylar önce
shut up minecraft profile picture
Stuzzox the coco
Stuzzox the coco - Aylar önce
The hell is this comment section
Ba’ath 1287
Ba’ath 1287 - Aylar önce
Stuzzox the coco I agree
Tom _D Does stuff
Tom _D Does stuff - Aylar önce
Ba’ath 1287
Ba’ath 1287 - Aylar önce
Tom _D Does stuff yes
DJ Sakmaster
DJ Sakmaster - Aylar önce
You only like tyler’s music because he’s a woman.
Otávio Werson Yago
Otávio Werson Yago - Aylar önce
Really liked the review, but I don't think the "Nigor" joke was funny, and you really overused it
Quinn Konneman
Quinn Konneman - Aylar önce
Ryan Cooley
Ryan Cooley - Aylar önce
Who is back here for the one year anniversary
Jesse Foster
Jesse Foster - Aylar önce
1 year old album today
09robinsona - Aylar önce
“Are we still friends” was a low key love song
hittasXhittas - Aylar önce
i see your observation skills are very low
7___k - Aylar önce
Bro, this album is about breakup.... 😂😂😂
Christian Méza
Christian Méza - Aylar önce
i bet the song glitter from Flower Boy grew on you huh?
Wolftank - 2 aylar önce
nice lofi record
Andrew Phillips
Andrew Phillips - 2 aylar önce
Ok, so this is probably going to get buried in the comments because this is an older review, but I noticed something about this video. I was playing some of Anthony's reviews in the background while I was doing some work, but then I decided to listen to some music, so I turned the tv down ( I was watching via console.) The review for this album came on at exactly the same time the album itself came on, and I started watching just because I thought it would be funny if they sync up, and to my amazement, they kind of do. It's definitely not perfect, but the movement of melon's arms sync up with the music perfectly on multiple occasions. The jump cuts usually do to. At the start, Anthony's arms move with the drum beat like, 70% of the time. Then, something else I thought was interesting is that right as Tyler is saying "for real, for real, for real this time" on the intro to EARFQUAKE, an album by Pharrell pops up. For real and Pharrell are kind of rhyme. When it really starts synching up is on Playboi Carti's verse, Anthony's arm moves at the end of pretty much every phase, the timing is near perfect for the entire verse. On running out of time the arm movements and jump cuts have less perfect timing, they sync up like, 85% of the time. But then, on the synth leads on the outro, the timing is absolutely perfect. There's also a point during this track when Anthony zooms in and out in perfect sync with the song. And then, on NEW MAGIC WAND, it is near perfect the entire time. Like, every arm movement, every jump cut, every head movement is in sync. Like, perfectly. This was almost certainly not intentional, I just thought it was vaguely interesting enough to comment about.
F W - 7 gün önce
dang, that's a long comment
Adam Veal
Adam Veal - 2 aylar önce
get the cd
PrincessThomas The 34th
PrincessThomas The 34th - 2 aylar önce
great review, but i’m not sure you needed to refer to igor using homophobic slurs, that was slightly over the top
Herbert van Even
Herbert van Even - 2 aylar önce
I thought I THINK sounded more inspired by Kid Cudi than Kanye
hittasXhittas - Aylar önce
Tyler isn't inspired by cudi at all
Evan Shearer
Evan Shearer - 2 aylar önce
When I first heard I THINK I thought it was sampling Stronger
Christian Johnson
Christian Johnson - 2 aylar önce
I was wearing headphones and 5:40 scared me sooo bad. I thought my sleep paralysis demon had come to collect debt.